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* -^ - A 

3T 1 ». acwcHss. =3SAr yrr srssiT. f^ms tjocr. ».c. 


The present volume is really an amplification of the Appendix 
to the ninth edition of Wright's "Conrt Hand Restored," 
which I brought out in 1879, with the addition of a list of the 
abbreviated forms of Latin and French words used in English 
records and manuscripts. 

Several suoh Usts have been published at various times, the 
most used, perhaps, in England belug Chossant'a " Dictionnaire 
dee Ahreviations," and the Hat in the fourth volume of the 
"Eegistrum Palatinum Dunelmenae," edited by the late Sir 
Thomas Dufius Hardy in the series of "Chronicles and 

This latter, however, being merely a portion of the preface of 
a historical book, is not bo well known nor ao convenient for use 
as if it occurred in a book devoted to information of this claas. 

I have endeavoured also to justify the printing of another 
such list by arranging the abbreviatioiis in such a manner as to 
facihtate the finding the word wanted. In some lists this is not 
easy, unless one knows what the word is in full. 

The principle acted on has been as follows : — Letters with 
marks of contraction attached to them, represented by a single 
type, are separated from the same letters printed in the ordinary 

iv Preface. 

way. The order thus is — ^the letter followed by a letter ; the 
letter followed by a sign ; the letter with a sign attached. 
For instance, in the vowels the order is as follows : — 

e.g.^ E : ea, eby ecy to ez ; 
then — e3, ef , e^, ej ;* 
then — e, e. 

In the consonants, e.g.^ N : na to nz ; 

then — n3, nf , n^, n^ ; 
then — n, ii, 8. 

In the letter C, 9 follows 8. 

In the letter P, the order of contracted forms is p, p, ]p, p. 

In the letter Q : q, q, %. 

Superior letters — ^that is, letters printed above the line — are 
considered in the arrangement as if printed on the line in the 
ordinary way. 

In manuscripts such letters often have contraction marks 
added to them, but it is impossible to represent these in type, and 
an apostrophe has had to do duty instead, as prin^', principalis. 
In a manuscript the / would be struck through. 

According to the correct principles of writing, the mark of 
contraction in a word should be placed over a letter after which 

* These marks of contraction, being separate types, are arranged 
before those which are attached to the letter, in order to keep such 
forms as 9f**3, deb3, g^, mo?, p3, S0I3, su^, t3 distinct from 9fo3, 
defe3, g^, mo?, p3, sot3, su^, t3. Unfortimately this was not 
apparent at the commencement of the work, so that a few words 
(^.y., a^) are printed in their wrong places, but this is corrected at 
p. 341. 


a letter ib omitted, or oyer a letter before and after whioh 
letters are omitted, as pr, pater j dna, domina ; iHt, feeii ; but 
such forma as pr, dna, fct, sometimes ocour, perhaps from care- 
lessness on the pto-t of the sorihe. Some of these false forms 
are inserted, but bj no means all, so that if any word ooourring 
in a manuscript is not at once found in the list, it should be 
looked for under some other form containing the same letters 
of the alphabet, but with different contractions. 

The marks of contraction used in printing aro intended to 
represent the typical forms of the contractions used in manu- 
scripts, and necessarily appear more formal and uniform than 
those which may vary with the caprice or carelessness of a 

Their signification is as foUowa : — 

— means m or n following the letter thus marked ; e.ij. i=i«, 

- either over a short letter or through a long letter means 
the omission of some single letter not ni or », or of more than 
one letter either after, or before and after, the letter thus marked. 


-.alias , 

dns =rftw/HKws, carTa=c(r/'mmfl. 
ipe =\pbe 

; e.g,,vcS, inter ; iTu,ferni!n. 
,, serue, serdre. 

vi Preface. 

f means w; e,g.^ forcylww. 

« • 

^ „ m; e.^., ipi^, tp«w«. 

05 ; e.g., -pHea,, postea. 
3 „ w« ; ^.^., quib3, quibm. 
et ; e.g., lio3, licet. 

Added to q it means quia, and sometimes que^ or 
gwflp, though these words are more correctly 
written q,. 

Occasionally it stands for que, as abs}, absquCy 
and in some MSS. for m or almost any final 
letters ; as bo}, honitatem ; err®3, errorem. 

^ „ rum; e.g., aia?, animarum; bao?, beatorum. It is 
sometimes used in the middle of a word, as 
compere, corrumpere. 

ram ; e.g., Alienor, Alienoram. 

ras ; e.g., lib?, libras. 

res ; e.g., Windeso?, Windesores. 

ris ; e.g., conquesto?, conquestoris ; lib?, libm. 

9 „ cum, com, con, or cog ; e.g., 9, cum ; qp, computat ; 
9*, contra ; 9novit, cognovit. 

The marks attached to the letter P are as follows : — 

p, per, par, por ; e.g., j^^a,, persona ; 9pet, comparet; ^^la, porta. 

jp, prw, pre ; e.g., pses, prcesens ; supmus, supremm. 

PfPro; e.g., foereB, proceres ; i^-p^ tmprcprie. 

p indicates the omission of almost any other letters than those 
mentioned above; e.g., pea, postea; pa, posna; pcta, 
puncta ; f -pa, papa. 

The marks attached to the letter Q are as foUows : — 

q, usually quod, but also used for quw, quam, qm, quo, and 

followed by other letters qui, as qd, quid; qbj, quibtis. 
q, quw, que, quern, and as part of a word it has very vaxious 
meanings, aa qela, querela ; qntum, quantum ; tjone, 


8 que. 

A superior letter indicates the omission of two or more letters 
of which this is one ; e.g., q^s, quo8 ; c'lo, eircii/o ; cap', 

A point below a letter indicates that it should be deleted, and 
points under or inverted commas over two words intlicate that 
they ought to be transposed. 

Many words will be found in this list which do not conform 
to the principles here stated, but they have been found in MSS., 
and inserted accordingly. 

Aa a rule the nominative case of nouns is given aa the 
meaning, as ft, filim ; and sometimes the case most frequently 
met with, as fr, Fi-ancorum; but this does not exclude other 
oases as well. 

The glossary does not pretend, as no glossai-y con, to take 

the place of a dictionary, where the meanings of words are 

diaoussed, and quotations given to explain their use ; but still it 

■ is hoped that it will bo found useful, although the information 

I oontaiaed in it is given in a rather abrupt form. 

The list of Latin names of places in England contains most I 
of the names whicli a student of history is likely to require, but 1 
of course it might be very much enlarged by adding the Lati] 
names of a gi-eat many villages and hamlets which axe merely] 
formed from the English names. 

It will be noticed that both among the place names and thel 
Bumames there are some which clearly have not derived their 9 
origin from the times when Latin wae, as far as literature audi 
law are eoncemed, a living language, but are the artificial^ 
formation of later times, often founded on very false and absurd:! 
etymologies, such as Ventus Morbidm for Windsor, and de Coreo I 
Spince, Crowthom. Some of these have been inserted, though I 
they may seem rather out of place, for they perhaps present b 
much difficulty as the more genuine Latin names. 

In the list of Christian names there are several blanks in the 1 

second column. These are opposite to Latin names which II 

inserted in my list, hoping some day to find them in English, I 

but that day has not yet come ; so, confessing my ignorance, 1 1 

leave the blanks for some more learned or more fortunate person I 

than myself to fill up. 

0. T. M. 
Dectmber, 1891. 

( ix ) 









lEELAND 267 












A. Alanus^Albertus^Augustinus 
and other Christian names 
beginning with A; quin- 

a. adf alta, 

a* alia^ aliqua, anima^ antiphona, 

a*m alium^ aliquam^ animam, 

a*ndo aliquando. 

a*^ alias^ animas, 

a* aliam, 

a*3 aliam. 

a*x aiiaruniy aliquanim, anima- 

abb^m abbatem, 

abb^s abbates, abbatis, 

abbatib} abbatibus. 

abbassa abbatissa. 

abV® abbatis, 

abbta abbatissa. 

abbu? abbuttanty abbuttantes. 

abb abbas. 

abba abbatissa. 

abfee abbatOy abbatissa^. 

abbes abbates. 

abbi abbati, 


abbia abbatia. 

abbi* abbatissa. 

abbisse abbatisscB. 

abbs aJto. 

abbte abbatem. 

abbtf abbatis. 

ab°'° ablatio. 

abdux abduxerunt. 

abi abinvicem. 

abla^ ablatio. 

ablat ablatores. 

abta** ablegatio. 

abto ablatiOy absolutio. 

abtom ablationem, absolutionem. 

ab°® absolutione. 

abnep abnepos. 

abii abnepos. 

ab° absolutio. 

absoto absolutio. 

absq^ absque. 

absti* abstinentia. 

abst** abstractio. 

abst* abstulit. 
abst abstraction. 
abs3 absque. 



The Record Interpreter. 

ab** absfracta. 

acca accidentia. 

aV® absolute. 

accat accusat. 

ah^ absolutus. 

accat^ accusatur. 

abbis abbatis. 

aocdn"* accidentalis. 

abto absoiutio. 

acce accipere. 

afen* absentia. 

accit accidit. 

abnciu absentium. 

acc°^ accensumy accusativum. 

afene absolutimie. 

accma acemma. 

abnia absentia. 

accn* accidentia. 

abte abbatem. 

accn^'^ acddentaliter. 

A. 0. -d[wwo Ckmti. 

accnR accidens. 

a*^* a/«^wa. 

accnte accidente. 

ac* acra. 

accn*^* accidentalis. 

ao*® acrfl^. 

accnt'^ acddentaliter. 

ao*^ acrarum. 

acco accusatioy actio. 

ace** accidentia. 

accoi^3 accusationibuSy actionibm. 

acc*^®^ acddentales. 

accom actionem. 

acc*t accidental^. 

aco^are accusare. 

accepim^ acceperimtis. 

a^^ a/tm. 

accep accetpit. 

ac*^ aom. 

accede accendere. 

ao^ actum. 

acci^3 accidentibm. 

gP^ aliquo. 

accid^° accidendo. 

ao*^ ao^/o. 

acci^** accidendoj accipiendo. 

acq^etare acquietare. 

accipe accipere. 

acq^etacia acquietantia. 

accip accipere, accipit. 

acq% acquirere. 

acci^ accidentalitery accipitur. 

acq^^^ acquisitum. 

acci^ accidens. 

acq^ acquiretury acquiritur. 

accn accidentia. 

acr flCTfl^. 

aco°® actione. 

ac* accidenSy acras. 

accomodat accommodatum. 

acti*' activitatis. 

accomodau accommodavit. 

act°^ actum. 

ace accipe. 

act^ actnalitcr. 

^" Laiin AbireviaHoiis. 3 ^^| 

aotu' actualiter. 

adh'' adkuc. ■ ^^^M 

acf actio, actum. 

&dh adhm. ^^M 

Bcia acliva. 

adllendo adhm-endo, adhibeiido. ^^H 

acts actioiie. 

adtlnda adhibendn. ^^^ 

aoHm actimm. 

adhnt adhifjciit. ^^| 

aoEoibj aciioniius. 

adhr adiubettii: ^^H 

ao"" aeft'ca. 

adhre ad/iihen: ^^| 

ao'^ Bc(ip»«. 

adiac adjacens, adjacet. ^^^| 

ace accipere. 

adiwdic adjiidicafitr, adjudicatua. ^^H 

ac"' accidenlalis. 

adiu"" adJuvaiUi'. ^^H 

acm acrnm. 

adiuicC adinviccm. ^^H 

a^os accideiis. 

adi adinmcem. ^^| 


a. d. k. flH^f rfif«i iakndnntm. ^^| 

ac°* actionem. 

ac8 acf-OT. 

adm adminisirante, adminis- ^^^M 

acu Eic^K. 


A. D. ^«Ho i)offl)«i. 

aduep adnepos. ^^H 
adn'at^ adnihilafur. ^^H 

a'' aliquid, aliquod, aliud. 

adii'3 adnikiht. ^^H 

ad"' adfocat. 

adolend adokiidiim. ^^H 

ad" <7rf/wc. 

adop^ ado^ilirus. ^^H 

addico additio. 
H additamtu addiiamcnium. 
^M addi''' additamenlum. 

adq'etare adqidctare. ^^H 
adq'et adquietatio, ^^^H 
adq're adquirere. ^^^| 
adq'sico adquisifio. ^^^| 

^H addif additionem. 
^1 addoxat addaxerai. 

adq'ta (idqtmita. ^^^| 
adqetaco adquietatio. ^^H 

^1 oddiuciit adduxeruRt, 
^K addo addenda, additio. 
^M addr additur. 

adqsiuit adquisivit. ^^H 
adq^ adquiaiius. ^^H 
A. D. B. ^ntpo Domiuicw. Me- ^H 

^H add} atlderet. 

surreetioiiis. ^^H 

^1 adee af^s«c 

ad'" admiHtntrata. ^^^| 

^^L adec adfufciii, adesmit. 

ad'" animadvei'te. ^^^H 

The Record Interpreter. 

ad*'* administratura, 

aduocaco advocatio. 

aduooai? adrocatm. 

aduocau advocavit. 

aduoco advocatio, 

aduo*"* advocatm, 

adu adventunif advocatio. 

adu^' advertendum. 

adusa^ adversarii. 

adusi*® adversitate. 

adusi? adversitatem. 

aduso adverso. 

adus^ adversm, 

adute advertere. 

adlaco adulatto. 

adstrand administrandum. 

adt adesty adesset. 

adtor administrator. 

a® alice. 

A. E. 0. Anno JEmmanuelia 

aeoota ecclesia. 
aecctsiola eccksiola. 
aecta ecclesia. 
aed cedes. 
a^ni aliquem. 
aflE* affirmativa. 
ajScm affectwm. 
aflEco qffectio. 
aflP affidavit. 
affidau affidavit. 
affid affidarCj affidavit. 
afE^ma? affirmatum. 

afBrH'^ affirmatur. 
afP^* affirmativa. 
a£E° affirmatio. 
aflEra affirmativa. 
aff* affidavit. 
af f affidavit. 
aflP affirmatus. 
afid affidavit. 
aft affidavit. 
ag^' agendum. 
agd agendum. 
ag®g*a aggregata. 
ag^m aggregatum. 
agg*^* aggravari. 
agg*tf aggravatis. 
agg*3 aggravet. 
agg®di aggredi. 
ag§tu aggregatum. 
ag* a^n*. 
ag™ agrum. 
agnictm agniculum. 
agn AgneSf agnus. 
ag® a^ro. 
ag°* a^ros. 
ag^sce agnoscere. 
ag^ agitur. 
ag a^eY. 
agd agendum. 
agdr aggreditur. 
agm agrum. 
agnd agendiSy agendum. 
ags a^rw, Augustus. 
Agsti Augusti. 

Latin Abbreviations. 

agt agunt. 

ag*®^ aggravates, 

agdr aggreditur, 

B^e agere. 

agg*u aggregatum, 

ah archiepiscopi, 

a* alibij alicui^ aliqut. 

a*a anima, 

a*o* aliqua. 

M alicuL 

a*o^ alicujus. 

a*d aliquidj aliud. 

a" fl/n. 

a^m animum. 

a*q*s aliquas. 

a*qHen^ aliquatenus. 

a*q* aliqut. 

a^y. aliquid, 

a^q^s aliquis, 

a*<j aliquod, 

a*q* aliquam. 

a*q*r altqualiter. 

a^qa aliquam, 

a*q aliquam. 

a^qdo aliquando. 

a*s aliquis. 

a*^ animalisy assists. 

aisnec aisnecca. 

aia anima. 

aiadutend animadvertendum. 

aiat animal. 

aia& animaimm. 

aie animcB. 

all ammi. 

aim ammum. 

aio animo. 

ais a/ieis, animis. 

ai^ animus. 

a. k. an^^ kalendas. 

a} animal. 

Alan Alanm. 

Alb Albertus. 

Alex Alexandei\ 

al* fl/tW. 

alio* alicui. 

alioui^ alicujus. 

alic a/iicwt. 

alin aliquando. 

alio& aliorum. 

aliq* aliqtca. 

aliq'^m aliquam. 

aliq*r aliqiMlifer. 

aliq^s aliquas. 

aliq^So aliquantulo. 

aliq*d aliquid. 

aliq° aliquo. 

aliq^c aliquotiens. 

aliq^ aliqualiter. 

aliq*' aliqualiter. 

aliqua aliquam. 

aliqa aliqua. 

aliq aliqutty aliquod. 

aliqd aliquidy aliquod. 

aliqn alioquiny aliquando. 

alit^ a/e'i^cr. 

ali? a&Y^r. 

The Record Interpreter. 

aU'o allegatio. 

ate animale. 

alle't"- alkgatur. 

all afiJt. 

aUec alkcia. 

atib} animaUbus. 

alle*' alkgandum. 

^ alkgator, allegoria. 

allegac allegationem. 

atta a^fe/uw. 

AHex' Alexander. 

attauit allegavit. 

allocaco allocatio. 

atto allegatio. 

allocef allocetur. 

aim animalium. 

aaioouco allocutio. 

t^es aMudines. 

alloc allocatio, allocutio. 

alt allegata]; alkgatur, allegoria. 

ato fl/(o, (i/tjiM). 

alhit «^/effn«;. 

aiq"" a/iyuo ffKXfo. 

allta allegata. 

atr a/rtw. 

alm^ a/mK8. 

ats n/uM. 

a'nos a/ienos. 

alf^ o/ifer. 

a'q" aUquo. 

a™ alium, animum, annum, argu- 


alti" aimudine. 

a.m. anno tnundi. 

alti* altitudinem. 

am" amodo. 

alfa' alteratur. 

amo' amovelur. 

alfo alteratio. 

amou amoverunt. 

a]? a/^er. 

amoSe amovei-e. 

alca altera. 

amoSut amoverunt. 

al^ aUeroHonis. 

amp® amplius. 

al?i® fl/fen(«. 

am' amietm, amicua. 

alfeu aUerum. 

am*d nmittend-um. 

al?j atffin(»». 

am amen, amicua. 

aliiis <i/»m>»M. 

amat animalia. 

AlSed -iftwr«rfiM. 

aSioiafA amerctamentum. 

aJ o/ius, offaww, (i/iw. 

amtore amuntare. 

^a d/M. 

amoiam amerciametitum. 

atae a/wa. 

aiSciad^ amerciandus. 

idd oftW. 

an. an^e, antecessoris. 

Latin Abbreviations, 7 ^^H 

a," anle. 

anuu annmim. ^^| 

an" aniea, aniipkom. 

an animalia, anntu, ante, ante- ^H 

ana' amtomia. 


anatiim anathema. 

ana animalia, antea. ^^H 

anc artteceasoris. 

ancsBso^ aniecessomm. ^^H 

And AndegavicE, Andegavenses. 

anoess antecessor. ^^^H 

Ang"^ Aiigliee. 

ondcus antedictus. ^^^H 

ang'""-' anguillarum. 

anfe' ante/ertur. ,^^^^^H 

Anglof AngJorum. 

aiilo annulo. ^^^^^^H 

Angt Anglia. 


Anglr Anghmm. 

aho<' analogia. ^^H 

angi^ n«je/!(s. 

aiiptta aniq)enitUima. ^^^M 

angloj^ angelonim. 

anq'tn antequam. ^^^B 

angi angelis. 

anq^' antequam. ^^H 

angis angelorum. 

ana antecedens. ^^^^k 

ante antecedente. ^^^| 

an'" angelum, angulum. 

an? antecedenter. ^^H 

auto (iK»»/(). 

an$ anteeessorum. ^^M 

ann. anwos. 

aP alio, alio modo, aliquo, anno. ^^M 

ann^e annmw. 

ePd aliquod. ^^H 

annner annu-ej-uitt. 

a/io motfo. ^^H 

tarn annuatim, annua. 


ant* antiphona. 


aatec aniecedena, antecessor. 


antedcus antedicim. 


anteq'm antequam. 

ap*^^ apostolica. ^^^^| 

anteq" antequam. 

ap'^ o^uif. ^^^H 

anteq antequam. 

apellaco gppellaiio. ^^^| 

antiq'tr" antiquitus. 

ap" appellalionis. ^^^M 

ant" antecedente. 

ap" apostoli. ^^^| 

anf an^e, antecessor. 

ap'"' aposlolm. ^^^M 

an? antecedenter. 

apt aprilis. ^^^| 

antf nnfecedeiith. 

aptt appellavif, appulit. ^^M 


The Record Interpreter. 

apttaco appellalio. 

app* apparentiam. 

apttat appellat. 

appat appareant. 

apftat^ appeliatus. 

aptti appellari. 

appet apparel. 

apttm appellum. 

appicioi apparitioni. 

aptj! aposiolorum. 

appn' apparentia. 

apnnm appellationum. 

appns o/»pare««. 

apo* apoBiema. 

appnti apparenti. 

ap™« appositione, appellatione. 

apptad iippoitaitdum. 

apOBtta apostolus. 

appj apparei, apparent. 

apo^ apostolus. 

app appelli, appenditiis. 

app** appellandi. 

appciat appredat. 

app^' appellandum. 

applaf appellatur. 

appelto appellatio. 

appllat appellat. 

appet appelMur. 

appllois appellationis. 

appcd} appendet. 

appltm appellum. 

appltois appellatumk. 

appftator appellator. 

appm appositionem. 

appiie appellatione. 

app°"^ appeUationihua. 

appoem appositionem. 

appui ffjjpostti. 

app" appellatio. 

app3 apparent,apparet,appendet. 

appciare appretiare. 

app^nes appellationes. 

ap^daf appretiatum. 

appofie apponere. 

apphn*'3 apprehemionibus. 

appo' apponitur. 

appis fippre/ieiim. 

apposuer apposuerant. 

app*' appreheitditur. 

app' appelkjtur. 

appa°* appropriatione. 

app" appellare. 

appted <ipprobandum. 

app' appelM, apprehmdil. 

appfctam approhatum. 

app"' appellatur, apprekendilur. 

app'at appropriat. 

appat apparcaf. 

app'ati appropriatim. 

appat^ apparatus. 

Latin Abbreviations. ' 

appxiH appraeimat. 

a' a/iVer, arguitur. 

appxiat approximat. 

ar" arguat. 

Apr Aprilis. 

arbo^ arborum. 

ap' apud. 

arfer arbiter. 

ap"' apostolick. 

aroMd archidiaconiis. 

apti° aptitudine. 

arohiepus archiepiseopus. 

apti°* aptitudinem. 

arohi"' archidiaconi. 
MOh archidiaconiis. 

apire aperire. 

atohi archiepiscopi. 

aptu apertum. 

areft"' archidiaconi. 

ap o^u^. 

apa apoatema. 

archs archifpiscopus. 

apos apostolica. 

aroub} arcuhus. 

ttpi apud. 

arc arciw, awrf t'^ «Me«, arcAt- 

aplau appellavii. 


apli apoatoH. 

aplioa apostoHea. 

arded ardendum. 

apllaco appelhtio. 

6S& archidiaeonus. 

apUat? appellatus. 

ard"' archidlacommi. 

aplo^ npoMnhnim. 

areataco arestatio. 

areetaunt arestaveruni. 

apl^ apostolieus, apostolus. 

ares? nrcnf aver mil. 

app^ appemm. 

arg" argenti, arguments 

aps apostolus. 

Bx^ nrgumentiim. 

firgii argenti. 

ay" apostolus. 

arg** argumenia. 

ap^ apostolorum. 

arg" ar(iui}wnlnm. 


argu*"} argumentalibus, argu- 

aq* aquam. 


aq"j aquarum. 

argu"' artjiimentum. 

aq's djMis. 

arg argentum, atid its cases. 

aqua «ip(am. 

argi ar£»c«(i. 

aq «s«a, «3u<e. 

ai^tum argentum. 

aqm aquam. 

argnf argenti. 

10 The Record 

Inferpreti'f. ^^H 

ar'dTi archidiaconi. 

ar am^, arani, arantes, arabant, ^^| 

ar'dn^ arcMdiaconus. 

arn^dfur, aratum, aratura, ^^H 

ar" arhiirii. 

art'UM, articulos. ^^H 

ar*" arbUrio. 

ard"' archidiaconi. ^^| 

aripu ampuit. 

ard arcMdiaconus, and its oases. ^^| 

ar''" artinalm. 

arc]"' archidiacommi. ^^^| 

ar" ttrbitrium, argumentiim. 

arep^ arcMepiscopus. ^^| 

armatur armaturas. 

iu^go ai-migero. ^^H 

annig' armiger. 

f^g^o armigero. ^^H 

ar"' argumentum. 

arluB artkulvs. ^^^^k 
arpbros areMpresbyteroiiim. ^^^| 

ajniura argumentum. 

ar""' arcMdiaconus. 

^^ argumentum. ^^H 

ar* arhilrio, argao. 

a' a^/os, a/»s, antecedetts. ^^M 

ar°= argumentatione. 

asoens ascemionis. ^^H 

arpend arpendium. 

asoe°'>3 ascensionem. ^^H 

arp arpendium. 

asm asinus, and its cases. ^^^M 

BX' argufiieniatur. 

aa. mor. an. a«siM »ioWis an^e- ^^| 

an* arreragia. 

eessoris. ^^| 

arraiii «tr«»»i«CT^ 

as. no. dis. osst^a noz'ie disseisinct. ^^H 

arrenta? arrentatia. 

Bspt^ aspectus. ^^^^ 

anip arripuit. 

asptare asportare. ^^H 

aiT arrabilis. 

aspta^nt asportaverunt. ^^H 

ar' aj-jM)^. 

aspcs aspectus. ^^H 

ar'* argumenta. 

asB* osfitsa. ^^^| 

ar" argumenti. 

asao'bi adscribi. ^^^| 

arti'^ artificialibus. 

ass' ff^surs. ^H 

arfdclo ariieulo. 

assenS ascensionis. |^^^| 

arti" articulis. 

assed assentiendum. ^^^| 

ar*" argumento. 

art' artifex. 

assie nssi^fp. ^^^| 

ar'' articHlis. 

assig^ assignamus. ^^H 

ar?'"' articulis. 

aBsignatur aasigimbitur. ^^^M 

ar"" arbitrinm. 

assign assignatione. ^^^M 


Latin Abbreviations. 1 1 ^^H 

aasig"^ amgamim. 

annuatim. ^^H 

assitat^ assimilaiur. 


ems aaaisa, and its cases. 

atq^ A^^u^. ^^H 

afisToB assisas. 

att'ocom aMractionem. ^^^H 

RBHia^ assisarum. 
ass" assartum. 

attach atiacMeiur, aifachietiiur, ^^^| 

afis" assentio. 

attaohi attachiamenti. ^^H 

assoc assoetaiis, 
Bss' aasenfitur, 

asB" aasensu. 

attain attamen. ^^H 
att'»'' attribuitur. ^^| 
att"° atlributioiw. ^^M 
attlfe attingere. ^^^| 

assupcoe assumptioiiem. 
ass assisa, and its cases. 
ass de m anc assisa de mwte 

aB3 de n dis assisa de mm dis- 


att" attmctum, attributionem. ^^H 
att" attamen. ^^H 
attorn atiornatus, and its cases, ^^H 
attomavit, and other parts ^^H 
o/^Ae «erd attorim-e. ^H 
att' attribuitur. ^| 

a^a assisa. 

atE attoi-natus, and its cases. ^^M 

BsSdebt' assedehaiur. 

at^'bef attraheretur. ^H 

assit asserii. 

athidd attendendum. ^^H 

BsSnsu assensu. 

at?Tare atterminare. ^^H 

aaHp" assumpfum. 

attmlat attermiuata. ^^^| 

883" assentire. 

a''' argumentnm. ^^^| 

asst B(feM«^. 


a^u asaemti. 

autem, ^^^M 

aes^ «.8.«*«*. 

a^oit atrociter. ^^^| 

aSBor assessor. 


a' (fiif. 

at] ^^^^^^^^1 

a** animata. 

A.T. (innos i'i>!y. ^^^^^^^B 

ataoh attachietur, attachientur, 

aubgellii aubergellum. ^^H 

attackiandutn, atiachiamentum. 

auo^ auctorifas. ^^^^^H 

ataohi attttcfiiamenti. 


athaooie? attachientur. 


The Record Interpreter. 

auo" aactoritali. 

au'3 auctoritatem. 

au(Se aaetontate. 

au? flM^em. 

aud*' audiendo. 

aufn' auteniica. 

aodied audiejidum. 

autnt'* aaientica. 

audit"^ audiiuri. 

aufpo autumpno. 

audit™' auditurua. 

auuiK* avunculus. 

auditurf audituria. 

auuncta ac»«CM/Mg. 

audiu audivit. 

auuncl^ amnculus. 

aud' auditur. 

auuotfl aeunculus. 

aud audiat, audiendum, audit. 

auucla ap»«cM;«8. 


auucl^ avunculus. 

audia audkntia. 

auY^ <z^». 

a"' affirmative. 

aux" auxilium. 

auer atwiii. 

aux° auxilio. 

aufer auferre, atifert. 

au flM^, b«;ct». 

Aug. Augmfua, Augmtinm. 

aupo autumpno. 

augm" augmentatio. 

aiiia averia. 

aug*"* augmeiifalionk. 

auioji averiorum. 

aug'' aiignieiifiim. 

aute avertere. 

Aug Augustus, Augusiinus. 

au^ OCTM, .^MytwWnws. 

Aug^ Augustus. 

A. X. ^nno Cftm«. 

Aafe Augustus. 

A. X'. ^«no C»m«. 

au'fsiu aurifrmum. 

aumtu aumentum {augtnentum). 

ayeiafiitu aystamentum. 

aa"^ motor. 

aj agtiw. 

auriff aurifrisium. 

fu aliorum. 

A StWO. 

aufs «wres. 

auB?!'* austeritate. 

abit amfii^. 

aut" aactoritas. 

aut^ auctoritate. 

Ilslare ambuhre. 

au** aucioritatem. 

aut'* auctoritate. 

agt angelus, Anglus, Anglia, 

autup aulumpno. 

and their cases. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


agis angeluSy angulus. 

ae animce. 

agn Angnes {Agms). 

a*d aliquid. 

aglus angelus. 

a"« a/n«. 

aicf amick. 

ai***^ a%wo morfb. 

aio^ amicus. 

ai animi. 

ai"^ animum. 

ale antmale. 

aiu animum. 

alia animalia. 

amia^^ admirabilem. 

alib} animalibus. 

amisco administratio. 

amal animal. 

zmo^ amovetur. 

ana aliena. 

ano* annona. 

anga arenga. 

anuen annuentes. 

an^ annics. 

an^ annus. 

ao® a/eo mo^. 

aor majof\ 

aoq" alioquin. 

aorf amons. 

ao^ aliorum. 

ao^ alioriim. 

aq* aliqua. 

ap amplius. 

aq*in aliquam^ anteqttam. 

ap^ amplius. 

aq*s aliquas. 

aqu antequam. 

aqn aliquando. 

ares majores. 

aq° aliqtco. 

ateg* antequam. 

aq^ aliqualiter. 

ateq antequam. 

aqiia'^ aliqtmlitei\ 

atiq^ antiqui. 

aq. aliquidy aliqtwd. 

a} apparety apparent. 

aq* antequam. 

a ac?, a^, ^72/^, autemy apudy ave^ 

aq aliquemy aliquid. 

anntiSy and its cases. 

aq^ aliquibus. 

aalia animalia. 

ar a/tYer. 

aa*^ animati. 

as e^/ki^, animus. 

aatim annuatim. 

at at/^, autem. 

3sfi annuatim. 

atu argumentum. 

acui^ alict^'us. 

a} apparet. 

&(? alicujus. 

a^ aliamm. 

ad aliquidy aliquod^ ahud. 

a^ acfws, a//ws, a/Jw«, Augustii^y 

ad*® animadverte. 


adrd animadvertendum. 

a^iia awsws. 

The Record InterpreUr. 


B. trecenti, bapiiata, beatua, bere- 

baet-d^ baatardug. 

ieica, hordarim, bovata. 

ba3 6a«i7ico. 

B.IK, bereicica et manerium. 

baa 6ot&. 

B. 1 S. beremca et aoka. 

bae ieate. 

B. A. Mxit {vixit) annos. 

bao, bS» Jam. 

bab?a baptista. 

baoii baronem, baronea. 

Ve heatie. 

W beatus. 

balUuu balUmm. 

heaf^-' beatiaaimua. 

baUiu balUmm. 

be5™ beatiasimam. 

batt ballia, ballim, ballima. 

benef bemfidarius. 

batUi ballivam. 

beii benedictio, benedictua. 

battioa ballivos. 

battle ballivU. 

ber bereicica. 

baits ballivus. 

b'ui? ij-ew'iw. 

bap* baptisma, baplisia. 

be me 6c«fi» memoria. 

bap"^ bapHzari. 

bed'" benedietua. 

bap**" baptizatua. 

begnufl benignua. 

bap" baptiaUB. 

B. F. bene/actum, beneficium, 

bap? bapiiata. 

bonafmim, bona fide, bona 

bap baptista. 

filia, bona fortuna. 

bibaf 6f"6a(Mr (mvatia). 

bap"' baptizari. 

B. I. 0. 6.%5 (m«m) m CAmfo. 

bap""* baptizatua. 

bid aKfeit^es. 

bapta baptiata. 

bis"" biaaexHlia. 

barroii baronea, bar&nia. 

bii 6mY (pkct"^. 

baiT baronea, bai-onia. 

bkd (/(Zt^utn. 

bar» baronea, baronibua. 

Barth Bartholofiueua. 

blod 6/0(^'u8, (&»&»<. 

bar iaj-o, baronea, baroma. 

bt 6/(;jwKS. 

b»8 6ea(«8. 

bttum ^//«m. 

Latin Abhrevmtions. 

B. M. beats Mater, heatw me- 

Vgn burgensis. 

moHtf, hviie merenti, bene 

h'g buriji, burgo. 


Brig Briganfia: 

B. M. T. beiita Maria Virgo. 

BET. Britamncm. 

bn bene. 

bf 6;-em. 

biidco l}enedictio. 

bra bracheia. ^m 

bndcuB benedictus. 

bre 6re^-e. ^H 

bndms bmedieimus. 

bri dr^rt. ^H 

biid benedicit. 

bria brema. ^H 

bnd^ liciiedirtm. 

brib3 6renii<«. ■ 

bnfcof benefactorum. 

bris Ziivm. ^1 

bnio benefieio. 

biiu brenitm. ^H 

Tx)^ })onam. 

b= iea^Ks. ^ 

bo'"" bonitate. 

bui^ biirgensis, burgiia. 

bo. me. bona! memoria: 

buif ii burgenses. 

boil 6o?ma. 

burgees bitrgenses. 

bord bordarii. 

bur burgua, burum. 

b(ff bordarii. 

bus bussellm. 


butioi^ buiiculariiis. 

bo'* bonitatem. 

bue ir<^^'e. 

boua! fiofw^tf. 

buis bret-is. 

boa tdnn. 

BX. SfWi (c/j-iV). 

bo 6o;ia. 


be me bonw. memoria: 

b bcatm, bapiisia, benedictionem 

beis Joct's. 


bom bonam, bonum. 

ba baptist a, beala. 

bos ieaios, bonos. 

baos bealorum. 
batus beat Hi. 

bo) banitattm. 

be beatar. 

B. Q. ie»c ?M(escns. 

hf bene/actum. 

BB. bonorum, Britannia, Bri- 

feg hirgtiin. 


bi 6m;(. 

bra'li bracali. 

bi"' bvatifca. 

braoa; bracarunu 

bido bratitwlo. 



The Record Interpreter. 

fei^' beatitudinem. 

bn^* beneficiali. 

bi^ beatitudinis. 

bno? bonmmm. 

bi^® beatitudine. 

bnio beneficio. 

bisSe beattssime. 

bfine benedictionem. 

bitu°^ beatitudinem. 

bo J^fl^o. 

bill fe//e. 

bo^ beatoruniy bonorum. 

blhn bellum. 

hi brevisy and its cases ; brcviter. 

bm beatum. 

bruica berewica. 

bn J^e, beneficia^ benedictionem. 

bs beatUs. 

bna iona. 

bta dm^or. 

bn* beneficia. 

bte fim^tp. 

bndca benedicta. 

bti°^® beatissime. 

bnd(r* benedictus. 

bti'^® beatitudine. 

bnd^ benedidtur. 

btiTTie beatissime. 

bnd benedicity benedictionem. 

btP^ beatitudini. 

bndo benedictOy benedicendo. 

bto^ beatorum. 

bnd**ne benedictionem. 

bts beatm. 

bndre benedicm^e. 

b? beatum. 

bnfice benefice. 

bt^ beatm. 

bnfi® beneficio. 

bue 5r^t??. 

bnfco^ benefactorum. 

buit^' brcviter. 

bnfm beneficium. 

bui? brevitatis. 

bnfo beneficio. 

buir brcviter. 

bnftm bene/actum. 

bui^ brevim. 

bngne benigne. 

b} beattiSj beatam. 

bn^* beneficii. 

b^ beatuSy bos. 

Latin Abbreviations. 



C. caput, carta, cainicata, centum, 
codex, comes, conjux, cum, 

c* canonica, capitula, caput, carta, 
causa, circa, contra. 

ca*^* capiant. 

ca*^ caritas, causas, 

ca°* canonica, 

ca°® canonicce, canonice, 

cefi^ capiendo. 

ca® causes, creaturce, 

ca^ capituU, 

cal. calendas, calendis, 

calciamtu calciamentum, 

calcria calcaria. 

ca^° capitulo, 

calum^* calumpnia, 

calun calumpnia, 

ca^^ capitulum. 

calunia calumnia. 

cal calendas, calendis. 

oaiis calidis, 

catm^* calumpnia. 

catr causaliter. 

caius calidus. 

ca°^ capitulum, causam. 

oairia camera. 

camari^ camerarius. 

cainar camerarius. 

can°® canonice. 


canoellar cancellaria, camella- 

canceft cancellaria, cancellanus. 

caix°^® canonicus. 

can^ canonicus. 

canc^ cancellarius. 

cane cancellarius. 

c^nisp^uiu carnisprivium. 

can^^^ canonicalis. 

canoic canonicus. 

can canonicus. 

cafic^ canonicus. 

chilis carnalis. 

canria cancellaria, 

cans canonicus. 

ca° capitulo. 

capco captio. 

capeft capella, capellanus. 

capets capellanus. 

cap^ capituU. 

capiat' capiatur. 

capiat' capiantur. 

capiend capiendum. 

capitib^ capitibus. 

capit capitulum. 

capta capitula. 

capft capellanis. 

captto capellano. 

captm capitulum. 

capts capellanus, 



The Record Interpreter. 

capt} capitulum. 

cap"* capitulum. 

cap**^* capellanm. 

capt* capiat. 

capt^ captus, 

cap? captusy capta, etc. 

cap?s captivus, 

capt^ captivus, 

caps capere. 

cap caj!;t^, capitalist capitulum^ 

capd 0ffj9w^. 
oapm capitulum. 
oapt' capiuntur. 
oapHis capitalis. 
ca' capitur, camatur^ causaliter. 
car^3 cardinalibus. 
cardit cardinalis. 
cardih cardinalis. 
card cardinalis. 
caria carminu. 
cV® carnale. 
oaii carnalis. 

oar^li camali. 
oarna carentia. 
earn"* canialis. 
carruc caruca^ carucata. 
oarf canicagia. 
oar? cartam, 

earuc caruca^ canicata. 

car cardinalis, caiHagium, carta, 
caimca, carucata. 

car? carucata. 

car? carnalitei\ 

c*s tras. 

ca^ causas. 

cas^^* casualis. 

cystine crastino. 

c^stin crastino, crastinum. 

cast® oflw^ro. 

cas? casUmm, castra. 

ca* t?«j9t/^. 

catait catalla. 

oHa cartam. 

cath^^^ cathedralis. 

ca^ Cflww. 

cauco (7«t/^w>. 

causal causalts. 

cau?03 cautionem. 

caut^ causantur. 

cau t;a«t«. 

cauoe cautionem. 

caui causalts. 

bauiy causaliter. 

caue cavere. 

ca3 causam^ causas. 

ca^ ca«f^. 

ca^ oatisarum. 

cabitor cambitor. 

cabiu cambium. 

oapio campio. 

ca carucata. 

ca*^ causas. 

Latin Ahhreviations. 

Oae camcB. 

cend cendallum. 

cfii eapituU. 

oenSri censeri. 

(Sis causis. 

oer ceremia. 

o5itaa caritas. 

e*8(:e cresoere. 

<Sm cattsam. 

oeH t^frci. 

oand causandum. 

oeHm astenim. 

(3a' causanlur. 

oe?i ftEiw-t. 

canf camantur. 

ce?m cmterum. 

oart causaret. 

ce'f ccelestis. 


ce" wij(j-(». 

(3ata causata. 

cefl" censarii. 

(Sit' cmtsatur. 

cea® CCTWWS. 

Oat^ camatm. 

(jefio centurio. 

oaoa casra. 

Ch. CArw^t. 

(S? ca«*a)-M»i. 

Chfo Christo. 

CO ciVcum, duceiiti. 

ehurg chursetum. 

00* circa, contra. 

c' ca(. 

oo" ducenti. 

c'a MJ-ctfj ci^^-B. 

(w"^ celeslibua. 

oi^s embus. 

(iMidit crediderit. 

o'ea ctmi.' 

o'd' creditur. 

(^coit cw'cwiV. 


c'cii' circumaiantia. 

o*de (!«&;■». 

o'cu"* circumspectio. 

(»1. ce&re*. 

o'cuBp" circumspectio. 

oel* cefesfe. 

o'cuEpoco circumspectio. 

oelebn" celebrando. 

tfcu" circumscriplo. 

oet celationes, celebrmit. 

orchil circulum. 

oeK cefert. 

o'cl^ eireulus. 

orfit* celeritate. 

oiQ «re«m. 

oe" ca/um. 

o'<5'='» circumsiantia. 

cemtari^ cemmtarhis. 

a^cf circumstantitf. 

<»n. centum. 

o'c/en" eircttmfcrenlia. 


The Record Interpreter. 

rfgso'br eircumscribitur. 

ol's''a clamura. 

o'^eta' circumstantia. 

clasla clausula. 

<i'9flt'' circumstanliis. 

olabit clamahit. 

tf^SpiW circumacriptibilis. 

clais"" clarissimus. 

o'g'" ciicumscripta. 

olSoi cfaMSi/tom. 

(^9^ cifcumstantiai-Jim. 

clero5ie cleyoiiomifp. 

fi^dS euidam. 

cle" clemente. 

fil" ci>cu/o. 

o'^ circuhis. 

(JIs c»;7ii<;;. 

ola clausula. 

0*111 ciraim. 

otant chnmni. 

tf me crimen. 

clous clericux. 

obniatr criminaliUr. 

cle clatisiilie. 

o'mib^ criminibus. 

cleu* clement Uiime. 

(I'm cnm«i. 

ctens ckmcns. 

tfffia crtm(»s. 

cK c&t-i. 

tffiiis crimink. 

olioat^ clericalus. 

oiSu cinerum. 

ciic clericui. 

<ai^ circa. 

oHct? ckricatua. 

oirdo «■/■«*&. 

oti'" clericaHs. 

cards cirmlua. 

ctifi clauBulis, 

oirouq»c^ CHTCwmjuayife. 

cl'* clen'cis. 

(drgto circtimlocutio. 

dH^ cki'ictis. 

oirog^h chirographum. 

ctpa cu^'*'. 

fax chiroffrapfium. 

clpal culpabilis. 

ail" cidtatcs. 

olpa'" culpabilis. 

citf ci'feit). 

oiB^ clausm. 

oinir civititer. 

c*t™ cuUura. 

oiu cimtaa. 

ott^ raflMS. 

cfi caique. 

0° capitulum, centum, cum. 

OltaS CIM&M. 

0. m. cdUBs ffioj-i^w. 

cl. clarimimta. centesimo. 

olaman" clamantia. 

cfflda commciidiim. 

clam cfefflff/, ciamaeit, clamium. 

cmdoem commcndatioiietn. 

Latin Ahhreviaiions. 

ofiis conm. 

com" commimo. 

tf centesimo. 

compoi compoii. 

mylifl corporalia. 

compt compareani. 

co^l colorihm. 

comjitu comperiitm. 

ooem communem. 

comp eowpulaf, computato. 

nn^fl f/inmiiiit/'ft 

coin co»iPS, comitissa, comitates. 

uucB vi/iftirtuficam 

eoinates commoranies. 

oog'co coguatio. 

comda? commmdatus, commen- 

oog^^ cognutus. 

dator, commendatio. 

cogi"" cogitationvs. 

ooniS commendaiua, commen' 

oogco cognitio. 


oogn?r eoguiitui: 

con'dco roniradictio. 

ooheio coercilio, coertio. 

con'riu coniraniim. 

oobooem coeiiionem. 

oonoedt coucedereiur. 

cofeitoe cohabitatiotiem. 

cob to" coertionem. 

oondco condkto. 

ooia comitmam. 

con*" toneedvndum. 

ooTe eomitmis. 

oon*' concedetidum. 

conffes eon/ratres. 

ooia corporis. 

ooli! coWu*-. 

conqritur conqiiiritur. 

00II66 eolMime. 

conaidaco comideratio. 

ooE'""" coVigitnr. 

considatu comideratum. 

colo* colonia. 

coDSS'* consistentia. 

cot roi'or. 

conBtrue" vomtriictio. 

cota eopu/a. 

const const itidls. 

coftg*' colkgiak. 

consue"" consueiiuUne. 

coftia collegia, colloquia. 

cons comideratio, consideracum, 

cofl03 collaiionem. 

consilium, comuetuditiem. 

ooltr colligifHt; colloquilin: 


ootr eoliliir. 

con?' comequentia. 

oomit comitis, and oilier esses, 

con5BU co«scnstt. 


oont" contra. 

comm" commotio. 

contcco contentio. 

comniS commodum. 

conttptu confemptum. | 


The Record Inter jyreter. 

contief^ continetur, 
contie continue, 

contiitis contentis, 
oont^^ conventuu 
con*^ conventum. 
oontua contumacia. 

oont continemj continetur^ con' 

ooh contra. 

conger coningena. 

QOviF communiter. 

consit concessit. 

coii} communem. 

cop copia. 

co^ commendator. 

cor* corpora, 

cor^tr corporaliter. 

cor*r corporaliter. 

001^3 corporibuSf corporalibm. 

corco correctio. 

cor® corpore. 

cor°u corporeum. 

corete correpte. 

cor^b} corporibus. 

cor^s corporis. 

cor°^ corporum, corporeum. 

corndet correspondet. 

cor**dit corrodit. 

cor**nem corruptionem. 

coron corona, coronatio. 

cor**3 corruptionem. 

coroaco coronatio. 

corpa corpora. 

corp^ corpus. 

cor^ corporalitery corrigitur^ cor- 

corrn'' correspondetur. 
corr**e corruptions 
corru^ corrmnpuntur. 
corr corredium. 
corrns correspondens. 
corrtor corrector. 
cor'f corporis. 
corute corrupte. 
cor cm*am. 
cor®* correspondet. 
cor^^ conmptionis. 
corle corporalem. 
cort corpoi^alis. 
corndet correspondet. 
corn*®^ correspondentes. 
corpfit corrumpunty corrumpent. 
cors corporis. 
cor^ corpus. 
cotar cotarius. 
co*^ comitatu. 
CO? cotagiu?n, cotarius, 
cot^ cotanus, 
coburat^ comburatur, 
cooelam concelamentum. 
cocess* concessit. 
cocilia? conciliatum. 
cocto conclusio. 
cocord Concordia. 
QOQOxter concorditer. 

c5cup® concupiscentice. 

latin Ahhrevktions. 23 ^H 

codepHua comlemnaiiis. 

c5^m5!s3 comump»issef. ^^^M 

cod" cmdilio. 

cot' <v>i6-(T. ^^1 

06^* coneedendum. 

Gofdix contradixit. ^^H 

ood comtiiendatiis. 

cotam contumaciam. ^^H 

cote"* contentim. ^^H 

<xea comes. 

cotui3 continet. ^^^| 

oof 'r' confirmatur. 

cofdco contradictio, ^^^M 

ooffes con/ratres. 

cotua^ coniamanter. ^^^| 

oofi' conferimus. 

cou^ commum. ^^^| 

oofo cotifemo. 

couet^ conveiitm. ^^^H 

eofoe confessionem. 

coiiict^ coimicius, ^^^| 

cof conjirmatur. 

co^Bfico coni'ersatio. ^^H 

^H co&es confratres. 

CO r»n^J-». ^^H 

^H coft coiiferf. 

oda communa, comeqttenfia. ^^| 

^m cognoSat cognoverunt. 

eoe commune, conseguentice. ^^H 

^m coitat^ comittttm. 

ooes communes. ^^H 

H Doite comitem. 

coi commmi, conjugi. ^^H 

o5lto committo. 

coia commmia. ^^H 

ooitf comifis. 

cSib3 commHnihns. ^H 

|| oomigg commmio, commimm. 

coicaco communkatio. ^^^H 

coinit?e commitlere. 

coim^ committimus. ^^^H 

oomdare commendare. 

coione communione. ^^^H 

oopiio compilatio, complexio. 

oSi' communiter. ^^^H 

oopcS compositio. 

ooiri communiri. 

ooput' computatur. 

ooi" communia. 

copat' comparatur. 

ooia communis, corporis. 

ooq'Biuit conqnismt. 

coia' commisit. 

oorbs corporibua. 

ofiitas eommunitas. 

oosee'co comecratio. 

coiter communiter. 

cosidaT comideratum. 

coif communiter. 

coBueE comueUidinibm. 

coi! eommunitas. 

00s comideratum. 

ooi? communiter. i 


The Record Intayrctcr. 

cfila copula. 

o'ia cMna. 

■ tJTiat criminalia. 

eSnioe commtmione. 

crU^ eriminaliier. 

eonis communis. 

e'o (^.-o. 

OOQ? communiter. 

o'r^ CMmw. 

cont^ conventus. 


coribj corporibus. 

ci=a ci-imim. 

coirnis communis. 

ere erimine. 

oouSa eommmia. 
o5ue commune. 

m crimini. 

cojipa'^ cornimpalur. 

dia crimina. 

oofp" con-uptio. 
oofp** coi-nipiione. 

o^ce crucem. 
o'da cr«rfa. 

OOjip' corriimpitur. 

OU* CMJ-fiP. 

oojpr corrumpitar. 

CUT (!«»■(«. 

oog'*' coiTumpitur. 

cuef cuatumariue. 


cau CKW. 

c' car, creditur. 

cyrog^h chirographttm. 

o'a «(rff. 

oyr ehiroffraphum. 

o'abit'' cMraJiiwr. 

0^ c«/m8. 

c'ant cwrant, eurant. 

e^3 cujusUbet. 

o'are cwmre. 
tfatTi cumtorum. 
tfat^ curatus. 
&IV curantur. 

0^93 eujmeumgue. 
c'di cu^usmodi. 

0^3 MffWSffici!. 

o'oa ctfva. 

Cfcii circum. 

c'q, cujmque, cnjuicumqiie. 

Ccm circum. 

c^q,'m cujmquam. 

er9 circum. 

o^j ci^mque. 

(^e curcB, curite. 

C rni^Mm »i»7/k7, JOOtWO. 

cred creditor, crcditum. 

c Cfeleris, caput, capite, centum 

o^ere cwjrere. 

codex, comea, cum, cunclia. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


ca caustty capihilay cetera. 

8ari^ cerarius. 

c* creatura. 

8at c^'^fl^. 

ca* creatura. 

8at'a creatura. 

califl causalis. 

8au creavit. 

ca° creatio. 

8ae creare. 

catu causatum. 

8b° crebro. 

ca creata. 

8brit? crebriter. 

cca ceVm. 

8bf i^ crebriter. 

cdit^ ci^editur. 

8ca circa. 

cdini conditioni. 

8cP certius. 

ce mwsflp. 

8ou circum. 

cfcis confectw. 

8dd* credidit. 

cfcm confectum. 

8dib' credibilia. 

egg congregatis. 

8dib^ credibilia. 

cggatis congregatis. 

cdi^3 credibilibus. 

cg^gatf congregatis. 

8di?e crediturce. 

ci^3 civitatibus. 

8di^ credibilium. 

cis ceteris^ civis. 

Sdnd credendum. 

citas civitas. 

8do crcefo. 

ciiix conjux. 

8d'^ creditur. 

ci^b} cujuslibet. 

Bddi credendi. 

ci^O} cujuscunque. 

8ddo credendo. 

cita* civitates. 

8dd credendum. 

cltu cultum. 

8de credere. 

cm cjww. 

8dem^ crederemm. 

cms comes. 

8dis credendis. 

cmda commendam. 

8dndi credendi. 

co?die quotidie. 

8dns credens. 

ct° centro. 

8dr creditur. 

8 cerevisia. 

8dt credunt. 

8a c^a. 

8d'e credere. 

8a® creaturcB. 

8e ccr^. 


The Record Interpreter. 

8ea^* cerealia. 

8eb° cerehro, 

8eb^ cerebrum, 

8sc* crescit, 

8sc crescit. 

8sc3 cresceret. 

8s8e crescere. 

8tus certus> 

8iiisia cervisia. 

8iiisiores cet^isiores. 

8u4a cermia. 

8uus cervus. 

Sunt creverunt. 

9 t?o;?, c?im. l%is w sometimes 
printed as a o reversed. 

9. confitendis. 

9* contra. 

9** contraria. 

9*biia contrabrevia. 

9*ctio contractio. 

9*ctu contractum. 

9*ct^ contractus. 

9*d* contradictorta. 

9*dco* contradictorta. 

9*di®3 contradictionem. 

9*d°m contradictionem. 

9*d* contradicit. 

(fint contradicunt. 

9*dr contradicitur. 

(fire confradicere. 

9*tir contrahitur. 

9*i°^ contrarium. 

9*io contrario. 

9*ire contraire. 

9*iu contrarium. 

9** concordat^ considerate con- 

9**' consequatur. 
9* convenientiam. 
9*'°^ contranum. 
9*3 consequentiam. 
9*? contrariorum. . 
9biatu combinatum. 
9b'gii comhurgensis. 
9b^it^ comburitur. 
9buss* combussit. 
9b^t^ combmtus. 
9caco communicatio. 
9cat communicat. 
9oe^' concedendum. 
9ce^ concedij concedendi. 
9oe^* concedunt. 
9ce® concede. 
9cep°is conceptionis. 
9ce^ conceditur. 
9cesseut concesserunt. 
9oes§ concessisse. 
9ci°^ concilium. 
90ip3 conciperet. 
9cl®3 conclmionem. 
9cl6e conclmione. 
9clds conclusionis. 
9cP concluditur. 
9olu^ comluditur. 

Latin Abbreviations. 27^^H 

901"' concludilur. 

9^' concedi, cvneedendi ^^^H 

9otd' concluditm'. 

9diL0 conditio ^^^H 

9ctd'r conoluditur. 

9di° conditio ^^^| 

90to eonclitsio, concelamento. 

cdL™f conditions ^^^| 

90ordan coiicordantia. 

edi"; conditionem ^^^| 


gdit' conditu) ^^^M 

conoorditer, coiicordia, and 

9^0 concedo, comedendo. ^^H 

Us cases. 

^d^ia conditiom* ^^H 

Cj^nt concitrrunt. 

^doatii condonation ^^H 

5c''raiii^ concurramus. 

cd'' coniiadieitur, condudihir. ^^H 

9C'redo eoncurrendo. 

cduz conduxit ^^^H 

^(frete conciin-mte. 

cde condere ^^^H 

^e^e conctirrere. 

^di coneedendi ^^^H 

90^ concurrit. 

9d:o conditio, concedendo. ^^H 

Cjc^t concurrunt. 

C]doem conditionem ^^^| 

9cta euncta. 

cddm conditionem ^^H 

9otu contractiiin. 

cdr coniradiatur ^^H 

5CQp» concupisceniia. 

9" commune, con^equentix. ^^H 

Cjcup'* conciipiscentiam. 

9en¥ convementer ^^H 

^flupi*' eoneiipiscendam. 

0^' contuiet ^^H 

c,oap'* comupiscihile. 

^ej commiinem, conventtonem, ^^H 

50upia conctiptscentia. 

cogmtmiem ^^| 

9c conclusio, and its cases. 

of esB^ eon/essoi is ^^H 

(j^jits concuryenie. 

9^1113386 Lonfi) mai.'.e ^^H 

9cre concur rere. 

9^° co/'/'c sio ^^H 

9£iuG concretice. 

<:^f°3 con/esswnem ^^^H 

^finit coiicemit. 

rf63 confiimationem ^^H 

50^^ concessimns. 

cf' confertur, eonfiimatur. ^^H 

50^810 concussio. 

9^ conjessoi is ^^H 

^dam cujusdam, quondam. 

9f confessor. ^^H 

(jdepnj condemnel. 

9fci8 confectis. ^^H 

^idep''" condemnare. 

9fma(;o confirmatio. ^^H 


The Record Interpreter. 

9fo? confessorum. 

C)g*^^* cognoscit. 

9g®g® congregatiOj congregato, 

9g^t cognitum. 

9gnou cognovit. 

9g° cognitio. 

9g^ cognoscitur. 

9g^g® congregation congregato. 

9^ communty conveni. 

9^a communia. 

9^t^ conveniantur. 

9*ca® communicare. 

9^eiis conveniens. 

9is communis. 

9*tas communitas. 

9*? communiter. 

^lium concilium. 

9°^ communemy conceptum, con" 

ciliumj convictum. 
9mem® commemoratione. 
9m°e commotione. 
9m*te^ committer etur. 
9in*tu^ committuntur. 
9mixda® commendatio. 
9m^^ commentatoris. 
9nou cognovit. 
9nouut cognoverunt. 
9ns comequens. 
9® communio, communicatiOy con-- 

9®br, 9°bre, contrabreve. 
(fm. conclusionem. 

9°ne conclusione, constructione. 

9pare comparere. 

9plecto? complectorium. 

9ple*' complementum. 

9ptib3 compluribus. 

9pot^ compotus. 

9P** compositay compota. 

^ptus compotus, computus. 

9putator computator. 

9P3 comparety competit. 

9pa^® comparabile. 

9paxe comparare. 

9pat^ comparatur. 

9pafe comparative. 

9pet comparet. 

9pit comperit. 

9pixt comparent. 

9P03 comparationem. 

9P computaty computuSy 8fc. 

9plat^ copulatur. 

9pl° compktorio, compilatio, 

9po complexOy compositio. 

9phn^® comprehensibile. 

9q%itor conquisitor. 

9qstu conquestu. 

(fe contrarie. 

(f^ convenire. 

9rediu conredium (corredium). 

9^ commentatorcm. 

9^C commentatoris. 

9^ consequens. 

9scia conscientia. 

Latin Abbreviations. 29 ^^M 

^aent" coiisentanea. 

Cjb}'} contincnlihiis, emit g iitt- ^^^M 

caidacoe comideratione. 

hm ^^H 

98idati coHsidei-alim. 

cti^ contigit, contingit ^^^| 

gBidaSat consideraventnt. 

ctmef contmetur ^^H 

^Bidate comiderantem 

ctinj; «7n^»(^^ ^^^H 

^BiliS conailmm 

9ti" contmente ^^^H 

9ah cOHsimtlt 

otiuati fonftKKa^im ^^^H 

ctntis contentts ^^^H 

98n8U co-immu 

0'°'' commentator, conjueiiiot ^^^H 

98001U eomocium 

c^° comentu ^^H 

^soto comolatio 

ctu^ contamax ^^^H 

^sti^ cofis^i^ut/ifr 

c*" compulum, conventum ^^^H 

9>'' co«sf»s« 

9'(° compctente^, composilis ^^^H 

^au"** conmietudo 

9^^ conceptas, eontemptits ^^H 

98ue"= conaiieliidwe 

9^ conienium, conttnens, conii- ^^^M 

9sulat^ consiilaiiti 


9iBiitere con&ithieie 

9I'' coAtinentia. ^^H 


9H° continuo. ^^H 


cjSnB^ consensus 

9?} continet. ^^H 

^8^ amsenatis 

9ualu conmbiil. ^^^M 

9' oomptM-Hti, contingit, conreml. 

9ueno6is comenfionis. ^^^| 

c,^ contra. 

9ueit convmit. ^^^| 

^t'bf contrabreve. 

9ugt^ conventm. ^^^M 

9t"dcoe contradicHone. 

crnxna convirium. ^^^M 

^t'difie conii-adicere. 

9uIoit conmncit. ^^^M 

9Wa contraria. 

9111113 communiam. ^^^H 

9f composite, conieatatione, con- 

9ut conveniunt. ^^^H 


9un(:one conventione. ^^^H 

9t6iico contentio. 

92s conversk. ^^H 

^tentoo conientatio. 

complexion. ^^^^^^^H 

9" compoii. 



The Record Interpreter. 


D. dedissefdicenSjdicity quingentu 

dapn damnum. 

d* data, differentia. 

dap*"* damnationis. 

da* data. 


dap®? damnorumy damnatorum. 

daV dahitur. 

dap*^ damnatm. 

dab dabisy dabit. 

dai cfon. 

dafer dabitur. 

d° d(w^(j. 

d*oo rfraco. 

d®® distinctioney duplice. 

d*co dominutiOy dilatio. 

dP^ distinctionemy duplicem. 

daco e;^^^. 

dc°^ dictum. 

dacoi dationi. 

d<^**®3 distinctionemy dictionem. 

d*coi dilationif dominationi. 

detain e dictamen. 

da°^ damnum^ datum. 

d% dictet. 

damp® dampno. 

dof rfwj^w. 

da° dampno. 

do^ rftc<t«f. 

dap dapi/er. 

dcaie dictamine. 

dapo dapifero. 

d*ri demandari. demomtrari. 

dceqj dictceque. 

d*s differentia^^ datas. 

dcet rfwj^^<. 

d** differentiasy datas. 

dcis dfic;^i^. 

dat^us daturm. 

dcm dtctumy ductum. 

AsA? datm. 

dcmtu decrementumy documen- 

dat cfa^a, datum. 


dap*re^ damnaretur. 

dco dedicatiOy dictatioy dictiOy 

dap*ri damnari. 


dapnad^ damnandus. 

dco® cKt?^o ;7W(fo. 

dap°® damnatione. 

dco3 dictationemy dictionem. 

dapn^"^ damnatur. 

dco|{ dlctorum. 

^^^^■^ Latin Ahhi-eviations. 31 ^^| 

H dcur' dichirm. 

dec" (ff Cfc/ero. ^^| 

^1 dcos dictus, dhtindits. 

de03 (ffce^ ^^^H 

■ dc^ c/ic^us. 

deaf (fe cteleris. ^^^H 

dc3 dictum. 

dec decanuSf Becemhria, decre- ^^H 

dd TJaci^, dederunt. 

mentum, deeretam. ^^H 

d" differmtim, dicere, dim. 

decos deciiiuis. ^^H 

de'V demon&trahitui: 

dece decimx. ^^^| 

de^Klifl deinomirabilia. 

dec" decretalia. ^^^H 

do^' demonstrabilis. 

de*ta demonairata, deniandata, 

de'tifl demomiratis. 
doMrie demonstrative. 

decretalis. .^^^^^^H 
ded ^^^^^1 

de^Ha demomtrationis, delrac- 




deauf deauratum. 

def cm de/ectufn. ^^^^^^^^M 

de»5 decimam. 

dof CUB de/ectus. ^^^^^^H 

debs (feSei. 

def ^ de/endendi, definiendt. ^^^^^H 

debe rfeter^. 

deforc defordatorem. ^^| 

de*" demomtrahitur. 

def defalta, de/ectus, defendens, ^^| 

debo (^^iVo. 

de/enao, defuncius. ^^| 

debs deheret, debent. 

defotus defeetus, defmcitts. ^^^^ 

deoenn decmnatia. 

deff deferentis. ^^| 

deoesS decessit. 

degt" deguBfaiio. ^^H 

deoeto rfe ctBtero, 

dein deinde. ^^^| 

dBOe"" decennalis. 

deHa deieiminata. ^^^| 

deiati deter minatim. ^^^| 

deola' declaratur. 

deite determinate. ^^| 

deoli" declinalio. 

delib"" delihaHoue, deUberatione. ^^^| 

deoto dcchi ratio. 

delitja detiiiquens, ^^^M 


deic" deleciutH. 

dent^ debentur, demonstratur. ^^^| 

detcable dekdabik. 

ds" demomiratio. ^^^| 

detcabtr dekclahihter. 

de''° demomtratione. ^^^H 

detea" dekctatia. 

de''iie demoitstratione. ^^^| 

detcm dekctum. 

deor"' deoi-stim. ^^^M 

deKo dekdatio. 

de°^ demonatraiionem. ^^^H 

dem^su demensam. 

dep'aare depramre. ^^^H 

dem" denionstmtio. 

depo''' dcponcada. ^^^| 

dem^ia demomiyaiionts. 

depo3 dcpo>iiihnem. ^^H 

dem''8t''co dfmoitslruUo. 

dep3 depeiidet. ^^H 

dem demuni. 

depoem depositionem. ^^H 

deronau* derationaut, deration ^^| 

deifind demanda, demomtrari' 

cinavit. ^^^M 


der Decemhris. ^^^H 

demrana demonstrans. 

desc* descendit. ^^^^| 

defiirSi demonstyationi. 

desig'^ desiguari. ^^^H 

demfo demonstrato. 

deal'" demkrium. ^^^^| 

demte demente, demoDstmlw. 

deamt desunuint. ^^^H 

defii^ deniomtraium. 

des° desertio. ^^^| 

demU demenih, dementes, de- 

despa" desperado. ^^H 


destr^iuB deatrarius {dexirarim)^^^^ 

dem"' demonstrative. 

deafco desiruetio. ^^| 

den*' denarius. 

deSo^ deaicut. ^^H 

deniijj deniqiie. 

deSr deauper. ^^^| 

de"' demminationis. 

deSuies deserviens. ^^^H 

dentag dentagra. 

deVto desertio. ^^^H 

dea denarius, denuo. 

desuit^ deaervitus. ^^^H 

dencia" denunciatio. 

det (/efi£/, (&^#. ^^1 

denoiai dcnunciari. 

de'^ </«£/ifa, <&Ac^a. ^^| 

denoi^" denunciando. 

det« ffedtVe. ^H 

denoi" demminaiivum. 

de*' dehiti, dekgati. ^^^| 

dent debent. 

defiiitu dctrimeiitum. ^^^H 

^^^^ Latin Abbreviations. 33 ^H 

^ft deHs demandatis, detiuimtratis. 

dic^ £^i«i-a. ^^^1 

^1 de9ia° deterioralio, deteriatio. 

dice" dicmdum. ^^^H 

^F de&ape detejHorare, deteriare. 

die (f/(7ei'6, <f<(»V, (f/cun^. ^^^| 

dQ?i" detemtimtione. 

dies dicens. ^^^H 

de?!"^ determinari. 

dicus dictits. ^^^^| 

deftal'' determimlie. 

diSeut dicerent, ^^^^^^^H 

de&a" determimtio. 


deftare determinare. 

di*^' (^iVd»(fum. ^^^^^^H 

defeate determinate. 

dida dwidenda. ^^^| 

deuo" devotio. 

diddii dinidendum. ^^^H 

deu Beam. 

did' ^iV»/fV. ^^1 

deuare devitare. 

^rium definiemlum. ^^^H 

de^ 2)(TKs, debemus. 

di^ diffinitiva {definitim). ^^| 

de-i- rfee«(. 

diffi" dejinitio. ^^| 

debit rfefofttV. 

diffit ff^/»i;. ^^1 

debate deliberato. 

diffia differentia. ^^H 

deco demoiistralio. 

diffo definitio, definitivo, ^^H 

deat ty^ica^. 

difElnt (f#r»»^. ^H 

deita i&^iVa. 

diSliiia differentia. ^^H 

dEliq dereliquit. 

difElt f/i^^«. ^H 

dem^ debemus. 

dif' dejiniendi. ^^| 

dendi demomirandi. 

dig^f dignatur ^^H 

dent rfe6e»f. 

dig°" dtgnimma ^^H 

deret deherent. 

dignti digiiemtm ^^^| 

der3 deberet. 

dig" dgiemun ^^^M 

det rfefep^, (fcierfi. 

digii°i ^j(7»ioi f ^^H 


dii^ f/i(7n;{R ^^H 

de' debemia. 

diG;''3 dijmtaiibaa ^^^^| 

dL rfto/o, distinctio. 

di[^oiB digesfionis ^^^^^^H 

d' rfi'ct, rf/fi, dirigi, dimdi. 

dii^as dignitas ^^^^^^^^M 

d. i. DominioB Incarnationis. 

di_,V dignitatis ^^^^^^^^M 

diaE didcoiiiis. 

duo (fi(?o ^^^H 



T/fe Record Inteiyrefer. 

dilclo dilueulo. 

didi dimioni. 

dilcm dilectum. 

diSm dimawmem. 

dUc-s dileetua. 

di' dividitur, dicitur. 

dilcus dileclva. 

dirod directionem. 

di" diviaibile. 

dir«ti" directivum. 

dir^tuB df'rec^KS. 

dili^' diligendam. 

dii*us directua. 

diUgiir diligenter. 

dirce rfiVarfe, 

di"' divisibm. , 

dircm directum. 

dil° rfi/afto. 

dirco rfireriw). 

dilde dilations. 

dirCj directionem. 

dit dilectas. 

dif dirigitur. 

ditctug diUctus. 

difcm directum. 

ditcs dilectus. 

difc°3 directionem. 

dUcus difec^io. 

dirocnau' diratiodnavit. 

ditim dilatim. 

dironata dirationata. 

ditns diligena. 

dirtufl rfirec^Ma. 

ditnt diligenter. 

dis. dissmitue, districte. 

di" dimidiam, dimidiam, divi- 

di' dicens. 

nam, divinum. 

diso*' discedendum, discemen- 

dimid dimidiam. 


dimis dimisit. 

disotus discretaa. 

dim" dimimttio, dtmemio. 

disoido discindendo. 


dim'?e dimiWere. 

diBcpts discipiilus. 

dim dimidium. 

di86co diacretio. 

dimtiu dimimiUmm. 

disfi^™" diacemendum. 

di"' dilatiotu. 

diaSn diacernif. 

din divinum. 

difl'Gt rftsconwmwn^. 

di" dimidio, divisio. 

dis^"' diacipulua. 

dioc dicecesis. 

displi' displicenlia. 

dioe divisions. 

disp" diapoaitio. 

Lafin Abbreviations, 35 ^^| 

displtis discipulus. 

diuej diir/soi urn ^^^M 

dispiL° dispensatio. 

dixu?' dm^ibilis ^^^H 

diBpnt dinpensant. 

diui™ diiDinm ^^^H 

disp" dispositio. 

diui'' diriddur ^^^H 

dispoem di»positionem. 

diu" (/if(/fj( ^^H 

dispt dispmsat. 

diudara ifuHf/iaft! ^^H 

diss''' dmentiendum. 

diiliClo tffief ;(6»fo. ^^H 

diflBit'i'' dissimilititdo. 

diuBi^° dmersimode ^^^^k 

di^ dissemvit, disseisiverioil, dis- 

diu'° diversitate ^^^| 


dix' (/fj-!^ ^^^H 

diBsliB dissimilia. 

dix*'' dixerunt ^^^H 

dias^ ^tssfnsus. 

dlX f/<7!/ ^^^H 

diat* disiincta. 

due at di:re} uni ^^^^| 

diati*"" distinguendum. 


diatif dhtinguititr. 

diissu dmtssam ^^^^^^^^H 

diflt" distinctio, dktincto. 

diit?e(fiwi«pje ^^^^^H 

diat"' distinguitur. 

di Bii ^^M 

diatV destruxit. 

dm dimidm, ditina ^^^H 

diafbufa dktribittita. 

dicie divititB ^^H 

distotu rfisMc^H. 

didat diitdat ^^H 

diflfo dktinclio, distindo. 

dide" dicidendo ^^^^k 

dis disoreiio, dimus. 

didi t/jiu/i ^^^1 

diss diviaiis. 

did^tfjiti/i; ^^1 

dig t disoretionis tuw, or other 

di'^' dnidendum ^^H 


diddO duidiiiduiii, dccidendttiii. ^^H 

di'* dimidietatem. 

dide'' </<f ii^f J c(ui ^^^1 

di''" dimidiatim. 

didU(fHu/<»e ^^H 

eiV-i dilionem. 

die dimiduB ^^^M 

diu' diversa, dtmna. 

'^ Dei gratia. J^^^^^^H 

diud' diulim. 

dig'e dirigere. ^^^^^^H 

diu** difersimode. 

dina" diminutio. ^^^^^^^H 

diu' dieersfp, didsiv. 

diQa°3 diminidionem. ^^^H 




The Record Interpreter. 

dio dimidio, divino, 

dione diviaione, 

dF dicitur, 

diri*' dimibilis. 

dissioe dimimone, 

dmnm dimismm, 

disu divhum. 

dit dicit. 

dittere dimittere. 

d"* datum, dicendtim, dudum. 

dmna domina. 

diTirat demonatraL 

dfhs darnus, dicimua, dominm, 

d°* doctrina, 

d°® doctnncB, 

d"8 differentiaa. 

dna domina. 

dnat"^ dominatur. 

dilo* dominica. 

diiioa dotninica, 

dns dominm. 

dnt dicunt, dubifanf. 

dnus dominm. 

dnu dofninum. 

ih^ dominm. 

dp Deo, dicOy diatinguo, domino, 

do* dominica, 
do** rfowfl^. 
do*t donavit. 
do° r/ow^c. 

doco documento, donatio. 
do® dominc^. 

do^ca dominica. 

do'oaus dominimnm. 

Ao^(P dominicm. 

d°is devotionis, distinctionia, do* 

do^u dominium. 

do™ dominum, donum. 

dom* dominica. 

dom^^^ domicilium, 

domna domina. 

domn^ dominm. 

doih dominm, domua. 

donaco donatio. 

donau donatum. 

don® rfowec. 

d^^nes dictioMa, donationea. 

don donum. 

dono donatio. 

dohu dominum. 

don^ dominm. 

do° dominio, domino. 

do^j; domorum. 

dor*^ dormienti. 

dor dormit. 

dordi dormiendi. 

dore dormire. 

do^ domm. 

d*® diatinctione. 

doi rfow«, domini, doni. 

doicUus domicellua. 

doi^ domini. 

doi°^ dominium, 

doino dominio. 

Latin Abl 


37 ^B 

dffloco dominatio. 

dub' dubitatur. 


doi domini. 

duteo diiUtatio. 


dSii dominii. 

duter dubitatur. 


d6re dormire. 

duT3t''a3 dabitatimem. 


dpo depositio, dkpositio. 

duce'' duccretur. 


dp"? depositionein, dinposiiimem. 

duo° duceiitesimo. 


dpoes depositiottes, dispoiitionea. 

du9t ducant. 


d' dkiiur, diamtur, dirigitm; 

du" rfuiii. 


distinguihir, dupliciter. 

du"" dubiiim, ducfum. 


d'a rfwra. 

da- rfiiii'o, duhitatio. 


d'at'a diiratara. 

^^OBis diif^iiaiionis. 


d'i? rfi/nVer. 

dupU' dupliciter. 


d'^ rfM»V«. 

duplT dupUdter. 


dra differentia, dura. 

duptr dupliciter. 


dre dicere, differentice, docere. 

dup' dupliciter. 


dren? differenter. 

dap" rftf/j&jr. 


dre' dicereiur. 

du' dubitatur, duratur. 


dria differentia. 

d"' dicilur, diamtur. 


drie differentia. 

du" dtibitare. 


driiB differetitiis. 

duro duratio. 


drncda differentia. 

du" rfi/;??ftr. 


drns differens. 

dumS damtnodo. 



du" duminodo. 


d' diciV, dito^ rfifoiJii. 

duo" dummodo. 


dt* dis^incid. 

dua* durat'it. 


d" rfwftMcfe. 

duafas duraturas. 


dia'' distantia. 

duate durante. 


dim datimm. 

duV durabitur. 


du" (fw^w, ducenda. 

da== duplicem. 


du't' dubiiaiur, duratur. 

du"' dupliei. 


dubi'' dubitationia. 

du"" dubitatio. 


duU" dubitatio. 

dii" dummodo. 



The Record Interpreter. 

dure duhitare, 

dus ductus, durus. 

d^ duplex. 

dya^* dialectica. 

dya^ diabolm. 

dyoc dicecesis. 

d} debet, 

AP Dem, dominm, dux. 

D 500000, Deu8, Daminm. 

D de, dum. 

d datum, de, dedit, deest, deim- 
rium, denarios, 8fc., diceri' 
dum, dicit, dictus, dies, 
dimidium, dominicus, domi' 

dbu* dehuit. 
db) debet. 

dca dkta, dominica. 
do® dictce, dominicce. 
A(f^ discretio. 
dc^tus discretus. 
do®tu decretum. 
doi^^* disciplinabilia. 
doi°* discipUna, 
doliaco declinatio. 
dotat declinat. 
do°^ dictum. 
do^re® discurrendo. 
do^su discursum. 
dou^o decurio. 
dcur^ dicturus. 
dou dictum, distinctum. 

dc? dictw'um. 

dcetu d€ci*etum. 

dcmtu decrementum, 

dcno decemo, discerno. 

dc03 dictionemy dictationem. 

dcs dictus. 

AcP dictus. 

d8*^ decrementum. 

dd David. 

dda dicenda, docendu. 

dd* dividenda. 

dd^ dividitur. 

dd* c^^f/iY. 

dduo^ni deductioni. 

dd dicendum, Davidem, Davidis^ 

ddm dicendum. 
ddrt dederunt. 
dellq® derelinquo. 
deo rfefi^o. 
dfca defecta. 
dfco3 defectionem. 
dfca defecta. 
dfcns dejiciens. 
di eife^*. 

dia differentia, divina. 
didet dividet. 
did® dimidio. 
AiiF dividitur. 
did* dividit. 

die divine, divince, differenttce. 
dig^' dirigendum^ 

Latin Aihreviations. 39 

diguf^ diriguHtur. 

Am Vide malo veniendi. 

dinus divinus. 

dna domina. 

din divinum. 

dnaco dominatio. 

dio dimidio, dicino, dii-isw. 

dnar dmarios. 

di"* dUtinctione. 

dne* dominica. 

diai diviai. 

dn^" defendat, descendai. 

disl divmm. 

dnd dicendum. 

difi' eftnsts. 

dndnB descendem, defendens. 

dissa dimissa. 

due dotnine, dotnina. _ 


dis; diviaii. 

duo domino. | 


dis divkim. 

dn' dicuniur. 

dist divisit. 

dn' denarioB, demriia. 

di'f deilalii. 

dnt rfc6en^, rfio*n*. 

a" dicimm. 

dn denarim, dominm, and their 

did (fewjrfe. 


dina divina. 

dneB desmideniei. 

dlois dukis. 

doii dominii. 

dt diketus, dikcHssimm, and 

do'u dominium. 

tlieir cases. 

dor"" deorsitm. 

dtca"" dekdatione. 

dor deortim. 

Dm !*«»«. 

dpe"' dispeiisalor. 

dm differenflam. 

dpae diyterse. 

d" dicendiim. 

dr dicitin; dirigitur, dindiiui: 

dm*" dettionatrando. 

dr" differentia. 

dm" dummodt). 

drabile demonstrabik. 

dm°* demonstralionem. 

draf differ entiarum. 

dmo'" demomlratm. 

di^o demon^tratio. 

dmrat demonstrat. 

dre rfnre, rfeSere, rficere. 

dmro deinmstratio. 

dren*' differenter. 

d m t rff MJa/o &c(o. 

dret deberet, dieeret. 

dnira^O demomlratio. 

dria differentia. 

dnitu demoiisti-atum. 

dm''" differentiis. 



The Record Interpreter. 

dm^ differentes, 
dmt differunt. 
dm? dijferenter, 
drt dijfert. 
drut differunt. 
ds Demy dominm. 
dso^p^^ discipulus. 
dso*p* descriptionem. 
dsin desinetj desinit. 
dsTt desinit. 
dst^et"^ deatrueretur. 
d* ^Je^, c?ictY, distinguit. 
dta ^eo^a. 
dta* distantia. 
dt*lied detrahendum. 
dtat distat, 
d*® dicentey distincte. 
dti^ distingui. 

dtin* determinationem. 

dti!^ distinguitur. 

d*^* distinguitis. 

dti* distinguit. 

dti^ distingui. 

dtore distributof*em. 

dt^* distributiva. 

dt^® distributive. 

d*'^ distinctum. 

Al dumtaxat. 

dfas distantias. 

dftaco determinatio. 

dftat determinat. 

dueiat deveniat. 

dxt fl?mY. 

d3 debent. 

d'elco derelictioy derelicto. 


E. ;^50, Edwardus. 

ebde kebdomadw. 

eapp? eapropter. 

ebdma kebdomada. 

easd easdem. 

eb^e*^ ebrietatem. 

ea ^am, eadem. 

eVat^ ebriatuSy eburatus. 

eade eandem. 

e®* eequivoca. 

ebdo* kebdomada. 

ec* eeelesia. 

ebd kebdomada. 

eo'^ ecclesiam. 

ebda kebdomada. 

ec*? eccksiarum. 

Latin Abbreviations. ^^^^^H 

eoo"g ecclesmmm. 

ee° essentife. ^^^| 

eotf* etxlesiaatka. 

ee"> essentialis. ^H 

eoclea ecckiia. 

een" estenlta ^^^H 

eootia ecolesia. 

eru%? esimftahter ^^H 

eoc ecclesiastieits. 

ecD'^ es-,€nfiahlei ^^H 

eoca ecclesia. 

eenciatr isienhaMei ^^H 

eoc™ ecclesiastioa. 

ecn''^ c^entiahit ^^^| 

eoci eecleaimtici. 

ecn'' esatiiiiahte} ^^^M 

eocia ecclesia. 

ecna essentia ^^^| 

eo° ecclesits. 

effciuii efftdivimi ^^^| 

eota ecclesia. 

effic'' e^iadiei, pffiutm: ^^H 

&P aqms, eqiius. 

efE"'^ fffiiumfui ^^^H 

ec eftam. 

effl' effiiatitei, efficttui ^^^^^B 

eca ecclesia. 

effi'" efficientis. .^^^^^H 

©c' e COTJ^m. 

efF"' ^^^^H 

ece ecolesice. 

efE»m ejfecttmm. -^^^^^H 

69' c contra. 

efhi° effmto. ^^^^^^^^| 

69° e conirario. 

e^cm effedum. ^^^^^^H 

edcm ediclmi. 

efiCs e/?pc;»s. ^^H 

edd edendum. 

e^o effecto. ^^^^| 

e^e (Edijicationem. 

efftu e/fec^u. ^^^^^^1 

ef^' eadem, ecedein, eodem. 

effu ^^^^^H 

ed edictum. 

efctm effedwm. ^^^^^^^H 

edo™ edictum. 

eg^" /egtitudo. ^^^M 

edcm edictum. 

egMif egreditur. ^^H 

EdruB Edwardits. 

eg°dr egreditur. ^^^^^^| 

Edus Edmmdus. 

eg^s^ egressm. |^^^^^^| 

ee' essentia. 

eg'nis mgritudinis. ^^^^^^H 

eg'nu tegrifudimim. ^^H 

ee»}r essentialiter. 

eg^nem agrotalionem. ^^H 

_^ ee™ essentiam. 

eg*" iKgrer, cgeritur. ^^^| 

H eS*nf essentialia. 

eg'tudinf (Fgrititdinia. ^^H 

The Record Interpreter. 

eg erga, ergo, egregim. 

eloqt' eloquitar. 

e%e egregie. 

e'3 £Bgtticalet. 

ego (egj-o, egeo, egero. 

ei aqualia, elementwm. 

eta ekemoaym, elementa. 

egut' egrediuntur. 

etariB eletnenlark. 

ef egei-o. 

etari^ ekemo^ynarius. 

e' enim. 

etooP ekcttonem. 

e'"^" mquiwee. 

etoon3 electwnem. 

ei'=t^ ^'ectm. 

eMo eketio. 

ei8e ly'icerg. 

eic^ efeciiw. 

e'polt (equipolkt. 

etca efccia. 

etci efec^t. 

etcio eSw^. 

etco e&ciio. 

etc8 eifec^iM. 

e'u tequimkt. 

etcua cfecft«. 

ei' «;««. 

eleia ekemoaym. 

ei^d ejusdem. 

eK elementL 

e' eHtm. 

eKa ekemoayna. 

eim ^mmodi. 

eKe ekemoaytuB. 

eis e/'ws. 

etiB ekmeniia, ekemoaynis. 

eleih eleetnosyrMm. 

ale"** eUmenta. 


e''* cBquimlet. 

etosina ekemoaym. 

ele" e&mfl»«. 

etoji «£»»en^orum. 

ele*' elementia. ■ 

etta ekmenta. 

eleu elemto. 

elea ekemoaym. 

■ eYim. ekctum. 

eleta elementa. 

emi"" eminentiaaima. 

e" (eguali. 

emp'i empyrei. 

elo^" efo«j7a«rfo, efo2«m<fo. 

empii emplastri. 

eloqois elogueniia. 

emplm emplaatnm. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


emp emptlo. 

episL episioptts 


em* etmmvii. 

ep epucopm, epislola 

eindare etmndare. 

epni epiitopalis 


emdaii emendavU. 

epatuB epmopafus 


e&d emetidam, emendet, emen- 

epat^ episeopatm 



ept episcopiis 


ethdo emendatio. 

epftia Epiphania 


etngete emergente. 

ephie EptpkamcB 


eintulatuB etnentulatua. 

epi epistopt 


eiSgeii emergem. 

epiu epitaphtum 


emg' emergit. 

epla epistola 


emserut emeraerunt. 

epliina epislolaim 


e"" eleemoiynas. 

eplas epistolas, epulas 


EngleS Engksceria. 

eple episfo/(F, epula 


engt Englesceria. 

epm episropiim 


enig"* mnignwUca. 

epo episcopo 


enof? enormiter. 

epB episcopus, eptscopis. 


e"* et-H«<, Kreun^. 

epsto eptsiopo 


enuo*" enuniiale. 

eptas epis<opatus 


enu" enuntiare. 

epua episcopus 


enuare etmmerare. 

eq°-t (Bgualis 


enuas enttmeram. 

eq*in ^quam, equam 


efiWf enermtur. 

&q_^n cequaocnm 


ts" (Bquatio,ecmtrario,ego,eundo 

eq'tfl eqmlum 



eq't ejHf^es 


eodm eo(fcm. 

e'ilis tpqualis 


eod" etxfem moifo. 

eq° trqiiatio, ayuo modo. 


eo5 eorum. 

eq'' wquaiur, cequehir 


eS eodem. 

eq' cqiia/es 


epi" Epiphanim. 

eq3 irytffl/ 


epiiia epilepsia. 

eq cequKS, equts, eqiiiis. 


epip £/n>Afinta. 

eqliB cequalta 



The Record Interpreier. 

eqlit ceqtcaliter. 

eqtr cBqualiter. 

eq° cequatw. 

eq°' cBquationis. 

eqpat^ cequiparatur. 

eqq equites. 

eq"^ CBqualiter, 

eqs ^gt/iis, equtiSy cequm, 

eqstr eqmaUHa. 

equo cpquwocatio. 

eq^ ejpj'we. 

e. r. ^^ reliqtm. 

er*^ta erectam. 

ero^* erroribm. 

ero^ erroneum. 

err**3 errorem, 

er ^*fl^, m^. 

ef ca erectam, 

ef oe erectey erectce. 

efo^ erectm. 

ernt ^raw^, «rtm^. 

eft eraw^, ^rt^w^. 

eso*biu escambium. 

eso*giu eacangium. 

esoap escapium. 

esoabiu eacambium. 

esoagiu eacangium. 

esitaco hceaitatio. 

esthr eathridinga (eaatriding). 

esti*co ceatimafio. 

e* ^ra^, cnV, e«^. 

et* cetema. 

etc ^^ cwtera. 

et® csternce, 

et™ cetemum. 

et^ cBternaliter. 

etr ^^ reliqud^ 

et ^sa^^, ^^tam. 

et® e^ aio. 

etm efenim. 

et™ e^ tamen. 

etna^ ceternaUtei\ 

etne ceterne. 

etni*' cBtei*nitatia, 

ernit ceternitaa. 

efti^ (stemm. 

ena™ evangelium, 

ena**? evangeltatarum. 

eua*® evangeliatcB. 

euagt evangelium. 

euoh* euchariatia. 

euoW euchariatia. 

eubha® euchariatice, 

euck* euchamtia. 

euoka* euchariatia. 

euoka® euchariatice, 

eue™ evenianij eventum. 

eue* ^ewtV. 

eug evangeliata^ evangeliatce, 

eui* evidentia. 

Gui^'^ evidena. 

eui? evidenter. 

euka^ euchariatia. 

euk® euchariatice. 

euo^ evocandi. 

Latin Abbrevialions. 45 ^^| 

euu. evangelista. 

exci''' exsciiideiidi, ercipieitiU. ^^H 

euna"* erangelica. 

ex"*^ exeeutum. ^^H 

euuan" evangelistie. 

exc exeommunicat. ^^H 

euuang evatigeliata, em 


exca'^ excommunicata. ^^H 

euua" evangelio. 

excanf excitsantur. ^^M 

euaa.*^ evangelista. 

exca° excusatio. ^^H 

eQua*' evangelizatm: 

excatuB excommmicatus. ^^H 

euuagta evangelista. 

excaui exeommunicari. ^^H 

euuglia evangelia. 

esco exeoiitmunicatio. ^^H 

euuka* eucharistla. 

excoe exeommunicatione. ^^H 

euula emngelhta. 

excois excomnmnieatioidi. ^^H 

euu" mingelium. 

excoi*"' ejxommimicatus. ^^H 

ewm* evangelista. 

eau" evangelio. 

excri excommuniean. ^^H 

euu' emiigeliis. 

ex^'care excommunicare. ^^H 

euu evangelista. 

exg'co excommmimtio. ^^H 

ex9° excmnmunicafio. ^^H 

euuge*" eiangehsta. 

ex^' extremi. ^^^H 

eugtta eiangehsta 

exe'"' execuimnales. ^^^H 

^m euo evaouafio, evocatio. 

extrema. ^^^^^^^^M 

^^ ex* execiitona, exempk 



^H exaoco exactio. 

esero^ exereitus. ^^^^^^^^| 

^B exad° &ti adverao. 

exe'" exeeiitore. ^^^| 

^B e^u2e extradmere. 

exhibico exhibitio. ^^^| 

^1 ez4t extraxit. 

exh exkibot, exhibent. ^^^| 

^1 ex^iu" extrajudidali. 

exhndo exhevceiido {exercendo), ^^H 

^1 exlie^ extraneus. 

exhihendo. ^^H 

^m ex" exemplar. 

extU'e exhibere. ^^H 

^M exHoH excfytimiinicattis 

exhri exhiberi. ^^^| 

^P ex3i° examinatio. 

ex' exempli. ^^^M 

exibe exhibere. ^^| 

exoae excoinmmicare. 

exibi ^^i6^-. ^H 

exoedna excedentia. 

ex''" exemplifimt. ^^^k 

^1 exce' excellit. 


ex'cat excommuHicat. ^^| 

46 ThBeeord 

Interpreter. ^H 


ex|ii^' experieitdum. -^^^^k 

taal^a exlgere. 

expi* experUntia. ^^^H 

•I'd** extriiuecum. 

expie* experientia. ^^^H 

ex'iii" exirimecum. 

cxpi'" experimenlalit. ^^^| 

ox'* excommunicalionii, exemplit. 

exuit'o exittente. 

expi'" experimenio. ^^| 

ox We exUtere. 

exi't exilui, exitmi, exiiilua. 

oxpi'' experimentaliter, experi- ^^M 
mentum. ^^| 

ox'* exempla. 
ex"f execiUoriaUa. 

exp expenditur, expensum. ^^| 
expto expuhio. ^^H 

ox'c cJ'emplU. 
ox" exemplum. 

ex"' exialem. 
ox"" exiitmli. 

ox" (?ic ndverao, excepto, excommn- 
tiicalio, fxemplo. 

expo expositio. ^^^M 
exp°' expositionem. ^^^| 
expom exposliionem. .^^M 
exptadii expectandum. ^^H 
espBsio expressio. ^^M 
expsS expresae. ^^^H 

exopjio cji oppoatto. 
oxo'" M opposito. 

ex'" excommunicare. ^^^M 
eisp'ta^it cxpectaverit. ^^| 

ox"' exeommimicationem. 

ext* excepla, extra. ^^H 

ex''p rxtremonim. 

ext*otii extradnm. ^^H 

ex"'' (wc»«)HH(Hica(ion«. 

ext'ira exlraire. ^^M 

exilritt exfciitoria. 

ext'iudctr extrajudicialiter. ^H 

oxp'tori firpeetari. 

ex'" exhiente. ^^| 

oxp'tiiti fxpecianit. 

ext'a extrema. ^^M 

exp'iSo exprinwre. 

ext°ia &r^r<f/iii»j. ^^| 

oxpt cxplidt. 

exfna exlertia. ^^M 

ie\]>\\r exjifllUur. 

exte^ exdiidiiiir. ^^M 

oxiiilw fxpciim. 

exttos exireniifas. ^^M 

oxpo*3 fitpoMtiOHt'but, 

exte° extemio. ^^H 

•xpo'*' ATponfeniM. 

ext^ extremorum. j^^H 

wpKf «?»"•*•"•■ 

extc' exfcudit. ^^^ 

Cxp" nrpm/rrto. 

Mjii' rjv»f rwH/M. 

extio" exfiiicttim. ^^M 

Latin Abbreviations. 47 ^^| 

extiata extermmata. 

exn" exiatentes. ^^H 

exiit exiatunt. , ^^H 

ex*° exitu. 

exnte exUlenle. ^^^^^M 

ei" exeeptum, execuUim, exem- 

exntia existentia. ^^^^^^^^| 



«K? examinafis, extra. 

exri exempiari. ^^^^^H 

exto extunc. 

exa exemplis. ^^H 

exm" extrinseca. 

eSdat ej-s/a/. ^^| 

extii~ extrimeco. 

ex^ excommunicati. ^^H 

extn"' extriimcus. 

ex*" exeommunicatis, exemplatis ^^| 

em exteri. 

existentis. ^^^^ 

exftata exterminata. 

ex"> ej^/u. ^^H 

exiiiiat exsiiperat. 

ex'"^ excommunicato. ^^^^k 

Gz^ne excuaatio7ie. 

ex parte. ^^| 

ex execuiio, extra. 

ex?at exsliferat. ^^H 
ex'ci' exercitui. ^^H 

exoi* exercitia. 

excia executricis. 

eSci" exercitatia. ^^H 

dti extremi. 

eSci*° exerdtato. ^^H 

ejtifioat' exemplificaiur. 

eScitu exercitum, ^^H 

exoit^ exercitus. ^^^| 

eSit existit, extiiit, extraxerit. 

eiiu" exirqjudiciali. 

^cito exerciiatio. ^^H 
ei^&e exercere. ^^^k 

exm exemptmn, extremum. 

e3une extrenus, extreme. 


eSuni extremi. 

e^d ejusdem. ^^^H 

exmi*" extremitas. 

e'>' e«^ dicendum. ^^M 

Bxmi'' extremitate. 

ce&'s essentias. ^^^H 

exn' exktentia. 

eScn'*' existentibm. 

cpco emplio, ^^^| 

exBciii exiatentium. 

cpt emplastitim. ^^^| 

exn." exUtentiw, existente. 

exn" exUtentiam, exiitenthtm. 

Cp- fHy)i!0K6. ^H 

exns exist ens. 

cpta emptus, etiipturiia. ^^^M 


The Record Interpreter. 

e eccksia,emm,epi8C0pm,eritfest. 

eig®"^ erigetur. 

eat erat 

ei etenim. 

ee* essentia. 

eli ceqtcali. 

ee*Ha essentialis. 

elus cemulm. 

ee°iT essentialiter. 

etr cequaliter. 

ee*°^ e^sentiam. 

ena^® essentiak. 

ee*nt essentialis. 

eni etenim. 

ee® essentice. 

eto ceqtmto, excepto. 

een* essentia. 

et essetis. 

eenciatr essentialiter. 

euale* cequivalentia. 

een}^^ essentialis. 

eualet cequivalet. 

een^ essentialiter. 

eualet cequivaknt. 

eena essentia. 

eualet cequivalenter. 

eet 6*55^^. 

eua* cequivaluit. 

ee ess^, ^ss^w^. 

eua** evangelista. 

egliiiTTi euangelium. 

eua*' cequivalenter. 

eicie^ ejicientur. 

eu3 cequivalet. 


P. fabricantf faciendum, falsa, 
falsam, faustum, fecit, feli- 
citas, feliciter, felix, femina, 
feria, fertorem, fe^im^es, 
festum, fiat, fieri, filia, 
filius, firma, fit, fortuna, 
frater, fraternitas, frons, 
fundavit, fundum, futuris, 

p feria. 

iekW" fabricat. 

isLoi^ faciliter. 

ioxi^ faciliter. 

f ac facias, fadi, f actus. 

f acltas faeultas. 

isbSe facer e. 


ia,^^^ faciendum. 

f a^' faciendum, facundus. 

ia,^^ fades. 

Latin Abbreviations. 









iama famulus. 




f»ooia Framia. 


i^ng'it /rangit. 

fet rec felicis recordationk. 

ia."' faciens. 



i'jtm^ fremunt, fremaerunt. 



tan' /anna. 

i'no fretw. 


i'^qaP frcqiienliiis. 

fa'3 faceret. 

i"^ frequenter. 

fa' falsua. 

f er /mc, fetia, ferrtim, ferf. 

f' fahaa. 


ia.*- facif,Jaciat, faceret. 

£e* fecenint, fecit, , fecissef. 



ti-B. facta. 



fiiii, fratres, fundavenint. 


if /eqf amentum. 






^''ha.t ^gurabat. 


0."^° figuratiim. 






m.' Jinaliter. 

Febr Febrmrii. 


m fecit 




fed freiimliix, fmfim. 

&" fignrtF, flite. 

The Record Interpreter. 

&.ti fient. 

fiet fieret, fierent. 

£ga'' figuraliler. 
figa Jiguram, 
figco Jiguratio. 

fi'' fidelia, Jinalis. 
fi™ JiUum. 

Pm^i^ Jirmarim. 
fmi" firmiiate. 

flr. jlrmiter 
firmtu Jirmamentum. 
&:*^ p-mitate. 

firre fiiinare. 

firtfi flrmntiim, firmamentum. 

fi" finita. 

^*' Jidelilale. 

S}' finitum. 

fi" fidehum. 


fij ^nw, Jinem. 
fiat jinalia. 

TiB^ finaliter. 

Us fine. 





fib3 finibus. 





fita|i finiiarum. 


wet fieret. 

^i fieri. 








fiu" fluminum. 



flui"' fiuminibus. 


fiua flumen. 

ft. faUum, filim, flu7, 

&& falsa. 

fianu faharium. 



Zalin Ahhreviations. 5 L ^^H 


f 01° formaiio. ^^H 

Si falsi. 

ioT^ fornialiter. ^^H 


lore formarem. ^^H 


ioz^foris. ^^^H 

flitaa fahitas, felicifas. 

ioTi:Hufonsfar.fim. ^^H 

fii"" fahitate, felintaU. 

ioYi;iei- forisfet-ii. ^^H 


forf iudicaco forkjiidkatio. ^^^H 

ftoj fakonim, famuhrim. 

iov^ forma rum. ^^^H 

&Bfalsaa, famulus. 

ioiforesia,forest-aritis. ^^^H 


ioraforesta. ^^^^M 


ioin^fornieari. ^^^^^^^H 


iordBiformidat. ^^^^^^H 

f false, folio. 

idrefornue. ^^^^^^H 


ioiicurafoi-infaehn-a. ^^^H 


iortec forisfecii. ^^^H 

Pntose froHfose. 

fon/«ro,«7V-,',/<j,-/„«,v'. ^H 

iot^ forma. 

forlia/o;'MEi//«. ^^^H 


iohis^ forensisjftntmmis. ^^^^M 

ioj--]^ formamcr. 

toiV" formatnm. J^^^^^^^H 


tort' fonnaiiir. ^^^^^^H 


for'' formaliter. ^^^^^^H 


for?/oi-;//«r. ^^H 

iot^ format. 



fo fako,fesfo, folio, foras, fon's. ^^H 

f or'cado /o^viimnrfo. 

ioa.'^ foramen. ^^| 
fr. franconim, frmici. ^H 

f 01^ com fornicationcm. 
ia^AiQ forntiiUne. 

f oi^doBe formidoloBe. 

ii&gi^^^ fragililas. ^^^M 

ioi^" formidine. 

franc Fraima, Fi-aticm, Fran- ^^^M 



iai^'" foreslarius. 

francpt franciplegii. ^^H 

ianh foramen, fonnam, forum. 

franeplm/raHfi/i/cffPHffl. ^^H 

for"" M'tiirafionc. 

fra"V''"''''-"(V'M. ^^H 


e2 ^^H 


The Record Interpreter. 

irat^ei fratruelis. 

irs^ /rater, 

f rem fractum, fructum. 


heqnr frequenter. 

f reqt freqtienter. 


f rigm frigidum, 

fri*^^ frigiditatis, 

hiAsi frigida . 

ivivCL frigidum, 

f r issima frigidisswiam . 

h^ frequenter. 

f rum frumentarhis, frumentum. 

ixviP^'^ frumenti. 

iypi^ frustra. 

fr feria^ forum^ francus, f rater y 

fi^^ f rater nitaa. 

frota fractam. 

irct^ fractus, fructus. 

frctm fracttmiy fructum, furctl^ 

ties f rat res. 

fri fratri, freti, frumenti. 
irih^ fratribus. 
frif o"* ferrifodina. 

irm frigidum, frumentum. 
frni**" fraternitas. 
frni* f fratermtatis. 

ir'c^ frequentei\ 

fruet fratruelis. 

fr^* fructus. 

Pfacit, fecit, fit, fuit. 


Potu fructum. 

Pot^ fructus. 

iugiti fugitim. 

iugfuga, fugitmts. 


Pico fruitio. 

i}^\^^ fruitione. 


f "meti frumenti. 

f"mnto frumento. 

furai^ furatm. 



ixd^ futurum. 




ixii^m futurum. 

{aim futurum. 


f udaco fundatio. 

f uigo fumigatio. 



mat fuerant. 



ful^ fuerimus. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


hint fiierunt, 



R j^OOOO. 

fforesia, fugitivus, 

fa, fa llacia, festa. 

fa^' finalis. 

feumB ferrarius, 

fat^ feratur. 


i^f rater, 




fd^ factum. 

fo^^ fractione. 

fo^ fecit. 

fota. facta. 

foto facto. 



for fieri. 

if feoffamentum. 

fgi*® frigiditate. 

f\ fieri. 


fiaco3 f&riationem. 


fiaia. feriata. 

fiat^ iferiatm dies. 

fiiB feriis. 

flM falkt. 

fll« fallaciw. 

flngel ferlingeUus. 
tingi ferlingi, 
fts famulus. 

fm falsiim^ feodum^ festwu^ fir- 

f ma firma. 

fma^*** firmamento. 

fm& firmiter. 

fm" fermentari. 


f n forsan, forsitan. 

fnda ferefida, fienda. 



fod4^ feodarius. 

iox fur oris. 

fo^ frequenter. 

ixf rater. 

fia, frigida. 


fr^^ frigiditas. 

fib^ fratnbm. 

frie frigide. 

fie facere,fratre. 

fxem fratrem. 


f ri fratri, fmmenti. 

fiia. feria. 

Iiih^ fratnbus. 


fri£o"° ferrifodinw. 

fiiB feriis. 


The Record Interpreter. 


*i^ fertilis. 

frm feriamy fratreniy frati^m^ 

Itin futuris. 


f to futuro. 

fmsi frateniam. 


fro feretro, ferro, frumenio. 

ft^T( futuris. 

ii^fr aires. 

ft§ fratrum. 

fineWf^ fratruelis. 

fi /rater. 

frum fratrum, frumentum. 


fru ferrum. 

f^ih'^ frtcctibus. 

fra, feria. 


fs ferens, f rat res. 


P^^ finnitas. 


ft' fratri. 

f^fmi^m^ f rat rum. 

tW^ fratribiis. 

Tin ferrum. 



g* crga, gradus, gratia. 

gablat gablatores. 

g®'b3 gradibus. 

gab gabulum. 

g*ca grammaticam. 

gallin gallinam. 

gait gallum. 

g*tr generaliter. 

g*m gratiam. 

g^-fh gramen. 

g^^fnis graminis. 

g^mneu gramineum. 

g*naW^ granatarius. 

g*nd grandis. 

g*ngia grangia. 

g*nu granum. 

g*n granum. 

gard gardaroba. 

g*s gratias. 

g*ticus grammaticm. 

gaj^ne gratitudine. 

g^^ua grava. 

g*uab gravabaty gravabit. 

g*uam gravamen. 

g*uare gravare. 

g^uat^ gravatus. 

g^ui"^ graviter. 

g*ui? gramter. 

Lutin Abbremations. 


g*$ gratiai'um. 

gi »>tVMr. 


g^ ffraltam. 

gigit gignitur. 

g' gemre, gratim. 

Giin^ Gillebertus. 


ge" genuit. 

giro giratio. 


geiia gemina. 

g^ genera. 


geld geldion, geldavit. 

gleba" gkbale. 


geldb geldabat, geldabii. 

glo" glossam. 


g6'= generale, gelide. 

glos'iu glossariuni. 


ge™ gentem, gentitmn. 

glo glossa. 


g^man^ ger mantis. 

glo'"' gloriosior. 


gem geminuB, gemitus. 

glSsuB gloriosta. 


gemb^ gemitibua. 

gta jfor/a, ff&Ma. 


gtat' gloriatur. 


ge"" geminis, generaiionia. 

g\a gloriam, glossam. 


gen generavit, generosus, genuU. 

gtd geldum, gilda. 


genalis generalin. 

gte pfon'ip, (7fos«(B. 


gefie geminis, generationis, genius, 

gtia gloria. 


gentea, gerem. 

glifl" glorifieatio. 


geSaco genemtio. 

gtifi'' glorijicatum. 


gefim generum. 

gtifio glorificatio. 


geo" geometria. 

gto"'' gloriosior. 


gers gersuma. 

gtoae gloriosw, gloriose. 


g^8s^ gressm. 

gtoai'" gloiiositate. 


g'x grex. 


ge* ^e»u«. 

gioBUS gloriosm. 


gei' gemini. 

gtoi"" gloriosissime. 


gei"' genitoref!. 

gn genius. 


gcit^ ffentYi«. 

g Salts genei-alis. 


gei? gemiitorum, genitorum. 

gfie jrefjere. 


gela gemina. 

gflo genenido. 


ge ffCHMS. 

gn3 i/cj/ies. 


gee jen^c. 

g" «70. 



The Record Interpreter. 

g®® generatione. 
g®" generationis. 
g^ss^ grossus. 
g^ igitur. 
grat grateSy gratm. 

g^b3 generibmy g7*adibus, 

gr gradm, gratia, igitur, 

gra gratia. 

gras gratias. 

gra gratiam, 

gre graticB, 

grosus gratiosm, 

gurg gurgeSy gurgitem, 8fc, 

gf geiieris, 

^ genus, gradm. 

g gaudium, geldum, genera, geni- 
us, genus, gilda, gratia, igitur, 

gbit generabit, gravabif, 

g^3 gradibus, gravaminibus, 

gcia gratia. 

gcit gracilis. 

gd^ gradus. 

gd gradum. 

ge ^m^/^. 

ginat germinat, 

gin^ geminus, genuinm. 

gis generis. 

git geritis, 

gle generale. 

gl generalis. 

gir generaliter. 

gnabuf* generabuntur. 

gn^3 gerentibm. 

gn® genere. 
gn^osuB generosm, 
gn®u generum. 
gngia grangiu. 
gniti geniti. 
gn^® generabile. 
gn® generatio, 
gntij)3 gerentibus. 
gnt gentes. 
gnut Cww^, Canute. 
gn generet. 
gnstf genestis. 
gS ^6we;\ 
g8a genera. 
g8a* generari. 
gSali generali. 
gSatr generaliter. 
gSa™ generatum. 
g8a°^* generalissima. 
g8a® generatio. 
gSa^ generaliter. 
gSati generatim. 
gSbr generabitur. 
gSe genere. 
gSis generis. 
gSlis generalis. 
gSo generatio, genera. 
g3oe generatione. 
g°® generatione. 
grose gloriose, gratiose. 
g^' gratiarum. 
gs generis, gratias. 
gta ^m^fl. 
gta"* gratanter. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


gtau gustavii. 

gti generati, 

gti generatimy gradatim. 

gto grato. 

gt' generatury igitur. 

gtu gratum. 

gt gratum. 

gtm genitivum. 

gts gentes, 

guam gravamen. 

guis gravis. 
gut^ geruntur. 
g^ guatus. 
g^ gratia)^m. 

^man^ gertnanm, 
^m' germen. 
Pn'** genera. 


H. ducentiy habemuSy habenty 
habety haCy hceCy hereSy hervsy 
hicy hoCy homOy honestuSy 
hot*ay hujttSy humilisy hun^ 

H. A. Aoc awwo. 

hab ^^6^^, haberet. 
hafee habere. 
hag ^a^^, A«^as. 
haia haiam. 
haK hakeneius. 
hsiF habetur. 
hast haatis. 
ha^ harum. 
hao ^nc. 

hagwith hangwitha. 
halts habitationis. 

handn? habundanter. 
hibe habere. 

h^ Aac, ^c, Aec, Aoc, ^w/c, /^^^y^c. 

hd hundredum. 

hdr hundredum. 

h. e. ^oc ^5^. 

hereu^d herewarda. 

her ^er^s. 

H. F. P. hoc fien fecit. 

hh heredes. 

h. i. Aec invenies. 

Hiertm Hierusakm. 

Hierust Siemsalem. 

hincin hincinde. 

Hirl Hierusalem, 

Hirlm Hierusalem. 

h. 1. Aec /p^^, /ioc /oco. 


The Record Interpreter. 

H. M. hoc monumentum, honesta 

matrona, honeata mulier. 
h" hoc, homo, homicidio. 
ho. homo, hora. 
ho' hora. 

hobedJia obedieniia. 
h^o^ hoccua. 
ho* hodie, homine. 
h"' hufusmodi. 
ho'" honorabiU. 
hoi" hominum. 
ho'' hominia. 
ho^ hominia. 
hoi" komicidium. 
hoim hominum. 
ho"' honorabilis. 
ho" Aomineff), Aawmwm. 
homii homagii. 
hon"} honorabilibat. 
hon''' honorabilea. 
honor honorabHium. 
hon honorabilem. 
hoii'^ honorabilibm. 
hon"* hOHorabilium. 
hon'f honorabilis. 
h<" Aoc fflodo. 
ho''f AonoWa. 
hoBp*" hospitea. 
hosp'' hospUia. 
hosp*' hoapitalte. 
hospari hoapitari. 
hoss. hoates. 
host'ii hoatarii. 

ho'" honestate, honeatfe. 
ho^ horum. 
hoestf honeataiia. 
hoib' kominibua. 
hoici'" homicidium. 
hoD hominum. 
hora"' honorabilior. 
hori konori. 
ho Aomo. 

hooi" homicidium. 
hoe homine. 
hoes hominea, 
hoi homini. 
hoim hominum. 
hoiu hominum. 
hom hwninem, horam. 
hor Aonor. 
hore honorem. 
hos Aonu. 
hrdes heredea. 
hua humanam. 
hui^ At{;'ir3. 
hui^ceoi hujuacemodi. 
hui^' hvjuamodi. 
hui^modi hujusmodi. 
hui^fiii ktyuamodi. 
hu'f Jiuniilis. 
hnmt humilia. 
humh- hamiUter. 
hnndr hundredum, 
hnoi hujxismodi. 
hua' htimana. 
hua" humane. 



Latin Abbreviations. 6E 

hua" humanum. 

hat Aa4e«(^. 

hua'° humanitate. 

hilt luibeant. 

huat^ humaiui. 

hM habet, habebat. 

hiiai kumani. 

hbe habere. 

liuida humida. 

t5c /irtc, Ahc, Ak»c. 

hiiil" humilitM. 

fic^q, hucmque. 

huilia AamiTM. 

Mr hundredum. 

huilia AumiUinui. 

he AaSe, AaJct-c. 


hSitr humilitei: 

heat habecct. ^| 


h5i^ humidUate. 

heat habeaiit. ^H 


huore hutnorem. 

hebat /(fffcSffif. ^ 



hehit AadediV. 

heb' AafteM. 

hua huimnam. 

hebiit Aa6f&««^ 

hue A»fnafM?, humane. 

hebr habebitur. 

bui Aumic^t. 

heBt Aa6e&(rf. 


he" hareticum. 

him' humannt. 

heditagium heredUagtam. 


hu5i hujimmodi. 

hedi'f hci-eiUiatis. 


hye"''3 hiemalibuit. 

fted'"' her edit as. 


hyes hietm. 

hed fieredein, fwredum. 


hy^ hymnm. 

heds herede«. 


h' Am;'««. 

hedt^ia hereditaria. 

h^o^lea huivarha. 

hemi""' hereinitarum. 


h^"' hi/Jimnodi. 

hemit her emit is. 



tiem^ habeiniis. 

h liabemm, kabent, Habet, hac, 

hentes habenlen. 


hesc, herea, hei-u», hie, hoc, 

heo ^aico. 


hcmo, honestua, horn, hujus. 

he^ /<«Se/H)'. 



here habere. 

ham^ haheamm. 

heri liaberi. 


hant habennt. 

her' /wficiv/. 


Th$ Record Interpreter. 

her habere. 

hit" habitum. 

beB hahem, habea, herea. 

hit"" habilione, habititdiiie. 

lies /itsreaia. 

hifm habiturum. 

h" Itabcrel. 

hitu Aa6iV». 

heticus hareticas. 

hitii* haUtudine. 

bet' habetur. 

hitu" AaitVdrfo. 

ht' haberetur. 

hitu A«JiV«»«. 

hete habetis. 

hitua habituia. 

hezaldf hereteldk. 

hitf habiiantin, habiti». 

lie» Aai«i)iii«. 

hi'f babitationis, habitia. 

ft" A«K. 

hi-" hujttStlWdi. 

hmit humilU. 

W Aabitando, habitudo. 

hm°i kujusmodi. 

hieta AenWa. 

ftigta herigeta. 

hmoi hujusmodi. 

fti'» A«6i"fe. 

hm^ habemm. 

ftilif" babilitaitdo. 

has AaJemtM. 

hit MftiVw. 

hn' AaAcn^w. 

hn<ga hahmtia. 

hndi A(/6eNdi. 

hi"* hahiliidinem. 

hi" AaSiVior. 

hita AflftiV.1. 


hit^ie hereditarie. 


hita" AflWtetto. 

huti Aaienft. 

ftitar© habUare. 

fent' AaA^n^Mf. 

feitet Aaito«/. 

hntf A<i6«ito. 

hitio habitio. 

ftofelifl hottorabiUs. 

hit'' habitiifilK. 

h"' hujusmodi. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


ll®i homini. 

hoib3 hominibus. 

ilois hominis, 

hor honoi\ 

hr habetur, hundredum. 

hie habere. 

hre haberem. 

hret haberet. 

hri haberi. 

hrs A^r^5. 

ilr* haberet. 

hrdi heredi. 

tls A«J^s, ^^res. 

ht habent, habet. 

husii^C hurnanitatis. 
iluert habnei*unt. 
hui AflfJwt. 
huisse habuisse, 
tluit habuit. 
tlui^ hujusmodi. 
Kmn humidum. 
liuat habuerat. 
liult habuerint. 
Kunt habuerunt. 
ftiio habuero. 
K3 habent, habet. 
K^ hujusmodi. 


I. t6/, e^ es^, e<;?W5, Jesus, igitur, 
in, in/en, inferis, infra, 
iia, iterum,jussit. 

i* ///a, «/?/rflf, «j/ra, «V^, prima, 
unica, una. 

ia^i^^ jactantia. 


iaZit Jaciiit. 

idJci jacet, 

iamdcus jamdietus. 

iGLUjamia, Jamiani. 

i*q itague. 

i*^^ prim am. 

i*j illarnm. 


i* primam. 


ilbm ibidem. 

itet tfteY, «6ww^, 

I. C. e7i?sws Christus, juriscon^ 

ic ///tc. 
id. ir/«s. 
i^ «7/i^. 

I. D. y«^5sw 2)^/. 
idc^co idcirco. 
ide ?^^/w. 

The Record Interprefei: 

idib^ idihw. 

lotii Johanni. 

idio'' icliomatim. 

X' ibi. 

i. d. iud. in diejudidi. 

ij" secunda. 

I.-D. N. i» Dei nomine. 

Hi^ ibidem. ■ 

id" id est. 

i'd (fifrfew. 

id^ idm. 

ii]' ferWfl. 

id idem. 

iij" ^res. 

idne indictione. 

iiij'" qiiatuor. 

i" nice, ille. 

iii]'"' quartus. 

iem Jesum. 

iij"* f erf /as. 

igno" ignorantia. 

ij" (/mo, 

ign''am^ ignoramus. 

IIX. o./(.. 

igno'= ignobiUtate. 

ilia" iV/a^iO. 

ign /^nis. 

illi" i7/i«V«»i. 

Jg°' ignorantia. 

ilH= I^^JMS. 

ig''mia ignominia. 

iUla (7/itt«. 

ig*ra» ignorantia. 

iUita™ illimitaium. 

ig°rat ignorat. 

HV illo modo. 

ig'^us ignotuK. 

illu" illuminations. 

ig°S ignoranier. 

iSimo." iUiiminatio. 

ig' j;;iV«r. 


ig iffrtwr. 

iltimas ilkgitimus. 

iga iii«!#. 

iltratus tlliteratva. 

i. h.y(we/ Aie, invenies Me. 

im, immortalis, tmperator. 

Tho. Jesus. -■ 

i" iVfom, yjsuffl, irrotulatum, 

Ihertm Jerusalem. 

unum, milk. 

Ihtm Jerusalem. 

i. m. !» manu, in manibus. 

IhB. Jesrn. 

imlutu hnminutum. 

Ih3 /es«m. 

imp"* impossibilis. 

Ihes Johannes. 

impp. imper.atores. 

Ibt Jerusalem. 

imp" impei^/i. 

Ihoea Johannes. 

impp imperpefuum. 

^" Zafin Abbreviations. 63 ^^M 

imp imperaior, imperani, im- 

indffn? indifermter. ^^H 

perante, iinpetrant. 

indm indifferentiam. ^^^H 

imple impossibite. 

indra indlffetentiu. ^^^H 

iffl imperaior. 

indra'^ indifferenter. ^^^| 

imdo immundo. 

iudms indifferem. ^^^k 

in. imtantiam. 

indm? indifferenter. ^^| 

i. n. i» nomine. 

inet UKsqua/iti. ^^H 

ino^saadfl mflj-«s«««rf«m. 

inew inewardiis. ^^^| 

inci"' iiusidens, incipiens. 

inAo inflammatio, infiato. ^^^| 

inoor''' incorporale. 

infra'" in/rascripta. ^^^M 

inoor'^e incorruptibile. 

inf rat infrigidat. ^^^^^^^| 

inopt incipit. 

inft' infrascripta. ^^^^^^^ 

incfo itn^emento. 

infa' inferatur. ^^^^^^^| 

inoH imurrimet. 

inftius infa-nm. ^^^^^^H 

inc incarMffl^tojM, m«>!;. 

info m/^ro. ^^| 

jiicfiito inci-emento. 

mg"' ingenerahilis. ^^^| 

incp incepiV, inci>ii. 

inTiirp inhibitio. ^^^H 

incpnt inoipiunt. 

inhi(;03 inhibitiomm. ^^^H 

incre incurrere. 

intiens inhierem, in/iibens. ^^^H 

in^iio incamatio. 

inliilis inhahli-i. ^^| 

ind. indktione. 

iniun. injuiujenten. ^^^H 

ind' indiiJgentia. 

inm t/i integrum. ^^H 

jndeffttile mdedinabile. 

int tij/ug/er {i7/u8/»-)- ^H 

indi'' individiih. 

t ;» ^H 

indi" indmduali, mdicisibilL 


indi" individuo. 

inn innocens,inmctnter. ~^^H 

i. n. D. T: B. T: i. T. (« womiHe 

inobl^oe i» oblatione. ^^^H 

Det ei Sanctts ei Individum 

p. ^H 


inp'" imposaibilis. ^^^H 

ind in*fe, indebite, indktione, 

inpulis impoasibilia. ^^^H 


inp"' impartiaUs. ^^^H 

inda iiiditlgcnlia. 

inppec imperjjctuuiii. ^^H 


The Record Interpreter. 

inp^^® impossibilts, 
inp^'^ impossibiliter, 
inpo imposifio, 
inpoe impositione, 
inq^co inquisitio, 
♦ inq^'o inquisitio, 
inq^sico inquisitio. 
inq inquiratar. 
jj^gcUs instanciis. 

insot insolidumy insolutum, 

insp^Ws inspecturis. 
inspect^ inspecturis. 
inspi^® inspiratione. 
inspooe' inspectione. 
instam imtantiam. 

instioo institutio. 
inst^^ instrumentali. 
inst^otus instructus, 
inst^le instrumentale. 
instra instrumenta. 
instris instrumenfis. 
instrm instrumentum. 
instro instrumento. 
instro? instrumentorum. 
inst instituta^ institutiones. 
instnf institutionis. 
insr insuper. 
inSit^ inseritur. 
in?tu insertum. 
int* intra. 
int*co intratio. 
int^ns intrans. 
intuit int)7N:if, 

inte^* intelUgit. 
inte^® intelligibile. 
inte^** intelligibilia. 
inteP® intelligere. 
intel*^ intelligitur. 
ifiteyual intellectualis. 
inte™ intelkctum. 
inte'® intelligere. 
inte^ intellectus. 
inte^* intendit. 
inte® intentio. 
intege intelligere. 
intern intellectum. 
int*^ intelligi. 
int^ intelligi. 
int^^3 intrantibus. 
int^*^' intrinsecum. 
intP' intellectualis. 
int° m^ro. 
int°ni*to intromitto. 
int^scptii introscriptum. 
int^ intrattir^ intelligitur. 
intropta introscripta. 
int tw^er, interest, inter sit. 
inF° intelligendo. 
inte°^ intellectum. 
int^* intelligi. 
inflig^ intelligitur. 
intll** intelligentia. 
intlli^® intelligibile. 
intlli° intelligo. 
intllndu intelligoidum. 
in tit n^ intelligent ire. 

Latin Abbreviations. 

inTlfur intelliguntui; 

iuxe incomplexe, innixe. 

intn'* intrmseca. 

i" ideo, illico, illo, prima. 

intpoto intei-polatio. 

]PB? primo nocturno. 

intp'' interpretatur. 

iod jomndue. 

int*' intelkctus, intellectis. 

lofi Johannes. 

m^ inter. . ^ * 

i°° iVfo motfo. 

iii?cal*i^ intercalarius. 

i"? illorum. 

m?cal'o intercalatio. 

loes Johannes. . 

intcalarf intercakDia. 

lois Jokannis. 

intdco interdido. 

i. p. in pace. 

m?d interdum. 

ip» tpsd. 

m?e interest. 

ip^ !>se. 

in?ee interesse. 

ip yjM, «>ae. 

iiSicointerfectio, -inter/eelo. 

ipa !>sa. 

iaVii^ inter/ectus. 

ipap ipsarum. 

iii?a8e interficere. 

ipe ipse. 

iii?i9 interiui. 

ipi !))sj. 

in?p" interpretatum. 

ipis iy^jts. 

intpoto interpolatio. 

ipi^ «>«■««. , 

m?po interpositio. 

ipm j^swrn. 

intpret' interpretatur. 

ip^ffi ipaummet. - 

inSps interpres. 

ipo j^so. 

in^B interpres. 

ipoji ipsorum. 


m^taP interpretatio. 

ipe ijjsis. 

in^pf interpretaturi. 

ip3 2>s«/». 

inu"" inventarium. 

irra" irrationali. 

in3e innuere. 

irr'*' irregularihm. 

iiioone mnocentits. 

irret^ tm«(»r. 

iiioiat^ innominatm. 

irret^ irretitus. 

in t«rfi!, ititi-grum. 

irre'' irregularitatis. 

iiiti ineontinenti. 

irreuobi"' irretocaUliter. 

ifiU» »iS!(il. 

irres irregulares. - 


The Record Interpreter. 

irrit^i irritan. 

iuiQ}^ juramento. 

iiTitat^ irritatur. 

iur. caoi juris canonici. 

irri*® irregiilaritate. 

mf juri^dictionem. 

iiT^^aliR irrationalis, irrattonabilis. 

iurdco jurisdictio. 

iins irregularis. 

iuHur jurejurando. 

irrs irregulans. 

ius°^ justitiariorum , 

i^' illorum. 

ixi^ii jusserit. 

istim* istimet. 

ixmt^ justitia. 

i8tim3 istimet 

iusti® justijicatio,. 

ist istud. 

imme juvamine. 

i*^ istud. 


iter iterum. 

iuu ywm^, juvabat. 

i*^ es^e. 


itid itidem. 


it ^^^m. 

mdiio. jurata. 

iF' ^^^;^^ notandum. 

iuat°es juratores. 

i?a^' iteraUlis, 


i?ari iterari. 

I. X. Jesus Christus. 

i?Tn iterum. 

P J(?st(5, yw5, illius^ uniuSy primus. 

iudio^* judicaverit. 

i^bH^ justitia. 

m({\^ judicium. 

iHia justitia. 

indi^ judicio. 

i^ti&° justijicatio. 

ivA^ judicium. 

iH^ Justus, 


I ibi, id est, igitur, in. 

iu.6F judidaliter. 

i* infra, intra. 

V1& judicium. 

"? primam. 

iudatr judicialiter. 

ibriare inbreviare. 

iudm judicium. 

ic*8atu incarceratum. 


io^n^ne incarnationem. 

vj^jugum, ■ 

ioarn incarnationis. 

iv**^ quatuor. 

icar° incarnatimiem. 

iura"^ juramentum, juratam. 

loV incarnationis. 

Latin Aibrevialions. 

io*r incarnatioim. 

Idi" individuo. 

loh-co inchmtio. 

idiom tfl divisionem. . 

io^acon tnchoatione. 

ididua individua. 

id'a" incKnatio. 

i du in dominio. 

id" incluso. 

idu* jMrfmV, i/irfi«V. 

lolom inelimtiotiem. 

icts" itielum. 

id i'nrfe. 

iot* inc^MifiV. 

idren? indifferenter. 

locapi" incorporaks. 

idmti indiffermti. 

ie ire, jure. 

loor' incorpora/uii/. 

ieb'at inebriani. 

ioorp'^' incorruptibilea. 

let imequalis. 
ie mes/. 

Icoti'' hiconiinenier. 

iee 2/wsw. 

io^ia incuriam. 

icat? inmsatua. 

ielia inrequalia. 
ll'- infra. 

i<^ incommodum. 

if"ota infracia. 

Iqcb inconceniem. 

ifo" i^fectum. 

190** incomtnodifatem. 

ifoGm infectionem. 

ifotu m/<wfe»>. 


ie*' t«/rfe/M. 

ids iWm. 

ifl" infinitum. 

idi» indkidua. 

W infinitum. . 
iflu* hifluentiam. 

idid" indiindm. 

ifto inflammatia. 
if"dao°ne infeodatione. 

idign" indigentia. 

Idigfi indiffeniia. 

ifor"* liiforhuiitm. 

Idigoo hidignatio. 

iforf in/ormatur. 

idign' indigentia. 

ifrti*° infrascripto. 

idi" individuU. 

if fare injrigidare. ' 

idi>« indivisibile. 

ifu^ infmone. 

idi'' indirinibUis. 

if zn/m. 



The Record Interpreter. 

ifoom infectionem, 

ifot infectum, 

ifite infinite, 

ifmis infirmis, 

ifos inferos, 

ifstm infrascriptum, 

IW infertur, 

ig*rdos ingtcardos, 

igd^ ingreditur, 

igtus incognitm. 

ihico inhibitio, 

ihi*® inhabitando, inhibendo, 

ihitao inhabitatio, 

ifie inhcerere, 

ifiet inhceret, 

iMes inhabiks. 

iMtan inhabitantes. 

iW® incommunicabile. 
n^^ inimici, 
iicie inimicitice, 
lioio initio! 
lioiu initium. 

i^es tmonvemem. 

?ii8 inconveniem. 

lint m integrum, 

liq^ iniqui, 

iWa ir^mia. 

iitu initum, 

lito /wiVeo. 

iiur* injuriam, 

ilur injtinis, injunatiis. 

ipia injustitia, 

ime*° immediate, 
ime*^ immediatum, 
ime*' immediatim, 
Imori immemoi*iaU, 
imu^' immutabilis, 
imu° immutatio, 
Imle immateriale, 
imt im?natenalis, 
imsi*® i?nmenmtate, 
imsu immensiim. 
imge immerge, 
imsu immerstim, 
inooii* innocentia. 
P^ inconveniens. 
inumis innumeris, 

ioq ideoque, 
Ipedi™ impedimentum. 
ipedi*^ impedimentum, 
iped impedientem, 
ipedcoe impeditione, 
ipedr impeditiir, 
ipe^3 impediret, 
ipe*® impedimento, 
ipet^ne impetitione, 
ipetns impetrans, 
iped® impendere, 
Ip^mf imprimis, 
Iptit*i implacitari, 
Iptit implicita. 

Latin Ahbreviations. 


ipo* impotentia, 

ipo® impossibile, impotenttw, 

Jpo^' impossibilis. 

ipor*^* importaret. 

iport importat, 

ipo*^^ impossibilitas, 

ipo impotentia, 

ipoa impotentia, imposita. 

ipo^ imponitur, 

ipu*ri impufari. 

ipu^' imputandmn. 

ipugtos impugnatores. 

ipu* imputat, 

ipf^coe imperfectione, 

ipfciis hnperfedm, 

ipsolr impersonaliter, 

ipt tmperat. 

ipta"^ importatum, 

Iptat importat, 

iptiri impertiri, 

ip® impossibile, 

ip^® impossibile. 

ipl' impossibilis, 

ipme imprime, 

ipo impositio, 

Tps imprimis, 

ip^i inspexiy incomplexi, 

ipssioe impressione, 

lissom impressionem, 

ipp^e improprie, 

ippare ijnpropriare, 

Ipss improbasset. 

iq® itaque, 

iq™ iniquam, inquam, 
iq inquam, inqiiit, itaque, 
iqna^ inqninatur, 
iseq' insequitur. 
isp^to inspecto, 
ispco°^ inspectionem. 
is* ^?^5^Y. 
ist* instituta, 
istaci^ instantius. 
isti^*' institutione. 
ist^to^ institutorum, 
istr* instrumenta, 
istns instrumentis. 
istro instrumento. 
ist^et^ instrueretur. 
ist^m imtrumentum. 
ist^mettr instrumentaliter 
ist^a instrumenta, 
ist^o^ instructionem. 
ist^'*°? instrumentorum, 
isto institutio, 
ist*^ instrumenti, 
issi^® insensibile, 
it* «n^r«. 
ite* intelligentia. 
ite^° intelligendo, 
ite® intelligenticB, 
iteg^lit integraliter, 
ite^' intelligitur, 
ite^* intelligit, 
itel^ intelligenda. 


The Record Interpreter. 

ite^ intelUgitur. 
ite^ intellectm. 
ite* mtei*est. 
ite^ intelkctiL 
ite^a* intendebat. 
iteoo intentio, 
ite° intensio, 
itf cs intmfectm. 
itfic interfidt. 
Itf interfuit. 
it^'® intelligere. 
it^^^ intelligi, 
it^ncus intnmeeus. 
ititr intelligitur, 
it^^' intelligendum. 

it^d^tu introdicctum. 
it^dux introduodt. 
it°itu introitu, 
iWt^ introitus, 
it°in*at mtromittat. 
it°in*t? intromittere, 
itr*^ intrare^n. 
it^® intelligere. 
it^'* intelligeret, 
itr intrarey intraret. 
W istis. 
it*^ intellectus. 
it^ intellectu. 

it interest. 

itgle mtegrale, 
itllcm intellectum, 
itlli° intelligere. 
itllig^e intelligere, 
itllx intellexit. 
itUia intelligentia, 
itnd* intendit. 
ito meVib. 
it'^ intelligitur, 
itrogo interrogatio, 
itse intrinseee. 
it^^* intellexit, 

i?dca interdicta. 
i?d^ interdici, 
itdu interdum. 
i?d interdum. 
i?ddo interdicendo, 
itee interesse. 
i?esseii* interessentia, 
i?ept^ interemptus. 
iSfcs interfectus, 
i?fic interfidt. 
i?f interfuit. 
ifi.^ interim. 
i?ptt®e interpellere. 
i?pol* interpolata. 
i?poto interpolatio. 
i?p6e interponere. 
i?p6ita? interpositarum, 
i?po interpositio. 
i?pr interpretatur. 

Latin Abbreviations. 

i?ptar6 interpretare. 

ia? illannn. 

i?^ta«o interpretatio. 

10 ilUc. 

T^ interpreU. 

id i7/«rf. 

I?riip« interrumpere. 

ids *6irfCT». 

id inter dum. 

]?iietu interventit. 

ite ire, jure. 

ill's* immit. 

iia injuria. 

lueiea inveniem. 

10 7tfeO. 

iiuaes intmnies. 

luijit'' invenitm: 

ioij ideoque. 

18 idibus. 

i" vicomplexa. 

T^ Minus. 

l^ minm. 

i' ami jur amentum. 

\ ihi, id est, igitui: 


K. ra_pM#, decetn, Ml-endarum, 

ktag kakndarnin. 

kakndaa, kalsndis. 

ktda? kalendarum. 

tatfl kaleitdas, kalendis. 
Icai* carmcB. 
kartla cartula. 
kartlariu cartutanuni. 
tar caj-e«B. 
tarm^ cariasimua. 
kated cathedra. 

kt" Kyrie elekon. 

ktrii kakndarutn. 
kts kakndas, kalendis. 

Kimus carissimm. 
EimuB cariasimua. 
EmaB carimmm. 

kaissi^ cariasimiis. 

tmraa carissimus. 

kai"' cantatem. 

Erma carisaimua. 

ks:i«» caniafjs. 

kf earissimi. 

kl. halendas, kalendis. 

ftrimi CflWss!m». 

ktaB kakndas. 

fe'im carissimum. 


The Record Interpreter. 


L. lectio^ libro, libns, licet, quin- 

qiiaginta, veL 
1* Ktera, qtmiquaginta, quinqtM- 

1* literanif quinquagesimam, 
lac lacu, 
lacti lacerti, 
la^« latitudo. 
lag. lagemannm. 
laia lanina. 
la°^ latum, 
lapis lapidis, 

lat^a lateralia, latna, htrina. 
latifem latibulum. 
latin latinarim, 
lat^t latitat. 
lat^^ latitudinem. 
lat°oi^ latrodnium. 
lat^i fe^ort. 
lat^n latronum. 
lat^us latomus, 
lat fo^e^, latitudo. 
latt latrat. 
laud hudes, laudibus. 
lau laudes. 
laublis laudabilis. 
laulis laudabilis. 
layc laicus. 
ladgafe landgabulum. 

laprid lamprida. 

lb. /«6r«, /ifter. 

lo. lucrum. 

Ico /ec^o. 

Id laudes. 

led levatidum. 

leg. legatus, legio. 

legatar legatana, kgatarim, 

leg® legitime. 

legit legitime. 

legia legitima. 

jggmus legitimus. 

leg^ legitur. 
legHio legitimo. 
leg %^m. 
leguuit legrewita. 
le™® legitime. 
leps leprosus. 
le^ legitur. 
lest /(?s^a, lestagium. 
jg^mo lemsimo. 

leu fe^^c;a. 

Ig longus, longitudo. 

li* /^wm. 

li* lineam. 

lib*s ^iftrflw. 

liber liberationis. 

libnr libenter. 

life /zft^'j liberata, libra. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


KBa libera. 

U?a /iiera. 

KBa" Uberatio. 

lig* /mffwa. 

lifeaf liberator, liberatur. 

IT ft'Jer, ftVa, ffJrafe, /j6)-o. 

lifea Uberam. 

limaco legitimatio. 

HBe /i^(E, /!6e»-c, Ubm. 

UBUns /ife^^Ms. 

lio S&ro. 

Ubtr Kberaliter. 

Irta legimita, Hmita. 

lifSm liberum, librum. 

U. libentismno, liberi, liberti, li~ 

liftns ft'jejjs. 


liKo /j6ero> A'iro. 

Inia licentia. 

liBo^ liberoruni, librorum. 

lo. focd, locufio, loquitur. 

litSa libras, Hbros. 

1" quinquagesimo. 

libtas Ubertas. 

lo"? /ocftftVer. 

W libertate. 

looH foftiri. 

lib*'' Ubertatia. 

loca' /oraftYer. 

licen licentia, Itcentiatnt. 

locu'' loqmmtur. 

lid" licifum. 

locut^ locutm. 

Uc /ice^, ;t«V)m. 

loco &c«;('o. 

licia licentia. 

lo^" longitudo, loquendo. 

lien licentia. 

lo^ &»S"», &«i7e. 

U" AJcj-c. 

log"' fogrwa. 

U' ;/5ct7-. 

lot fo«j//s. 

lin licentia. 

lotr loealiter. 

li" quinquageiimo piitno. 

lo" focum. 

liquitia liquiritia. 

lo°* longitudine. 

liqat liqueat. 

long"* longissime. 

U'" //6«-fos. 

longa longmm. 

U« libertatem. 

lo"" hmijltiidinum. 

littaB litteraa. 

lo" loco. 

l£tam licifum. 

loq* loquenfia. 

H'' AciVot, /!bV«ffi. 

loqT %MaJ-. 

Ut ft/erff. 

loqur loquitur. 


The Record Interpreter, 

loqr loquavy hquor. 
loqt' loquitur. 
\o^ localiter^ loquitur. 
lorim4^ lorimarius. 
lo^^ loquitur, 
loglq* hnginqiia. 
log^ longus, 
lone locutionem, 
lot localiter. 
If litera^ Uteris, 
1** quinquaginta. 
Itme legitime, 
llmP legitimm, 
lu* /w;w?. 
luo* /Mcra. 
luc^nd Iv^^andum, 
luc°^ lucimm, 
luca lucentia, 
lucfer lucrabitur, 
luctie lucrative, 
lum Imnen, lumimre, 
lu^ lumen, 
lupu luparum, 
lupn^f lupanaris, 
lux* luxuria. 
lux luxuria, 
lue lum£n, 
luie lumim. 
liiim luminum, 
luP^ luminosi, 
lui lumini, 
luie lumine. 

luimagr ludimagister, 
liiis luminis, 
I3 //ce^. 
L 5(?(?(?^. 

t fec^o, /i6r(?, &*6m, ^/c^^, t?^^. 

tea fec^«. 
tcis fec^is. 
tco^ lectorum, 

tculo lectulo. 
tcura lectura, 
te' ligetur, 
tgis fc^is. 
tgtime legitime, 
ti. /i6ra, librata, 
tie legitime, 
time legitime, 
tis legitimis, 
itras literas, 
tm litigationem, 
tmus legitimm, 
tm lumen, 
tr legitur, 
tra /^^^ra. 
tra^ literaliter, 
tre /eVertc. 
tribus latoribm. 
tris /^V^^s. 
trs literas. 
tr*^ literati, 
tr /eVera, Uteris, 

Latin Abbreviations. 


trat^ literatus. 
tt libetj vuU. 
ttimus legitimus. 

ttie legitime, 
ttis legitimis. 
tx to. 


M. magister, magistratus, mane- 
riunij manibuSf marcas, ma- 
ritm, marmor, martyris, 
mater, materia^ matrimo- 
niunij matutinum, maximus, 
meUy mei, memor, memoriae 
7nemeSy memis, meritus, 
mihij milia, miliaria, mille, 
millesimo, minus, ^ninuta, 
missus, moerens, moerenti, 
moneta, monumentum, mors, 
mortum, mulier, munici- 

ma. manet, Maria, matenam. 

m* marca, Maria, materia, mea, 
milia, mina, minuta, 

ma* mara. 

macla maeula, 

ma® matericB, Marian. 

mag^° magnitudo. 

mag^e mxignificentice, magnitu- 

mag^es magnitudhies. 

mag^e magnitudinem, 

mag^fioii magnijicentia. 

mag^ficn* magnijicentia. 

magHs magnitudinis, 

mag^° magnitudine. 

mag magis, magmcs, and its 

magf ^* magnijicentia. 
magr magister, 
magro magistro. 
mai^e majore, 
mai^ majus. 
jjjg^iet'r fnaculetur. 

m*li manuali, materiali, 

m*tr tnaterialitei\ 

ma°^ manifestum. 

man. mandamus. 

man°^ mandamus. 

man^ manus. 

man mandamus, manum. 

mantf mandatis, 

ma^ materialiter, 

marofi marchio, 

ma^®* maneret. 

ma'^^ manifestari. 

Mart Martini, Martis, Martijris, 

marfis Martyris, 


The Record Interpreter. 

mar maraj fnariticSy martyr. 

ma*® munente. 

mat^° matrimonio. 

ms}^^ mandatis. 

mat^s matris. 

mHis martis. 

mat°^ fnatrem, inatrimonium. 

ma*^ mandatum. 

mat mater J matm. 

matta matertera. 

ma^ 7/^awf^. 

max* tnaxtma. 

max® maxime. 

maxx. 7naximi. 

max maximmf maccime. 

m* minam. 

madan mandantes. 

mad^d manducandum. 

miii^® manifestando. 

mai"^ manifestum. 

maipl manipulm. 

mai^® manifestare. 

mai** manifesta. 

mai**'^ manifestan. 

jjjg^tum mandatum. 

maumtes m^numittem. 
ma. mandantes. 
male Marice. 
ma^* m^aculam. 
mali matenali. 
malf matenalis. 
mam materiam. 
mas materias. 

M. B. memo7*i(B honce. 

Mco. 7/^^7/c ducenti, milksimo du- 

M.D. medicinw doctor. 

m® Marice^ materice, menwria', 

me* mediciftay 7)iemona. 
me*"^ memoriam. 
me^3 mediantihics. 
medie® medietas. 
med^* medicina. 
med'® mediatore. 
med*® mediante. 
medt medicatnentum. 
me® m<?re. 
me^^ mereberis, 
mela®^ m^lancholici. 
melacot melancholia, 
melt mellis. 
me™ medium. 
memo? memo)*andum. 
mem^ memor, meremur. 
mem memonam. 
me°* medicina. 
menb? membris, membrum. 
me°® medicinw, 
mens mensem, mensuram. 
jjjgnte fnediante, 
me® medio. 
me°ria memoria. 
meo? meorum. 
me°? meliorem, meliorum. 
me^ merettcr. 

Latin Abbreviations. 

meridiofi meridionaU. 

mil" millesimo. 

meB. meiisibua. 

mil »»Vcs, miliaiHo. 

Tae'-' }/iediate,mediante,niedietate. 

mi" minimum. 

met"po'> metropoUtanum. 

min® minus. 

meo' memorm. 

m% mi/iique. 

meo''"'" memorandum. 

mif mirabiliter, mirifice, miniit 

meora' mmiorata. 

meor'* memoriale. 

m'* »(«5f!s, ffjarew, jk^w. 

meora memorata. 

miscdia misericordia. 

mes memk. 

mis*'' minUtranduin. 

mea"' mereatur. 

mise'^ miseretw; 

meis meliw. 

mis'* misericordiam. 

mci^ melius. 

miss »iiss(7, OTMSM, miaaum. 

mct'x meretrix. 

m'at'nt ministrant. 

met' mereiiir. 

m'atio ministerio. 

metoi nieretrici. 

mis misiV. 

n^ro magistro. 

miseda misericordia. 
misers misericors. 

mi' minima. 

mis?di misericordi. 

miS''' miracuh. 

mis h. ex. f . wmj^ /i(Ec <?a^i'a /j 

mial' mirabilis. 


miao miramlo. 
MicHem Michaelem. 
Miotiis Miehacm. 
mi"" minmndi. . 
mi" meridionale. 
milleio ?mllesimo. 
mill' milleiimi. 
mill" millesimo. 

mis i m. ff»'s«'i t« manerinm. 
m'ua «iiK!(s, 
m'ut minuta. 
miof minorum. 
miut^ minutus. 

mi minimus, minus, miiiiila 

miltimo millesimo. 

mia misericordia. 

milto millesimo. 

miabilit miserabilifer. 

The Record Interpreter. 

miam misericordiam, 
miOB miaerkordias. 
nidi mkeyieordi, 
midit miaeficorditer. 
Hue minimiE, misei'teordiw. 

misfndo minUirando. 

niiafnt ministrant. 

mist' ministn. 

mistrare mintsfrare. 

miatr mtnistria. 

misHo miniairatio. 

mis? minister. 

miBtio minisierio, 

ML, malum. 

m'^ materialem. 

MM. marituSftiiartyrea, memento 


mcestiaaimna, mottumentum. 
ID^ manifeatum,materiani,m£um. 
, m'°° miUeaimo. 
mfia''a metisura. 
mo. modus, mota, motns, niovet, 

m" mco, niodo, miUenimo, m-ati-i- 

mo" moiiasieria. 

mo''3 moralibm, morbtts, tnolibiis. 
mod 9nodk. 
m" e. modo epiacopi. 
m"! modi. 
moitoe monitione. 
mo 1 alia momnlla. 

moiton monitmie. 

mold moldra, moldcra. 

mo'' mobih's. 

mo"* modum, moreiii, morerem, 

monet moneiariua. 
mon"' monasieriis. 
monu*" momimenltim. 
moii tmnaaferii, moneta. 
mofidi manendi. 
mofist mojiaateiHis, 
mor. mortis. 
mor* morina. 
mora** moralitate. 
mora'^' moraliter. 
mo" monatmre. 
mo"' motiaaterxi, 
mo"" monaaterio. 
mor''"' mortaliter. 
mor™ moritios, 
mof moi-a,more, morirui, mortem, 

morlis morfalia. 
morliB mortaMaa, 
mo' modi us, 
m"" /Horfos. 
m°tat mortally. 
mou' movent ur. 
mo" molum. 
moe wiO)¥. 
moialis moiiialia. 
moitoio momtorio. 
most monstra. 

Latin Abbreviations. 

modu movendum. 

moi modi. 

moia monaster ia. 

moio tnonasteiio. 

mSis modis. 

mom monasterium. 

morii monasteni. 

morio monasierio. 

moru modorum. 

mdaViu manasterium. 

mustm iiioitaateriiim. 

mSji modoi'um, majorv/m. 

m' magisier, mater, materiaUter, 

m" matre. 

m'''' matriSf maforis, marti/i-is. 
mr martii, martyr. 

MT. wMfer. 

mti tfii'Wi. 
muTe munimne. 
mnltiplT muUipliciter. 

niTilti" multipUcari. 
nmlti'' mnUipUritsr. 
mu'' mutahilia, 
muSle fwanerc. 
mu" mutatio. 
mu"'' mutatione. 
mur mutaret. 
mu'' mutatvm. 
muicipli vmnicipali. 
a munitionem. 

tdmF mutatur, 

miiri mutari, 

m" muUipkx. 

m^ mandamus, mantis, mos. 

M. manerium, milk, milia. 

iiidax mendax, 

mdio^ tnedicus, 

mdiu medium. 

m. f. manerium francum. 

m. h. manerium hoc. 

m. % h. manerium et bereidea. 

& mah, manerium, morte. 

fii*'' manuaH. 

fiib" membra. 

&Vb membris. 

ffibra membra. 
Sibro viembro. 
ffibf fiiembrum. 
feces merces. 
moii Marcii, 
fiicis marda. 
rocurii Mercurii. 
fiidax mendax. 
mdi mundi. 
md"" mundano. 
ffi,do mundo. 
iad mundum. 
me medietate, mille. 
fegaitis margaritis. 
mg'" magiiitiidinis. 
ffig'tu* magnitudine. 
ffignJB magnis. 

The Record Interpreter. 

ffii; mag ill ev. 

ihlti' miiltipliciter. 

(ag' magixter. 

inltiB »i«/^(s. 

iujirat magUtratum. 

miti" mulfiplicati. 

ili|ft magiiijicaf. 

mltitd" muUiliidimm. 

iTiiali iiKitn'moniali. 

uilti^ multiplex. 

iTiiie iiiffdiiiwtim. 

iaitoc miiltolies. 

fiiio matrimonio. 

mltoii multones. 

inia )Hfi'«, MJH»7's. 

fiiUope multopere. 

iuTa iiiiserkwdia. 

ffiltii iiiultum. 

ffilc »i«/(-f^ 

iult multum, multis. 

iBlo wafc. 

&}' nuUerialis, tnentalis. 

ihlem matenalem. 

Sit milliaria. 

ml"? mulierum. 

&\b. multa. 

fiili mafcriali. 

iSteji mulierum. 

fiilib} materialibm. 

mtm multum. 

ffilier MJH/ie/-. 

&\o multo. 

fhliB matoi'alis. 

mhr matenaliter, mulie}-. 

in 113 viilitem. 

mtri muKeri. 

ifili? mulierum. 

mm matnmonitim. 

ffilies mulicres. 
ihl"° multoliem, 
ffilta w«(/(fl. 
ihlti'^ mnltiplica. 
ffilti'"''^ muliiplieanfiir. 
inlti*"'' mttUiplieemini. 
inlti* nuiUitudinem. 

fi"" millesimo. 
mma murmara. 
mmiatr matnmonialiter. 
mmu'r murmuretur. 
mndi mundi. 
ffinf manenum. 

inltilo" muliiloquio. 

ffilti- multiludo. 

mii8''a memura. 
mo meo, monmtcrio. 

mlti"* mtdlimode, multiplieatione. 

&0B modos. 

inlti"in iinilliplicatiom-m. 

ffir magiater, mater. 

mltipd" mulHplicando. 

mra monstra. 

fliltiptr muUiplicitei: 

mrare monstrare. 

Latin Abhreviations. 

inrari mondrari. 

mr martyr. 

mraii monstravit. 

ffifs marcas, marlyris, mors. 

iBrcet marcet. 

SiB majestas, malerias, mens. 

mroh marckio. 

memis, meus. 

mrc marca. 

mstrat momirat. 

fiiruit tmrcesmt. 

mre ffwi^re. 

ffisa mensura. 

mrem matrem. 

msa menmram. 

mres martyres, matres. 

mtafiQ mutationem. 

inri TnagUtn,mariyri,mQitstrari. 

ffitat' muiatur. 

mrpj mairiinoitialibiis. 

fflta'' mentaliter. 

ffirices matrices. 

mted mittendm. 

ffirice matricem. 

mte menfein. 

ffirii martyrii. 

mtit^ mentitm. 

fliri'* matnmmiale. 

ffitit mmiitum. 

ffiri" matrimonio. 

fflt' m!«rf. 

ffl'*' majoria. 

mto mentio. 

Sam mariyria, matris. 

ax* mirifl, maxima. 

&nu martyrium. 

mx« »wmW. 

flirio" matrimonium. 

mxi' maximia. 

ffiiTo" matrimonio. 

i3ohetl° merchetis. 

i3ou" Mercmii. 

ffirloi" matriinoniali. 

nlcii Mereurii. 

mnoio matrimonio. 

midiou meiidionialis. 
mito merito. 
mito* meritoi-iam. 

Sam. tnarfyrium, martyrum, 

ffima materna. 

mito' meritorim, meritorte. 

Sao magistro. 

mitor' meritoria. 

Saona matrom. 

mix meritis. 

Sat martyris. 

ml^ mei'kngis. 

filrum martyrum. 

mu' meruit. 

Sa^ marcarum. 


The Record Interpreter. 


N. cnimy natus, nee, nepos 


naa fkz/dr. 

tisy nimisy nm^ 

nobilisy nohiSy 

nat naturalis. 

nomen, nomtney nouy nona- 
(jintay nonasy nostery notUy 
notuniy NovemhriSy nullusy 

nam naturam. 
n® ;iec, n?/w^. 
n^e w^(?w^. 

n* naturtty nostra^ i 

nota, nulla. 

n^5 neenon. 

n^alifl naturalis. 

ncca necessaria. 

n^ naturam. 

n. e. non es^. 

naxr narratur. 
narro narratio. 

n® naturcBy neeessey neque. 
nee**® neeessitate. 

nasfief* nasceretur. 
na*® nativitate. 

neee* neeessaria. 
nee**3 nec^ssitatibm. 

nHe^ nullatenus. 
na*^ nativitatia. 

nee^® neeessaricBy neeessaf^ie. 
nee^*® necessitate. 

natiu*'® nativitatis. 

nec°^ necessarium. 

natiat* naUvitatis. 

necn neenon. 

natio nativo. 


necas necessitas. 

nata naturam. 

nece neeesse. 

na? natmtaa. 

necie neeessaricB, necessai*ie. 

na?e naturce. 

neciiB necessariis. 

na?s nativus. 

nec^*® necessitate. 

nat*° nativitate. 

nec^*' necessitatis. 

nauib} navibus. 

nec^ necessarium. 

nau*^° navigahik. 

neco necessario. 

nauiu navium. 

necs necessariusy necessitas. 

nau wfl^t7«. 

nectf necessitatis. 

nfiura natiira. 

ne^' negandiim. 

Latin Abh-eviations, 

ned nedum. 

negtia neghgentia, 

Degtnt negligunt. 

neg rtegotiU, mgoHum. 

nega negotia. 

negat negotiat. 

n^do fiegando, negoiiando. 

n^m negotium, 

n^o negotio, 

ne"' nemini. 

nem neniKS. 

ne" negatio, negolio. 

ne""^ negaiionlbus, ncmoiib 

neq'q' nequaquam. 

neq nejwc. 

neqo nequeo. 

neqj ««j!/«. 

ne' negatur. 

neec nesciunt. 
ne*' necessitate. 
ne"* negativa. 
ne" negative. 
ne"' negativum. 
neii neuter. 
neiuf neminia. 

ueo »«ffu>. 
ne B«j(«. 

ncaadu negandum. 
nci nemini. 
ncnt neganl. 

nen negart. 

Dcti" negativum, 

neti" negativum. 

net' negatur. 

n' m'AtV, Mt'st. 

nichilo^ nichtlominus. 

niohildP nichihminus. 

nioh"'^ nie/iifominus. 

niob nickil. 

nichle^ nichiUmiinua. 

niehsi^ nichihminvs. 

nig'do nigredo. 

nig^diB nigredinis. 

nig^ati nigredinem. 

nig'sc nigrescit, 

nig'do nigritude. 

nig'difi nigritiidinis. 

nigd nigredinem. 

nih «iA(7- 

n'o^ nihilominus. 

n' nt'At"/. 

n'" fti7(i/o. 

n'o^ iiihilominm. 

n'omi^ nihilominus, 

n'oP nihilominus. 

n™ nullum. 

nn. wos^n', nostrorum, numeri. 

n" Momc«. 

no. n^ts, nomen, nostro, novw. 

n" nocturiw, nulla, numciv. 

no'ndu notandum.- 
nobit nobilis. 


The Record Interpreter. 

nobi°* nobilissimum, 

not) nobin, 

nobc nobiacum. 

noB~ nobiliora, 

noco^° notionale, 

no*^° nolendo. 

no*^' nofandum. 

no° no?mne. 

no*** nominis. 

noia nomiiia, 

noia° nominatio. 

no'iat' nominatur. 

nolo nomine. 

no^° nobile. 

nole"^ nolenteniy nolentmm, 

no"* nobiliSy notabilis, 

no^' nobilis. 

no^'^ notabiliter, 

nott nolunt. 

nomie nomine. 

jjQmus nobilissimm. 

noin nomen. 
no^b3 ^^ominibus. 
non. nonas, nonts. 
no*^ nomen. 
nonag® nonagesimo. 
n°° ww/fo moc?o. 
n°o ww7fo moc?o. 
no**^ nobilior. 
no^ notatur. 
no'* nobiliora. 
no"^^ notarius. 
nor notarius. 

nos no8tei\ 

noW^ notarius. 

notat' notatur. 

notaa notata. 

noth^ nothus. 

noti* notitia. 

notio" notities. 

nof no^a^, notatis. 

noW^ notionale. 

nou Novembris. 

nouitf nove^ntis. 

nouit noveritis. 

no no;t, 

noalo novale. 

noalia novalia. 

nodu nondum. 

noiti nominati, 

noiti°^ nominativum. 

noa nomina. 

noale nominale. 

nobit notabilis. 

nobi' notabiliter. 

nobr Novemhis. 

nofetr notabiliter. 

ndi nomini. 

n6ib3 nominibus. 

noio nomine. 

nois nominis. 

nolo nominatio, nominqtivo. 

non"* notandum. 

nont notant. 

nont notanter. 

Zalin Abbreviations. 

nSri mstri. 

nnpa nupttas. 

none mtosHe. 

nup? nuptiarum. 

noroj nostrormn. 

nor notariis, notam. 

nus nonas. 

nut't ww^if'*. 

notr noatris. 

nuf'e nutritive. 

no9 iumter. 

nut'fa mtritura. 

nof nomrum. 

nut't nutrimentum. 

nut"'" nutriinento. 

nr. noater. 

nutKa nutntiva. 

n' naturaliter, noscitur, noster. 

nut"'' nutnuntur. 

!!'■» natura. 

nu*f nuncielis. 

nra itoa^m. 

nu^ »Kmc,-«s. 

nia nostram. 

nua numina, nuneia. 

nre nos^rtB. 

nuoi^ nuncius. 

nri Jios^n. 

nucq mnquam. 

nrm nos/rum. . 

nuoti^ nuncius. 

nfo noa^ro. 

nuen numerentur. 

nro" nostromm. 

niimu nummum. 

nfor mstrorum. 

numof mmmorum. 

•aSof nostrorum. 

nuq nmnquid, nunquam. 

nrs nostris. 

nua''j mimvrabUihus. 

n* nutlus. 

nua" numeratio. 

n'' naturaliter. 

nua' numeraliter, nmneratttr. 

nullah nullatenm. 

niiat numeral. 

null' nuffifif. 

nuaf numeratur. 

uultr nulUter. 

nua numerare. 

num" numerum, nummum. 

nui numeri, nummi. 

nxan." nmiero. 

nuo numero. 

niifl numerus. 

nunc nuiiciante, nunciua. 

nj nejei, nejw. 

nu" namero. 

n^ nullua. 

The Record Interpreter. 

n^Q^ mtsgitam. 

iid^ norfus. 

n®q nuaqitam. 

fid MerfMwi, nondum. 

N. nonaginta milia, 90000. 

he natvrts. 

ne naluree. 

ni nemini, nosti-i. 

am. Humerum. 

iiiB Jiimis, notionk. 

nu nomen. 

iiiu HimiuOT. 

nn neenon. 

nli naturali. 

S enim, nattta, nee, nepos, neptia, 

fiUa ««/^a. 

nisi, nobilis, nobis, nomen, 

filiate^ nullatenus. 

non, nonas, nosier, nota. 

fiUi MMffi. 

mlum, Novcmbris. 

nlli^ nM«m. 

a& nalura. 

nllo" »mW() m«fo. 

Kale naluralem. 

nll^ ««//m 

iiatr mturaliter. 

nlhn ««//«»). 

na" mrratw. 

nUfl mh/Zms. 

na"™ naiTationem. 

fi'5 «iAj7«»t. 

iia' naturaliter. 

at naturalis. 

fla'' naturaliter. 

fiir naturaliter. 

fi* nattiram. 

ara naturam, nostrum. 

na nattiram. 

nmno nomine. 

iibt nobilis. 

nnas nonas, nonnas. 

n'*j naturalibus. 

lib HoSis. 

riiie MOB(E, jjotinw. 

no »M«<7. 

no niAito. 

fic* neeessaria'. 

n" «o^w. 

ilecai^ necesaarim. 

fiqua nunquam. 

fioeii neeesmiafem. 

nq numquid, nunquam, nmquam. 

ficee necesse, necessitate. 

fir noMi^wr, wosfer. 

fioSia neeessaria. 

lira natura, nostra. 

iicas nuncians. 

ns naittfaa, mos, num^us. 

h<f neeessariis. 

nara nosA-«. 

iidii Mcrf!(w, nondum. 

iistnim nostrum. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


□strs nostria. 
ntia nuncia. 
fiti" nitUur. 
ntitas nativiias. 
ntm TwmitMtivum. 
ntra nostra. 

iitrs nostris. 
nu nu»teru»i. 

n? naturarum, nosirum, nostra- 

0. ofiiVi, oitius, obolus, officium, 

oblig"" obligatio. 

olla, omega, on 


oblig' obUgatione. 

oportei, oplimo 

oratio, ordi- 

obtm ot&ium, obolum. 

T. Ofaimritim. 

obto ofiiito, oJofo. 

o' omnia. 

obtoe oblatione. 

ob'o objeeto. 
ob'^of objectorum. 

obto" oblationem. 

obtone oblatione. 

obed obedientia. 

obtonib} oblationibu^. 

obedie obedientuB. 

obetn obstantibua. 

obe"' obediena. 

obs oJstoi;. 

obe oJes^. 

ob» £)6»(. 

obee oftessc. 

ob»^ ofiAjra^iM. 

obeie obedientm. 

ob objicitur, obitus, ablatio, obo- 

obi'' objecttim. 


obio o^wjY. 

oba o^ecta. 

oygo obUgatio. 

otiaa obliquas. 

obiM oSiswi. 

otiene obedientia. 

obi ot^ec/j. 


The Record Interpreter. 

obia obedientia. 

ofiE^t o/er^. 

obiariiiR obedientiarius. 

off^* offidalis. 

obie obedienticB, 

offa officia, officina. 

obm objedum. 

oili^ offidum. 

obo objedo, objicio. 

of f m offidum. 

obr objicitur. 

of fo ()^t?eo. 

ob* objicit, obtinuit. 

0^ ofet, owwe. 

dHim objedum. 

o^b omnibus. 

ocean occasione. 

o^in ommum. 

0001^^ occidentali. 

o^po* omnipotentia. 

ocoofi occasione. 

o^po^^ omnipotens. 

00003 occasiomm. 

o^u omnium. 

oocio occasio. 

oia omnia. 

oocltu occuUum. 

oib3 omnibus. 

oocn^^ occidentali. 

oim omnium. 

occns occidens. 

oioda omnimoda. 

oocnlis occidentalis. 

oiode omnimode. 

ooco occasio. 

oil o/m. 


oocoatr occasionaliter. 

ot oleum, olim. 

occoe occasione. 

6^ objectum, oleum, omnium, 

oocone occasione. 


oocpau* occupavit. 

om. 07nnem. 

00? octabas, odabis, Octobris. 

om* omnia. 

oota octava. 

0Tni8^^^ omissionisi 

oo?as octavos. 

omn* omnia. 

oclo ocw/o. 

om omelia {homilia), omnis. 

octm oculum. 

oma omnia. 

odi^' odibilis. 

oma^ omniaque. 

odo odorem. 

omb} omnibus. 

od odium, odoris. 

omi omwt. 

odo oc^^'o. 

omipi omnipotenti. 

0° o;ww^. 

omips omnipotens. 

Latin AU 


89 ^1 

omifl hominis, omnis. 

oppo^ oppositorum. 


omp omnipotens. 

oppoito opposite. 

' ^H 

ompiB omnipotenHs. 

oppdB oppositoa. 


ofiipB omnipotens. 

oppt" opposiium. 


oms omneSf omnis. 

opp'' oppositum. 


on® onus. 

oppo oppositio. 


ons omnes, onus. 

op' oportet. 


oSa omra. 

optim^' optiniates. 


oSib3 oneribus. 

op"» opposilo modo. 


oSii onei-um. 

opt opijo. 


0° omnino, opinio, opposilio, ora- 

opl"'' optione. 



Op^ 0^!(8. 


0°ne orationem. 

op a q/)e;'(i. 


©"lUB orattonis. 

opa*"} opm-ationibm. 


op. q/)jnio, oportel, oppomtio, 

opaco operatio. 



opa" operatio. 


opco opi/o. 

opa"^ operatione. 


op" opii'me. 

opat^ operatur. 


opi. opiniones. 

op*' opei-andum. 


opibj qpei-ibus. 


opilaco oppihtio. 

opm operum. 


opito oppiMio. 

op" operant. 


opio opinio. 

opo operatio. 


op" qpposiium. 

opo° operationem. 


op" opinio, oppositio. 

opues operationes. 


op*^' opinionis, oppositionis. 

opom operationem. 


opp'mti opprimenii. 

opri operari. 


opp" opposifutn. 

opt ojm-tct. 


opp" oppositio, opposito. 

opte opeffe. 


oppo' opposita. 

optet oportet. 


oppo"'' oppositionis. 

optim^ opportunii-s. 


oppo'' o/iponiiiir. 

optu* oportiiit. 





The Record Interpreter. 

optua opportuna. 

optuo opportune. 

optuitas opportunitas. 

opo opinio. 

opom qpinionem. 

ops omnipotens. 

opt obtinet. 

opta opposita. 

opto opposito. 

opt omnipotens, oportet. 

opre qportere. 

0^ oneratur. 

ordico ordinatio. 

ordi° ordinatio. 

ordi*' ordinatum. 

ord° ordinatio. 

ord^ ordinatur. 

ord ordinis. 

ordi hordei. 

ordo ordinatio. 

orig*' originaliter. 

origf originis. 

ori^' originalia. 

orit^ oritur. 

or^® originate. 

or^^ ordinem. 

oroes orationes. 

orom orationem. 

or^® ordinare. 

orat^ ornatus. 

of or««, oratiOy orator. 

ores oratores. 

orib3 oratoribus. 

orno organo. 

ofo oratio. 

oro"* orationem. 

orri orm, omari, 

oft orwa^, 

of** ordinata. 

ofi^ ornatus. 

ofiun orato)nim. 

0^ omnes. 

oscla oscula. 

ostnd* ostendit. 

os?nd ostendit. 

ostng ostensum. 

ostn* ostendit. 

0* occurrity oportet, ostendit. 

Qtas oppositas. 

o*^ objectum, oppositum. 

o*f oppositis. 

03 oportet. 

oi^ oritur. 

onis own&. 

onio omnino. 

oa omnia, ora. 

ob} omnibus. 

oe oww^, or^. 

oem omnem. 

oes omnes. 

oe omnem. 

oi omw/. 

oia omnia. 

oib} omnibus. 

Latin Abbreviations. 

oida omnimoda, 
oie" orietttali. 
Big origo. 
oi" originali. 
oi° omnium, 
uun" omn\modo. 
oines origines. 
oino omnino. 
oipo* omngw^cn^w. 
Cip" (W»«i]pofe««. 
uipt omn^XT^en^. 
uipti omnipotenti. 
oi' oritur. 
oiB omnu. 
oi' omnibus. 
uium omnium. 
oiu' oriuntur. 
oiu omnium. 
oiuf or»M»ft<r. 
oio omnino. 
ondat ostendant. 
oade^ ostmdemus. 
ondit osimdit. 
ondo ostendo. 
ond* oslendit. 

onA osiendere, ostendit. 
Cndd" ostendendum. 
onde oatendere. 

ondet ostenderet. 
ond^ osiendiiur. 
oe' ostenditur. 
Ota oatendena. 
onsi" ogienst'iium, 
onsii ostenaum. 
ons osteTiaua. 
on* ostendit. 
oDtat Qs^en^^. 
ont(° oatendentia. 
ons ostendens. 
ont' oatenditur. 
oo omnino. 

opotetis omwywfeM/w. 

6pt omnipotena. 

3pta omnipotena. 

Gpns omnipotena. 

us omn^, omnis. 

ot occurrit, oportet, ostendit. 

dtas oppoaitaa. 

oti c^oaiti. 

oto Aorto, cfpposilo. 

oto" oj^sito modo, 

Btoji oppositorum. 

otuifc oportuit. 

otu oppoaitum. 

The Record Interpreter. 


T.pateat, patent, pater, pater- 
nitas, patet, per, pim, poai- 
moihim,postqiiam,pra: m ism, 
propositus, pr miens, prin- 
ceps, publicus, quadringenti. 

pa. passio, pater. 

p» parochia, persona, prima. 


pad** patiente. 

paoi"' patimtia. 

pao" patiente, 

pao"* patientia. ■ 

p*otica praetiea. 

pacia patimtia. 

pacore patientiorem. 

palff palfridus. 

^" passibilie. 

patiimi palatium. 


pa"™ paasiones. 

pa"' pattens. 

pa" passio. 

pa"'* paaswrna. 

pap" papam. 
pap /lapa. 
pai* parochia. 

parch^ parcm. 
paic parous, 
par" parochia, 
parlamtu parlamentum, 
paro"" parochialia. 
paro parochia. 
partib3 partibua. 
-par parochia. 
para parochia. 
pare parochits. 
pas' passim. 
pas" pasaibilis, 
pas" passio. 
pae' pasaus. 
paes^j j3(Mst'6!M. 
pass! passim. 

pasfa pastura, 
paet^agiu pasturagium, 
pas jxwszM. 
p*ta ^mfe. 
pat'a patria. 
pati''' patiendum. 
pafe patria. 
pat's patria. 
pHis pratis. 



^V Latin Abbreviations. 


""" pat^niu pafrocinium. 



ip&i pateai, pater. 

pe. ca. ;)tc«a canonica. 


paSa patientia. 

peccor peccaior. 


pa^uA patraim. 

peouia pemmia. 


pat pater. 

pecia pecunia. 


^a^ai paterfamilias. 

pelleff pellefridua. 


pa?nalr patemaliter. 

^eli pemt,pelkret. 


■pa"" passive. 



pe.'"' passim. 


paup pauper. 


pi^ii pravum. 

pea' penes. 


p*u^ pravus. 

pema&i pematas. 


p'xia praxis. 

p^ penes. 



pealio penultimo. 


p'Si-p6T pauper. 

p''poit^ prcepositm. 


■p'bT presbi/ter. 

pQi'-iti. petraria. 


p°catu peccatum. 

petico ;)e^i((o. 


■p'oa^ peccamtis. 



■ptoTB pectore. 

petijem petitionem. 


p=tu peccaium. 

pe^o petitio. 


1^^ pectus. 

peXonti petitionem. 


^coi peccati. 

petras penetrans. 



pett pet%mt. 


■pceai peccator. 

peitiJs pcenitens. 


pcoof peccatorum. 

peit^ penitus. 


pco3 peccatum. 

peiE paniiet. 


pee parochiep. 



^to pacto. 

petec Fentecostes. 





pe. peccatis. 

pea peiies, pcenas. 


pe'Iis pcenalis. 

peto peccaio. 


■pe"^ pcenah'ter. 

peint penetrant. 



The Record Interpreter. 

p'oe priorem. 

P'b primas, primis. 


phtus Philippm. 

piscab^i piacationibus. 

ph^ phtloaopkus. 

■piatAis. piscaria. 

pli FhiUppus. 

pist'nu pistrinum. 

pfta phUosopkia. 

p'stinu pristimm. 

plios. pAilosophue. 

■pisiu pisdum. 

fbs. pMlosophm. 

piiMoaif pilatwiarius. 

p* pii,primi,pndem,prini^patita. 



y^tm" primlio. 

pie*f pietatk. 

phia' primreiur. 

pig" pi^Tttm. 

p^\a> primvit. 


p^MBi^ primtw. 


fhi'^ privilegia. 


^•aHe/^ privilegia. 


pHiit prinlcifaim. 

p'mo primo. 

p'uitioa privilegiorum. 

■g^TC^ primus. 


■p^m" primlegio. 

p'ncitr primipaliter. 

p'u" primlio. 

i^c principalis,- principaliter. 

p'n' princ^ii. 


p'n" prineipem, principium. 


■p^n" principio. 


■p'a' principaliler. 

p^ prima. 

p^n^ prineipaHter. 

pi. placiium, plegti. 

pfi principia. 

pla" phneta. 

■p^tiii principali. 

p\&Z placitum, pladta. 

p'" ;iri»w, primario. 

placm placeam, placiium. 

p'oj ^nor«m. 

plae planetw. 


pie, p&He, 

Latin Abbreoiations, 95 ^^H 


■piim plurimum. ^^H 

■^\<i^s plebanus. 

ptiq^/mgue. ^^H 

^ie^" pleniiudo. 

piita^^cifa. ^^^^^^H 

pie. &. pktte Jidimus. 

piitaBj?^um^^({£. ^^^^^^^| 

■plsaai plemm. 

pHtis placitis. ^^^^^^H 

pltf*' plenitudinem . 

ptitf ;)&CT^is. ^^^^^H 

plerq plerumque. 

pli'f pluralitatia. ^^^H 

ipMt"' plenitudiiie. 

pjie plurimw, plunme. ^^H 

pleitu.* pletiitudine. 

ptm placitum, plamtrum, pie- ^^^M 

pleii plenum. 

giam, populum. ^^^ 

^'^ posaihili. 

phno plwno, plurimo, ^^^| 


phnq j^fi^'umgffe. ^^^H 


■p\T pluraliier. ^^^H 

■plu-Bir pliimliler. 

ptra^^ui'ti. ^^^H 

■pP phis. 

^ires plures. ^^H 

■pi placet, plegii. 

ph^^^unmum. ^^H 


pts puhna. ^^^H 


pHai)^/i£^fZ. ^^H 

■p\aF pluraliter. 

pttim^ pmnltimus. ^^H 

ptban^ plebanus. 

p. m. TiffssK^ mV/e, j)/.^ tiiemoniB, ^^H 

ji^ifs minus. ^^H 

ptbno phlam. 

p™ populum, pHmtim. ^^H 


pnia^(sniVenftfi. ^^H 

y^plebanm. ' 

pnioji^ pmiitentiarius. ^^H 

pte planeie. 

piil^iiemf^tmR. ^^| 


pEsjien^. ^^H 

pteta planeta. 

pntj30SSU»^. ^^H 

ptib} pluribua. 

V" Porro, pi-imo. ^H 

piles jj/wnefi. 

po' poientia. ^^^^k 


po^-j pombilibus. ^^^^H 

pliinft plurimn. 

pochaiK)c»/um. ^^^^^^^| 

ptimi plurimi. 


The Record Interpreter. 

po* potentiie. 

y&a, postea. 

po""" possessionem. 

po'^ posaibile, poientiak. 

po''' posaibilis, poteniialis. 

po™ posiiionem. 

pon''3 pontificalibus. 

pond ponderis. 

po"™ positianem. 

ponti'" pontificaiu. 

pon'" pontijicatu. 

pont^ ponlifcaiua. 

ponl poniifex, pontijimtns. 

ponr ^oni/M^M*'. 

pons ponentea, 

pont possuni. 

poli3 ponderai, ponderis. 

po" poiitio, possessio, 

■p°''primo modo. 

pop' pqpuli. 

pop' populiis. 

poplaris popuhris. 

popl^ populus. 

po' poiiatur, ponidei'. 

porco porlio. 

por° portio. 

poret' portarelur. 

po* potius. 

pos'" possibile. 

pos" possibilk. 

pos"' possessionem. 

posai" possibilia. 

poB d 7 / 
posB ^ 

posSp i 
posiiajjoa B 

pos ; u ^ 

poBpum poster urn. 

posuit posmrit. 

poaso possessio. 

poss" possessorio. 

poSsom possessionem. 

post possunt. 

potB"^ jjoientia. 

poten" potenda. 

pote' potens, polentvx. 

pote' potest, 

pofa pot lira. 

po'f positis, poteiitis. 

po?it poterit. 

po"' positivi. 

po"" posititum. 

p"! posterionun, priinorum. 

poere ponere. 

poi^ ponitiii: 

pot" pontificatus. 

podu postmodum. 

poe ponere, positione. 

poi positioni, posteriori, priori. 

pijib3 positiotiibus. 

jitii" posilio, posito. 

pSitie positive. 


Latin Ahh 



poitf posiias. 

p'\S^ purijieatmm. 

pTm^' principalis. 

pjn* polentia. 

p'isBim^ purissimus. 

pone possessionem, positionem. 

p'itas piiritas- 

SiuToa possessimis, posUioim. 

p'i'f ptiritaiis. 

■pont jKtentialis. 

priuiiiu pnvilegium. 

■pUn'^ possessionim. 

p^o ptiro. 

ponu possessionim. 

prollnB prohihens. 

poiiiifl potentiis. 

prot proptei: 

•poT possessor. 

p^p^afft pitipreatura. 

porio posnessorio. 

p'p'se puiprisce. 

pos potent ias. 

p'p''a purpura. 

put potest, poti/it. 

p'p'at^ purptiraliis. 


p'p'eP purpureus. 

pot' po?ittui: 

p'' priorissa. 

po"'^ posilimm. 

pr prmmissa, preabytei 

, proviso. 

pog potentianim. 

pf are patrare, pr<?stare. 

pp. paires, pedes, pei-petuum, 

pri presbijtei'i. 

. - 1 

pmsimiis, populm, prieposi- 

pro presbytero. 


' tus, principes, pmvinciw. 

pe. postscr/ptim. 


p. p. professor puhlicus. 

paal?iu psalteriiim. 


pp propositus. 

pas. postscriptis. 


p?t postqmm. 

P^ post, potest. 



p*q postquam. 


ptbt pivaiyter. 

p^t&s potestas. 



pu"^ pura, puta. 



puh-" publico. 


prgb. preabi/ier. 

puh"' pulilicum. 


p'gaSo piirgatio. 

pnh publieus. 


p'ga,^ purgalur. 

pu'^" publiea. 


p'g^du piirgandiim. 

pu.'^* publice. 


prgo'm pui-gationem. 

pu™ publico. 


p'grim ptirgittiunem. 

pu'' publicum. 


priS pridie. 

p^de* prndcntia. 




The Record Interpreter. 

p''de'' prudeiitim. 

p^den prudetts, prudentia. 

pud pudica. 

p"dr pnidmter. 

puelt puelh. 

puei' piteritia. 

pugni" punitio. 

pug' pugnantia. 

purp^sfa putprettura. 

pur J) « rijication is. 

put*die puirediiie. 

puire punire. 

puit"' puniiwus. 

piiias"' pumsimm. 

puitas ptiHtas. 


puu puerum, 

p® posi, primus. 

p^ea postea. 

p^q post quant. 

p^Bim-^ posstmus. 

p^Slt ^OMli. 

p^si" possibiiiler. 
-p^flit possint. 
P^b' possii. 
p^ posset, possunt. 
p^st possunt. 
p^t*m postremum. 

p^tmo postmodum. 
jiHf posteris. 
p^tulau* pobtidatit. 

p^tuto postulatio. 

p^gat^ postergatus. 


p^?i^ posterim. 

p^t posuit. 

p^iiut posueittnt. 

p^? posterorum. 

P3 jJafe^ 

p ^r, ;«r, /)«■- 

p* persona, 

pab' parabit, 

^ahui parahuni. 

padisu paradistim. 

pafna parapherna. 

pagiu paragium. 

pag' peragitur. 

palipom Paralipomenon. 

p'lifi personalis. 

p*!' personaliter, 

pa'' paratur. 

p" personas. 

patu paratum. 

ptii jjersoMoiwm. 

pa personam. 

p^ partibus. 

peep'' perceptibiUs. 

poep' perc^tio. 

poedo parcendo. 

fOes parcens. 

poi^° percipiendo, 

poiu partium. 

pcoji parcorum, porcortim. 

Latin Ahhreviations. 99 ^^H 

^oas parens, porciis. 

pfQinu per/ecfmima. ^^^| 

-pouoV'i percuncta/i. 

pgit^i'«-j/!''"-- ^^1 

go^ parous, parens. 

pgt i)erffe(, jjerjii!. ^^1 

yc pm-eipiendo, perci2»enle. 

Pgat^jci-^UR^. ^^H 


y'^nt pergunt. ^^^H 

ycsio percmsio. 

phendi^e perendinare. ^^^H 

pcBor percussor. 

pliend perendinantiiim, perendi- ^^^H 

pctari percunetari. 


pdco perditio. 

pheaiE perennts. ^^^H 
pbib perhibet. ^^^| 

ySico perditio. 

P^t^a^ pej-endinando. ^^H 

pdi^ perditu): 

p^ndat' perendinatiir. ^^^M 

pd" pei'ditio. 


■y^ perdit. 



$iei perieulis. ^^^^^^H 


pic^m peiHeulum. ^^^^^^^^| 


perieulo. ^^^^^^H 

peg'n^ peregnmis. 

piini''^er!mi7Mr. ^^^^^^B 

pemp? peremptorie. 

T^m perinde. ^^^H 

yeat parenium. 

p'>erM!(/s. ^^1 

pepto" peremptorium. 

pit par//, j:)^riV. ^^^H 

■g^ parens. 

pitia j)ei'<V»7. ^^^H 

yliei parents. 

pit' pariter, paritut: ^^^H 

pet" parentis. 

pif a paritura, peritura. ^^^H 

ficB, per/ecia. 

$^ pariter. ^^^H 

yice per/ecte. 

piOps paiiiceps. ^^^H 

pf cis° perfeetissime. 

pipes pariicipes. ^^^H 

$tcTD. perfectum. 

plathtu parUamentum. ^^^H 

pf cor per/ectior. 

pie persomk. ^^^^^^^^ 

pfc^ perfeciwt. 

^Ma personalis. ^^^^^^^| 

pfioied perficiendum. 


fR?e pmifhere. 

pm -^^^^^1 

^fo" perfectmit. 

pmp ^^^^^^^1 

" 1 

The Record Interpreter. 

pm*te permitir. 

ps pars, personas, personis. 

pmu" permutabilU. 

p' paries. 

fma" permidaiur. 

pseq' persecutio, persequendo. 

^mpi peremptorie. 

pseqo persecutio. 

p'^ persona. 


pHs parens. 

j^Boir personaliter. 

Tphl parentes,parcnfum. 

j^aouB.' personaliter. 

■^^^ parochialk. 

paoa persona. 

^(A parockialis. 

fBOT personaliter. 

p^nis personis. 

pso^ personanwi. 

poa persona. 

fsH'^ perstitisse. 

fdm personam. 

psuaipers uambilis. 

f-peP perpetua. 

pta poi-la. 

ppe^ perpetuw, peipetue. 

ptVitare, pertractare. 

y^ perpetttum. 

gtaxe portare. 

ppe" perpetuo. 

pt""} partibm. 

^^^'^ perpendiculans. 

T^ii parti. 

ppeft peipetrat. 

ptib} partibm. 

ppatta. perpelrata. 

pticip" partieipaiio. 

pphn per pkgium. 

ptie" patiicipium, particulatim. 

ppa perperam. 



ptictr pariiculariter. 

ppi" pariieipium. 

pti^ particula. 

ppfto perpetrato. 

pti'' partialis. 

ppuo perpetuo. 

pti"* parlicipatione. 

ppuu perpetuum. 

ptine' pertinentia. 

pqres perquirem. 

ptinetibj pcrtinentibus. 

p' pariter, paritur. 

ptin pertinenciis, petiinet. 

p'^* pardcularia. 

ptinoiis pertinenciis. 

prot parockialis. 

pti"'" participationem. 

pr personarum. 

pti"' pariiculariter, partitur. 

pra parochia. 

^tire par tire. 


Latin Abbreviations. 101 ^^H 

^^" pariicipare. 

p°' publica. ^^^H 

ytiF' particiiiam. 

P^ca»^e««»(e». ^H 

pti'' partialiier. 

pco" peecatum. ^^^^^^M 

^Mi^ pariitus. 




ptioiiB pertinenciis. 

pecajieccflto. ^^^H 

pt" partem, portiiim, partim, 

pocm^ecoi^Hm. ^^^H 


pcco^ peeeatorum. ^^H 

pfta"* perturbator. 

pctaiiuncfa. ^^H 

ptftare pertractare. 

pcto peecato, puncio. ^^H 

pt' partis. 

p°'"iwi^li?U8. ^^H 

fi^ partus. 

pUptmcta. ^H 

pf pertinet. 

pcoa practica. ^^^H 

ptbat' perturbatur. 

puc™ peecatum. ^^^H 

pt persona tiler. 

pco3 peecatum. ^^H 

puenJit pervenerii. 

pctu^ecca^um. ^H 

fum partim. 

pci{ peccaUs. ^^| 

puiJ parvulis. 

pe pcencB. ^^^^^^^H 

puu parvum. 


pu^ ^niM. 




pensiiffiniYens. ^^^^^^H 

pSs^ percenm. 


P3 j)0)-e*. 

piddii pQSsidendwm. ^^^H 

pjjos^, jjoies^ 

plc^jiiufe^re. ^^^^^^H 

p» ;itBH«, ^osfra. 

ploer pulcher. ^^^^^^^^H 


ploh°' pulchrum. H^^^^^H 

pb" publico, pubHce. 

plcri"'^ pitlchritu^im. ^^| 


p'= possibile, prmdieabile, prinei- ^^| 

f\mo pvblicatio. 

p"' possibilis, prwdicabilts, prin- ^^| 

^"(a presbyter. 

cipalis. ^^^^ 

T/ie Record Interpreter. 

pUiiilas pc/'iculas. 


f^' possibilis, prfsdicabilis, prin- 

piia ptsnitentia, prmentia. 


pnia panitentia. 

yM^ penultima. 

pniari^ pcenilentiariM. 


pfiie pcenitentix. 

pm^ possmms. 

piif nt penetrant. 



pn' poenitentia, pr(Baentia, prin- 

pone position. 


f" possessoj; posterior. 

pa"^' paniientialis, principalis. 

pOT prioribus. 

pnat panalis. 


pn''^ pnncipibm. 


pnoi* principia. 


pnoia'' pm&mtialiter. 

pplice publice. 

pnci" pritwipalis. 

pp\i^ puhlictis. 

pnoi" principium. 


pnci" pn'ncipum. 

pp™ papam, populum. 

pndiu prandium. 

pp" populo. 


pp^ populaa. 

j5n'° principio. 

pplifl papalis, populis. 

pn'" principalior. 

pniter pceniteret . 

pplo populo. 

pnites panitena. 


pnTlis pcBttitentialis, priwsipalit. 

ppis populm. 

pnili? pcenitentialiier. 

PT pater. 

pn^' pritieipak. 

pr- prceierea. 

pi}}^' principalis. 


^jif'' principaliter. 

prand patrandtm. 

pn" principio. 

pT&^ palratur. 

pns prtBsem. 

pran. patrari. 

pnsat' pensatat. 

pre patre. 


p" poster iore. 

pte potestate. ^^H 

pres patres. 

pteViia^e&t^. ^H 


piet paf«^. ^^H 


pie^patebii. ^H 

p'^ poateriori. 

p^tia poteatatis. ^^^M 

pria patria. 

ptait patuit. ^^^^^^^^^ 

prib3 palribus. 

pEis potestatis. ^^^^^^^^| 

prie patruE. 

pCtaa^o^e^^. ^^^^^^H 

f^^i pluries. 

pm^ paternm. ^^H 

pri5i3 patrimonmm. 

pue parvm, parve, prarw, prave. ^^H 

pri''iiiii patrimonium. 

piule'j7nVj%^/a. ^^^| 

pTMle patrimoniale. 

poit privikgium, ^^^| 

pmo patemo. 

puitios privilegiorum. ^^^| 

pmus paterims. 

puitiu privilegiiim. ^^^| 

pm pater mim. 

pui" privilegiiim. ^^H 

pToohia. parochia. 

puo? parvoram, pravorttm. ^^| 

prooiniu patroviiiium. 

pu^^ari^ifs, pnrrus. ^^H 

pron® pafronm. 

p prte, pretktm. ^^^| 

proa patrona. 

pabef prmhabelttr. ^^H 

pr" palernilas, pafHs. 

pabit^ pr(eJiabitits. ^^^| 

pTu.e\iB palriieiis. 

pall'' prwallegata, ^^^| 

pru^ pairuus. 

pbeda prmbemla. ^^| 

p''" ;)?iwes. 

pbedari^ prwieiidwki-s. ^^H 

p30 possessio. 

pbtd })rmbcndam, prfEbendum. ^^| 

pam posseasione. 

^uis pr(edicabiUs. ^^M 

pt pa^e^, pos;, pofes^. 

^b) pmhet. ^^H 

pt&^ potestafe. 

^ prmbet, presbyter, ^^^| 

ptas potestas. 

pBaiirfsi^ra. ^^H 

pta.* portemitjpjteaentavit. 

pbi''3 prmdieabiiibua. ^^H 

ptat* potestatim. 

pbnda }>rmbmda. ^^^H 

pt&iS poiesfatem. 

pbn'" pitebendis. ^^^^^^^H 

ptatf poiestaiix. 

pbQs piuebmis. ^^^^^^^H 

The Record Interpreter. 

pbntis prtFbeniiB. 
pbr presbf/ter. 
pbrQ presbt/terum. 
pb% preebeni. 
pcaco preptficaiio. 
poaiii prtecaveri. 
po6*'5 prcecedentibus. 

pcfsp'^ prtecepfa. 
^cep" pr^ceptum. 
pcepm prtBcepttim. 
poe" prcecedere. 
poe* prcBcedit. 
poe*' preecedenii. 
pei* prwcipue, prtecUe. 
pcioB^ pretiosua. 
pcip" prtEcipue. 
poipi** prcBcipietido. 
poipr prmcipiiur, 
poi^ priBCipitar. 
pciu preiium. 
poog" prtEOognitio. 
po" prtedicamenta. 
pcS precum. 
pc praeeptum. 

pco prtsdicatio. 
pcom prtsdieationem. 
pcti pradicati, 
pda prcBda. 
pdat^ prtedaius. 
pdca prmdicta. 

pdcm prcedictum. 
pdcua pradicina. 
pdesti'dfl prtedestinationis. 

pdeuare prmdeterminare. 
pdetmiare prredeterminare. 
pdi*"} pi-wdkabiUhns. 
pdica"'f prfpdicamcniU. 
pdii^o prcedicatio, 
pdiet^ prcBdictua. 
pditois prcEdikctis. 
^ditou prmdikdum. 
pdi" prwdictto. 
pdi" prfedicare. 
pdi'f privdkamenik. 
pdia pre^dicatorum. 
pdolari pr^otninari. 
p^' prteiiofniidiim. 

pdm prcedium. 
pdmm prmdominantia. 
pdo8 prmdktos. 

pdr preBdiciiur. 
pemi* prmemin^ntia. 
^est prcBest. 
pexpts prceexperta. 
^exns pr(Eexiaten». 
pe prtseat, 
pee prceesae. 

pf af prt^aias. 

Latin Abbreviations. 105 ^^H 

^tt' prtE/ei-tur. 

pnoe prwmmen. ^^H 

^gna" prcEgnantium. 

paoia^ prienommatis. ^^^M 

fignas prmgnam. 

pQS prtEsens. ^^^M 

^nieio prcBcognitio. 

pnse prmtense. ^^H 

^i" prrscogmtio. 

pDta'' pr<esentatur, prtescntia- ^^H 

^n" prteeognitio. 


^ta. prmkabila. 

pntatf primentatis. ^^^H 


pntatr' pnsseniatua. ^^^H 

^iBBO. prcemissa. 

pnf^ prcesetilibm. ^^^| 

^sm prtemissis. 

pnte j)rrese»^. ^^^H 

piss pramism, pi-tmntasis. 

pnt''i'r^e»^i>. ^^| 

^itti' prcemiUilur. 

pnte'' ^r<ES£/i ^e^ui-. ^^H 

§\iU^ pnelibatus. 

piitei)r(es£H^em. ^^H 

^ pradicabilis. 

pnti prmenti, pmdicamenlt. ^^M 


^ntia pi-wseniia. ^^M 

^m'ico prcemotiitio. 

pntib} prwseniibus. ^^H 

^moatr Prmmonstratensk. 

pntie pi-cEseiiliip. ^^H 

pmta pr(Bdicamen ta . 

pntis prwueidis, prwdicatnentia. ^^^| 

pn' prxsentia. 

pnto prtedieamenfo. ^^^M 

pncia prwsenfia. 

pnt^ prcEsentibus. ^^^| 

^ncia'' prwaentialiter. 

potf^/'i^s^i^is. ^^^H 

^aoie prcesentiiB. 

pmo prwseniato. ^^^H 

^di pradicandi. 

pnuatf prwnttmeratU. ^^^H 

^nddt' preefenditur. 

pii prwsettfia, prcrsenitbus. ^^^| 

§sd\xt pra-tmduiit. 

pi'io'e prietiuntiare. ^^^H 

^sia, prtEsenfia. 

pncatjjrienun^uif. ^^H 

pn" prfeaentium. 

phiaj^riEsm^ta. ^^H 

pno principio. ^^H 

pn&^' prmnotandum. 

pons'! prxosteiisuri. ^^^| 

^no" prcBTwtniHe. 

ponsu prteoslenmm. ^^^| 

pno" pnenonmi. 

^p' pi-espositi. ^^^M 

pnoto pr(enotaio. 

pp"' praposiiua. ^^^^ 

The Record Interpreter. 

^po^" praponmdo. 

^T6' priBdicaretar. 

^po' pr<^)08itu. 

^n prodicari. 

^poS prt^Kiitua. 

^nta prtBterito. 

§pdt' pr(eponatur. 

proga* prtsrogatim. 

^pdi propositi. 

^s^Z prosentibua. 

^pu\iB prtEpositue. 

psb presbyter. 

^shi presbyteri. 

^ptm prapoaiium. 

^s'^T presbyter. 

^Ib prr^oaitua. 

pao'p" prescriptio. 

^p^ propositus. 

psorip''3 prmcripiionibus. 

ppab* pr<pparabit. 

^scUe pnescribitur. 

ppiii;o prtpparatio. 

^xia. proscientia. 

pscpco praacriptio. 

ppare praparare. 

§e^ prascrariiito. 

ppatu prixparatum. 

p" ^rtwtse. 

ppaui pr^aravi. 


pisenca pmscwfta. 

p^ propositi. 


^it^ pnBposittu. 



§pa propositus. 

paetiatr ^r(Egen^ft'(er. 

pse prtBsepe. 

ppti propositi. 

^'^' prtsmissis. 

^pi\& pri^iositis. 

^miB. prcesentia. 

ppto prceposito. 


pptS prwposifum. 

pBsoj prcBmissorum. 

pppo propropero. 


pstaco prostaiio. 

pi* proterea. 

^stas prostans. 


pstate prmtantem. 

Latin Ahhreviations. 107 ^^| 

^sii} prmstitU. 

p'tq prxterquam. ^^^^ 

^atif" pr(esliitm. 

^t prater. ^^^^| 

pauit' prmsumiiui: 

p¥ea prmterea. -^^^^^^J 

psup" prmsumptio. 

^^ib'^ ^^^^^H 

p¥i'°i')VB^7Yuffi. ^^^^^^H 

^'Sos praisem. 
flgnte prmsente. 
fJsppit prmupponit. 
■ pgppto prmsitpposito, 
^st pmsiei, prmunf. 
^Sti priBseriim. 

^^i" prcBterilo. ^^^^H 

P?itp™fej'H^,ijra^«-iV. ^^1 

p^ite prmteritia. ^^| 
^^mi" pmtermittere. ^^H 
p tq praterquam. ^^^| 

^SiM' prcBsermre. 
^^ pr<esertim. 

puei' prcBvenire. ^^H 

pueief prcBveniente. ^^H 

^IxLa." prasermre. 

pj; prcsdicatorum. ^^^^k 


p ^^^^^B 



^» pmdieamenta. 

pbaco praiaf/o. ^^^^^^^^| 

^ixB. pi-aterea. 

pba'* prohabik. ^^^^^^H 

^{si prcBteritum. 

pba° probafio. ^^H 

pt" prtsdicafifm, pmteriium. 

pba' probabiUlei; probatui: ^^H 

pt" prtedkato, preeterito. 

pbat pmbaf. ^^H 

^t°io prwtofio. 

pbat probatum. ^^H 

^to'^ prwlorem. 

pba'' probantar. ^^H 

^toT pmf or. 
p*"' prwdieatm: 
pt' prtBdicatur. 
^ta piiBdicatum. 

pbe''prade;ur. ^^H 
pbe probem. ^^^H 
pbi probi. ^^^H 

^ priBteriU. 

pV probatio. ^^^H 

^s. prcBterea. 

pbon probationum. ^^^^^^^H 

^ea prcBterea. 

pbosj>;-oto. ^^^^^^H 

pH" praieritum. 

pboe^f-o^^ume. ^^^^^^H 

pa" prcEterito. 

pbom pTobafiomm. ^^^^^^B 

^tu prceterilum. 

pbu probum. ^^H 

The Record Interpreter. 

pb' prohus. 

pc procurator. 

pbji probrum. 

pcaco procuratio. 

ftprobat, probavit, probi,probos. 

pcare procurare. 

fl^oies probatores. 

peat procurat. 

p^r pivbabililer. 

pc*and procreandis. 

pcef procurelur. 

po*at proereai. 

pel procul. 

poe** procedendo. 

pco probatio. 

poeSd procedendum. 

per e procurare. 

poe'" processjim. 

piiea proeeres. 

^oeP^ procedunl. 

p8ib3 proceribm. 

pceP*^ procedeniis. 

p8u procerum. 

pee' proceditur. 

p(^u\ proconsul. 

poeres procerea. 

pd'tu productum. 

poerib3 proceribm. 

pda^ prodeat. 

poe' procedit. 


poep procerum. 

pdi" pi-oditio. 

potare prochmare. 


peio proclamatio. 


$(X>i proconim. 

pdu'*' producendum. 

po^aHu procuraiorium. 

pdu' producuntur. 

p^io procuratorio. 

pc'ium procurafm-ium. 

pdcm productum. 

por proci-eati. 

pdc^ productus. 

pcuraii proeurationis. 

pdt pr'odunt. 

poiir"riu procuraiorium. 


^fsaS procurator. 

p™ propterea. 

pfco profecto. 

pevac procuratorem. 

pfcom pro/ectionem. 

pcurio procuratorio. 


pouHea prociiralores. 

pfB.' pro/eralur. 


pfo" prqfesaionem. 

Latin Abbreviations. 

pfoji prqfesaorum. 

pndu probandum. 

pfri proferri. 

p-aP- pronomen. 

pf f prqfertur. 

pno* pronomine. 

pg*88u progresmm. 


pgd' p rogredit u r. 

pnuciaco pronunciatio. 

p^o progressio. 

pnuc" prommdatio. 

l^he" prooemio. 

pae pronutw. 

phsia proe^nium. 

pnt probant. 

jfhcs prohiherea. 

pntiare pronuntiare. 

phico proMbitio. 

p° probatio, probo, propositio. 

phicom prohibitionem. 

p°'°^ prolationcm. 

phi" prohibere. 

p*° probatione. 

:gh.' prohibetur. 

pp» propria, propterea. 

ph prohibei. 


pti& propheta. 

ppefi propterea. 

phet prokibet. 

pptia prophefa. 

pWM prokibiium. 


phndo prokibendo. 

pp'a. propria. 

pfin'' prohibentui: 

pp'e propiitB, proprie. 


pp'et" proprietatum. 


pp'i proprii. 


ppime proprissime. 

p'o propjio. 

ppm' propinquior. 

p^m praprius. 

pph propria. 


p-phas praprieias. 

pva. proxima. 

ppit'e proprietate. 

pi prolis. 

pp'u proprium. 

ptr probabiliter. 

pp" proprium. 

pmpt^ promptus. 

pp" propositio, proposito. 

pra^e promitiere. 

ppoc propter hoc. 

p ih pro man&rio. 

ppo™" propoiitionem. 

pthtes promittens. 

ppo'*"} proposiliombm. 

The Record Interpreter. 

^^o'^ _p}0])osttwniim,prQp09itttm. 

ppnq" propinqm. 

^ponr proponuniut 

ppo propodtio, pwpHo. 

p^OTciot J)} oj}ottto»abiliier. 

ppr propter. 

ppoi^t j3ropo?-itonahter. 

pps proprim. 

fipor"''" proportionalis. 

pp'e proprietate. 

|,pojo>m proportionem. 

pp" propomio. 

;)por'* proportimata. 

ppto prompto. 

j^posse proposse. 

p' probabiUter, probalur, proro- 

f-po'"' proponuniur. 


ppo prqposilicnfm. 

pre probare, procurare. 

ppoi" propositum. 

pri probari, procurari. 

ppuis propositionis. 

prB^ prorstis. 

ppoitu propoaitum. 

gi^ proraus. 

ppo' proponiiur. 


fpot proponatf prcponit. 

pae' prosequitur. 

ppria propria. 

pB^ prosequi. 

pprie propritB, propric. 

psp prosper. 

ppr°Qe proportione. 

pSpa jirospera. 

pepi^ prosperius. 

pptu promptum. 

ps tt^ proatratus. 

^pi^ promptia. 

^-pioT promptior. 


pp^ propter. 


p-^Qs, propterea. 

pil" protesiata. 

^p^ pvoprim. 

pt']i\ a protrahere. 

p$axe properare. 

piecX: protectio. 

ppat properani. 

ptest^'j proteatationibm. 

fV propter. 

pic^ protenm. 

ppe''} proprietaHbm. 

pthom protomartpr. 

^pe^ proprietas. 

pthoh protonotarius. 

ppe" proprietate. 

ptor pyoleatator, protestor. 

pf prohatur, prorogntur^ pro- 

ppiis propnis. 

iestiiiiir, proleafor, /irotttr- 

ppifl propriia. 



Latin Abbreviations . 


ptu pi'obalum. 

guid' e providei-e. 


^*i prout patet. 

piuoia provincm. 

pi proieciio. 

puSne proveniionem, pi-ovoca- ^^| 

pEH protrdhi. 



p to probaiio. 



pl>'" proleslalur, proturbattir. 

put} prout patei. 


p tula protervia. 




ps." pii-oxima. 


pruia jfi-oterria. 

psi" primma. 


piu^ proterviier. 

psi" proxime. 


j^xiiea protermias. 

psi"^ proximum. 

pxift proxima. 


pueS proventm. 

pi"" proximum. 


p-asf provmit 

px" proximo. 



px proximus. 


piii probam, protervi. 

pxi proximi. 


puiden" providentia. 

pxm proximum. 




Q. cur, qua, quacmique, qvw. 

q^lis qiialis. 

~ I 

q'lif" qualiter. 

tur, quam, quantum, qua- 

q"! qualis. 


que, quasi, quateims, que. 

q'mpim quampluHmum. 


quibus, quid, quingenti, 

q'ntuouq, quantummnque. 


quintam, quod, quodcmque. 

q"iit^ quant ua. 

q= qua, quacumque, qualibet. 

q"neuii qtiandoemque. 


qMrageB' quadragesima. 

q'or quatuor. 


qf^ta quadraginta. 

q^pp? quapropter. 


q'le qualem. 

q»r qmliter. 



Tlie Record Interpreter. 

q*rnt°* quarentena. 

q*io quinimmo. 

q^rtus quartus. 

q^nct quinque. 

q*r qu^re. 

q^nto quinto. 

q*ten^ quatenus. 

q*n3 quinque. 

q*ti^ quatenus. 

q^q^niu quinquennium. 

q*T quater. 

q*q quinque. 

q*^ quarum. 

q** quamvis, quis. 

qa ^'Wfl^w. 

q*sq% quisquis. 

qb} quib'us. 

q"ct quisque. 

qbs quibus. 

q*' quibus, quicunque. 

qfe} quibus. 

q^ quern, quidem. 

q**a qmdum. 

q" quando, quin. 

q^' quidem. 

qn quando, quoniam. 

qd quidem^ quod. 

qfi**® quantitate. 

q® gwfl5, gi^are. 

qncuct quandocumque. 

q®da qucedam. 

qnm quoniam. 

q® ^'wem. 

qn3 quandoque. 

q^ 3'Wt. 

q° qucBstio, quo, quoque. 

q*a g't^tVi. 

q°cq quocunque. 

q^b} quibus. 

q°d 5W(?fl?. 

q^blib quibuslibet. 

q°dam® quodammodo. 

q^cq^d quicquid. 

q°da quodam. 

q^oq quicqiuim, quicquid, quicun- 

q°dao° quodammodo. 

q^cucjj quicunque. 
q*c quicunque. 
qy g'w/rf. 
q*da quidam. 
q*d quidem. 
q^esc* quiescit. 

q°d°° quodammodo. 
q^lib quolibet. 
q°li3 quolibet. 
q^ quolibet. 
q®m° quomodo. 
qom^cuct ^uomodocunque. 

q*es8e quiescere. 

q°m®lib3 quomodolibet. 

q^etau quietavit. 

qom^t quomodolibet. 

q^n gweV?. 

q°na quonam. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


q®ne qucestione, 

q**iiia quom'am. 

q°iis quotiens. 

q^nin quonam, quoniam. 

q°q® quoque. 

q®q® qtwquo. 

qoqojjjo quoquomodo. 

q°q® qtwqtw. 

q®ct quoque. 

q**^' quorum. 

q°s g^e/os. 

q°* jt^^. 

q^tlib quotlibet. 

q®^ quorum. 

qoe qucBstione. 

qom qucestionem. 

q*i' quinque. 

(f quceritur, qv^liter, quentur. 

q*** qualitds. 

q*' qualUer. 

q*f qualitatis. 

q. V. gwi «;mY, ^«orf iv'c^. 

quadsio quadrageshno. 

quat qualibet. 

quatr qualiter, 

qua™ qtmmqicam, 

quant qvxintitatem. 

qua'^ qtmliter. 

qua*^ qualitatem. 

quat^ quatenua. 

quat qiiatenus. 

quatus quatenua. 


quaj quirum. 
qua quam. 
quai gz^ase. 
quer querentem. 
quest questum. 
que j'wew. 
quela querela. 
queones qucestioiies. 
que* queereret. 
quet' quwreretur. 
quisq quisquam. 
quisqj quisque. 
qiiQbet quomodolihet. 

quo^5 qumnodoUbet. 

quoc quotiens. 

quoda°° quodammodo. 

quo"* quoniam. 

quoin® quomodo. 

quonm quoniam. 

quo® quomodo. 

quo®c|j quomodocunque. 

quo quomodo. 

qu6dolib3 quomodolihet. 

quom quoniam. 

quo*i^® quomodocunque. 

quoc|j quomodocunque. 

quo qwymodo. 

q3 3'wfa. 

q^ quatenm, qiUbus, quietus. 

q^ quorum. 

q?9C|j quorumcunque. 

q^da quomndam. 

q <7w^, ywfl'w, ^'j^^, quod {mostly) 

The Record Interpreter. 

q» qmm. 

qam juam. 


q"' quantitas. 

^"aa quantitaa. 

qa y««M. 

^'ptm quamphrimum. 

qa9q, quameunque. 

^'5' quamquam. 

quq, quamque. 

q'qj quamque. 

qa ^wea^. 

g'tf quantitatis. 

g't quantum. 

qao" quodammodo. 

qao" qtiodammodo. 

q"' quaUbet, quodUbet. 

qb5 jMiJiM. 

qb3 jM^cftfiei, jM0rf/(6e^ 

qti gMf"6«S. 

qb^ ywifiHB. 

q" jwod «c. 

qbfl jMtftiM. 

qd juirf, {iwrf. 

qoq qucBcunque, quameunque, 

qdamB quodammodo. 


qda" qimhimmodo. 

qdao" quodammodo. 

qco qucESitio. 

qcu° quibuscunque. 

q.i quidem, quoddam. 

qd JUl'l/, ^UOl/. 

q' j!(em. 

qdam quadam, qucsdam, quen- 
dam, quidam. 

q' g«!if, JKlrfe»I. 

qdamu quodammodo. 

q.'^' quidquid. 

qda ^uiicAiffi, qtuBdam, quendam, 

g" quantum. 


q^^j quantumeunque. 

qq quodquod, quoque, quoquo. 

qdd quoddam. 

q% ywojw!. 

qde quidem. 

q 500000, qua, que, qaem. 

qd'eii quadriennii. 


qd'ga guarf«£ra. 

qad" ju«M.KfMOrf«m. 

qdo quando. 

qdq quidquid, quodque. 

qd' quadrvplicilcr. 


qdragee' qnadrageiima. 

Latin Ab 

reviations. 115 ^^| 

qd''pe" quadrupedia. 

qd^pt quadrupkx. 

qmoH quomodoUbet. ^^| 

qd''p' qmdruplicifer. 

q"*' quaatiimcunque. ^^H 

qd^ quadf-uplex. 

qms quwsumm. ^^H 

qd gimdam, quibusdam, quidem, 



qda" quadranguU. 

qndo quando. ^^| 

qdiia qitadrans. 

qngeti quingenti. ^^| 

q" yMt^/Me. 

qnio quinimmo. ^^| 

qel& querela. 

qnc^ qmndoque, qmitque. ^^M 

qet^ quietus. 

qnta quanta. ^^H 

qi ^UtUt, ^Ul, 

qnta° quantacunque. ^^H 

qid 9Ui(f. 

qat" qttantitas. ^^H 

qi" qucBsitum. 
^iti qiUEsiti. 
^lec qualecunqiie. 

qntc quantumcunqm, ^^H 
qn*" qmntitate. ^^| 

qUbe" qmtlibetum. 

qnt" quantum. ^^^^^^H 

qli*""' quaUiatihm. 


qRi-S qmliiatibm. 

qntii quantum. "^^^^^^H 

qlitas qualitas. 

qn'^ quantiiatis. ^^^M 

qli" qtiotlibeti. 

qnt quantum. ^^H 

qli'" qmlilatum. 

q"' quando. ^^H 

qU^' qiiaUtaiem. 

qn quando, quandoque, quando- ^H 

qU? jfwftVej-. 

cunque, quoniam. ^^| 

qlis qm/itas. 

qnm quoniam. ^^H 

ql'c quaUtercunque. 

qo qucEstio, queo, quo. ^^^M 

q" qvalibet, qualk. 

q" quomodo. ^^1 

ql3 quwUhet, quUibet, qwrnlibd, 

qod (jjimf. ^^^1 


qodii quodam. ^^| 

ql qimlibet, ^c, as abore. 

qod quodam. ^^H 

qtt qimlibet, Sfc, m above. 

qone qiimstione. ^^H 

qm j»flw, 2«*tM, quoniam. 

q°" quomodo. ^^^M 

q" qvantum, quidem. 


qmadm qneinadmodum. 



The Record Interpreter. 

q°' t quatuor tempoi^um. 

qr quare, quwret, quwris, quce- 

qos quo8. 


qo? quorum. 

qs je*as, quamcitius. 

qoe qucBstione. 

q^ qualitas. 

qoe qucBstionem, 

qsi gwase. 

qois qucBstionis. 

qsi*^ Quasimodo geniti. 

qom qiujestionem. 

qso qucBSO. 

qppe quippe. 

qsq"^ quisquam. 

qppt quapropter. 

qsq quisquam. 

qpp quapropter. 

qsqs quisquis. 

qq'* quicquid. 

qsc|j quisque. 

qq°^ quemquam^ quicqiiam, quiS" 

qst^ quwsitm, qucestus. 


q§ qucBSumus. 

qq quamquam. 

qt qucerit, qucesivit. 

qqa qtmmqtuim. 

q** quanta. 

qqd quicquid. 

q**^ qualitas, quantitas. 

qq^ quceque, quique, quamque^ 

q*® qtmntce. 


q*^ qucesiti, quanti. 

q^ qucentur. 

•^firk ^ • 

qra' quceratur. 
qrat qucerat. 

q^*® qucestio. 
qtis qucesitis. 

q"* quantitatis. 

qre quare, qucerere. 
qrela querela. 

qti^r* quantitatis. 

*--» p 

qti^® quantitative. 

qre^ qucerem, 
qrimo* qusrimonia. 

qtis quantitas. 

qrioa querimonia. 

qt°^ quantum. 

qro qucero. 

qto qiuesito. 

qr° quarto. 

qto quantocunque. 

qror queror. 

qtuor quatuor. 

qr^ quceritur. 

qtiiB quartus. 

qrto quarto. 

qtu quantum, quartum. 

qrtu quartum. 

q*f quantitatis. 

qrt^ quartus. 

qt^ quartus, quatenus. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


qt quatenus. 
q?o qucestio. 
qts quatenus. 
qtns qiiatentcs. 
qc quater, 
qtn^ quaternus. 
q? quarum. 

qad<^^ qtiemadmodnm. 
qadmo quemadmodum. 
qad quemadmodum. 
qq quamquam, quemqicam. 

qsl j'wose. 
q^ ^'e^, ^'Wta. 
q^* quaqtie. 


E. octoginta, regni, rex, requies- 
cat, Hicardm, requiratur, 

r* regula. 

racli rachetum. 

racoe ratiotie. 

raco ra^/o. 

Eadto Radulfo. 

r*t rationalis. 

r*"^ regulam. 

ra™® rarissime. 

ramts ramulm, 

TQp ratio. 

TBPne ratione. 

rHiua regulativa. 

rat°oi*i ratiocinan. 

rH' regulatur. 

ratfioe ratiodnaiiom. 

ratoni rationi. 

r^ regulam. 

raa ra^a. 

ra^*® rationabiUs. 

rao ra^eo, ra^o. 

r^ti*^® rectitudine. 

rca r^c^a. 

rce r^c^^. 

rem rectum. 

rcor rector. 

res rectus. 

rc^ rectus. 

jda reverenda. 

pduB reverendus. 

r® recipe, reguke, require. 

rea*® remanente. 

rea^ realiter. 

reb3 reJws. 


The Record Interpreter. 

reccn'^^ recognitione, 
reoep°3 receptionem. 
recep*®^ receptator, 
rec recessit. 
recasti recusastu 
recat recmat. 
rec^*o recreatio, 
re9edare recommendare, 
re9medare recommendare, 
re9medao recomm^ndatio. 

redd^* reddenda. 
red^' reddendum. 
redd, reddity redditionem, reddi- 

redde reddere. 
reddr reddltur. 
redae reddere. 
redcp®^^ redemptionis, 
redees redeuntes. 
redudn redundantia. 
re® regtclce, require. 
refet refecit. 
ref ^gat^ refrigeratur. 
reforHa reformata. 
ref reficiendum. 
refgH^ refrigeratur. 
ref^at^ refrigeratur. 
reg*re regnare. 
reg^cola regnicola. 
regie regimen. 
regie regimine. 
regta regula, 
xeg^ regnum. 

regn*® regnante, 

regn regnante^ regni, 

reg regem, regis, regni, regnum, 

regbr regenerabitur. 

regis regiminis. 

regra registra. 

regra*° registratio. 

regrio registrario, 

regris registHs, 

regro registro. 

retire rehabere. 

retit rehuhet. 

reigro redintegratio. 

rel* reliqua. 

relaco relatio. 

relats relativus. 

rela^^ relativus. 

relca relicta. 

relce relictw. 

releu relevium. 

relig® religio. 

relig religiosus. 

relioe religionem. 

relio religio. 

retii reievii. 

re°^ redditum, 

reine"^ remedium. 

remo* removet. 

remHim^ remittimus, 

rem remanens, remanet. 

remntia remanentia. 

re°® regince, 

re® recordatio, restitutio. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


j.Qp]j[dum replicandum. 
repl® repletiOy replkatio, 
reppiin^ repperimus. 
repug®^ repugnantes. 
rep^® repertorio. 
reptare reportare. 
reptus repertvs. 
repriare repatriare. 
repftn^® reprehensibile. 
repb° reprobatio. 
req* requisitam, 
req^it requisitum, 
requig requisitus. 
reqre require^ requirere. 
reqt requirit. 

re^ realiter^ requiritur, responded 

residen* residentia. 
resid residentianus. 
resig^re resignare. 
resig^Tiit re&ignavit. 
resigco resignatio. 
resign® resignatio, 
resi^® resaisire, resistere, 
reso^" resolvibilis, 
resp^^® respective. 
respond respondendum. 
reap* respondety respondit. 
res'ccio resurrectio. 
resti® restitutio. 
resti' restituitur. 
resto restitutio. 
res resumptionem. 

reggna* resignavit. 
ret^hit retrahit. 
reti"* retinent. 
retno retentio. 
re*' realiter: 
re? retinet. 
retct^ retractm. 
re^ respectu. 
re^* regulativa. 
reuet revelatio. 
re^ respectivum. 
reuneia reverencia. 
reund^ reverendus. 
reusio reversio. 
reuti^ revertitur. 
Pgxive respective. 
re^ rews, respectus. 
Te^ rerum. 
rea3 remanet. 
reio remissio. 
reise remisse. 
reo*^° removendo. 
reoue removere. 
re re^/^, r^o?. 
remedae recommendare. 
rend e respondere. 
rens recens. 
rensat responsalis. 
ren* rmnanet. 
P^pcio resurrectio. 
rer^ resurrectis. 
reti recenti. 


The Record Interpreter. 

reus reversus, 

rfeco refcctio, refractio, 

rfgar refragaru 

r' rei. 

ri^' risibilis. 

r^® repertorio, respomio. 

riuts rivuhis. 

riulu rivulum. 

T^ responsorium, reverendum. 

t^^ revereMissima. 

r™® reverendissimcBy reverendis- 

r°^^ reverendissimtis. 
r"^ reverenda. 
jnd9 reverendus, . 
Ro. Roma, Romanus, 
r® rfl^eo, r^^/o, responsio, 
r^alis rationalis. 
rob°ata roborata, 
r°^' rationalis. 
ro°^ rationem. 
rom* Romana. 
romna Romana. 
rom Romanorum. 
ron Romance. 
ro^ Romanos. 
PQtes rogantes. 
r°' remrrectionem. 
roa Roma, Romana. 
roa Romam. 
roaa Romanam. 
roab*®'^ rationabiliter. 

robi^' rutionahiUbus. 

robilis rationabilis. 

robitr rationabiliter. 

robi*' rationabilitei\ 

robtr ration abiliter, 

r6ci°^ ratiocinium. 

rocina* ratiocinatis. 

rocinai ratiocinari. 

roci°' ratiocinationem. 

rociaco ratiocinatio, 

roe ratione, Romance. 

ro^** rationalis, rationabilis. 

rom rationem. 

ronos Romanos. 

rono? Romano'i^ni. 

ron* Romanos, Romanus. 

ro' rationalitery rationabiliter. 

ros Romanos. 

r. p. reverendtis pater. 

rq^ requiratur. 

rq^t^ requirifur. 

rq requiritur. 

r^ redditur, rependitur^ responde- 
tur, requiratur. 

rr. reverendissimi, requiratur. 

r* regulativus, requisitm. 

r** responsum. 

rs respondit. 

r* reddit, respondet, restituit. 

r** registrata, rescnpta. 

rt^nat^ retornatus. 

r^ redditu, respectu. 

ruVca rubrica. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


rub riiher, rtibcm. 

rubica rubrica. 

TxsP rubeo, rubro. 

T^T remirrectis, 

r* redditum^ respectum^ report' 

R recipCy Eegis, Regum {Book 
of Kings in tlie Bible) y re- 
quisitm, Bex. 

Rbit respondebit 

r receptor^ reddit^ rei, rekvio^ 
responsuMy 80000, 

ralf realis. 

rat realis. 

ratr realiter. 

ra™* realissima. 

fa^ realiter. 

rat, ?** registraty regidat. 

rato? registratorum. 

ra? realiter. 

rb* reddebaty respondebaty 7*espon- 


roco resurrectio. 

roe r^c^^. 

rcep° receptio. 

rci^° recipiendo. 

roi^* recipiendum. 

rci°® rectitudine. 

roi"^ recipiens. 

rcip* recipit. 

roipcat^ reciprocantur. 

rci* recipit. 

roi** recitata. 

rcit recitat. 
rcor rector. 
roores rectores. 
roorf rectoins. 
roo? rectorum. 
rote r^(?^^. 
roti^® rectitudine, 
rotes rec^o«. 
rotos rectores, 
rcata recitata. 
rcor rector. 
rcre recurrere. 
reus rectus. 
r9g® recognitio. 
r9nos8e recognoscere. 
rda reverendu. 
rda' recoi^datur. 
rda^ reverendarum. 
rda reverendam. 
rdde® reddendo. 
rdd°^ reddendum. 
rdd' redditur. 
rdet respondet. 
rdepco redemptio. 
rdu* redundantia. 
tAmc/ reducuntur. 
rdu^' reducendum. 
rduF reducitur. 
rdu^ reducuntur, 
rde respondere, 
rdn^' respondendum. 
re re^ondere. 

The Record Interpreter. 

f eee rejicere. 

flaBr relabiiiir. 

ra"" i-efieiendum. 

p''' regular e. 

rfofta refortnata. 

fie regale, regulte. 

ffcWu r^fect&rium. 

rlib3 regularibus. 

f fn' refremt. 

fli"* religione. 

rft referi. 

rliu^ reliiiquitnr. 

rgal regalk. 

fli" religio. 

f gHa registrata. 

f liqf relinquitur. 

rge regent. 

fl" relativum. 

fggti reaggravati. 

flois reJatimit. 

fgifi regimen. 

Hf reii(itw. 

rgla regina. 

a resr«/is. 

rgie res-tncB. 

fto re/«fto. 

rgie regimine. 

rK:» re&^tre. 

rgiE regimen. 

fttia relativa. 

rg" j-ei/em, rct^Mm, 

ftto? relatorum. 

i=gfiat^ regeneralus. 

i=tua'' rekvatur. 

rg" rei7«o, rejMfo. 

rm regulam, rem, reum. 

fg' re^tYwr. 

f me" remedium. 

fg' re(;i«, regulis. 

fmeo' rememoraiur. 

rg' j-ej?n«CTV. 

fmisce* reminiseentia. 

fgul*' regulariter. 

fmo" remota. 

rgu"" regulariter. 

fmo"' reimtionem. 

fgla j-ejwto. 

rm' regulamur. 

fgla"' reguMur. 

rm' remittimua. 

fgm regulam, reguktm, regnum. 

rm* remanet, remansit, remittit. 

i^ recognitio. 

foite' remittemus. 

fhre rehabere. 

r" regimen. 

lias remissix. 

Ha, P» «^«fa. 

fndef respondetur. 

fla" regulata. 

rndit respondit. 

Latin Abbreviations. 

rad* respondet. 

fo'' rationaUUter. 

fn^' respondendum. 

f"" reaponsione. 

rnd respondet. 

foe ratione. 

fnddo respondendo. 

foe rationem. 

rade respondere. 

foi rationi. 

rndi responderi. 

roia rationis. 

fn' reaportdere. 

f6m rationem. 

fa" resp)mdeo,reaponsio,refiponao. 

rpet'"' repetuntur. 

fpet' repetatw. 

nisat respomalia. 

rpti reacripii. 

fnsio reaponsio. 

rns" reaponsum. 

rptu reacriptum. 

fDBO responao. 

rptf rescriptis. 

ma' reaponsit 

fpt resenptum. 

iiit reapondent. 

fpagn* repugnantia. 

rn' respondet, reapondit. 

fpubat reputabant. 

fntans reprmaentans. 

fpaco reparatio. 

rpatii reparatum. 

rnt' regulantur. 

fpit repcriV. 

riib' respondebit. 

tpit' reperitur. 

Tax mpondeiiu: 

fpiuf reperiuntur. 

f fit respmidet. 

rpt reparat. 

ro ra^M). 

fptare reportare. 

rotd ratumalis. 

rptu repertum. 

ro^o ratiocinando. 

roe ratiane. 

iplsa repulaam. 

roe rationem. 

fpls^ repuhus. 

fom rationem. 

rpng" repugnantia. 

rone ratione. 

rphe^ reprwhendit. 

foni rationi. 

fpn' nprivaentat. 

fon'*" rationabiles. 

ro" rationis. 


The Record Interpreter. 

rp* reprcesentaty reprcesentet, 

rptat reprcesentat. 

rpmissi^e repromksionem. 

rq*^' requireret. 

rq* requirit. 

YC^ requiritur. 

rqrit requirit. 

f qrit^ requiritur. 

rre regularem. 

mb3 regularibus. 

iris regularis, 

rri? regulariter. 

rr™ rerum. 

rr^in resurrectionem. 

rr®' resurrectionem. 

rr^ rerum. 

XT rerum. 

rs regulaSy res, respondet, 

rs*^^° resurrectio. 

jfgo'm resurrectionem. 

rsp*" respectu. 
rati® restitutio. 
rs^ rursus. 
rs residue. 
r§uaxe resermre, 
r^wBX reservatum. 
r^uat^ reservantur. 
f* regulat. 



rt^ots retractis. 
rt*h* retrahit. 
rt*nsies retransiens. 

rtttt retraJdt. 
rti rec^/. 
rtie^ retinetur. 
rtiere retinere. 
rtiecia retinentia. 
rtia reguhtiva. 
rto r^c^o. 

rt^g® retrograde. 
rt^gde retrograde, 
rt^nare retornare. 
rt^natu retornatum. 
W regulatur. 
rtro*f retroscriptis. 
r*^ redditUy respectu. 



rtctu retractum. 
rth^e retrahere, 
r tnsiuit retransivit. 
P* relativa. 
mere* reverentia. 
ruoeare revocare. 
ruocatii revocatum. 
ruore revocare. 
ruot revocat. 



ru* revera. 
rubat^ reverberantur. 
ruentia reverentia. 
rulsis revulsis. 
ruWat'^ reverberantur. 
ruen* reverentia. 

Latin Abbreviations. 

njencia revermtia. 

ruti'' revertitur. 

rSed^ reterendm. 

fx car. 

ruet reverenfer. 

rsiue respective. 

fSeio reveraio. 

fx' rartV. 

nlta' revertatur. 

r^ reddiius, reqaisitwa. 

fSti reverti. 

r? reram. 

S. sanctifas, sancttis, scilicet , 
scnptum, aecundm, sed, set- 
sintB, septuoginta, septiKus, 
seguilur, wreniesimus, sent, 
sibi, sigillum, signunt, stli- 
giiiis, sine, sH, stve, soc- 
manni, soka, solidi, sub- 
acripsi, subscripsii, sunt, 

B. 1. b. soka ei beretdca. 

s. 'i. BO. saca et soca. 

a' secunda, substantia, supra. 

Babbi sabbati. 

eae"' sacramentalis, 

8ac*mtu sacramaiium. 

Bae'fi' sacrijicia. 

eao^ii sacrorutn. 

eao°sce sacrosanctce. 

Bacr* saci-amenia. 

sacris saeramentis. 

saor" sacramentum. 

sacro Sacramento, 

sac affca, sacerdos, sacrifidum. 

8at;''3 sacerdotibus. 

sac"' sacerdotalis, sacramentalis. 

sa^tii sacrilegii. 

sa^ihtu sacramentum. 

sacmf sacramentum, 

sac** Sacramento. 

sac** sacerdote. 

eac*' sacramenti. 

sac"™ sacerdotum, sacramentum. 

sactf saeramentis. 

8'dcs supradictuB. 

Baec scBculum. 

Baena saenna, 

Bf^ea sagena. 

Baisied saisiendum. 

saiaife saisitore. 

Baisia saisina. 

seiHa ialietum. 


The Record Interpreter. 

Balinar salina^^m. 

salPii salinariL 

salu^ saluiatio. 

BalvL^ salvagardiam. 

sat salinUy salisy salutem. 

satm salutem, 

sat^® salvafione. 

BeA°^ salvator. 

salt salutem. 

sancx sanxit. 

san® sanguine. 

san^* sanguinis. 

san^ sani^. 

sap* saplentia. 

sap® sapienie, sapientiw. 

sap®"^ sapienter. 

sapi* sapientia. 

sapi**^ sapientum. 

sapia sapientia. 

s*8* suprascripta. 

sasia sasina. 

sasle sasincB. 

sa*^ saa^amentum. 

satf M^eis. 

satf face satisfacere. 

satfcm satisfactum. 

sat°° satisfactione. 

B* secundam. 

sag® sanguine. 

sag^nf sanguinis. 

sag"® sanguine. 

sag^ sanguis. 

—rJ . _ 

sagie sangmnem. 

sagis sanguinis, 

sags sanguis, sanguinis. 

saine saisince. 

saitas sanitas. 

sai*® sanitate. 

sai*f sanitatis. 

sau sanum. 

sa^ sawe^. 

saina saisina. 

saia saisina. 

sb swJ. 

sbt^ subtus. 

sc. serant. 

s® $ec. 

s®* sancta. 

scacc scaccarium. 

scaci scoct?*'. 

8C*cin scacearium. 

scabiu scamhium. 

soagiu scangium. 

sci* seientia. 

sciatf sciatis. 

sc^bi scrtit. 

so^DJe scribere. 

sci^' sciendum. 

sci® scieniicBj scire. 

scie? scienter. 

scit scilicet. 

sc^pt'a scriptura. 

sc^pta script urn. 

sc^pt scriptum. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


so^p?e scripturce. 

see sanctccy sancte. . 

soi*®"^ scienter. 

sci sancti. 

sci*f scientis. 

scia sdentia. 

scim sciendum. 

scia scientiam. 

set scilicet. 

seie scientice. 

soto sceculo. 

sciGlo® sanctificatio. 

SCO. 5Co/a. 

sciis scientiis. 

g^jQrium scolarium. 

scimoiat sanctimonialis. 

sp^tur scribitur. 

scio sanctio. 

soribr scribitur. 

scis Sanctis. 

s*4;f s^c^ts. 

scisS^ sanctissimus. 

scu^ scutiferi. 

scism^ sanctissimus. 

sc^pnP scrupulus. 

sci^ sanctius. 

scutelt scutellarius. 

sclare sceculare. 

soutnt scutularius. 

sclu sceculum. 

scut scutifer. 

set scilicet. 

scu scutiferi* 

sem sanctum. 

s*^'° significatio. 

sembiu scamUum. 

sc sflwc^ws, sciant. 

SCO samto. 

sea saticta. 

sc°em sanctionem. 

sea sanctum. 

SCO? sanctorum. 

scbi"^ scribitur. 

sepra scnptura. 

scb* scnbit. 

sepre scnpturcB. 

scbe scribere. 

scbet^ scriberetur. 

septu scriptum. 

scbr scribitur. 

scptf scriptis. 

seWe scribere. 

scp?a scriptura. 

scy et scnberent. 

sep°^ scriptum. 

scda secunda. 

ses sanctus. 

flcdo secundo. 

seuariu sanctuarium. 

scd^ secundum. 

sens sanctus. 

scdm secundum. 

scuio sanctuario. 

Beds sccundas. 

sc^ sanctus. . 


Tlie Record Interpreter. 

s^ sedy sicut. 

s. d. sahitem daty sine die, sub die. 

se. sede. 

sec^'ta^^ secretarius. 

sec®tf secretis, 

seo'^i secun, 

Seoul? sceculorum, 

seout^ sequuntur. 

sec secum, secus. 

secla scecula. 

seclu sceculum. 

seem securum. 

se9 secum. 

sed* sefl?2«. 

sed* s^c?iY. 

sed sedem^ sedesy sedis, 

se® sflp^e. 

se®dc8 scepedictus. 

seia semina. 

seiai seminalis. 

seiant^ seminantur. 

semp semper. 

sem semen. 

semi 8^m^/. 

sen* sententia. 

sen*o senescallo. 

sen^3 sensibilibtts. 

sen^tute senecfute. 

senes. senescallm. 

sen^® a^wtTIp, sensibiky senstmk. 

sen^* sensitiva. 

sep* septima. 

septum septimanam. 

septet'o spptentrio, 
septi* septimana, 
septifh septimana. 
septuasia septuagesima. 
sepult sepuUura, sepultus, 
sep* separata. 
sepaV separabitur, 
sepaco separatio, 
sepalf separalis. 
sepatt separaliter. 
sepati separatim. 
sepco separatio. 
sep^'^ separandum. 
sep^^® separabilis. 
sepnt^ separantur, 
sepo separatio. 
sep separate^ sepes. 
sep* septima. 
eep® septimce. 
seplcm sepulcrum. 
seplis separabilis, separalis. 
sep^^^ septenirionalis. 
sepna septimana. 
seq^la sequela. 
seq^ncia sequentia. 
seq^stru sequestrun}, 
seq^ sequentiy sequi. 
Beq^t^ sequitur. 
seq"^ sequitur. 
seq^f seqnentis. 
sequen sequentium. 
seqce sequacem. 
seqt secularibuSy sequela. 

Latin Abbreviations. 

Beqr seqaitiir. 

aigo jf/p'/Z/o, sii7flo. 

Beqs sequens. 

Big^t «(^«f/m^. 

Beq' sequentes. 

aigcae signijicans. 

aeqt' sequantur. 

aigotm signamlum. 

se' sequeretur, sequitm: 

Bigco significatio. 

seruic servicium. 

B^ct signijicat. 

aera'iu aervitium. 

B^fl" signijicare. . 

Bern* w/Ti/. 

fliglli si^i'W. 

seru serviens, aervitium, servus. 

B^ltm sigillum. 

serii"' aervientes. 

B^lu Sigillum. 

se*' separata. 

Bigt «^lV?(««. 

se. ua. B<?(fe vacante. 

fl%o «>fVfo, significatio. 

se"" semitke. 

e^°m signifi<:afioncin. 

eex* sexagena, sexaginta. 

B^onea significationes. 

Bexfiu aextarium. . 

£<ff siynificatity. 

Be^ sec«5. 

sigtu sigmiam. 

sec sem^. 

silig stVii/o, siliginis. . 

Beifi seminis. 

ailiq^ tiliguarum. 

Sep" sempiiernum. 

silu st7ca. 

sep semper. 

siliire sihestre. 

Bepmu sempiiemum. 
sesieciu sentmitium. 

silf siliginis. 
sil3 scilicet. 

seis seminis. 
Bel 8«m«/. 
sere' sequeretur. 
s' at'fii. 

ait «%o. 
sita similia. 
sitr similiter. 

fliooi" sianiate. 

aim' similia. 
aimlr similiter. 

do*" siccitas. 
sic «u%^. 

simp' simplici. 

Bimpir simpliciier. 


simp' simplictter. 

sim' simplieiter. 

Big" sigillum, iignuni. 

aim* simpkir. 

The Record Interpreter. 

eiml dmul. 

aiplr simplieiter. 

Bun? aimpUciter, 

sTpt? simplieiter. 

8m''3 singularibus. 

sip' simplieiter. 

sing singaloa. 

Bip* simplex. 

Bingla singula. 

sip"' simpliei. 

Bint singulis. 

si"* singuhrem. 

sinla singula. 

siribj singularibus. 

flifi'" singulos. 

six simplex. 

sin'^' singularis. 

Bie «iiw. 

Bifie atnere. 

sTia simonia. 

a'pta acripta. 

ail «}ffi«/. 

eipfa acriptura. 

Bilaco simulatio. 

raq* ji'^wz. 

Bllat 8)ffIM&(. 

Biq' siquem. 

Bile Btmtfe. 


Bilet simwfe^. 

siqe siquis. 

sile stWfem. 

Bi' similiter. 

sili simili. 

airotliecaf ehirotheearum. 

Bilib} aimilibus. 

a" suis. 

sili'^ similitudo. 

si* StCMi. 

sili" dinilihidine. 

siii BW. 

sili" simiS morfo. 

wbolu symbolum. 

silis fitmiVts, singulis. 

Hi=* simplicem. 

sTlita" similiiudines. 

m'^''3 simplidbiis. 

BiK? Km.Vt7er. 

sioi? simplieiter. 

sllid"' similitudinem. 

Bi2ni sincerum. 

flilir similiter. 

BiV s/«i7tt^is. 

Bilk SI>l7&. 

Big* singulariter. 

Bill''? sylhbarum. 

Big" singulariter. 

Bill* sy/i:«6(E. 

sigbj singularibus. 

Bi'" singulo, symbolo. 

aiiatm aiKwiram. 

Bi'"* singulos. 

si"'' simplimr. 

Bifa sitnilia. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


sitr similiter, 

sist^m siniatram, 

sim salutem, 

sio solutio. 

stt salutem. 

sm* summa. 

s™* sanctissima. 

gmus sanctissimiis. 

sfhu summum. 

B^ sed tamen. 

bS s/w^". 

siiia sententia. 

sniatr sententialiter. 

siiia^ sententianim. 

so* so/a. 

soch soca, soeemannm. 

sooh? socarum, 

8old*ii soldarii. 
solidatf solidatis. 
solid solidus. 
solli°® solicit udine. 
sol"^ solvitur. 
solu°° solummodo, 
solu° solummodo. 
B0I3 so/^^. 

sot solenty solidus, solum. 
soto solummodo, solutio. 
sotor solicitor. 
Botom solutionem. 
sotr solvitur. 
so1:3 solent. 
m^ solum. 

so® so/o, solutio. 

so 50^^, solum, solus, solutio. 

spa* spatia. 

spa°^ spatium. 

spa° spatio. 

spao spatio. 

sp^^ta^ spectamus. 

sp°tat spectat. 

sp°tas spectam. 

spe^® specifice. 

speci*^ specificati. 

speco speculo. 

specl^° speculativo. 

spec^ speculatipum. 

gpe^ap spervarius. 

spealis specialis. 
spea°^® specialissimcB. 
speer specialiter. 
spei speciei. 
spelit specialiter. 
spes species. 
spe^* speculativa. 
spealis spiritualis. 
sp^^3 spiritibus. 
spiiii spirituum. 
gpitu spiritu. 
spitalis spiritualis. 
spietu spinetum. 
spi^^ spirationis. 
spialis spiritualis. 
spib3 spiritibus. 
spT^^® spiritualis. 



The Record Interpreter. 

Bpo^^* sponaalia. 

sposa spoma. 

sposa speciosa, 

sp semper, 

sp* sperma. 

spare sperare. 

spat^ aperantur. 

spgif spargitur, 

spnend spernendum. 

Bp8e spemere. 

spu4^ spervarim. 

sp spectem. 

spa^3 specialibm. 

spalis specialise spiritualis, 

spali? apecialiter, spiriiualiter. 

spalb3 specialibm, spiritualibus, 

spair specialiter, spiritualiter. 

Bpa°^ specialem. 

spa°^® specialissime, 

spa"^ spedaliteTf spiritualiter. 

spa*® specialitate. 

spe «p^(?j^. 

spea"^® specialissime, 

spea^ apecialiter. 

spe speciem. 

spialis specialis. 

spitns spiritus. 

splis specialis, 

spli? spedaliter, 

spm spafium, spiritum, 

spo spatio. 

spralis spiritualis. 

spralit spiritualiter. 

sprli spirituali. 

sps species, spiritus, su^pensus, 

sptactm spectaculum. 

spu spiritu. 

spualis spiritualis. 

spule spirituale?n. 

spul spiritualis. 

sputr spirittialiter. 

spus spiritm, 

spu*' spirittcaliter. 

spur spiritualiter. 

sptis spretis. 

sq^U^ia squillaria. 

sqUlari^ squillarim. 

s^gut surgunt. 

s'g surgent, surgit, surgunt, 

s. r. i. saci^m Romanum impe- 

ss. sacerdotes, sancti, sanctissi- 
mus, scilicet, secundus, sen- 
sm, sestertii, Spiritm sane- 
tm, suis, sunt. 

stabiKco stahilitio, 

stab*** stabilitas. 
st*ciatu straciatum. 
st*gtur strangulatur, 
st*ie stramine. 
st*me stramen. 
stHa strata. 
stHaga stratagema. 
stat"^ statutum. 

Latin Abbreviations. 

Btatu" sf^lutuin. 

suciio suecfisaio. 

Bt'him straluin. 

Buecom sueccssionem. 

8ta^ stahilim. 

eacc' succedit, mccidit. 

stagnii atangnum {stagmm). 

audoe surfore. 

B**" aanctilafem. 

au' aumma. 

st'et^ strietus. 

Buffi* suffieimtia. 

Bt'fe stringere. 

Buffica Bvfficientia. 

st'man^ atiremannus. 

BuiE"^ svfficims. 

atipto stipulalio. 

auffi"" sufficienter. 

etrac slramen. 

suf* ««_^ciV. 

stride stringere. 

Biim^ sumue. 

stete stride. 

Bum^ aummua. 

BWt^ strietus. 

sum aummomium. 

B?lla s^e/iii. 

Boiha aumma. 

fitme stramen. 

Bum"i^ aummarius. 

BTmla stramina. 

BumB aumem, aumptua. 

stngt stringit. 

sup" swpra. 

stng""^ strangulatur, slringitur. 

sup" aupplicatio. 

aai^" «/e/-(7»Va8. 

Bapp^" swpplicalio. 

e?it s^mVis. 

Bupp"" 8uj}plicat. 

8?maii^ stermanm. 

supp' sKpp/icdfiir, aupponitur. 

6l sed. 

supp^' si'i}plicaii(li. 

Bu" aumma. 

aapp° atippone, auppoaitte. 

Bubal?ii subaUemative. 

BUpp"" auppositum. 

Bubs" «hJ sigillo. 

Buppo auppoaitio, auppoaito. 

Bu^a auhatantia. 

Bupp** supposita. 

suba" substantia. 

supp" auppositum. 

Bubalis substantialis. 

Bup s!(/jer. 

8ub5 auhstantiam. 

Bupb^ superbux. 

8ube subslantiee, aiibslantice. 

supoiliu aupercilium. 

suBis siibstmliia. 

flupi''3 superioribtK. 

Bucc"" successive. 

supi''itas auperioritaa. 

The Record Interpreter, 

augi^it'" aiQ>erioriiate. 

Bfifi suiHtmtm, 

BU^ «umtM. 

supi^ auperiua. 

By' aymottia. 

Gupnu super nil )n. 

6yo* aymonia. 

sup"ta3 siiperioritas. 

BUjppP siijH-i-jilHxnijiiii,i. 

B3 wrf. 

supabalia superaubstaniialis. 

B^ stispendatur, smpemua. 

aupuS supervisor. 

B^oipied sumpiendiim. 

6up"^ guppositum. 

B^eipe suscipere. 

BupUn suppositum. 

B^peet^ suspeclus. 

BupQu stipremiim. 

s^pijd'e suspendere. 

Bupm^ mpremus. 

s^pSau SKspenaum. 

Burets sitrculiis. 

s^pice suspicere. 

ea' svis, xuperitis. 

a^pom suspeclum. 

flUBpem suspeclum. 

BuspnB^ suspemiK. 

B^pufl^ suapenaua. 

su' sunt. 

B^nt sustentaculum, sustentam. 

saa suiim. 

B^tiSe aiw/i/iflv. 

eu» sumtna. 

aHieS sustinendum. 

Buend sumendum. 

S 70000. 

Bui summi. 
fMi' siimitvr. 
suit sumit. 
Euma aumma, 

Bum'i^ aumtnarivs. 
Bumaie summarue. 
sume aumm^. 
Bum^ 8Mmw«s. 

S scilicet, semper, septiniaiia. 
ga aecunda, ana. 
sane secundaria. 
Sario secundaria. 
SE secundam, suam. 

Btfeo sahbato. 

su" summo. 

sVo aultj'ecto. 

Buope summopere. 

Sbdet subdelegatus. 

Bupco aumptio. 

sb* subJecttB, siibstantuB. 

sup™ aiimptione. 

sbe s«Jes^. 

Latin Abbreviations. 

%h^ mhiantia. 

sfee subsiantuB. 

sHHu sukjedum. 

sBi subjedi. 

sbico subfectio. 

SBia substantia. 

sbica suhjectus. 

sBiis substantiis. 

sbiug' mbjungit. 

sMua substantiva. 

sbitltndo subintelligendo. 

sbli'" aubUmitas. 

Sfet SMJe«(. 

Sb" avbjedum. 

sbt^ 8«5s;7/s. 

sbpo supposito. 

sea saiida. 

sbscb" subscribenduin. 

Soaco significatio. 

soa.' dgaijicatur. 

sbstoo iuhsU-mlio. 

seas saiwtas. 

sbBt"» substitutis. 

scat signijimt. 

ShsT" substitato, subdrato. 

soa? sandarum. 

sbst mhmiit. 

scci" dcdtatem. 

sbstn'' subsiffentia. 

soep" smc^tio. 

sbs?e subsistere. 

scia seientia. 

sbt^coio subtradio. 

scie sdenfice. 

sbffie mibtraJtere. 

Wfi" aam/fcio. 

sbtit su6^i7m. 

sciis scientiia. 

Sbti"' subUUtas. 

soio sandio. 

Sbt' «»6/((s. 

soiou sandionum. 

sbtco subtradio. 

soipdu suseipiendam. 

SbEh'e subtrakere. 

Scipe suscipere. 

sbtSt suhtraxerint. 

scirt sancird. 

bbSaom mbrermonem 

sci^ sanctim. 

sfe substantia 

sola mmi&i. 

Sbali? substanhahter 

solare scBculare. 

hBat subiianUalu 

soli sfficaff. 

bBa'' siihsfanhaliier 

solo SfficwA). 

•.ba subsfaiilmn 

Solof s(ecnlorum. 


solm speculum. 


The Record Interpreter. 

sotris 8(cci(I(fris, 

sgnt significant. 

sc°em sanctioneniy significationem. 

sgt significat. 

sco°^ significatiomm. 

sgt® significative. 

so' significatur. 

sgt' significatur. 

SOS satwfm. 

si sctr/, secundi. 

so* significaf. 

Sies s^ws. 

sous sancius. 

s** secundis. 

sc^ sanctm. 

§1 smt^/. 

sc sac^r, sanctm. 

sla singula. 

sea «ac^'a, aamta. 

gle substantiakm. 

see saercBy smictce. 

§lis sitniliSy singulis^ suhstan^ 

scla scBcula. 


sclare sceculare. 

gltin salutem. 

sell scemdi. 

slf similisy singulis. 

sclo sceculo. 

stm similem. 

sclo^ sceculoi^m, 
scs sanctus, 
sdcus supradictm. 
sd^ stirdm, 
sdus supradictm, 
s® suhstanticB, 
•gfjiens sufficiem. 

sS}^ sufficit. 
sfE* sufficit. 
§f* sufficit, 

sg° significatio, 
sgabit significabit, 
sgat significat, 
sgas significans, 
sgat significant, 
sgbit sigtiificahit. 

sto solutio, 
site salute, 

sm secundum^ summum. 
s°^ suhjectum, 
sm* sibimet, submittet. 
smgt' submergitur, 
sn* sententia, 
^Qam sententiam. 
sndii significandum. 
snia sententia, 
gniatr sententialiter, 
snias sententias, 
§nia| sententiarum, 
snia sententiam, 
sniado sententiando. 
snie sententicB, 
sniis sententiis. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


s'^^ significans. 

s^* significant. 

sn sine. 

s** secundOy sermo. 

^o'm seimonem. 

s^® sermone. 

sp°t^ suspectus. 

spedr suspenditur. 

sped^e suspendere. 

spes serpem. 

spe^ smpendens. 

spes^ stispcnsus. 

spet^ smpectus. 

sp^t' simplicitei\ 

sppoSe supponere. 

gppto supposito. 

sp^ simpliciter^ super. 

sp^ simplex. 

sp semper^ super, 

spcs smpectus. 

spi'^ suspenditur. 

spi? simpliciter. 

spt^ suspectus. 

sq®la sequela. 

s'^ similiter y substantialiter, super. 

srare superare. 

srate superante. 

srbia superbia. 

srb^ superbus. 

srclum surculimi. 

sr°^ superficies. 

srex* surrexit. 

sr® superficiem. 
§rei* supereminet. 
srfi^3 superficiebus. 
srfi° superficie. 
srfi^^^ superficialis. 
srhn* superabundantia. 
srior supenor. 

• • 

srio^ supenori. 

■gj^rem superiorcm. 

sri^ stfperim. 

sma superna. 

§ma^ supernaturaliter. 

smt supernaturalis. 

smo? supernorum. 

sm^ spernitur. 

srii^ supernaturaliter. 

srS supernaturaliter. 

grogat^ surrogatu^. 

sroge surrogare. 

grpodat^ superponderatur. 

srpo^''^ Huperponitur. 

sr* superesty supersit. 

ss* substantia. 

Ssc^b^' subscribitur. 

§s^ subscripsi. 

ss^blis sensibilis. 

ssi^® sensibile. 

ssi^^* sensibilia. 

ssit sensit. 

ssi**^ sensibilitas. 

ssiti"* sensitivus. 

ssi? sensibiliter. 


The Record Interpreter. 

§su sensii. 

s*^ scriptum, significatiun^ sub" 

§s^* semitim. 


ssiiali? semtmliter. 

su siVe. 

ssuat sensualism 

sx simplex. 

Ssu sensum. 

%G0 serico. 

ss^ semus. 

sies s^riVs. 

ssa° sensatio. 

?ie seriem. 

ssa'^ sensualiter. 

spes serpens. 

§s'm sensum. 

%ete serpentem. 

§ssi suhscinpsL 

'Sta s^r^fl'. 

§s* subscripsit. 

suare servare. 

st seY, sww^. 

snaxt servandum. 

s* significat. 

?uioiu servitium. 

§*® significatce. 

suies serviens. 

stent sustentaculum^ sustentum. 

^uit servilis. 

s*^ suijectu 

?uit^3 servitutibus. 

stine* sv^tinentia. 

?nit^a servitura. 

stin* sustinety sustinuit. 

?u* sert^e^. 

StiSe sustinere. 

?uu servum. 

s*° scripto, significatOy subjecto. 

%\j? servm. 

st' significatur. 

?us servm. 


T. centum sexaginta^talis^ taliter^ 
temptcSy tenenty tenets tene- 
tuVj teVy terrOy tertius^ tes- 
tamentumy testata, teste, 
testibuSy tibi, tituhcm, tunc. 

ta* tabula, 
tabar tabanltcm. 
t*bs drafts, 
t^otare tractare. 
t*cta^ tractatu, 
t*ct^ tractus. 

Latin Abbreviations. 

t-o"* iractaius. 

fnai" tramitio. 

fdoco iraductio. 

t*iiare tramire. 

fdco tradiiio. 

fnait^ ^)-a«««(«. 

Me' tradetur. 

t'Dai"' transitive. 

tMi tradi. 

fnala' tramlata. 

tslico ^j-atfiiio. 

t^nsto tramlatio. 

t»d» tradilio. 

fiiflm" trammutatio. 

t»ddo tradendo, traducendo. 

tf'nflm' tmmmutaiur. 

tMr tradiiur. 

t^na" Iransiiuitatio. 

t»dt traderet, tradil. 

t^napena tramparem. 
fna" transeunte. 

t^ns'' traiisiHutatiiin. 

t»huf trahuntur. 

t'naupt^ tnitiHUmptns. 

t'nafea" trammiitantiatio. 

tain totnus. 

t'ns"" trammufabilia. 

ta" fofiw/a. 

fn" tramitm. 

talet ^afr«/M*«. 

tal' ^A'8. 

W taliter, tangitur, tardatur. 

tata ^«/ento. 

t'sto tramlatio. 

tatae" takntum. 

ta (flj«. 

tatr fti/*V«-. 

taq tanquam. 

tata ffl/w. 

ta' (aM^f . 

ta" tantum. 

tatu toMft««. 

tam iamen, tantum. 

tat tordesciY. 

t*n** trammiiiaiioiie. 

f' triplici. 

t^q'litaa tranquillitoB. 

tc ^««c. 

t^nquillis tranquillia. 

te. («jei. 

this ^rat«. 

t" tempore. 

t*iiBaet;o tfanaactio. 

te' tenura. 

t*nsoe' /rawscewrfiiwr. 

te^" teneMo. 

t'QBo'b'"' tramcnMtur. 

temp^ tempm. 

fnsebi (ramcribi. 

t«mpe tempore. 

t'nagrom tramgressimem. 

fmdi tremendi. 

fnegrone tramgressione. 

tenle ^fWicre. 


The Record Interpreter. 

temitas tcmeritas. 

ten^me tentamen. 

tenii tennus (tainm). 

ten^e tenorem, 

ten' tenentur, tenetur, 

ten tenenSj tenuit, 

tens tenens. 

tent tenent, 

imi^ tenentur. 

teotn teoioneo. 

te' tenentur^ tenetur. 

t®s tres, 

tesfhto testamento. 

testametu testamentum. 

testate testante. 

testat' testantur, 

testarius testamentarius. 

testib3 testibus. 

testi"^ testimonium, 

testis testimonio. 

testiu testium. 

testioim teslimonium, 

testio™ testimonium. 

test! testamenti. 

testii testimonii. 

testm testamentum, testimonium, 

testo testamentOy testimonio. 

tes*^ testamenti. 

tetr°^ tetricum, 

t^ tempus. 

te^d'is tenandriis. 

teens tenens. 

teet ^6/7^^. 

tepm tcmpluni. 
tep° temj^tatio, 
tepta° (emptatio. 
tep?o temptatio. 
tep^ tempus. 
tepan* temperantia, 
tepe tempore. 
tep tempore, 
iti^ tenetur. 
tea' teneatur. 
tebat' tenebantur. 
teb°sit tenebrositatem. 
teVs^ tenebrosm, 
tebs tenebras. 
tern' tenemur. 
teor teneor. 
tere tenere. 
th*m thaxam {taxam). 
theo® theologicB, 
theot theologice. 
thorns ThomaSy tomus. 
tho® theologice. 
thos Thomas. 
tli thesauro. 
tha thema. 
thata themata. 
ttiau*ri^ thesaurarius, 
thaurari^ thesaurarius. 
thaur thesaurum. 
thaui thesauri. 
tlio*^ theologicarum. 
tliol theologicum, 
thri thesauri. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


thrm thesaurum. 

titto ^2^?^/b. 

thro thesauro. 

t^tf trinitatis. 

y tibi. 

titH titulari. 

tfa tria. 

titlatu titulatiim. 

t^as trinitas. 

ti?lo ^eVwfo. 

tbnn® tribwiale. 

tiltm titulum. 

t% ^nfte^. 

titts titulum. 

tfb^ fnftw^. 

tfu trium. 

t^Bto tribulatio. 

t^uphjitf triumphantis. 

tf^* ^n>/wja. 

tf uphu triumphum. 

t^*^^ triplicem. 

ti^ triplex. 

t^^^ ^n>//ci. 

y^ tripliciter. 

t^is trinitatis. 

in tenemental temntium. 

tii° ^iYwfo. 

to* ^o^a. 

ti^^ titulus. 

to*li? totaliter. 

timtes timentes. 

tocies totiens. 

t^ni ^nwi\ 

toci^ totiens, totiiis. 

t^ni*° trinitate. 

to^ ^o^zws. 

tW*f trinitatis. 

tolit^ tollitur. 

t^nod trinoda. 

tolta^® tolerabik. 

t^n^tiu tnnoctium. 

toltan* tolerantia. 

t^n^ trinm. 

toltr tollitur. 

ti° ^//wfo. 

totam^ toleramus. 

t*p^* triplici. 

tota^ toleramus. 

t*pt^ tripliciter. 

totr totaliter. 

t^p^ triplex. 

t° ^er^eo. 

t^p^ tnplicatur. 
t^pt tripliciter. 
t*sti* tristitia. 

to°^ tomum. totam. totum. 

t°m° ^erto morfo. 

testis* tristissima. 

to°* totiens. 

t^stisSi tristismni. 

tons tonsionem, tonsionis. 

t^t* tristis. 

to° fo/o. 

tHe trinitate. 

to^ totaliter. 

The Record Interpreter. 

toih'-'^ ioi t/eamenium 

t^ris ;»)■)■«. 

tor"^ hmeamentum 

turoii Turonemium. 

totatr Mahter 

tuirbim thuribulum. 

top iotahtet 

tor Turonemivm. 

tofitf torment IS 

tuf'Q tuloriim. 

tpe tempore 

tutop tutoi-um. 

tr* ii anag} esstone 

tute /«/(a. 

trafe ^jflSes 

tuHa /ufe/a. 

tmnqlt tianqmllm 

tuCO ^WlVi'o. 

transit" tiamitm 

t5 ^enef. 

tronsiu' ttansivit 

tra traetum 

t JflOOOO, iflWo, to«. 

t'W turbatm 

ta /»■/«. 

■t'bau* ftirfiazn^ 

tfila ^ff6»fc. 

t'ba turbam. 

IC ^M/iC. 

fbe trdbem. 

Toq, tiincque. 

t'bj (nfiMg. 

^ctare tradare. 

t. r. e. tempore regis Edicardi. 

icta" tractatii. 

trBmedu tremendum. 

tct^ tactus, tractm. 

treedu tremendum. 

tc'^ tractatm. 

tripi triplicitei; triplum. 

l'^ tripliois. 

fcriptita tripartita. 

tde ^(7*Y^e. 

trip tripliciter. 

t" tempore, tertia: 

±ri' triplicatwr, tripliciter. 

th" trahere. 

tristi" imfjWo!. 

?fir trahitur. 

tri*™ tiiplieatum. 

Bile ^raAere. 

fii ^Kr»i«ffl. 

fpe tuipem. 

Hd^ timidus. 

t'pi*" turpitudo. 

t'' temporia. 

fpis ^Miyis. 

tie to7e. 

t'pisBia tuipissima. 

tlee ^afes. 

t'pi? turpiter. 

He to&wj. 

fre turrem. 

tlia /o/irr. 

fritj turribm. 

tli? ^-(W,'/-. 

. Latin Abbreviations. 

tliii talium. 

tpa' iemporaliier. 

lb tripio. 

fpare temperare. 

n talis. 

tpatu iemperatum. 

tim taiem. 

{put temperant. 

ftr taliier. 

?pe tempore. 

tm iamen, tantam, tanttim. 

tpi tempori. 

tmd tantundem. 

tpib3 temporibua. 

VitiTn" tantiimmodo. 

tpies temperies. 

Tmmo tmtummodo. 

tgjs temporis. 

tm" iantummodo. 

tp'" temporale. 

tpm temporum. 

trap^ tempua. 

tpii temporum. 

tmpe tempore. 

tpm^ temptamur. 

tn tamen. 

tpra tempora. 

tn" tanttim. 

tpre tempore. 

tnta ^tiH^a. 

Ipi tempori. 

tnto ^(info. 

tpib3 temporibua. 

lab's tenebria. 

tprlifl temporalis. 

t5'b''Ba tenebrosa. 

ips tempm. 

tnr tmentur. 

tq" tanquam. 

tpla tempia. 

t= ^empw*. 

tplaii templatii. 

ttam" teitamento. 

tplu templum. 

ttm" tantiimmodo. 

tpW ^ewip^flW. 

tt ftVw/i. 

tpt'o iemptatio. 

tH 6"(m/(. 

tpus tempm. 
ip^ tempm. 
Ipa tempera. 

ton testamentum, titulum. 
t* ^n>fer. 

tg" temperata. 

tj ^CTiCTI^. 

^a''3 tcmporalihis. 

?cetf trecentis. 

tpaffitu temperamentum. 

Ipan' lemperantia. 

tcia fer^M. 

tpan" tempertintite. 

tcifi terlinm. 


The Record Interpreter. 

tciu tertium, 
tci^ tertius, 
tebntia terebinthina, 
tgo tergo. 
?^» tertia. 
ti°^ tertium, 
tini termini, 
rin°^ terminum* 
tino termino. 
tinos terminos, 
turn terminum, 
tiDp terminus. 
tin tei'minum. 
tia^' terminabilis. 
tia° terminatio, 
xioF termhmtur, 
tiari terminan, 
tiato terminato, 
tiatu terminafmn. 
tie^ fe)*mineiur, 
tii termini, 
1 10 tei*mino. 
tio™ terminationem. 
tios terminos. 
t IS terminis. 
tiua terminm. 
tm tertium. 

t°^ tennininn. 
tmi® terminus. 
tmio tennino. 
rm terminum. 
tmi termini, 
tna terrena. 
tnu terremim. 

to? terminorum, 
tra ^^rr^r. 
rra? terrarum, 
tra terram, 
tre ^errcp. 
rre^ terrenus, 
tribtr terrihiliter. 
tri^^ terrihili, 
tris ^errz^. 
tror terror. 
rroe terrore, 
tr terrcBy terns, 
ts terminus. 
rsi ^^rsf . 
rtia ^er^wf. 
rtio ^^r^/o. 
ttiu tertium. 
rtP tertius. 

Latin Abbreviations. 



V. quinqtie, quintus, 

u. vale^ valenty valet^ uhi^ ubi- 
cunquCy vera, verhum, ver- 
suSy veruniy vestra, victtiSy 
videlicet, videtur, vidtm, vir, 
virgo, vivas, vivens, vixit, 
una, unum, vohis, voluit, 
votum, vovit, ut, uti, utri- 
que, utrum, 

ua. vacante, 

u* una, 

u*iati vanatim. 

uai* variat, 

uald valde, 

ual* valehat, valet, 

ual3 valet, 

uariat variant, 

uari*' variatum, 

uarP® variatione, 

uarom variationem, 

ua* valet, 

uaiat variat, 

ubi9% uhicunque, 

ubit ubilibet. 

ubiq ubique. 

ubiore uberiorem. 
ue*s vesperas, 

uegele vegetabile. 

uehut^ vehuntur. 

uehiir vehementer. 

uet «?e//s. 

uetd t?e/wi. 

uena^3 venationibus, 

uen^b} venerabilibm, 

uend venditum. 

uen"® venerabilis, 

uefi venalis, venerabilis, veneris^ 
venerunt, venit. 

ueSis veneris, 

ueS^' venerabilis, 

uertn verumtamen, 

ues8et^ vesceretur, 

uesp vesper, 

uesptu vespertinum. 

uesti"^ vestimenttcm. 

ueta Vetera. 
uetibj veteribus. 
ued* vendidit, vendit. 

* In tbis list w is printed tbrougbout for w and t?, except for tbe 
numeral, as most early MSS. use only tbe one letter. In some 
MSS., however, an initial u is always written t?, even wben it is a 
vowel ; as vnus for unusy vmhra for umbra, vua for uva, 

M. L 


The Record Interpreter. 

uedit vendtdtt. 
ued^e vendere, 
ueieBt veniebat. 
uei^® veniale. 
ueit venit. 
uei*' venialiter. 
ue^ veniali. 

uet*s ventris. 
uet'm ventunim. 
uetu ventum, 
uet^ ventm. 
ueti ventri, 
uet venter. 
ueisile verimmik, 
ueitu vetitum, 
uei*f ventatis. 
ueo venenOy vero. 
ug t'iV^o. 
uge virgine. 
ugi virgini. 

ui* vigilia. 

• • 

mcar «?e^arwi, «^mn«^. 
uicecom mcecomes. 

tdceooitat vkecomitatm. 

Tiici"^ vicinum. 

uicis vicinis. 

u^oq ubicunqm. 

uic'^® vicarice. 

mo^ mcanm. 

uiot vicecomitatum. 

u^ouq^ ubicimque. 

uic vicarhiSy ricccomes. 

u^c ubieunqice. 

uicis vicinis. 

uicla vincula. 
u^cq^ ubicunqm. 
uic* videlicet. 
uict vicecomitatum. 
v}CjC^ ubicunque. 
uide^ videtur. 
uid3 videlicet. 
uid videndumy vidua. 
uiddi videndi. 
uidd™ videndum. 
uidem^ videremur. 
uiditf videritis. 
uidr videatuTy videtur. 
uid3 videndum. 
uig* vigilia. 
u^gine virginem. 
uigi** viginti. 
u^gis Virginia. 
uigiti viginti. 
u^go w^o. 
uigs ^rginis. 

uig vigenty viginti. 
uigi viginti. 
vij* septima. 
vij®"* septem. 
vij** septimo. 
lull. «??7fe, villanus, 
uillan villanus. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


uilla villam, 

uilt villa^ villaniy villk. 

uilti villam. 

uiltus villanm. 

uilt^ villanm. 

ui™ vinum. 

Tiincta vincula. 

uincla vincula. 

uin vinecB. 

lu'^ne vtsione. 
^o'm ^isionem. 

ui^ videtur. 

uirga? virgata. 

uirg virgata^ virginis, virgo. 

uisSa viscera. 

uis^f visuris. 

ui* videlicet. 
ui*® virtiite. 
uit^ vitriciis. 
u^t*' virtutem. 
v^iwP^ virtuosior. 
u^tu^* virtuosa. 
u^tute virtiite. 
ui*^ virtus. 
u*t^ virtus. 
uit vitaliSy vitulum. 
Tiito^ vitiorum. 

u^u4u tnvanum. 
iiiunt virunt. 

uiue vivere. 
vP uhicunque. 
uij videlicet. 
ma f;^'/2a. 
uib3 viribus. 
ulcla vincula. 
uidce vindictcB. 
uio? vinorum. 
uiu vinum. 
uT nn*. 
uib viribus. 
uide viride. 
uitr viriliter. 
uTo t'/ro. 
uio? virorum. 
uire vitare. 
uis verbis. 

ul* ultima. 
u^® universale, 
xj}^^ universalis. 
Tillo° ullomodo. 
ul° ultimo. 
ulrem ultoiorem. 

ult* w/i^m. 
ulti"* ultimum. 
ultio ultimo. 
ul? ultima. 
ulti ultimi. 
ulto ultimOy ultio. 
ulto°^ ultionem. 
ul?i^ ulterius. 



The Record Interpreter. 

u"^tii verumtamen. 
tinani unanimi. 
unait unanimiter. 
Tine uncia. 
tindi% U7idtqtie» 
und unde. 
undqq^ undeqtuique, 
Tingm unguentum. 
mn.% unione. 
u^^^ virgin 18. 
uniu*f universitatis, 
uniusis univerm. 
iiniusis univeraia. 
unioe unitione. 
uno° una modo. 
un undey unum. 
unis univei'sis. 
unusf* universis. 
uuu§ universis. 
uo. «?oW». 

u°ant' vocantur. 
uo*iit' vocantur. 
uo*" voluntas. 
noca® vocatce. , 
uoc*®' vocaliter. 
uoctf vocatis. 
uola^3 volatilihm. 
uolen vokntes. 
uole" volentes. 
uoli*^® volitione. 
uo^^ vocalis. 

uotis voluntatis. 
uott vohint. 
uoite voluntatem. 
uo°® volens. 
uonr vocantur. 

u°q°q^ unoquoque. 
uo^ vocatur. 
uo^^® voluntarie. 
uo® vocamtcs. 
uo*** voluntas. 
uo*^ vocatus. 
uo*' voluntatum. 
uotf ro^iis. 
u°tin vocativum. 
uo^° volendo. 
uole vocalem. 
now? vocamus. 
uont^ vocantur. 
uo^ vocatur. 
uos voluntas. 
uot wm^. 
uo*® voluntate. 
uoto? vocatoi^ttm, 
uot^ vocatur. 
uot*' vocatus. 
uotf vocatis. 
u6*f voluntatis. 
v^^® quinque. 
U8q^° usquequo. 
usq^q^j usquequaque. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


us^a usuram. 

ub® umbrcB, 

US3 usque. 

ubra umbra. 

us mque, usum. 

uco unctio. 

ut*q utraque. 

ui*^ unitas. 

ute° tttendo. 

ui*®^ universaliter. 

v*^ quinti. 

ui*® unitatem. 

ut^ w^rL 

uiusat universalis. 

utitr utiliter. 

uiusatr universaliter. 

ui% utrique. 

uiusis universis. 

ut^^% utrimque. 

up fmet^. 

utlagau utlagavit. 

uPcq^ uniuscujuscunque. 

ut°^ ut9ni7n. 

uicq unimcujuscufique. 

ut°^% utrumqm. 

ill «;6/. 

v*° quinto. 

iillo° ^w/fo wofl?o. 

ut° ti^ro. 

uo° wwo wocfo. 

ut°bi% utrohique. 

uoq°% unoquoqm. 

ut°b3 utrobiqite. 

uoquoq^ unoquoque. 

ut^ w^ probatur. 

uq unquam. 

uts. w^ 5wj9ra. 

un umim. 

ut* t/^ fl?eceY. 

u^ unus. 

ut w^ joa^e^. 

u w6e, w^, «?er6j. 

u?^(]^ utnusque. 

u* «?6ra. 

u? t^^^r. 

ub «?o6es. 

utq^ uterque. 

u9% ubicunque. 

uut t?w/^. 

ugi® virgine. 

ux wa?(>r. 

ugi^s ^rginis. 

uxe uxorem. 

Qgjtas i^irginitas. 

uxf tixom. 

ugim virginum. 

U3, V3 «:<?rcA ( Welsh for daughter). 

ugns virginis. 

V quinque milta. 

ugo «/7V/7<?. 

iiaq*% unaquaque. 

ug virginis. 

ua nnam. 

ugi virgini. 

The Record Interpreter. 

ug'' f>irginalig. 
uge vergere. 
ui viri. 
iiis vkh. 
ul vel. 
ul' iffi/ sic. 
iile universale. 
ul* mfefe, 
uleB unicersaka. 
ulia unkersalia. 
lUib* wbilibet. 
uli" unirersa/iiim. 
uliofs vniversaliorea. 
iili' unirersaiiler. 
alia universalis. 
ult w/&(. 
ult «>u/^, 
lit ZW&/. 
uli i«/u^'. 
um verum. 
um' ptifiTnEM. 
uii'*3 venerabilibm. 
5"'' virginem. 
unf videntur. 
ufir OTffen^Mr. 
uo r«'i(i. 

uq" utiaquaque. 
uq^ unaquaque. 

lir cesfer, vestitur, videtur, vo- 
ura i-esft-a. 
ure jva^rw, fwfpre. 

iiris testrie. 

una vestrum. 

uroj vestrorum. 

u" virtuoma. 

u8^ versus. 

uS versiones, cesperas. 

u' videlicet. 

u'" virtute. 

u"* virtutee. 

iitu' virtutes. 

iitut" virtutum. 

iitii'' virtualiter, 

u'f viriutis. 

nt^ virtus. 

u cer, (wsiM, 

ua per«. 

3aoe veracem. 
uaoiS veraciter. 
ua teram. 
uba cerfiffl. 
libi' p«'6i gratia. 
libo Pi^rfio. 
ubii verbum. 
li^j versibus. 
uB verbis, verbum. 
uba verbera. 
uBa' verberatur. 
ubat verberat. 
ubib3 verberibus. 
ue t'ere. 
iieoud Tcrecimdui. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


2get verget 

um verum. 

uges vergens. 

u^ verbum. 

u§e vergere. 

umec vef^mnetiam. 

ui ven. 

ume vermem. 

u* verhi. 

umf vermis. 

ui*^ veiHias. ' 

uo «?^ro. 

u^^3 verberibiiSy veritatibm. 

u° «?^rSo. 

Jlica'r f^erificatur. 

uo? verorum. 

uifi^ venjicatur. 

u°? verborum. 

uis e7er^5. 

us z?6rt^. 

u^* rerft?^. 

usi «?^rs^. 

ui^ Veritas. 

usu versum. 

uisite verisimik. 

utat^ vertantur. 

uisilit verisimiliter. 

utor vertor. 

uitas Veritas. 

ute vertere. 

ui*® veritate. 

uuex vervex. 

ui*^ veritati. 

uu verum. 


ui*f veritatis. 

uuptn verumtamen. 

ui^ verius. 

3ut^ verumtamen. 


w*atizabm^ warantizabimtis. 

w*ato waranto. 

w*de tcardce, 

waiagiu wainagium. 

wapentac wapentacium. 

wapentag wapentagium. 

wapentalL wapentakium. 

wap wapentagium. 

warant warantum. 

war warantia, warantizabunty 

waro waranto. 

with^nam with^rnamium. 

wlgarit vulgariter. 

wlg^ vulgm. 

wln^ vulnus. 

wlSa vulnera. 

wipes vulpes. 

wit r«/^. 

wlt^ vultur. 

w^cou tcreccum. . 

wreco wrecco. 

w***nam withernamium. 


The Record Interpreter. 


X. ChriatuSj decern, denarii, 

X* decima, quadraginta. 

xannalib decennalibm. 

xo Christm. 

x*^ decern. 

x' Christi. 

xi* undecima. 

x*an^ Christiantis. 

x*i Christi. 

xii* duodecima. 

xii*^ duodedm. 

xii^ duodecimm. 

x*n^ Christianm. 

xi^ undecimus. 

xl* quadragesima. 

xl® quadragesimcp. 

xl°^ quadragesima. 

xl^e quadragesimce, 

xtsima quadragesima. 

x°^ decima. 

s? Christo. 

xpo Christus. 

xpe Christe. 

xpi Christi. 

xpiano^ Christianorum. 

xpian^ Christianus. 

xpm Christum. 

xpo Christo. 

xps Chnstus. 

x*^ Christi. 

xymo quindecimo. 

X flfec^w wtto. 

X decern, decimus. 

xana Christiana. 

xan^ Christianm. 

xa? decima)*um. 

X® decimce. 

5d Christi. 

xm Chmtum. 



yeat yemalis (hiemalis). 

ydo* ydonea. 

yee y^me (hieme). 

yd**^ ydentitas. 

yes y^ms (hiems). 

ye*le yem^k {hiemah). 

ymag ymaginibus. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


yu^ne ymagim. 
ymP ymago. 
y^ ymago, ymmo, 
ypca ypotheca. 
ypo°® ypothetice. 

yunag yvernagtum 

y^ ymnu8. 


y 150000. 
yag ymaginibm, 
yno ymno (hymno). 
ynu ymnuni (hymnum), 
yn^ ymnm (hymnus). 

yizare ymntzare. 
yizat ymnizant. 


Z 2000. 
zo^^ zodiacL 

ZOa 20^(7. 

Z 200000. 


3 ^^, ^M^, w«. 

-r ^^^. 


The Record Interpreter. 



about aboutant. 
aoae d came, 
acq^ acqu^eur. 
a8s acres, 
ad** advocat, 
ad<^** advocat. 
adio"®^ adjourner, 
af fes affaires, 
agable agriable, 
aiam d jamais, 
amde amende. 
angt Angkterre, 
aon action, 
ape**^* appellans, 
app°° appellation. 
appra appartiendra. 
appre apparoistre. 

app* appartenans. 

appt appert. 

appten appartenant. 

appu approuver, 

apten appartenant. 

aps «^r^s. 

arp arpenty arpens. 

arrest arrester. 

arr^ arrirages. 

asoen ascension, 

assig**^ assignation. 

assi"^ assigner. 

ass^ assavoir. 

as§e o^st^^. 

asson assignation, 

assr assavoir^ assigner. 

attempmt attemprement. 

aud aw^?Y. 

aueoqs avecques. 

* In French, writing of the 15th and 16th centuries, in a cursive 
hand, the abbreviations are often very carelessly made — as a for a, 
p for p, so that type does not exactly represent the forms used. 
If a word is not found in this list with the exact abbreviation 
occurring in a MS., it may be found with some similar form. 

French Abbreviations. 


auen?e aventure. 
aul" aultres. 
aur auroit. 
aut autre. 
autmt autrement, 
autpt autrepart, 
aurs autres. 
au (zt^o^Y. 
aue autre. 
aues autres. 
aur a«?oiV. 
aut atJozY. 
av at'oeY. 

avr avoir. 
av* at?oiY. 
aon action. 


bailt Jflt7/t*, bailliage. 
bait JaiV/t, bailliage. 
bapt baptiste. 
bii 6/^. 
bns 6iVw«. 
boiss boisseau. 
bourd Bourdeaux. 
bourg bourgeois. 
bout boutant. 
bo 6ow. 
boe 6oww(?. 
boiois bourjois. 

b? Jotf^. 
b boisaeatAx. 
bn ftiiew. 
bnfioe binifice. 
bns &{en«. 
bt Jow^. 


caue (;^M«^. 

cauon caution. 

caut camant. 

oae catw^. 

ced c^(/*Y. 

eel® cdleste. 

cestass c^s^ assavoir. 

ce^ c^tw (ceux). 

chandet chand^leur. 

ohap^*^ chapitre. 

chape chapitre, 

ohapre chapitre. 

chal cheval. 

chau chdteau. 

chaux chdteauxj chevaux. 

cheu chevalier. 

chlr chevalier. 

ohs choses. 

oh cAer, chevalier. 

chal cheval. 

chaux chAteauXj chevaux. 

chch chercher. 

chl cheval. 


The Record Interpreter. 

cWer chevalier. 

chlr chevalier. 

chn chacufi. 

ohr chevalier, 

ohre chartre, 

ottrs chevaliers. 

ohs choses. 

ohun chacun. 

chu chacun. 

o^9veiiooii circonvention. 

o*ee m^6. 

oinq® cinquante. 

cinq*® cinquante. 

oto c^rtf. 

cog'^® cognoistre. 

oolaon collation. 

colt collation. 

coltg^® colUgiak. 

oompoir comparoir. 

cond condamni. 

oon®^ comeiller. 

oon®'^ conseillers. 

con®^^ controlleur. 

con? centre. 

oonuen convenance. 

cop c(>^e^. 

oorpelmt co^rporelment. 

QO^^ court. 

cou cowr^. 

coe comme. 

oof es§ confesser. 

cof mer confirmer. 

cois commis. 

comri(i3 commandements. 

come comme. 

c5mtt commettons. 

copte compte. 

copoir comparoir. 

copte comj^orte. 

cot® centre. 

ooteh contenant. 

c^ tJO't^r. 

ctain certain. 

8a® creature. 

6ace cr^ance. 

fitain certain. 

cpTi combien. 

gd condamnons. 

9don condamnation. 

9e comme. 

9® centre. 

9inand commandom. 

9me comme. 

9inedt commendement. 

9inis§es commissaires. 

9mdemt commandement. 

9me comme. 

9mt comment. 

9petet competent. 

9pte compte. 

9poir comparoir. 

9puz comparuz. 

9seil conseil. 

9seii comentement. 

French Abbreviations. 

deu devant. 

c,ten contenant. 

deua deters. 

9teB con tens. 

deu9 deters. 

9? contre. 

dees demaiideresae. 

dhiaoa d'liahiiation. 


daf d'aiT^-agea. 
daut d'aulre. 

dignor d'ignorance, 
dilig diUgemmeiit, diligence. 
dillig diligvnment, diligence. 
distr dintrent. 

dsxLi;git d' autre pari. 
db. d'un bout. 

dofii'" domicile. 
douS donner. 

dc d-MK <w«^^. 

d' (fefr7»;. 

dca diete (diie). 

dud rfarftl 

deoton diclaraiion. 
dePnons dicernom. 

dunept; d'une part. 
dufc rfW feu^ 

deff' deffendeur. 

deff deffaut, deffunct. 
deih demourant. 

duant durant. 
djoc dffocise. 
d (fflns, rfe, denier, dit. 
dB rfVn 6(.««. 

demd^ demandeur. 

dc rfV» cosW. 

den deniers. 

dees demanderesse. 

dens deniers. 

dpt rf'MMC ^W, 

deppon depposifion. 
depB (fcpcfw. 
dereotl derechef. 
der derrain. 

dquel dwgwc/. 
dt tferan^, rfj/. 

desfiit desmaintenant. 

dess^ rfessus. ' 


dees *ssM«. 

de^d dessusdit. 

egte i^(//ise. 

deSd desmmlit. 

enetleiht eneh4rcmeiit. 

enchi enchh-i. 


The Record Interpreter. 

en§ emuity enmivant, 

entier entMner, 

enu envers. 

enus envers. 

epal episccpal. 

escher eachequier. 

escr escrit. 

escr escuier. 

esd eadity esdites. 

espal especial. 

espal espicial. 

espaulx esp^ciaulx. 

estie Estienne. 

est establi, estoit. 

euagt ivangile. 

ex^ord extraordinaire, 

exeouon execution, 

exept excepter. 

exe execution. 

exeon execution. 

expt exploit. 

expos exposant. 

expssem expressement. 

ex'® ex^cutoire, extraordinaire. 

ex*'*" exicutoire. 

exon exicution. 

e9bres encombrea. 

mgner entirigner. 

e ^s^. 



f eV Febvrier. 

i<^ faire. 




ioiH> format. 

f or?ece forterece (forteresse) . 

f ourf ait'e for/aiture. 

from froment. 


fur furent. 


f re /aire, 

ft fait. 

fie faite. 




g*ce ^rdc6. 

g*nd grand. 

g*ns ^m«5 (grands), 

g^raut guaraunt. 
garr g arrant, 
genal g^n^ral. 

French Abbreviations. 


gnalite ghiiraliti, 
gnat g^n^rakment. 
gnaulx giniraulx. 
gof gorce. 

gouumt gouvernement 
gre grdce. 
gu^ant guarant. 
guilte Guillaiime, 
guor gorce. 
g8al gSn^*aL 
§e guerre. 


hefegemt Mbergement. 
hel^g^ hiberger. 
herit hMtagCy hMtier. 
herit hMtier. 
h®" Mritiers. 
hon^^® honorable, 
hoh honneste. 
ho Aow {homme). 
hoe homme. 
home homme. 
hos ^«s {hommes). 
huiot® huictiesme. 
filbgemt herbergement. 
fife£ herberger. 
hfeiage herbetHage. 
hile habik. 
liirs AotV«. 
hitage Mriiage. 

hitans habitana. 
tiitaon habitation, 
fiit^ habitans. 
hrs ^6r«, Aoer*. 

fi^ hMtiers. 


iefi Jehan. 
imp impetrant. 
inpole imposdbik. 
inp^® impossibk. 
intes interes {intMt). 
intest interest (intSrit), 
10^ Jour, 
ioux Jou^vte. 
id Jour. 
iF Jour. 

• rJ • 

iur* ye^r^re^i^. 
ivSt Jurhrent. 
iurdcon jurisdiction, 
iug Juing. 
ipe impossibk. 
V Jour. 


katine Katerine. 
let kakndes. 


The Record Interpreter. 


mandefh mandement. 

mand mandons. 

laqle laquclle. 


mani^e maniere. 

las§ Vassise. 

maSe man ere, maniere. 

lb libvres. 

mar*^ mareschal. 

Ibz libvres. 

Marg Marguerite. 

led ledict. 

ma*® majesty. 

legte V^glke. 

TTi® maistre. 

le' ^wr. 

ine® »2^re. 

le's leura. 

mesfh mesmement. 

leu^ &«?er. 

iness^ messeigneur. 

leu fe^per. 

inesg messeigneur, messire. 

lexcon V execution. 
le s fewr«. 

mest^ mestier. 

ines? mestier. 

licen UcenciL 

ineg messire. 

lie licenciL 

meub meuble. 

lieuten lieutenant. 

Micb Michel. 

lordon Vordonnance. 

misicors misericors. 

Iql /igj'we/. 

mlt »20w//. 

Ire lettre. 

moit moiti^. 

Ires lettres. 

mond mondit. 

Ifd lesditz. 

mons^ monsieur. 

t /«Te«. 

monst monstrer. 

titage Vhiritage. 

mons fuonsieur. 

tre /l^^^re. 

mofi monnoie. 

tres lettres. 

Tnoust mousiier Imonastkre). 


M. Monsieur. 
Magd Magdeleine. 

most monstier (monastire). 

mo§ monsieur. 

m^ maistre. 

me m^r^. 

ms moins. 

mei ;w^r(?/. 

French Abbreviations. 


mcredi merer edi. 

mcy merci, 
me mire. 


n^^® nombrey Noveinbre. 

neantm niantmoins. 

no^^® nombre, Novembre, 

nob woJ/ie. 

notoe Novembre. 

nor wo6*^. 

nos no^re? Seigneur, 

not notaire, 

notd wo^r^ t/2c^. 

no^ wo?/5. 

noe nomme, 

noer nommer, 

noes nommis, 

noobs? nonobstant. 

noe ^?o^r(?. 

nre wo^r^. 

nredae wo^re Dame. 

nredt ^io^re t/«Y. 

nres^ wo^r<? Seigneur. 

nres no^re iSw*^. 

n w^. 

nl ?/w/. 


oppo^^ opposition. 
ord^ ordonnance. 
ord°® ordonne. 
ord^® ordinaire. 
orr orront. 
ost' o«^^' \6ter), 
ott^er ottrier. 
oul® oultre. 
oute&t overtement. 

Oct octave. 
op°° opposition. 


paxctin parchacun. 
parlemt parlement. 
parr® parroisse. 
par Parisj Parisis. 
pat**naige patronaige. 
^bTepresbtre {pritre). 
peschie pescherie. 
pRe Philippe. 
p^ere prikre. 
p*nee prince. 
p^ncipale principak. 
p^ns jor^ws. 
p^os prions. 
p*8 /?m. 
p^se jo/w. 

p'siee^rm^^ {prisie). 
p^ue 7?r?V6*. 




The Record Interpreter. 

p^uileg jjn'vileges. 

pdonn pardonnent. 

plete plentS. 

pd* pardevant. 

plus plusieura. 

^A pardevant. 

-plu^TS plustem^s. 

pe /?^r^. 

pnce presence. 

plemt parlement. 

pfis prhens. 

fl parlement. 


pmiss permission. 

pntaon presentation. 

pmpt^*^ p^remptoire. 

pnteitit pr^sentement. 

poifise paroisse. 

^0^ pour. 

pptuelmt perpetuellement. 

po'^f orcefnt pourforcement. 

pqs perques. 

^ovi portetir. 

pre pierre. 

pos§ possession. 

proiss parroisses. 

posgon possession. 

prr parroisse. 

pourp^s pourpris. 

pr parroisse. 

poon possession. 


fispars {parts). 

po^ pour. 

psoe personne. 

poJ f orcefiit pourforcement. 

pt par^. 

p^ pour. 

ptf parties. 

presen prSsentement. 

pmier premierement. 

promaon proclamation. 

pnce presence. 

prouchen prouchenement. 

pns pr^sens. 

"p^ipiis potirprts. 

pnt present. 


pntaon presentation. 

preal prisidial. 

pntemt prhentement. 

pronaige patronaige. 

ppal principal. 

pniRg puissant. 

psent prisentes. 

p par. 

ps? prestre. 

pch perches. 

pdecesg prM^cessenrs 

pctiun parchacun. 

^lat preiat. 

pcy d* parcydevan t. 

pmier premier. 

pdeus pardcrcrs. 

pmier premierement. 

French Abbreviations. 


puoe presence. 
pndre prendre, 
pneur preneiir. 
pns pr^sens. 
psent presentation, 
pudes preudes. 
puost prevost. 
puot prevdt. 
peed proceder, 
pees prods. 
pchain prochainement. 
pch prochain. 
pouraon procuration. 
pcur procureur. 
pours procureurs. 
pdes prodes. 
jpeneproeve {preuve). 
pfit profit. 
pinet5s pronietons. 
pfhttos promettom. 
pp^ete propriM. 
pposee propos^e. 
ppos proposer, 
ppe propre. 
pps propres. 
p^ procureur. 
pucH prouchain. 
pue prouvi. 
puis^ proris^ion. 


q*nqj quanque. 
q*nt quant. 
q^resme quaresme. 
q*rt j-war^. 
q^rtier quartier. 
q*rt quartier. 
qHre quatre. 
q^cte quicte. 
q^elx $^w<V^ {quels). 
q^ex ^mV^p {quels). 
q^l ^'w'//. 
q*tie quitie. 
q^ttf quittes. 
quelcoqj quelconque. 

q g'?^. 

qelle qxCelle. 
ql ^2/e/. 

qlcoqj quelconque. 
qlles quelles. 
qlqj quelque. 
qlx $'W^/;r. 
qlz 5'?^'//s. 

raofe rachat. 
rant rantiers. 
recton reclamation. 
regre registre. 


The Record Interpreter. 

relig reiigieuse, religieuXy reli- 
relt relation, 
relton relation, 
renoc renongant, 
repnter representer, 
req*® requeste, 
reqros requerons, 
reSue reserve, riservd. 
retorSoit retorneroit, 
reuent rMrent, 
reueii r^vSrence. 
regnut recognut. 
robt Robert. 
ryal royal. 


S, Saint, solz, 
bdoh®' sachent. 
saormt sacrement. 
sa8mt sacrement. 
satt salut. 
scau sgavoir. 
set sainct. 
scte saincte, 
segd segond {second), 
seign^ seigneur. 
semV semblable. 
semest semestier. 
Ben*^ seneschal. 

sens s^ensuit. 

sen? sentence, 

sente sentence. 

sep? Septembre, 

sep?s septiers, 

8e?s setiers. 

se^met serment. 

8f sa/emme. 

&\t salut. 

soflBss soffissament, 

soub® soubsignS. 

soubz soubzag^. 

souffr souffisant. 

soe somme. 

spal spicial, 

spanlx spiciaulx, 

s^ seigneur, sire. 

s* sai/i^. 

St sow/. 

subgf subgiet (sujet). 

subtitmt subtilement. 

success successeur. 

succf successeurs. 

suflBsf suffisant. 

supp^"* suppliant. 

suppt suppliant. 

s^dce susdicte. 

B^sistat sussistant. 

S3 Mws. 

g seigneur, sieur, sire, solz, 

g* servira. 

8*^* sainct. 

French Abbreviations. 


§dit smdit. 
§® sire. 

semet surement, 
siantie serjantene. 
§iaz serjanz (sergenta), 
§mt serment. 
soient seroient. 
§ont seront. 
s^ seigneur^ sieur. 
sremt seiTement. 
Srial seigneurial. 
§"® seigneuriey aieurie. 

§te sainte. 

§t3 «o& Tournois, 

?* aervira. 

sgf sergent. 
?ias serjans. 
siatie serjanterie, 
?mt serment. 
soiet seroient, 
sot seront. 
suir servir. 


tabelt tahelUon. 
tab tabellion. 
t^nscript transcript. 

tnis travers. 
ta tabellion. 
tem timoins. 
tend tendant. 
teneiht temment. 
ten^ ^^/it/«. 
ten3 temment s. 
team tesmoing. 
testamt testament. 
te§3 tesmoins. 
t^nite triniti. 

to^nois Tournois. 

to^n Tournois. 

touch totichant. 

tourn Tournois. 

touss' Toussaints. 

i^ Tournois. 

traus travers. 

t^nois Tournois. 

tf Tournois. 

t3 Tournois. 

? Tournois. 

tme ^^r/w^. 

tre ^err^. 

te terme. 

?me /^rwe. 

tre ^^re. 

trouer terrouer (terroir). 

?sor trisor. 

?sor trisorier. 


I^ Record Interpreter. 

U. V. 

TalencK Valenchiennes. 
vail'' ralloir, 
yali rallard. 

vend vendeurs. 
ven tenant. 
vergf tei-gies. 
vesps re^res. 
vede's rendeurs. 
vie viconte. 
vigf vignes. 
vo^ row*. 
v'5 verront. 
vre rostre. 



us IfJU. 

Tgf rerg6es, 
vite tMte. 
vront rerront 
vue r«ir^. 
vj rerroni. 
Site r^n'te, 
vot ref^vnt 
utu ffr/tf. 


xphe Christophe. 
xpien Chretien. 
xpofle Chrisiofle. 




abactor a cattle lifter, wto steals 

sheep or cattle in herds, not 

o Sbchs a calculating board; and 

hence, arithmetic . 
abandonnare to permit or forbid 

by proclamation. 
ahandomtm, ahandum anything 

sequestered, proscribed, 

pledged, or abandoned. 
abarnare to prove, legally, a 

secret crime. 
abaatardare to bastardize. 
abalamenlum an entry by intcr- 

abatart to beat down ; to defeat 
a writ or appeal ; to enter 
into property void by death 
of the poeaessor before the 
heir takes possession. 

abatis an officer who distributes 
com, an avener ; a ration 
of corn. 

abator a person who by interpo- 
sition enters into property. 

(jJa(ii(/usdiminiahed,esp. clipped, 
as money. 

abbas an abbot, 

abbalatus the office of abbot. 

abbalia, abbathia an abbey; tbo 
office of abbot. 

abbatis. Si>e abatis. 

abbailssa an abbess. 

abbayum a milldam. 
abbettamentum abetment, 
abbettare, abettare to abet ; in- 

abbellator an abettor. 

abbettum abetment. 

ahbiittare to abut, or bound. 

abbreviare to abridge. 

abbrocamentum abbrochment, or 
forestalling a market or fair. 

abbrocator a f ortstaller ; a broker. 

abbultare to abut. 

abcariare to carry away. 

abdicare to renounce an office 
before the term of service ia 

abditorinm a cliest for keeping 
plate or relics. 

abeeedariiim an alphaliet. 

abccedarius a scholar learning to 

aberemurdruni manifest murder. 

abettare, ^-c. See abbettare, &C. 

abeyanlia abeyance. Property ia 
iu abeyance wlien it is in 
expectation, in the intend- 
ment of the law, not in actual 

ahgatoria, abgetorium tbe alpha- 
bet ; rudiments of a science. 

abiyxus a cattle stealer. See 

Glossary of Latin Words. 

uhjurare to renounce the realm 

for ever. 
aUaclatua weaned. 
abrocagium brokerage. 
ahrocariui a. broker. 
ahsEoncius a casket. 
absconsa a dark luntern. 
ahsoniare to shun, or avoid. 
abiilare. See ahbitttare. 

s guilty of a felonious 
ofEencB, not principally, but 
by participation. 

acciplrarius a falconer. 

ncco7a a colonist, a cultivator of 
land where he waa not bom. 

accoinpliamenlum accompliah- 

nccrescendi jua right of increase. 

aeephali person*) who acknow- 
knowledgej neither king 
nor church, temp. Hen. I. 

aceta a snipe 

achapiare See accaptlaie 

acAaium purLhaae, bargain 

acheraetus a measure of corn 
con]ectured to be a quarter 

acq Ilea tr a acquisition 

acquietanha a discharge in writ 
ing, of money paid or debt 
due ; quittance. 

acquielare to pay ; to free or dis- 

acquirere, adquifere to purchase ; 
to acq^uit. 

'a an [icre of land; a judicial 

combat, holm gang. 

bliadnesH. For aorisia. 
actachiare. See allachiare. 
nc/iVi'a armour and weapons; gear. 
actio a legal demand of a right. 
actionare to prosecute. 
aetor a proctor or advocate in 

civil courta. 
actor dominicua the lord's bailiff 

or attorney. 
actor ecclesire the advocate or 

pleading patron of a church. 
acior villa: the steward or head 

bailiff of a town or village. 
aclornalus. See ntlornatua. 
acluarius the clerk who registers 

the acta of convocation, 
aculus, acula an aglet, a molal tag. 
actipatus inteiTogated. 
afusliimabilt's, acuatumatus liable 

to custom, 
acuslumare to exact custom ; to 

exempt from custom. 
acula agne, 

acutecula a steel ; a hone. 
adalingus an etheling. 
adaquare to water (cattle) ; to 

adaquanum a watering place. 
adbreviare See abbrevtare. 
adciedubtare to purge oneself of 

an aLcnaation by oath. 
addilto a title setting forthaper- 

son'sestate, degree, trade, &c. 
addreseiare addresaare to re- 

dreas , to restore ; to make 

amends for ; to render ac- 
count of 
adirare to lose. 
adiratua acompensation for gooda 

lost or stolen. 
adjornamentum, adj'oumamentatn 

adjournment, putting off to 

another day or place. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 

adjornart, adjoiirnare to adjouni. 

ad/udicatio pronouncing a judg- 
ment or decree. 

1 to purge oneself of a 
6 by oath. (Fr. aleier.) 

admenturalio admeasurement ; a 
writ for remedy against per- 
sons who usurp more than 
than their share. 

adminiculum, adminiculatio aid, 

admiraldus, adm'iralh, admiral- 
lua an admiral. 

admiraldus sometimes used for 

admiralilas admiralty. 


adnichilare, admillare to annul. 

adqnietare. See acqiiietare. 

adreclare to do right ; make 

adresciare. See addresciare. 
adullerinus unlawful, esp. of 

adunare to collect. 
advallacio anguillarum eel- 

adranciamenlum advancement. 

ai/t'nn/oyjHHtadvantage; theright 
of the lord to redeem a fiof 
removed by the vassal from 
his lordship. 

advenlura an adventure, or ven- 

adL-enlurare to adventure, or ven- 

advenlurarius an adventurer. 
ttdeenlus casual profit, 
ailvisamrniiim advice ; conside- 

adfiaare to advise. 

advoiare to advow ; to justify an 
act done; to avow, i.e. in 
boroughs, to falsely allege 

that goods belong to a free- 
man so as to evade duty. 

arffocnj-i'ii avowry ; the justifica- 
tion of having taken a dis- 
tress, when the party sues 
forth a replevin. 

adfocalio advowson, right of 
presentation to an eccle- 
siastical benefice; allegation 
of protection or authority. 

advocatut counsellor or pleader ; 
patron of a church, avowee, 
advowee ; protector of a 

adiiuua a verger, keeper of relics, 

^gypltacui, ^gyptius a gyi'sv. 

aeraria, aeria an eyry, a nest, 
usually of hawks. 

aerarius nesting. 

afferamrnliim affcerment, assoss- 

afferare to assess a fine. 
afferalor an aff eerer, a person who 

assesses fines in eourts leet 

and coni'ts baron. 
affidave to certify ; to swear 

fealty ; to affiance. 
affidatia an oath. 
offidus one who has pledged his 

faith to another. 
ajilare to put on a file with. 
ajfilatorium a steel, a hone. 
ajinare to fine (gold) ; to finibU, 
ajirmare to let to farm. 
afforare. to ajipraise, 
affurcianientum a fortress ; com- 
affoTciare to increase, or make 

stronger ; to compel. 
offorciatus pure, unadulterated. 

Applied to cloth or other 

affra. See uffrus. 
affraia aa affray. 
nffreclamenlum, affrctamenlvm 

(iffrectare, affretare to freight. 
offrui aa ox or horso for farm 

work ; usually a horse. 
affuramentum. See afferanteiUum 
agalma aa. image on a seal. 
agasgus a gazehoand. 
ageUariua a hajward, a herd- 

agenda aa imperfect missal. 

ai/enfrida a lord or owaer. 

agillarius a hayward or herd- 
ward ; keeper of cattle on a 

aginamenliim a masquerade. 

agistameulum right oE pastur- 
age ; the 8am paid for this 

agistare to assign pastarage for 

cattle, cap. in a forest. 
agiatafce terrie lands whose owners 

are bound to keep up the 

sea walk. 
agistator an agister, officer who 

asaigas the pastarage in a. 

agitatio animalinm in foresta the 

drift or view of heaata in the 

agnaiio lamhing. 
agnellatio, agnilatio lamhing. 
Jgnvs Vei an oval piece of 

■white wax, stamped with 

thn figaie of a lamb, and 


agreare to agree. 

agri arable land in the common 

aineacia the right of the eldest. 
aiaiainentum, aisimentum liberty 

a ship. (A.-S. ( 

n^ermannuj a small farmer. (A.-8. 
tecermoa.) Their holding was 
less than that of the virga- 
larii, but from comparison 
f t must have been more 
than acre. 
ak I mah qaetoii,agambeson, 
a p dd d or quilted tunic, 
^ th 1 of a church. 
I da stoae coloared like 

s >■ 
alanerarlus a keeper of dogs 
(alans) or hawka (lanners). 
alanus a large hound. 
alatoria, alaloritcm, alaiura a 
covered wayor walk; piazza. 
alaudarius a hobby hawk. 
alba an alb ; a white tight- 

alhajirma a yearly rent payable 
to the chief lord of the 
hundred in white money, 
I. e. silver. 

albergaia the right of lodging in 
a vassal's house ; money 
paid in lieu thereof. 

albergellum, albergio a hauberk or 
habergeon, a coat of m.ail 
covering the head and 

alblastarius crossbowman. See 

aldermannus an aldermaa. 

aldermanria a district under the 
jariadiction of an alderman, 

alebrodium a warm driak ; broth ; 

alecenarittm a lanaer {falco lan- 

alecia (sing.) herrings. 
alecium, aleclum a herring. 

a/Jiniis a biahop, at chess. 

Glossarij of Latin Words. 

algorismus arithmetio, 
alices cantortions. 
aliqwilitag essence. 
alileum a crime. 
alkamia alcamj'ne, 

alkemonJa alchemy , 
allaya, allaia alloj'. 
alleeia. See alecia. 
allegiantia allegiance. 
allegiare to defend or justify by 

coiirse of law. 
alleviare to levy or pay a fioe. 
allocare to allow. 
allocatio allowance ; award. 
allodium. See alodium. 
allorium. See alum, 
allota, alluta cork. 
allottare to allot. 
almaria, alnieriitm a cupboard ; 

aumbry. See armarin. 
almicia. See almucia. 
almonaria an almonry. 
almonarius an almoner. 
almonera, almoneria an almonry ; 

a pouch, or purse from whicli 

alma were given. 
almucia, almecium an aniess, a 

cloth or fur hood worn by 

canons and monks. 
alna an ell. See ulna, 
alnagiam measurement by the 

ell ; duty paid by the ell. 
alnelum a place where alders 

grow, an alder grove. 
ttlodarius the lord of afree manor. 
alodium a free manor. 
alorium a covered way. 
aloia a shad. 
aloverium a purse. 
alphila. See til/ia. 

altaragium altarage ; oSeringH 
made upon the altar ; small 

altellus an alien. 

alterare to cliaage, to alter. 

alleratio alteration. 

altile a fatted beast or fowl ; a 

alura (Pr. ahur) an alure, a 
passage, alley ; a parapet ; 
a walk behind a parapet; a 

a/ti^amd a cordwainer; atanner; 
a tawyer ; dressed leather. 

aher the same as aloverium (?). 

amanda an almond. 

amalisla an amethyst. 

ambactus a servant ; a client. 

amhassiala a 

amhassiator i 

ambiJe-xler a juror who takes 
money from both sides. 

amh's a vase. 

amhisiala. See amhassiala. 

amhra a measure of wheat or 
salt, four bushels ; a wine 
jar ; amber. 

atn&ro a prodigal. 

am&i-um amber. 

ambularius an ambling horse. 

amerciamentum a pecuniary 

amarciare to amerce, to fine. 

amieia. See almucia. 

amicfua an amice, a linen vest- 
ment forming a hood or 

amirellus admiral. 

ammobragiutn a kind of service ; 
a fine. 

amorlixare to alien lands in mort- 
main ; to amortize, 

amorti~atio amortization. 

Glouarff of Latin Words. 

amotihilia, amrivibUii removeable. 
ampliaiio deferring j udgment till 

a eauae is furtlier esamined. 
ampulla aTesael for holding holy 

oil ; a reliquary. 
aitttintia amount. 
anahatrum a cuitain. 
nnnrAoreiaahermit; ananehorite. 
anamelatua enamelled. 
aucoragium duty paid by ships 

■when they anchor in a haven. 
atidena a, awath ; as much ground 

aa a man can stride over ; 

an andiron. 
andreaeya a dairy. 
androchia, androgia a dairymaid. 
androchiarittnt a dairy. 
anelaeium a knife, or dagger. 
angaria a vexatious personal 

service ; distress. 
angarialU grievous. 
angariare to compel. 

angeldvm, angildum the single 
valuation, or fine imposed 

Anglici, probalio proof of Eng- 

animalia osen. 

annates yearling cattle. 

anna^i!: first fruits; annates. 

annuals yearly income of a pre- 
bendary ; or of a priest for 
celebrating an anniversary. 

annua/im yearly. 

anntilatus ringed (of a pig). 

ansorium a shoemaker's knife. 

antecessor ancestor ; also the name 
of a servant attending on a 
dean and chapter. 

aiiltgtirda vnnguard. 

antela a poitrel. 

aiilephalarica a portcullis. 

anlesignalus a soldier posted in 
front of the standard. 

anlianilas seniority, ancienty. 

an/ianiia old, ancient. 

antica a hatch. 

anticopa a countertally. 

antidoron ft gift given in ex- 

antigraphiis a scribe, a copyist. 

anlilupia an antelope (heraldic). 

anliphonarium a book containing 

anliquitas seniority ; ancienty. 
antisies a bishop ; an abbot. 
antintita an abbess. 
anlistiiium a monastery. 
anlilAelartvs an accused person 

who charges his aecuserwith 

tho sarae crime. 
apanagium the portion of a 

younger child. 
apatisare to agree ; to ransom. 
opechiamentum impeachment. 
opori'are to impoverish. 
apoalare to transgress, 
o^/iflrn/ora messenger who serves 

the process of a spiritual 

coui't, an apparitor. 
apparent lex ordeal. 
apparentia appearance. 
appares equals. 

apparura furniture ; equipment. 
appatizare. See apalisare. 
appellate to appeal. 
appelUim an appeal. 
appendens a thing of inheritance, 

belonging to a greater in- 

appendilia appendages ; appur- 

Ghssart/ of Lit tin Words. 

apptndir, appeiidicium a, pent- 

appennagium feee 

appemuia payment of money by 

appenticium a. pent house 
applaitda sauce 
appUcium an inn , lodging 
applita harness, fitting's 
appodiare to prup np , to sustain 
appotsonare to poison. 
apponere to pledge ; to pawn, 
apporiare, apporriare to impover- 

apportionamentum apportion- 

opportionare to divide proportion- 

apportum revenue or profit ; coi'- 
rody or pension ; rent or 

appreciate to appraise, 

apprenlicius an apprentice. 

appreniisay turn, appreaiioiamen- 
lum apprenticeship. 

approbare to augment the value 
of, as to increase the rent 
of land. 

approhator a person who confesses 
felony and accuses others, 
an approver. 

appropriare to annes a benefii^e 
to the use of a spii-itual cor- 
poration or person ; to ap- 

approprialio, apprnpriamenlum 

approvamentum profits ; crop. 

approviare, approware, appruare se 
to use for one's own profit ; 
aa to enclose waste land. 

appruator an ofiicer in some towns 
(e.y. Wakefield) appointed 
to look after the intei-ests of 
the lord of the manor. 

apprunlare to borrow. 

aqitagium a watercourse; a holy 

watei stoup 
aquahum the top of the head. 

aiacntm a stud of horses. See 

aialus the maple trf-e 
aratrum terra as much land as 

can be tilled withone plough. 
araai lus an archer , keeper of an 

area, a chest for the deposit 

of honds and deeds. 


archemecherus some officer in the 

household of Henry VI., . 

perhaps chief sword bearer. 
arcAertius a rick of com. 
archer ia archery. 
arckidiacoHux an archdeacon. 
arohiepiscopus aa archbishop. 
archipreslffler chief priest in a 

coUpgiate church. 
archisigillariua chief keeper of a 

seal, chancellor. 
archivum a place where records 

arcisla. See artiata. 
arciaterium. See aaceterium. 

some trade connected with 

arcubaliata a crossbow, arblast. 
arctibalistarius a crossbowman. 
arcvbua, curia de Court of Arches, 

so called from the church of 
■ 8t.MarydeArcubus(l6Bow), 

where it was formerly held. 
arcuere to shoot with a bow. 
area sail shot. 

area open space ; cemetery. 
arenga a, preamble ; harangue. 
arentare to let for a rent, to arrent, 
to rate. 

Glossar/j of Latin Worth. 

areniatio rental ; aesossmeat of 
nresiitm arrest. 

argumentosus ingenious. 
arista, pannus de arras. 
arivaffiiim toll paid hy eLipa on 
mooring at a wharf or port. 
arma dare to make a kniglit. 

a cupboard ; an aumbry, 
luin a little cupboard, 
a librarian in a monas- 
armatura armour ; military eser- 

armicudium a dagger. 
artniger an esquire. 
armilausa a cloak. 
armuraritis an armourer. 
arnaldia a disease, perhaps bald- 

aromalarius a grocer. 

arpentum a small plot of land ; 

arquilla a linchpin. 

arqwllaa a. saddle bow (?). 

arquinecca some drug or spice. 

arraiamentum array, in reference 
either toa jury, or to soldiers. 

arraiare to array. 

arraiatio. See arrawinenium. 

BFraialores arrayers ; officers 
whose dutyit was to sec that 
soldiers wcro properly ac- 




arramrre, adramire to promise, 
esp. in a court of law. 

arraya. See arraiamentum. 

orMc(a(us suspected ; accused. 

arrenamenliim a 

to claim, 

ar tenia re. 


arrealore to arrest. 
arreslum arrest. 
arrivagiiim. See arivagiiim. 
arrirare to draw to the shore ; 

to arrive. 
arrura. See anirn. 
arsina ai-son ; house-burning. 
araura trial of money by fire. 
artavum a small knife. 
arlieulare to draw up in articles ; 

to article, 
articulus an article ; esp. a com- 
plaint exhibited in a Court 
arliJiciuTn handicraft, 
artillalor maker of artillery, 
ar tiller iti artillery. 
arlista one who has taken a 

degree in arts, 
artitus skilfully made or ar- 
arura ploughing; a day's work 
with a plough ; a tilled 
field ; crops. 
asceien'um a monastery. 
asiamentum. See aisiamentum, 
asinare to ride oa an ass. 
ttspersoriiim a sprinkler ; a Tase 

for holy water. 
assaia, assaium assay ; exami- 
nation of weights and 
bread, beer, &c. 
assay, es amine. 
assaia tor an assayer. 
assartare to bring forest land 
into cultivation by grub- 
bing up the roots, &c, 
assarlum assart ; land brought 

into cultivation. 
assai/siare (of j udgea) to call 
others to assist them. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 

make secure by 
pledge or oath ; assui'e. 
sedare. See ass'idare. 
semhlare to assemble. 
aemblata, assemblatio assembly. 
ser a stake. 

to drain 
marsk g^'ound. 

assidare, assidere to tax equally; 
to assess. 

assignare to transfer a rigkt ; to 
appoint a deputy ; to de- 
clttte ; to pledge. 

assignare se ad to attack ; to lay 
Lands on. 

assignatio assignment ; transfer- 
ence of iuterest. 

aasignalus assignee ; deputy. 

assimulnre to pnt together ; col- 

aaaisa a fixed measure ; a tax 
or fine ; a sitting of justices 
to hear causes ; a jury ; 
certain statutes and writs 
are also called asstsa:. 

assisa panis el cerevisiie the 
power of examining the 
weight and measure of 
bread and beer. 

us rented or farmed out. 

ua reddilus rent of assize; 

fixed rent, 
to essoin. 
aasueare to drain. 
assuera a drain. 
assumpl'o tho anniversary of the 

death of a saint. 
asauranlia assurat:cc. 

oslela a staff. 

aslrarius hares an heir who 
occupies his inheritance 
during Lis ancestor's life. 

asiriam, aslrum hearth ; house. 

aalruclua instructed. 

aslula a piece of hrewood. 

astur. See auslur. 

asura azure. 

alia hatred, malice. 

a fiVt'uni utensil ; implement; gear. 

alinelus. See atliiiclus. 

atratua a mourner. 

attacktire to affix. 

attachiamentum attachment ; ap- 
prehension of a person or 
seizing goods ; right of using 
(underwood, water, &o.). 

attachiamentum foreiice the lower 
court of a forest, 

attachiare to take in pursuance 
of a writ ; to attach. 

attaehialor an officer who makes 
attachment ; bailiff. 

attaiiicta, atlincta, attaint. 

aitamiare, attaminare to broach. 

ailegia a little house. 

atterminare to put within certain 
boundaries ; to postpone to a 
certain day ; to atterm. 

aflilamenittm. See atilium. 

atlilliamentum. See atilium. 

allillialor maker of artillery, 
iniHtary engines. 

allincla attaint. 

attinctiis attainted. 

attornamentum an acknowledg- 
ment by a tenant of a new 
lord, attornment. 

atliirnare to assign goods to some 
special use ; to appoint an 

atlurnaius attorney. 

Glossai'u of Latin Words. 

attraclua store. 

attbergelluin a breastplate. 

auca a goose ; some ortiele of 

aucipiler a falcon. 

auclenlicare to declare authentic. 

auetionarius, auctionator a re- 
tailer ; B broker. 

aucuhacula to catch birds after 
dark, to batfowl. 

auditor a catechumen ; an ex- 
aminer of accounts. 

augea a ciateru. 

aula a court baron ; the nave of 
a church. 

ttuleum a. hanging, tapestry, 

auncialas antiquated. 

aureolus golden oriole or gold- 

tturicalcum latten. 

auncttlare a cushion ; a defence 
for the ears of a horse. 

auricular lus a secretary. 

aurificium goldsmith's work. 

aurtfiliim gold thread. 

aurifresarius an embroiderer. 

aurifrigium, auri/resium, auri/ri- 
tium orphrey, embroidery on 
clerical vestments. 

auriaia blindness {aaqx^ix,). 

aaroca, aurocus a haycock, a 
hayrick ; the quantity of hay 
wliich can be lifted oa the 
handle of a scythe. 

aaslur,auilurciis a, goah&wk. (Ft. 

auiturcharius a falconer. 
autela a horse's breastplate. 


a aid. 

iitm payment for right of 
pannage in the loivi's wood. 

avalagium fised engines to take 
tish; eelbucks; descending a 

avalare to descend a river. 
avanlaijium. See advaniagium. 
avaragius one who looks after 

draught cattle. 
avellana nux hazel nut 
atenagium aveaage, rent paid in 

avenarius an avener, purveyor o( 

avenlura. See adventura. 

acera a day's work of a plougl 

averagiunt service witb. horse and 
earriage due by the tenant 
to his lord ; contribution by 
merchants towards losses of 
cargo by tempest. 

averarzas a man who looks after 
the farm cattle. 

averia horses or oxen for llie 
plough ; cattle generally. 

avena de ponders, or ponderi 
avoiradupoys, i.f.finegoodf 
such as spices, weighed by i 
the pound at the king's j 
small balance when the duty I 
was charged. 

goods, merchandise, 
to carry goods ii 

TKaafarmhorse, or draught O! 
a used like the Fr, oiseau, for i 
a iiawk or falcon. 



are to avow, confess ; 
to justify. 
avragium. See averagium. 
awardium an award. 
agniellalu.1 enamelled. 
agziamentum. See aiaiameiifum. 
azaldiis an inferior horse. 
azarum steel. 

habaiiim n horseshoe. 

baca an iron hook or staple. 

haccalarius, baccalaureus a bache- 

baccim'um a basou. 

backelarius a young knig-ht ; a 
knight disqualified from 
youth or poverty from 
carrying a banner in war. 

httcheleritt the commonalty, as 
distinguished £rom the 

bacho. See baco. 

bacina, baciniis a bason. 

bacine/lum a, basinet, a helmet 
BiaaUer than the helm and 
naually pointed at the top. 

haco a, hog j a salted pig's car- 
case ; a iUtch of bacon ; a 

bactile a candlestick, esp. of wood. 

bacularius a bachelor. 

iaculus a crozier. 

hadius bay (horse). 

baga a bag or purse. 

bagea a badge. 

hagus bay (horse). 

bahudu, bakudum a cheat ; a 
trunk, called a barohide in 

haia rumour ; a bay. 
bailius, baillivva a bailiff. 
baj'ula a pitcher ; the ofBce of 

bttjuliis ; a nurse. 
haj'ulaloT a bearer ; a guardian, 
bmjuliis a bearer, a bailiff. 
bajnlus aquila: an officer in the 

military order of St, John 

of Jerusalem, the Eailly 

of the Eagle. 
bakeria a bakehouse. 

balancea, balanciaR'paivot scales, 

balasivs, balesius a balaase ruby, 
an inferior stone. 

balca a balk (of land). 

balcantfer, haldanni/er the stan- 
dard-bearer of the Knights 

halcanum the Templars' standard. 

baldehinum, baldicum baudekin, 
a kind of brocade, origin- 
ally brought from Bagdad ; 
a canopy. 

baldrea a baldric. 

balengaria, balingarium a bal- 
inger ; a barge. 

balevga. See banleuga. 

balUta used for a cross-bow, 
which is properly arcu- 

balislarius a cross-bowman. 

ballare to sweep ; to dance. 

ballia the keep of a castle. See 

ballium bail ; a fortress ; ward- 

balllva, ballitalui bailiwick ; 

ballivm a bailiff. 

balnea re to bathe. 

io/neo,mi7es(/eknightof theBath. 

balus a bale. 

bancals a banker, a coTering for 
a bench. 

bancwn, hancjis a bench. 

banda b. band (of soldiers). 

bandum a pennon. 

banera, baneria a banner. 

banerettus a knight made iii the 
field, by cutting off the 
point of Ilia pennon and 
making it a banner. 

banidium a badge. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

hanleuga, hannaleuca tlio bounds 
of a manor or town ; the 
circuit of a monastery over 
wliicli it has jurisdiction. 
(Fr. banlieufi.) 

hannezatus banished. 

bannire to proclaim ; to banish. 

hannumy hanum a proclama- 
tion; a boundary; (pi.) bans 
of matrimony. 

banu?n a banc. 

baractafor, barator a barretor, a 
common mover of suits and 

barbacana. 800 barbecana, 

barbator a barber. 

barbecana, barbicana^ an outwork 
of a fortress. 

barbicanagium contribution for 
the maintenance of a bar- 

barbitonsor a barber. 

barbitura shaving. 
barbota a barge. 
barbulus a barbel. 
barca a barque. 

bar carta. See ber carta and bar- 

barcius a fish, probably perch, 

perhaps also bass. 
barclatus barded, armed with a 

bard (of a horse). 
barellus a barrel. 

barga. See barca and bargea, 

^aryan/a an agreement; a bargain. 

barganizare to bargain. 

bargeay bargia a barge ; part of 

a horse's trappings. 
barhuda, barhuta, a chest ; a 

trunk, Angltce, a barehide. 
barillum, barrillus a barrel. 

barkaria a tan-house. 

barnagium baronage. 

baro a baron. 

baronagium baronage. 

baronatus barony ; baronag^. 

baronetius a baronet. 

baronia a barony. 

baronissa a baroness. 

barra a bar, a barrier ; a bar to 
an action. 

barractator a barretor, an insti- 
gator of suits and quarrels. 

barrasierius a barrister. 

barrairia dissension ; barratry. 

bariona demesne lands; manor 

barutellum a cask. 

bascinus a bason. 

basculus a basket. 

basena. See bazeyna. 

basilardum a poinard. 

basnetum ahaBinef, See bacinettunu 

bassare to lower. 

bassaria camera a base chamber. 

bassellus a coin abolished by 

king Henry II. 
bassus low. 

bastardia bastardy. 

bastardus one born out of wed- 
basto a staff. 

basttm. Per basum tolnetum ca^ 

pere to take toll by strike. 
batalia battle. 

batellay batellus a small boat. 

batellagium boat-hire. 

batellarius a boatman. 

batellatus embattled. 

bateria battery, beating. 

batilda toll for boats (?). 

batillus a bat; a beetle; a clapper. 

batitoria a fulling mill. 

bativa, batura battery. 

batus a boat; a measure, 12j^ 
gallons ; a peck ; a vessel 
used in feeding horses; abat. 

baubare to bark ; to bay. 

GloBsary of Latin Words. 

hauhella jewelH. 

baucaria a, tapster. 

bausanus a badger, bawson. 

bausia, bosia treason, felony. 

hausiare, boaiare to rebel. 

bauzanus piebald. (Fr. baugani, 

hax^na basil, prepared leather, 
rt contribution for the 
maiateaance of beacons. 

becntts some sort of fish. 

bedtlaria office of beadle, or dis- 
trict to which his office 
extends ; bedellary. 

bedellits beadle, or bedell. 

bederipa. See bedreplum. 

hedrcpiimi bedripe, harvest work 
done by tenants as a cus- 
tomary service ; it some- 
times means a definite 
amount, perhaps a. day's 

bedripus. Bee bedi-cpium. 
bedum the portion of a mill- 
Btream which turna the 
. and is boarded up 


the force of 

bel/rcdiis a belfry. 
helgiga a car, a chariot. 
bellicrepa a muster. 
bdligcrnre to malie war. 
helium a battle; used, as the 

English word is, to denote 

a portion oi an army ; a 

judicial combat, duel. 
benda B,, either metal or stuff; 

a bar ; a bond (heraldic). 
beneji flatus holding a benefice. 
benefcium a benefice, an ecule- 

siastical living or promotion. 
benevolenlia a voluatary gratnily 

given by subjectB to the 


benwrda service with plough and 

berbiar/iam a rent paid in sheep, 

or tax paid on sheep. 
herbicaria pasture for sheep. 
berbix a sheep. 
bercaria a sheepfold, sheepcote ; 

a sheep walk. 
bercariiis a shepherd. 
berebriilus a man who takes 

charge of and distributes 

beer CO- 
bere/ridus a belfry. 
berewicha. See berwica. 
berfrafium a military engine. 
beria an open plain. 
bi^rheria a sbeepfarm, a sheepfold. 
forest officer j a hear 

the fence inclosing a park. 

re to hunt. 

hunter; a forester 

or park-keeper. 
benelettn a small hound. 
bertona. See barlona. 
berwica a village or hamlet. 
bei-ziza beer, or perhaps wort. 
beaaculum. See bisacuta. 
besantas. See biaanliui. 
besca a spade. 
bescare to dig. 
bescala as much land as a maa 

can dig in a day. 
besCiie beasts (deer or cattle). 
betayiiia a serf whose lord is a 

church or convent. 
biberag'mm beverage. 
hibrria, biberrium an afternoon 

lunch, bever. 
bibina. See biberia. 
bica a bees' nest ; a beohire. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 

bidellus a bedell ; a beadle. 

biduana a fast of two days. 

hiyata a wagon load, 

higera a doublet. 

bilaginea bye -laws. 

bilheta a bill ; a billet. 

bilinguis (of a jury) part Englieh 

and part foreign. 
hilla a bill. 

billetum a billet ; a stake. 
billia a branch ; a post. 
billio money of copper, or copper 

and silver ; bullion. 
biUita a staff or stick. 
binnarixtm a fiabpond. 
birrettum a thin cloae-fittiug cap; 

a judge's coif. 
bisacula a twobeaded axe. 
bisanliits a.hesa,at, agoldcoin, first 
issued by the emperors of 
liyzantium, worth about a 
ducat. The Byzantius albm 
of silver was worth about 2s. 
biscoctiis biscuit. 
bmus. See bi'sus. 
bUea a hind. 
biaiis pania brown bread. 
bivernayium second crop. 
btzantium. See bisantius, 
bladariua a comchandler. 
bladum com. 
blanckelus a blanket. 
blanchialura reduotioa of base 

money to its true value. 
bland white money, sterling. 
blancum nrgentum money tested 
at the Exchequer as to its 

hlaneum Jirme blanch farm. 
blanhornum. a horn. (A. -8. hlau- 

blaserius an incendiary. 
blendvm. 8ee bluedius. 
bkla peat. 

b/ida, hlidus a catapult. 

blodeus, blodius deep red ; blue. 

bluedius, bluelus blue. 

bocca a boss. 

boceraa a royal secretary among i 

the Anglo-Saxons. 
boEului a bullock. 
boffa budge, lamb fur. 
hogetta a budget. 
boia. See buia. 
boisiare to rebel. 
bolare to play at bowls. 
boldagium, bolhagium a cottage. 
bolengariua a baker. 
boUa a bowl; three-quarters of a ' 

pint; a boU, 6 bushels. 
boloninus a boloner, an Italian 
gold coin of two kinds, old 
boloners and Papal bolo- 
nera, bearing on one side 
the Resurrection, on the 
other 8. Thomas tho Apostle 
of Indiaor Mary Magdalene, 
the former being slightly 
more valuable. 
bombarda a cannon. 
bombgcinium padding. 
boncha a bunch ; a bank. 
bondagiitm villenage ; slavery ; a 

tenement held by a viUein. 
bondemannus a bondman. 
bondus a serf ; a slave, 
borachia an erection for fishing. 
Sorrfaaplank; ahut; a small farm. 
bordagium tenure by which hor- 

darii hold. 
bordaria a cottage, 
bordarius a cottier ; also pro- 
bably a farm-labourer living 
at the farm-house. 
bordelliis a small house. 
bordus, bordum a board. 
boriens, borientalU north. 

Bv-ao^'S, U, 

Gbssari/ of Latin Words, 181 

boacagivm food which trees yield 
to cattle, as maat and acorns. 

boscar. See boslar. 

boscarium a wooden house ; a 

boscus a wood. 

Jo»)a, bausia treason, felony. 

iosiare, bausiare to rebel, 

boglar, bostarium a stable for 

bosiio a cattle driver. 

bola, bolla a boot; a bunch; a 
bottle (of hay). 

boleUarius a butler; a bottle 

boleUeria a buttery, or butlery. 

botellus a bottle. 

bolha a booth. 

bothena a barony, lordship. 

hothna, buthna a park for cattle. 

boio a button. 

botonare to button. 

bolracium a buttress. 

5ofrus a cluster. 

bovaria a oattle^hed, an ox-house, 

bovaritts an ox-herd. 

bovata ierr<e an ox-gang. 

boveria, boterium an ox-house. 

bovelta a heifer. 

hovetlus a steer, young ox. 

boviculus a young ox, but not the 
same as hoveitus. 

bovinit a stable for oxen ; a cow- 

bozctum oowdung. 

braca terra a ridge of earth, a 
balk. (Fr. braye.) 

bracco a bracb, a small bound. 

bracenarius a huntsman. 

bracelvs, brachetus a brachet, a 
hound for bare and fox. 

brachiit Bome fixed fishing engine. 

iracAiare, braciare to brew. 

braciatorium, a brewhouae. 

bracinum a brewhouse ; a brew. 

braconariua. See bracenarms. 

braelli breeches. 

braesium malt. 

bragetum bragwort, or bracket, a 

drink flavoured with honey 

and spice. 
bragmannua a robber, marauder. 
branda a torch. 

hrandones the first week in Lent. 
brandonis vel brandonum dies the 

firat Sunday in Ijent. 
b ranis brawn, musdo. 
brannus a fish, probably a bream. 
brasiare to brew. 
brasiaria a brewery. 
brasiator a brewer, 
brasina a brewhouae. 
brasinagium brewing. 
brasiniim the quantity of beer 

brewed at one time. 
brasium malt. 

brattea a leaf of metal, foil, 
br avium a prize. 
brecea, JrecAra a breach. See also 

brechia. See braca, brecea. 

breisna wethers. 

bremium bran. 

bremulus a bream. 

hrenagium a rent paid in bran. 

brenna a bream. 

brenntum, bran. 

bresmia a bream. 

breiechia, bretesea a stockade. 

breviarium a breviary. 
brevigeruhts one who carries and 

lire vis a brief. 
5rijra contention. 

Glossari/ of LaUa Words. 

hroea a iap. 

broccagSum a broker's hire ; 

hroccarius, broccalor a broker. 

brocellum brushwood. 

brocha, broccus an awl ; a pack- 
ing needle. 

brochia a pitober ; a spit. 

hraculalor a brewer. 

brodielluin brawet, pottage, 

hr odium broth, 

broUium wood, esp. for game. 

brossus bruised. 

bruariam, bruera heather ; heath 

bruilletus a small ooppioe. 

bruisdatm, brusdaliis embroi- 

brunela. See burnela. 

bruscia a wood. 

brusous brush ; broom plant ; 

brussura, brusura a bruise. 

briisua, bnistila browse ; brush- 

bucca, bucia. Bee bussa. 

bucelum a eattle stall. 

bucla, buccula & hoss; abuekle. 

bnclarium a buckler. 

budellus. See bedellus. 

bufflum a board, cupboard. 

buffa a large ship (error for 
bussa ?). 

bugerannum buekram. 

bugula a buckle. 

£uta,duio the two parts of a fetter. 

buj'eclum budge, lamb fur. 

buielaritis a buckler. 

buletellum a sieve. See bultelhtm. 

bulga, bulglum a budget ; a port- 
manteau ; a bale. 

bulla a papal bull, sealed with 
lead or gold. 

huUatus B 
bulleria a 


house (f). 

of salt, 12 gal- 
lons ; bullion. 

bulfellumf hultellus a sieve; bran ; 
the refuse of meal after it 
ia dressed by the baker. 

bunda a boundary. 

hundare to bound. 

bundellus a bundle. 

biira a lock of hair or wool. 

burbalia the numbles of a deer. 

burbulium ft bubble. 

burcerius the captain of a ship. 

burdare.burdeareio \Gsi;tQ joust, 

biirdeicia a tournament, 

burdo a staff. (Fr. bourdon.) 

burdus. See bordus. 

hureUrtrius a bureller, maker of 
borel, or maker of yarn. 

btirellator a bureller. See burel- 

bvrellatua barred. 

burellua borel or burrel, a coarse 
brown or grey woollen cloth 
made in Normandy as well 
as in England (Fr. bureau) ; 
a cupboard. 

burgagium the service whereby a 
borough ia held; a dwell- 
ing-bouse in a borough ; 

burgare to break into a house ; 
commit burglary. 

burgaria burglary. 

burguriui a burgess, 

burgator a burglar. 

burgemotus an assembly of bur- 

burgensis a burgess ; a towns- 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

burgesaticum land held ty bur- 
gage tenure. 

hurghgeritha a, fine for breach of 
the peace in a town. 

hurglaria burglary. 

hurgus a borough. 

hurneta, hnriwium cloth made of 
dyed wool; a land of bird. 

hurnieiator a burnisher. 

burrellus. See biirellus. 

hurrochium a email weir for tak- 
ing fieh. 

hirsa an exchange, meeting place 
of merchants. 

bursaria a buraary. 

i«r*nr(Hs a bursar; apmsemaker. 

luracida a cutpurse, 

bursesaticu7n. See burgesatlcum. 

bur us a. husbandman. 

busca underwood ; firewood. 

buacare to cut underwood. 

buscarlus a seaman. 

buscia underwood. See bussa. 

buselliis a bushel. 

busones chief persons {barones ?). 

bussa a great ghip. 

bustellus a busheL 

busiio bush. 

buleui a boat. 

buth&ecarlut. See buscarlus. 

buticularia a buttery. 

butieularius a butler. 

butirum butter. 

bulla, butticum a butt of wine. 

htilileria a, buttery, or butlery. 

buUum terra a butt of land ; the 

end of a ploughed field. 
but arum butter. 
buga. See buia. 
bii:o the shaft of an arrow. 
byxantim. See bisanlius. 

ciibaUiis a horse. 
cabin a cable. 
cabUcia, cablicium windfall wood j 

brouae wood. 
cacepoUus a catchpole, or bailiff. 
vacherellus a oatohpole. 
cachiagium pacting, or payment 

cacor. See chasor. 

cadia a piece of firewood. 

cadium a quay. 

Casar the emperor. 

cmsareus imperial. 

cafagium a, stall ; a cage ; a pen. 

caffa some silt stuff. 

cagia a net for hunting ; a coop ; 

calacka a shoe. (Fr. galoche.) 

calafurcium gallows. 

calaiiijia, calangium a challenge ; 

cnlcarius a spurrier. 

calcea chalk ; a causey, or oauso- 

way ; a street. 
ealcela, calcetum lime j a causey, 

or causeway ; a street. 
caleifarmum a limekiln. 
caldaria a caldron. 
caldearium, caldellum caudle. 
calderittm a caldron. 
caldo entrails. 
calefaclor cerx a cLafewax, an 

officer in the Court of Chan- 

cale/agiuni the right of taking 

cahnclw rural chapters held on 

tho first of the month. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 

calendare to make a bat , tt 

calcndarium a, list ; a caleudar 

a tablo of coutente. 
cahitgiare to challenge. 
calixlorium a limelcilo. 
calmacia calm weather. 
calopodium a shoemaker s Inst 
calumnia a, challeDg'e ; a claim 
calumniare to (hallenge, to ac 

cuee ; to claim, 
eolntnniatio right of challenge 
calumniator a claimant , an ac 

camahutiim a cameo. 
ramhiare, cambire to exchange 

to trade. 
camliipartia. See campipartitio. 
cambium an exchange ; a mint. 
cambuea, cambuin 

atatf, a croaier. 
cambutio exchange. 
camelotum camel's hair cloth. 
camera a crooked plot of ground; 

a chamber. 
camera stellata the Star Chamber 
camcralis chamber (adj.). 

Hce of chamber- 

a chamberlain, 
the office of chamberlain. 

chamber ; a chimney ; a 

eaminia a ehirt ; an alb. 

camoca a silken garment. 

campanarium a belfry. 

campanella a little bell. 

campanus country (adj.). 

campartum part of a larger field, 
which would otherwise be in 
common ; or the right of the 
lord to take a certain ahare 
of the crop. 

campeiluium a cope 

campertum bee camparlum. 

campcHralis open country. 

lampestratus weanng short 

campio a champion 

cnmptpars See campartum. 

campipai liceps a champertor. 

campiparlilio champerty, a bar- 
gain with the plaintiff or 
defendant in a suit to have 
part of the thing sued for. 

campsare to exchange to traffic. 

cnmpsor abanker, an exchanger; 
an exchequer officer. 

campus field (heraldic). 

canardus a great ship. 
caacellare to obliterate writing 

by drawing hues across it ; 

to cancel. 
eanceilaria chancery. 
cancellarius a chancellor. 
cancellatura cancelling. 
cancellus the chancel of a churoh. 
eandelariws a chandler. 
candidare to wash clothes. 
candidarius a launder, a whitster. 
candredum. See canlretia. 
canellus a gutter, a kennel. 
canestellua a basket. 

canfara ordeal by hot iron. 
canipnlus a short sword; a knife. 

canonicaliis a canonry. 
inun, a prebendary. 
can/aria a chantry. 
canlarisla a chantry prieBt. 
caniellum a lump ; that which is 
added above 

Ghssa7-if of Latin Words. 

canlo a canton (heraldic). 

cantor a chanter ; a precentor. 

cantreda, cantredvs a cantrof, a 
"Welsh division of a county, 
a hundred Tillages. 

capa a mantle ; a cope ; a cap. 

caparo a hood. 

capella a cap ; a ohaplet ; a short 
mantle ; a reliquary ; a cha- 
pel ; the furniture of a cha- 

capel/ajiia a collegiate church ; a 
chaplaincy ; a chapelry. 

capellanus a chaplain. 

oapellaria a chapelry. 

eapellarias a capper. 

capelleiam a headpiece. 

copeUum, eapelbis a cap ; a 

eapicium. See capilium. 

capillare a coif. 

capUterium a bam, a granary. 

co^j/o^ium poll-money; a bolster. 

capitale a thing which is stolen, 
or the value of it. 

capitale vlvens live cattle. 

capi talis chief. 

capitalitium poll-money. 

capitaneus a captain. 

eapitare to abut. 

capiie, tenere in to hold iu chief. 

capitegiwn a hood, a cap. 

capitellum capital of a pillar. 

capilium a hood ; a cap ; the head 
of abed; a headland; the 
chancel of a church. 

capitula. See capilulnm. 

capilulare to divide into chapters ; 
to make articles of agree- 
ment ; to meet iu chapter. 

capitulum a chapter ; chapter- 

cappa a cap ; a cope. 

caprarius a goatherd. 

caplenniam protection ; tax or 
homage as an acknowledg- 
ment there of,eBp.iiiGuienne. 

captio capture ; custody ; a prison ; 

captinus caitiff ; wretch ; unfortu- 

capulagium. See chevagium. 
caputivm. See capilium. 
caracca, caracta a carraok. 
caraiare to write. 
carhonella a steak. 
carcannum pillory ; prison. 
car ears to load ; to charge. 

cardefum a carr, a low marshy 

place where alders grow. 
cardiolas a snipe. 
cardus a card, for carding wool. 
careata a cartload. 

careciarius a carter. 

carectata a cartload. 

careia a load. 

careinm, carer/am service of car- 

carellus a quarel, a crossbow dart. 

carentiniila canvas. 

careia, carelta a cart. 

caretarius a carter. 

cariagium service performed with 
a cart ; baggage train, 

cariare to carry. 

carinulus a cockney. 

car is tare to mate dear. 

carts tia dearth. 

camarium a charn el- house. 

carnellare to crenellate. 

carniprivium fasting. Lent. 

carogium a car which bears a 


Ghssary of Latin Words. 

carpeniagium payment for wood- 

carpentarium wood- work. 

oarpentarius a carpenter ; a cart- 
wright (?). 

carra a car. 

Carrata^ carrea a cartload. 

carreia the right of carriage 
through a place. 

carreia a cartload. 

carricay carrucha a ship of 

carrietare to carry. 

carrucOf Sfc. See caruca, Sfc, 

carta. See charta. 

cartallus a creel ; a hamper. 

cartatus conveyed by charter. 

caruagium. See carucagium. 

caruca a plough ; a plough-land. 

carucagium a tribute imposed on 
ploughs or plough-lands. 

carucarius a ploughman. 

carucata a plough-land ; a team 
of oxen sufficient to work a 
carucate, i,e, eight. 

carucatarius one who holds land 
by plough tenure. 

carucator a carter; a ploughman. 

carula a box. 

carvana a caravan. 

casale a village. 

caseatrix a maker of cheese. 

cassare to quash, annul. 

cassattty cassatum, cassatura a 
house with land sufficient 
to maintain a family; a 
hide of land. 

cassea a box. 

cassidile a purse, pocket, or small 
cofPer ; a gamebag, pouch. 

cassus a case, box. 

castellania the office of keeping 
a castle. 

castellanuB the owner or captain 
of a castle. 

caatellarium precinct or jurisdic- 
tion of a castle. 

casto the bezil of a ring. 

caaula a small house or church ; 
a chasuble. 

casuma cinders. 

catahulum a shed. 

catallum cattle ; chattels ; capital. 

catapulta a broad arrow. 

catascopus an archdeacon ; a 

catatista a scolding cart. 

caiellarius a pedlar. 

cathedratua consecrated (of a 

catillare to mew, as a cat. 

cattinus of catskin. 

cattus, catus a cat; a military 
engine to protect from mis- 
siles soldiers attacking the 
wall of a town, called in 
classical Latin vinea* 

catzurus. See chacurus. 

caucettum a causey. 

caula a sheepfold. 

caulare to fold sheep. 

cauma thatch. 

cautio a bond. 

cavilla the ancle. 

cawagium a stall, cage, pen. 

caga a quay. 

cayrellus a quarel, a crossbow 

cehum tallow. 

cedula. See schedula. 

celda a chaldron; the same as 
seldaj a stall. 

celer the ceiler or canopy of a bed. 

celia ale made from wheat ; wort. 

cellarium a cellar. 

cellariuSf cellerarius a cellarer* 

Glossar// of Latin Words. 

eelura a ceiler. 

cemeniariua a masoa. 

cenaculum brealcf ast or luncheoD.. 

cenapium mustard. 

cendalum silken clotli ; cendal. 

cendula wood for roofing a houae. 

cenelltt an acorn. 

ceniveclare to carry in a. barrovr. 

eenivectorium a mudcart, B'wlieel- 

censa rent ; farm ; tax. 

a farm let at a standing 

a farmer. 
cemualh a person bound to pay 
a rent to a monastery or 
churcli, iu return for pro- 
census tax, tribute. 

hundredweight ; a 

■ins a petty judge under 
I sheriff ; a hundredor ; 
officer iu the army. 
!, centuria the diriBion 
of a county called a hundred. 
mhare to arraDgo for sing- 

a large ship. 
cepa a sand eel (?). 
capes a hedge (sepes), 
cephalia headache. 
ceppagtutn the stump of a tree. 
cepum tallow (ceSam). 
ceraqium waxscot, payment for 
the supply of candles in a 
cercella a teal. (Fr. sarcetle.) 

cema choice ; aort. 
cerqferariua an acolyte. 
cerliorare, cert or are to certify, 

to inform. 
cerium lela cert money. 
cerura a mound or fence; a lock. 

cervisiarius a brewer; a tenant 

who pays rent in beer. 
chacea a chace ; the right of 

hunting ; a right of way 

for cattle, droveway. 
chaeeare to hunt. 
chaceatm chased (of plate). 
chaeia a couutertally. 
chacurvs a horse or hound for 

cAa^ascapulary; a counterpane; 

a chalon. 
champertor. See campiparltceps, 
c^owiKsahorse'sbit; aheadstall, 
characlare to write. 
charrtarium a charnel-house, 

charreya a cartload. 
ckarta paper ; a charter. 
charta partita a charter-party. 
charlulare a cartulary, register 

of charters. 
chasor a horse for hunting. 
chelindra a sort of ship. 
cheminagium cheminage, chim- 

inage ; a toll paid for a road 

through a forest. 
eheminus a road ; the right of 

carting crops through 

another's land. 
cherechsevtum church eoot. 
eheresettam church scot. 
cherigmannus one whose duty it 

was to inspect end fix the 

boundaries of a manor. 
cheriseium church scot. 
cherucua a Tane, weathercoclc. 
chevacia aeliotititn the heads of 

the furrows. 
chevagium poll money paid by 

villeins to their lord, " na 

vocerttur per capita " ; also 

used for payment by ths 

king at shrines. 

Glossary of Latin Words, 

chevantia a loan of money. 
cheveriUtu a cockerel; a roebuck. 
checerinyus, chevero a rafter ; a 

joist; a chevron. 
ehei'escia, cheviscee, cheviti/e heads 

of ploughed land, headiige. 
chevuare to obtain by agreement. 
cheviterum a. headstall. 
ehiminagium. See cheminogium. 

ehintura a strip of land 
chirographare to grant by inden- 

cktrographariiii a chirographer, 
writer of chirographs. 

chirographum a chirograph, a 
public instrument of con- 
veyance, attested by wit- 
neasea ; an indenture. 

chirograpkua an officer of the 
common pleas who engrosses 

chirothrea a glove, gauntlet. 
chivagium payment by nativi to 

their lord for liberty to leave 

his lordship. 
chorepiteopus a sufiragan bishop. 
ehortim the choir of a church. 
chrisma eonsecrated oil ; any 

ceremony at which it is 

used, as extreme unction. 
chrismale the doth laid over a 

child's head at baptism. 
chrolia a crowd, a fiddle. 
cJtarsetnm church scot. 
ehymera for camera, 
ciborium a canopy or the ceiling 

overthe altar; ametal vessel 

to contain the sacramental 

cihutum a, moat safe. 
!up {icy^kus). 

cindalum eendale. 

dndula, xcindula shingles, lath 

for roofing. 
chignotus a cygnet. 
cinffula. See cindula. 
cipka a sieve, a measure of about 

niiipuo the stocks. 

circa a watchman. 

circada a fee paid to the bi&hop 
or archdeacon for visiting a 

clrcinnare to arrange in a circle. 

circulator a cooper. 

ciricselitm church scot. 

cirografum. See chirographwn. 

ciro/heca. See ehirotheca. 

cirpi rushes. 

cisera cider. 

cisimus ermine. 

cismr a tailor ; a shearman. 

citolla a cittern. 

civeria a wheelbarrow. 

civei in some cases an elected 
body of citizens who after- 
wards became aldermen. 

civilisla a civil lawj-er. 

clada, clades a. hurdle or wattle. 

claia a hurdle, 

clamancia, clamatio a claim. 

clamare to claim. 

clamator a crier ; a claimant. 

clameum, clamium a claim. 

clamivus an accuser. 

clamor complaint ; demand. 

clamor popularis hue and cry. 

clarelum a liquor made of wine, 
honey, and spices ; red wine. 

elarijicatia anniversary of a 
saint's death. 

clarigariut armorum a herald. 

elario a, trumpet. 

dassicum a peal of bells. 

classicum a peal 
elates & hurdle. 
clausella a closet. 

clausiciila a closet. 

claustrum the precinct of a moc- 
aatery ; the cloister. 

clauslura brushwood, used for 
feacing, &c, 

clatisum a close. 

claiisum I'aschiB the close of 
Easter, the Sunday after 

clausum Penteoostes Trinity Sun- 

clavaura an enclosure. 

claria, elava a cluh or mace. 

clacica a privy {cloaca). 

clavicula a notcli, a nock. 

clavinarius a keeper of keys (?). 

clavis. See clavus, clavium. 

clavium a cIots. 

elavus a clove, a weight used 
for wool and other goods, 
71bB. or 81ba. 

clawa a. close of land. 

clay a a hurdle. 

clea, cleda, cleia a hurdle. 

elericva a clerk, clergyman. 

clerimonia assembly of the canons 
of ft cathedral or of the 
members of a convent ; re- 
ligion ; sobriety. 

clsronamus an heir, 

clerui the clergy ; a clerk. 

cleya a hurdle. 

clipsadra awatercIock((7i;jtJsyrf>'a). 

clilo a prince ; an rotheling. 

cliiorium a chcket ; a latch. 

clitium a tire for a wheel. See 

docarium, clocAeriiim B, belfry. 

clocAa, cloca a bell ; a cloak. 

clostura. Bee clauslura. 

cluarium a forge, 

clucella a olicket. 

clunahulum a dagger. 

clusa 3k sluice ; a fish stew. 

clutarium a forge. 

clulium, clulum a shoe ; a horso- 
shoe; the tire for a wheel, 
or perhaps knobs to serve 
the same purpose. 

clulus a cloth ; a clout. 

cnipulas. See canipalus. 

cohha a cobloaf ; bun. 

coconellus a oockuoy. 

coEvla a drlnking-cup in form of 

cofeoffatita a Joint feoffee. 

coffera a coffer. 

eofferarius a cofferer. 

eoffinum a coffer ; a cofBji. 

coffra a coffer, 

cogga a small sailing-boat. 

cognitio homage ; cognisaace j 

armorial bearings. 
cogmtor a judge ; an informer. 
cogo. See cogga. 
cohuagium a toll paid at a market 

coi/a a coif, the head-dress worn 

by serjeants-at-law, 
coigniare to coin ; to stamp. 
coinagium. See cunagium. 
coketlum a custom-house seal ; a 

receipt for the payment ot 

coheftui cocket bread, a superior, 

but not the finest sort. 
cokilla a shell. 
coiinii! an inferior servant. 
coJmetus a coxswain. 
eolarium, colerium a collar. 
colerellus a necklace. 
colibertua a tenant in socage, 
colingaria. See coninfferia. 

Ghssari/ of L'iUn Words. 

collardum. See miUardum, cul- 

collariua cairjing a load on. the 

collectanetts B companion. 
eollectare a book containing col- 

eoUUtrigiam a pillory. 

colohium a tunic without, or with 
short, aleeves ; a tabard. 

cohnellus a colonel. 

color rhyme. 

color are to rhyme. 

colpicium a pole. 

colpo a fragment ; a small wax- 

columhare a dovecote. 

columhariua a keeper of pigeons. 

eomba a. combe, valley, 

comes an oaldorman ; a count ; an 

comi7o<a»acounty; a county court. 

commarehia a frontier. 

commatrix a godmother. 

cDjnmenrfr/ a deposit; when a bene- 
fice is given to a layman, or 
to a clerk for a time, it is 
said to be given in common- 
dam; a commandry, a bene- 
fice in the order of the 
knights of St. John. 

coTumendatariua one who holds a 
living iM commendam. 

commendatus a person who puts 
himself under the protection 
of his superior by doing 
voluntary homage. 

commensals board ; diet ; oom- 

commensalia a fellow-boarder, 

cammenaare to 

I commissary, one 
who exercises spiritual juris- 
diction by commission of the 


one who acts by 
; a commissioner, 
on land op pro- 
perty ; right of common ; 

fiscal regulation. 

to enjoy the right of 


of a court. 
'chricus common clerk, 
or clerk of the commons, now 
town clerk. 
communis pasture common of 

communilaa commonalty; some- 
times all the citizens, but in 
this case usually commteni- 

communilus dfilatis commonalty 
of the city, the court or 

comortha collection made at mar- 
riages, and when a priest 
said his Erst mass. 

compagator a suffragan bishop. 

companagium anything eaten 
with bread; right of haying 
meals together. 

comparticeps, compartionarius a 

compaaaare to compass. 

compater a godfather. 

compellare to cite ; to accuse. 

compellativus an accuser. 

compertortum a judicial inquest 
in the civil law made by 

compestralis. See campesfralis. 

compeatratus. See campesiralui. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 

completorium cotapline, about 
7 p.m. ; Bupper. 

complicaloriuin a counting board, 

compostiare to manure. 

compos turn manure. 

compolus an aocount. 

complisla an accountant. 

compurgalor one who swears to 
another's innocence. 

computatorium a counter, reckon- 
ing board; the Counter, the 
name of two prisons in the 
I'oultry and Wood Street. 

compuloria a counting-huuse. 

eomptitorium. See compulalo- 

compulus aa account. 
conalis murvs a galjle wall. 
concelamentum concealment. 
concelare to conceal. 
concelator a concealer, a man 
who finds out concealed 

coneernere to belong; to concern. 

eoncidea felled trees. 

conclavis a parlour. 

condictum mandate, edict ; tri- 
bunal, court. 

condortum a ridge or low hill(?}. 

conducltis a conduit. 

cotiductiis, salvKs safe-conduct, 

canestabulus, coneHahilis con- 

conjiscare to confiscate. 

congius a. measure containing 
about a gallon and a pint. 

coninga a rabbit ; a rabbit akin. 

eoningeria a. rabbit warren. 

conqueatare to acquire, conq^uer. 

conqueslus property acquired {by 
inheritance or conquest or 

conrcdium. See corredium. 

a. guidon. 

consequentia a precedent. 

comiderare to decree ; to award. 

consislorium a council or as- 
sembly of ecclesiastical per- 
sons, or place of justice m a 
spiritual court ; a scat at 
table ; a meal. 

consiabularius. See conesiabutus. 

constuma. See ntstuma. 

consuetudmarius a book contain- 
ing the rites of divine ofiicea, 
or the customs of a mouaa- 
tery; a man subjeiit to 
feudal services. 

consuetudo custom, used, as the 
English word, for a payment 
imposed on merchandise. 

contenemenlurn freehold land at- 
tached to a man's dwelling- 
house ; what is necessary 
for a man's maintenance. 

conthoralis husband or wife, 

conlt'guari to be near. 

eonirada country. 

contrafacere to imitate, counter- 

eontrafactura a counterfeit. 

contraiare to oppose. 

contramandalum a lawful excuse 
which a defendant alleges 
by attorney, to show that 
the plaintiS has no cause of 

conlramvrale an outwork. 

conlraplacilum a counter-plea. 

conlrapoiitio a plea or answer. 

eonlrariare to oppose. 

ou the opposite bank ; a 
beater on the opposite side 
of a river when hawking. 

contrarotiilalio comptrolment. 

contrarolulator a comptroller. 

contrarotidtim a counter-roll, 

contmtaUia a counter-tally. 

Gloatarff of Latin Wordg. 

contralallialor a couater-talleyer. 
contrirare, to contriTe. 
conua a corner. 
conreancia conTeyance. 

nire to aummou, to coQTene. 
conventio a. covenant. 
conversui a lay monk, lay brother. 
cooperleclorium a coverlet. 
coopertio bark and broken wood 

of felled treee. 
eooperlorium a corerlet ; a roof ; 

cooper III m covert. 

cooperlura a covert; coverture. 

the condition of a married 

woman ; thatch. 
eooperliis eqiitis a barded horse. 
eoopicium coppice. 
coparccnaria coparcenary. 
coparllcept a coparcener. 
coptcia, eopicia coppice. 
coper oia copperas. 
Qophinui a coffer. 
copia a copy, 
copiare to copy. 
copla a couple. 
copo twigB. 
coppa a cock of hay, 
coppatus coppice. 
coprones twigs, 
coqninariiu kitchen steward in a 

caraagium a tribute of certain 

measures [corns) of corn ; or 

perhaps the same as cor- 

corballum, corhella a basket. 

corhona a priest's treasury or 
strong box. 

carda a cord ; a measure of land, 
22 feet ; a cord of wood, 8 
feet by 4 feet by 4 feet. 

cardarius a rope maker. 
cordebanarius, conlvanertus 

eordcriiii a rope maker, 
cordeivana, cordaana cocdwain^fl 

Cordovan leather. 
corduanariui a cordwainer. 
corerius a courier. 
corela weirs. (Welsh, cored.) 
corigia, corrit/ia a strip of lanii,-! 

leathor, &c. ; a girdle. 
corilelum a hazel copse. 
corluvus a curlew. 
cor naff mm corn age, horageld,!^ 

payment for right to graxe 

cattle on moor or com 

masa a comemnsSiJI 

a Cornish bagpipe. 

ire to blow a horn. 

irius a horner. 

•llalus. See kernellare 

cornicallui a com on the foot. 
corniculart to blow a horn, 
to blow a horn. 
<le a wreath, a crown. 

rown ; to make a I 

person a priest; perform th^ I 


coronatoT a 
coronellus a colonel. 
corpus castri the castle without 1 

the surrounding town, &c. 
correctarias a licensed broker. 
corredium, corrodhim a corrody, ■ 

money or allowance due by I 

a monastery to the founder I 

for the maintenance of ono J 

of hia servants. 
carriyiariua a girdler. 
Cortina a curtain, 
corlis, curtis a, courtyard. 
cortularium a farmyard. 

Ghssurij nf Latin Words. 

corvata, corceia compulsory work 
done by tenant for loi-d. 

■i-isarius a coril- 

coadumn custom. 

eo»/aarJb, side; basket. Scecusla. 

coslera coast. 

costerillum a fiagoa. 

eostillagium a rent in the Gbanael 

coslilerunl tbey eoet. 
coslrellui a driafeing cup, oiten 

■ of wood. 
coilula clove (of garlic, &c.). 
cosluma custom. 
cola a tunic; a hat. 
cotagium a cottage. 
cotariui a cotter. 
eotellua a cottage. 
colerelliia a servild tenant ; a 

coteria, coterium a cottage. 
coUethla a small farmhouse. 
cotselhua, colsetlus a cottager. 
cotuca coat armour. 
courba. See corvata. 

eoiirtepia a courtepye, a short 

covina, covinia covin ; a compact 
for purposes of fraud. 

covinosus fraudulently. 

craiera a crayer, or smack. 

cranagium liberty to use a crane ; 
profit made by a crane. 

cranare to lift goods witb a crane. 

crannocum a crannock, a mea- 
sure of corn ; a basket. 

cra»piici» a whale. 

craiera a chest or cofBn. 

eraticula a gi'idiron. 


creantujn security. 

cremiam refuse tallow. 
crenellare. See kemellare. 
creputellus a cracknel. 
cresta the crest of a bank. 
cretena, cretinua a torrent. 
crocardug a crocard, bad money, 
prohibited by - statute '27 

Edw. I. 

; investi- 

CTocus a crook. 

croeria a shrike. 

erofia, cro/tum a croft ; a close, 

cromio a strap. (Fr. creim.) 

cronntts four bushels. 

croppa, croppus a crop ; twigs, 

crucesignalus\iB!LdeT; onewbo 

bas taken the cross. 
crucibulum a. cresset. 
erucifer a, crossed friar. 
cruppa a horse's croup. 
crustum embossed plate. 
crypta a chapel or oratory under 

cubicare to go to bed. 
cuculla, rucullus a long, full 

garment without sleeves ; a 

cape; a cowl, 
ciwttUaiJis wearing a cowl ; a 

cuillardum a spoonful, ladlefuL 
culagium placing a ship in dock. 
culcitra a cushion, a bed. 
cullardus a wether (?). 
culiellarius a cutler. 
eulverlagiutn confiscation ; servi- 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

cumulus tlie chancel of a cliurcli; 

cuna coin. 

cunagium coinage ; stamp. 

cunere to coin. 

cuneus a stamp ; a coinage ; a 

cumculartum a rabbit warren. 

cuniculus a coney, rabbit. 

cuningeria a rabbit warren. 

cupa a cup. 

cuparius a cooper. 

cuperagium cooperage. 

cupperius a cooper. 

curagulus a caretaker. 

curallum coral ; some kind of 
com or meal. 

curator an attorney in ecclesi- 
astical cases. 

curatus careful ; a clergyman in 

curcula a cable. 

curetariua a curator ; examiner. 

curia a court; frequently used 
for curia Romana^ meaning 
simply Eome. 

curialis, littera court hand. 

curia lit as courtesy. 

currifrugium a riddle , a sieve. 

cursalis current. 

cursaria* See cursoria. 

cur so a ridge of land. 

cursor a courier ; a crier. 

cursoria a swift ship. 

curtena a curtain. 

curtilagium a curtilage, a court- 
yard or piece of land near a 

curtiles terrcB court lands ; de- 
mesne lands. 

curtillum. See curtilagium. 
curtina a curtain. 

curtinatus curtained. 

curtis a court. 

curuca a ship of burden. 

cussina a cushion. 

custttf custagium, custamentum, 
custantia cost. 

custodia wardship. 

custuma custom. 

custumannus a customary tenant. 

custumare to assess for payment 
of custom; to pay custom. 

custumarius customary ; subject 
to payment of custom; a 
collector of customs. 

custus cost. 

cutellarius a cutler. 

cuva a vat. 

cuvarius a cooper. 

cyclas a long garment, close at 
the top and wide below. 

cyula a ship. 


dacra, daker. See dicra. 

daeria a dairy. 

dagus a dais. 

daia a dairymaid. 

daila, dailus, dolus a ditch; a 
certain measure of land. 

daina a bushel. 

dalmatica a dalmatic, a deacon's 

dama a doe. 

damisella. See domicella, 

damma a dam. 

damnum damage. 

damus a buck. 

donegildum danegeld. 

Glossary of Latin W<,i-ds. 


danger ia a payment made by 
forest teuanta for liberty to 
plough and sow during pan- 
nage time ; Icssilver. 

dangerium liability to coniisca- 

dapifer a sewer ; a steward of the 
houaehold ; cellarer ; bailiff 
of a manor. 

dapUcida a carver. 

dapsililaa an act of liberality. 

dardas a dart. 

darsis some kind of fiah. 

data tbe date of a document. 

dalarius a datary, an ofB.cer of the 
Eoman chancery. 

dauherium plaster work, 

davata a " daywercko," 

day a a dairymaid. 

dayaria, dayeria a dairy. 

dayla. See daila. 

deadvocare to disavow. 

deaffureslare to diaafEoreet ; to 
bring forest land into culti- 

dealbator a whitewasher, dauber. 

dearestare to free from arrest. 

deaicarenrtare to dis-warren. 

debala, debaium a debate, a dis- 

dehalahilii debateablo. 

debriare to iutosicnte ; to in- 

debriaiua drunk. 

decaisalm decayed. 

decalcare to whiten. 

decanatua a deanery. 

decania, decenna a tithing. 

decanua a dean. 

deceiia a tithing-raan. 

decendittm a period of ten days. 

decennaria j'uriadictiou of a tith- 

decennariui a, tithiag-man, doz- 

deeimiB titbes. 
dccimalto tithes, or paying a 

tenth part. 
decipula a trap. 
decius a die. 
decretales decretals, papal letters 

containing decrees, or on 

matters in which the popes 

were consulted. 

decrelum a decree, especially of 
the Pope. 

decruslare to strip off. 

deciiria a tithing. 

decuriare to bring into order ; 

defahare to weaken. 

defalta default ; negligence. 

defeasancia defeasance, a con- 
dition relating to a deed on 
the performance of which. 



I fenced part, an en- 

defeiisio a prohibition. 
defeiiso, in in defence. 
de/ensum an enclosure; a pro- 
defenius custody. 
deferrare to unaboe a iiorse. 

dejigurare to disguise. 

dfforciammtum deforcement, il- 
legal occupation of property. 

deforciare to deforce. 

de/oreialio holding goods in satis- 
faction for debt. 

deforciator a deforcer. 

ilefore»tare. See deaffarestare . 

degraitai atatrs. 

deguttare to drop on ; to pour 

dela a, dairymaid. 

dels a. dais. See dagut. 

dtiwgrca a day-work, or four 

ploug'h -lands. 
delatura art nccusation. 
dematida a domand. 
dtmandare to demand ; to cite. 
demnnium, demeniwn. See do- 

demorare to govern. 
demorari to demur, 
dena a glen ; a coppice. 
denarala, denariata a penny- 

denarialus terra land ■worth, a 
penny per annum; one 

(fcnnn'ujapeimy; a penny weight, 
1. e., 32 grains of wheat from 
the middle of the ear. 

denbera a pasture for piga (awine- 

deniiatus a denizen. 

denies gratings. 

deoh /iff alio a, release. 

deodanda, deoilandum an ani- 
mal or thing forfeited for 
li living caused a person's 

deoscrilatorium a tablet handed 
round to be kissed at mass, 

departura a departure. 
depersonare to insult ; to degrade. 
depreculm beads. 
denilionare. See disrationare. 
desamparare to yield, release. 
despilus a contemptible person. 
desponsalia a betrothal, 
deslrarius. See dextrarivs. 

desubitare to attack suddenly. 

detachiare to seize goods by at- 

de tallia retail. 

delraclari to bo torn in pieces hy 

deiunicare to discover. 

decadiatus without sureties. 

devadimonhare to redeem from 

deveitire to give up possession. 

rfm,!ff»»«B(«wj a devise; B devico. 

devisare to devise ; bequeath. 

devisalio, devisum a devise. 

dextrah a, bracer. 

dexirarius a, war horse. 

deyla. See daila. 

dirtconalua the office of deacon. 

diaconus a deacon. 

diata a day's journey; an as- 
sembly; regimen. 

dinrlum daily food. 

diasperahis of various colours ; 

dica a tally ; a deed. 

diccui a dike. 

dioenarius. See deeennaritu, 

dicra a dicker, ten skins or pair 1 
of gloves, ten bars of iron. 

dictator a person charged with 
the duty of considering and 
redressing infractions of a r 
peace or truce ; an umpire. 

dictor an umpire. See dictator, 

diffacere to maim, destroy. 

difficultas a tax. 

diffidare to defy; renounce b1- \ 


See defor^ 
difuscului diffuse. 
digniirium a dinner. 
diliyiiUus outlawed. 
dimidicare to halve. 

Glossuri/ of Latin Words. 

dimidietas a half, moiety. 

dimissio decalBe, maMug over 
properties by lease or will. 

dimiasorim literm letters from a 
bishop for the ordination 
of a person in another 

dieecesia & diocese. 

dirationare. See disrationare. 

dirihare to take away. 

dUadvocare to deny, disavow. 

dishoacalio bringing woods into 

dtscantus a chant. 

discarcars, discariare, discaricare 
to unlade, discharge. 

rfisciftr asewer; a steward. 

discopulare to uncouple; to let 

dixcrasia a disease. 

discus a dish. 

diifacere to dismember, mutilate. 

dishabilitare to disable. 

disheritor one who deprives 
another of his inheritance. 

disparagare to disparage ; to 
marry to an inierior. 

disparagalio disparngement, mar- 
rying an heir or heiress 
below their degree. 

dispettaa a warehouse. 

diapensarius, disjiensa/or a stew- 

diaperaonare to insult, to degrade. 

diaraiionamentum deraignment ; 

dUralionare, dhratiocinart to 
prove ; doraign. 

disrobhare to plunder. 

disseisina an unlawful dispossess- 
ing a roan of his land ; dis- 

dissehire to dispoasf 

diiseisilor a disseisor. 
disaignare to break open a seal. 
diatricla a strait ; a defile. 
dislriclio distress. 
dislriitffere to distrain. 
distrmgibilU liable to distress. 
diaturhancia, diaturhalio disturb- 

diatarhare to send away ; to dia- 

disvadiare to receive or to redeem 

a pledge. 
diurnalis as mach land as can be 

ploughed in one day with 

one ox. 
divadiare. See disvadiare. 
divitlenda a dividend. 
divUa 0, device ; a devise ; a 

boundary ; a dole. 
divisihilis murua a party wall. 
doageria a dowager. 
documa a tithing. 
dola, dolea a portion, a dole. 
domesticus of the same house 

domicella a young lady ; a ser- 

domicellvs the young son of a 
nobleman ; in the Itoman 
Court, the same as came- 
rarius ; a servant in a mo- 

domifex a carpenter. 

domigerium danger ; power. 

domina a lady ; a dame. 

dominatuB lordship. 

daminica Sunday, 

dominicum a demesne. 

dominium lordship, 

dominns a title anciently applied 
to a lord of a manor, to a 
clergyman, and a bachelor 
of arts. 


Glossavfj of L'itin Words. 

domnus a contraction of dominttSj 
used especially for clergy- 

donativum a benefice given by 
the patron without presen- 
tation or institution. 

donatory donatorius a donor. 
donatus a donee. 

doracus a john-dory. 

dormiens mensa a table dormant, 
a fixed table. 

dorrea a john-dory. 

dorsalcj dossale a dorser, tapes- 
try hung against a wall. 

dorsorium a dosser, a basket to 
carry on the back. See 

dortorium a dormitory, dortour. 

dos a dowry. 

dotarium a dower. 

dotata, dotissa a dowager. 

dracena a tiller. 

dragium drag, a coarse kind of 

drana a drain, watercourse. 

draparius a draper ; a standard 

drappus cloth. 

draschtuMj drascium draff. 

drathium draff. 

drecca. See drana* 

drengagium the tenure by which 
drengi hold. 

drengus a drench, the name given 
to certain tenants who were 
put out of their lands at the 
Conquest and afterwards re- 

dressortum a dresser. 

dromoj dromunda a dromound, 
a long, swift ship for passen- 
gers ; a warship, larger than 
a galley. 

droviare to drive cattle. 

drowa a drove. 

druggeria a druggist's shop. 

duca a mould. 

ducatus a dukedom ; a ducat ; a 

ductllariuSf ductillarius a tapster. 

ducillus a stopple. 

ducissa a duchess. 

ductillus a tap. 

duellio a champion ; a duel. 

diiellimn^ duellum trial by battle. 

dukketta a ducat. 

dumhula maris seaweed (?). 

duna, dunnarium, dunum a down, 
or hill. 

duodena a dozen; a jury of twelve 

duplicatus lined. 

durtbuccus a slow speaker. 

duritia duress. 

dux a duke. 

dygnerium dinner. 

dytenum a ditty, or song. 


eahalus an alehouse. 

ealhorda the right of assising and 
selling ale and beer. 

eastintus the east coast, or the 
eastern side of a place. 

ehha ebb. 

ebdomadarius. See hebdomada- 

ebiculum back of an edged tool. 

ecclesia a church. 

edesttum a building. 

edta help ; ease ; food. 

efforcialiter by force of arms 

forcibly ; in force. 

Glossary of Latin Worths. 

effbrciamentum diatraint ; inqui- 
effbrciare to fine, distrain, com- 
pel ; to fortify. 
eia an island, eyot. 

■ia, eilnecia greater age, 
'.iiamenium. See aisiamentum. 
L, wreci. 

'argamentum liberation. 

■gare to set fre9 ; to put ofE , 
to increase. 
largatio liberation. 
Idus, elbut ruaaet. 
\eemosyna alma. 

'.eemaiynaria act of donation , 
place where alms are dis 
tributed ; offlco of almoner 
emoMgnarius an almoner 

liberOy para, et perpetua 

to grant in alma, or 
in frankalmoign. 
lemosinarium almonry. 
lephantia leprosy. 
longare to remove to a distance ; 
to eloign. 
lio a sewer. 
evthasaaria, emhaxaria an em- 
emhaxator an ambassador. 
embaxatitra an embasay. 
tmenda amends ; a fine. 
emendare to malte amends ; cor- 
rect ; restore. 
eniendaiio the power of correc- 
tion ; the right of assize ; a 
emigranea megrim, migraine. 
emissarium a sluice. 
emolare to grind tools. 

emologare to confirm. 

emprUa an enterprise. 

emprumptum a loan. 

enarnatio flogging. 

encaitstutn ink. 

endroma rough cloth, folding. 

endurare to endure. 

enfranchiatus enfranchised. 

enghceria Englishry ; being an 

engrallatus ingrailed. 

enqrossare See ingroasare. 

entita See einecia. 

ensaismare to pat in possession ; 
give seisia. 

enterclausum a screen (?). 

eptmenium a monthly present, or 

episcopaha synodalaor other pay- 
ments by the clergy to the 

episcopare to make a bishop ; to 
act as a bishop. 

eptsropaius a bishopric. 

f/ii'jco;!iKm a bishopric; a bishop's 

eptscopus a bishop. 

epislohire a, service-book contain- 
ing the epistles. 

epitilittm a birdbolt. 

eqitei a knight. 

eguiciuni a ruler. 

equilarius on horseback. 

equitator a rider, a forest officer. 

fguilatura a riding or baggage- 
horse; cavalry; knighthood. 

eguilium a etud of horses. 

eremita a hermit. 

eremitorium a hermitage. 

eremodicium a non-suit. 

Glossari/ of Latin Words. 

erra a pledge {arrka). 
erraticuvi a waif or etray, 
erlhmiolum a court held on the 

boundary of two liinda. 
erubiginaior a writer of rubrics ; 

a painter in red, 
eshrancaturacwtiiv.^ off branches ; 

tscaeta an eBchoat ; a fallen 

escaetor an eacheator. 

eicaeliis escheated. 
escaldare to scold. 

etcambialur an exchanger, money 

eicamhium exchange ; a place for 

changing money. 
escangia exchange. 
eicaatio a butler. 
escapiare to escape from arrest. 
eicapium escape ; a thing that 

comes by chance. 
eacaptura escape. 

escarle/um scarlet. 

escaudare to acald, 

esceppii a skep, i 
corn, salt, &c. 

eschaeta._ See escaeta. 

eichaelor. See eacaeior. 

escheccum Q jury, or inquisition ; 
a chei:lc. 

escheppa. See esceppa. 

eschi/ia a, chine. 

eschrppare to equip. 

esclavua a slave. 

eadenka a leg of mutton or beef. 
(Fr. eaclancke.) 

esdusa a dam or sluice. 

csi'lusngium pa^inent for permis- 
sion to make a sluice. - 

iliiare to castrate. 

lOur ; cleanse. 

esgardia, esgitrdum reward. 

esketor a robber. 

esiippa, See esceppa, 

eakippare to equip. 

eakirmire to fence, 

esmae/iliis enamelled. 

esnamiare to distrain. 

eanecea a ship. 

Mneeiapi-imogenitiire; tbelimitad 
right of primogeniture of 
the oldest coparcener. 

eaperiolus a squirrel. 

esperkeria a duty on dried fish in 
the Channel Islands, consist- 
ing of a right of pre-emption 
of congers ; 2d. Toumois on 
every 100 mackerel; 2 eols 
Toumois on every bushel o( 
fish \ and 'id. on every salt 
conger exported to Nor- 
mandy or elsewhere, not in 
kingdom of England. 

espertai-ius, esperverivs a sparrow- 

esplela. Seo erpletis. 

essarta, essarlum. See assarlum. 

fesoniare to give an excuse; 

to essoin. 
easomalor an essoiner. 

onia essoin, excuse 


court baron, &c. 
•llagittm. See alallagium. 
'llamenlum a mortgage ; pawn- 

'allare to mortgage ; to pawn, 
tgnum a pond {slagnum)% a. 
bank or stank ; ameasuri 
land less than an acre. 

'erlingxia sterling. 

'■intus. See eastiniua. 

Ghssar;/ oj Lulin Words. 

eitoverium eelovers, alio 

wood for repaiiB, or neces- 

eaiy food and clothes ; stover, 

eslreciatus made narrow ; Btratt- 

eslrepamenlum, eslrepinamenlum, 

estropement, injury done to 

lands by a tenant for life. 
eslurare. See escurare. 
eucAaristia the sacrament ; the 

consecrated bread; a cibo- 

evangelare aervioe-boob contain- 
ing tho gospels. 

evtntia profits (of a church). 

eu-agium toll paid for water pas- 

exactor a collector ; a sheriff. 

examiium Hamite. 

excaldare to scald. 

excamhia exchange. 

exeambiore to exchange. 

excambiaior an exchanger ; a 

excambiuin an exchiinge. 

excarletitm scarlet. 

excaturizare to BCald. 

excnudare to scald. 

excayare escheat. 

exclusa. See esduia. 

exchisagium. See esclusogium. 

excruslare to remove the crust of ; 
to spoil. 

exeniiium a present ; new year's 

exercilvale a heriot. 

exfrediare to break the peace, 

exhibitio an entettainmeat, 

exigmda writ of exigent. 

exigendnrias an esigenter, an 
officer of the Court of Com- 
mon Pleas. 

'xlgendis, in in exigent. 

^xire to issue. 

^xilm issue, in all senses, family, 
result, expenditure ; entraH. 
^xlegalitus outlawed, 
^xlegare to outlaw. 

exorcista an esorcist, a benett ; 
ono of the lesser orders of 
tho church. 

expedahis, expedicatui having ths 
feet cut off, 

cxpedilare to hamble or hamel a 
dog, i. e., to cut out the ball 
of the foot or three claws ; 
to root up trees. 

expeditio the obligation of accom- 
panying the lord to war. 

expletite esplees ; rents ; profits. 

explicit ends. 

expressaliim expressed, 

exsartum. See assarlum. 

extender e to value lands. 

extcntn extent ; valuation. 

exlermino to bring without the 

exiocare to grub up. 

exlracta, exiraclum an estreat, a 
true extract or copy. 

extrakura a stray. 

exlraneus a foreigner, i. c, not a 

exlravaganies certain papal con- 
stitutions, not included in 
Gratian or the Decretals. 

ex turnip relics. 

Glossari/ of LaHn Words. 

faher D. smith. 

fabrica a. smithy. 

fagottttm a. faggot. 

faida feud, enmity. 

faidini enemies, esiles. 

faleare to mow. 

falcatura a day's work at mow- 

Jalcldium a swathe. 

Jalco a falcon. 

faleona a faloon ; a small cannon, 
2i inch bore. 

falconaria Berrice of supplying 

faldn a fold. 

falda cursus a sheepwalk. 

faldagiuin faldage, the right to 
set up folds. 

faldicium a fold ; foldage, fold- 
penny ; payment for folding 
sheep, or for leave to set up 
a fold. 

/aWis^Wuni an arm-chair ; esp. a 
bishop's throne. 

faldttm a fold. 

/alera trappings (phalera). 

faleiia a rock, cliff. 

falla, fallum a measure of land ; 
tin ; fault. 

falmotum folkmote. 

fahare to deceive; falsify; forge. 

faharius, fahonarius a forger. 

fahator forger. 

fahiiai forgery. 

fahoneria forgery. 

famen a speech. 

fiimilia ft set of ches 

fanatio the fawning season : 

fancielus some kind of tenant. 
farcinvla a package, parcel. 

fardelf-a, /afdellum a fardel, tha 

quarter, or eighth of a yard 

fardellus a bundle ; a fardel ; 

holder of a fardel. 
farinagimn toll of meal or flour, 
farricapaium hopper of a mill. 
farundelta a quarter of an acre. 
fascennia a bastile, a wooden fort 

used in besieging a town. 
/asiattus a pheasant. 
fassus a faggot. 
faaselum treble ; a faucet. 

ye/a^us faithful ; a companion, 

/do a felon. 

felonia felony. 

felonies feloniously. 

felparia, feltrum felt. 

femoralia drawers. 

fenestra a window. 

fengera fern. 

fennationis leinpus fence months. 

fenaura a fence. 

feodalis, feudalis tendai.', ayassaL 

feodalitas, feodilas fealty. 

feodanientum feoffment. 

feodarius, feodatarius a feodary, 

an officer of the court of 

wards ; a feudal tenant by 

feodelilos fealty. 
feodifirma fee farm. 
feodum a fee ; a fief. 
feodum talliaium fee tail. 
feoffamentuTn feoffment, grant of 

tenements, ito. in fee. 
feoffare to enfeoff, to grant in 

feoffaior feoffor. 
feoff atus feoffee. 

Glossary of Latin Worth. 

feoragium stra^, 

fera a wild beast; usod ospo dally 

for deer. 
/erculum a dish ; a litter. 
ferdella, ferdellum. See/ardeUa. 
feria a fair ; a day of the week ; 

a ferry. 
feriagium payment for ferrying, 
feriatus dies feast day, saint's 

day, holiday. 
ferilorium a swingle ; a beetle. 
Jerlingala, /erlingus loui acres; a 

quarter of a yard land. 
ferlingellus a measure of corn. 
/ermisona the winter season for 

killing deer. 
/ernigo waste land, covered with 

ferramentmn an iron tool or in- 

Etrumeut ; a horseshoe ; a 

ploughshare ; a tire. 
ferrandus grey. 
ferrare to shoe a horse. 
/errarius, ferrator r smith. 
ferralura ironwork ; esp. horse- 

ferrifodina an iron r 
ferripodium a patten 

ferrura a blacksmith's trade; a 

wheel tire. 
Jerlkendellum quarter of an acre, 
fesana, fesans, /eaanlia, fesanius 

fessum, fessus a truss. 
Jestinancia haste. 
festrum a roof- tree. 
/eudum. Beo feodum, 
feugera fern. 
ficii a boat. 
Jidelitaa fealty. 

filac'ia laiia woollen yam. 
flaeium a file, for documents. 
Jilare to file. 
Jllitrittm a steel, a hone. 
Jilalrix a spinster. 
JUazarius a filacer, an officer of 
the Common Pleas who files 

filiaster 8on-in-law, stepson, 
nephew, sister's son. 

JiUaslra similar feminine rela- 

filiatio sonship, subjection, obe- 
dience ; used of monastic 

filicetum ferny ground. 

jiliolus godson. 

Jiltrum, felt. 

Jilum aqum the middle of a river. 

fima dung, i 


fimarius a scavenger. 

financia ransom. 

finare to pay ; to esact ; to refine. 

finire to pay a fine; to esact a 

finis a fine ; final concord. 

fiola a beaker; a phial (p/itala). 

firgia a fetter. 

firma a farm; rent. 

firmaculum a buckle. 

firmare \ to fortify ; to seal or 
sign ; to give security ; to 
gi'ant a farm ; to rent a 

finnarius a farmer. 

firmatio doe season ; provisions. 

frmura a lock ; the right rf 

fisluca a fishing rod, 
fistulator a piper. 
fixula a buckle, a button. 

Glossary of Litin yVorils. 

fahellum a. vane. 

Jlaco a marsh. 

JIagellutn a flail ; a door-bar. 

fameuln a garment, usualljof silk. 

fiamicia flawn, cuetard. 

^tcharia service of supplying 

Jleckerius a fletclier. 
fleeia an arrow ; a hurdle. 
Jleehotimacio bleeding. 
fleta an arm of the sea. 
Jloeci fioot, refuse wool. 

^orenm a florin. 

_flota a fleet ; a raft. 

focagium focage or houeehote ; 

focale fuel ; the right of talcing 

focaria a housetceper. 
fodera a fother (of lead), 1,950 

lbs. or 2,000 lbs. 
fadertorinm, fodentm, fodrum 

/oesa grass. 

fogagium fog, rank grass. 
folgariua a menial eervant. 
foracra a f oracre, the headland of 

an arable field. 
foragmm straw ; forage ; the right 

of exacting it or obligation 

Jbraneus foreigner. 
forarium the office of harbinger. 
forhannilus a baniehed man. 
forbarrare to tar or deprive. 
forhator a furhisher. 
forbaludus a person kUled in 

forcelectum a fortress. 
forceria a casket ; strongbox (?). 
forcescetlum a, fortress. 
forcia forcible exaction. 

forejudicatlo a forejudger. 

forellus a, sheath. 

forensis a foreigner. 

forera a headland ; a furrow (?). 

foresla a forest. 

foreslagium a duty paid to the 

king's foresters. 
/oretla llagium, forestallamenlnm 
obstructing the highway ; 
foreslallare to forostnll; to way- 

forestallator a forestaller. 
/ores/aUum a crime committed on 

the highway. 
forestare to afiforest. 
forestaria offico of forester ; fo- 

restership ; forestry. 
forestarius a forester. 
forgia a forge. 
forhelna concealment, 
for hurt ha. Beo/oruhlha. 
foriare to forage. 
forinsecHs outside ; foreign. 
forisburgiim suburbs. 
forisfacere to do amiss ; to for- 
feit ; also used actively, to 
exact a forfeit from. 
forhfactum transgression ; for- 
forufactura forfeiture. 
/orisfainiliare to remove from the 

family ; to emancipate. 
Jbrisjudicare to pronounce for- 
farts Calria forestalment. 
forlandum land at the extremity 
of an estate j a promontoiy. 
forlangum. Seefurlangus. 
forma a form, bench ; a copy. 
formartnus foreman ; headman. 
formetla a shoemaker's last ; a 

weight of about 70 lbs. 
formipedia u, form, bench. 

Glossary of L-itiii Words. 

formula a little bencli. 

fornayium payment by tenants 
bonnd to bake in the lord's 
oven, or for the right to use 
their own ; hearth-money. 

fornire to heat. 

Jbrpicea shears. 

forprisum an exception. 

forrare, forrari to forage. 

forrerius a harbinger. 

forstallare, ifc. See forestallare, 

fortelleacmn a castle. 
Jortericia a fortreas. 
forlia power. 

forliare to force ; to fortify. 
for tuna treasure trove. 
fortvnare to happen. 
fortunium a tournament. 
foruhtka a measure of land. 
forulus a bin. 

fornrda a measure of laud. 
fossa a mound, a dike, as well as 

_/bssoy i'm« contribution for maki n g 

fosaare to diloh. 
fossalum a place surrounded by 

a ditch; ditch; dike; mound. 
foasiculus a basket (?). 
fovea a burial-place. 
fractillosus dagged, jagged (of 

fraclillus a dag, jag. 
fractitium arable land. 
fraellum a frail ; a, basket. 
fratria a fraternity; a brothor- 

frag melius a cracknel. 
franca petra freestone. 

.6 a fence. 
friinckesia franchise. 
franchilanus a freeman. 
franchire, franchisare to enfran- 

franchiaa a, franchise, 
francigena a. foreigner. 
francipleffium frankpledge. 
francolanua a franklin. 

fraria a fraternity ; a brother- 

frasse/um an ashwood (fraxine- 

fraier a friar. 

fi-atrlagium a younger brother's 

frecla, frectum coarse doth, as 

used for horse cloths, 

frieze (?) ; embroidery, usu. 

with metal ; a fret. 
freciagium freight. 
frectatus frettee (heraldic), 
frectum freight, Seefrecia. 
fredum a composition paid by a 

freliiire to load ; to freight. 
frettuni freight, See_/rec(a, 
f return freight. 
frldcburgum frithburgh, the same 

as frankpledge. 
friscus fresh ; also uncultivated 

frilhbregium breach of the peace. 
fr'Uum fry of fish. 
frirura a fried dish ; a pancake. 
froccua, froggaa a frock ; for 

monks a long garment with 

long, wide sleeves. 
froncialus wrinkled. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

frontale a frontal. 

frontellum a frontal. 

frontinella moulding, in gold- 
smith's work. 
frontispiciwn a gable end. 

frunio a tanner. 

frunire to tan. 

frusca waste lands. 

frusshtare to break up land. 

frussura breaking into a house ; 

or ploughing. 
f rust rum^ frustum a small plot of 

frutectum a shrubbery. 

fuagium hearth-tax. 

fuallia fuel. 

fuga a drove ; a chase ; hunting ; 

the right to drive cattle on 

to a place. 
fugacia a chase. 

fugare to hunt ; to drive. 

fugarius a hunter (horse). 

fugatio a chase. 

fugator hunter (horse) ; a driver. 

fugatorius a hunter (horse). 

fugera fern. 

fugillus a poker. 

fuleratiunif molendinum fulling 

fullare, /ullire, fulhnare to full 

fullum aqum a stream of water. 

fulreticum a fulling mill. 

fumagium manure ; chimney- 
fumarium a chimney. 

funditor a founder ; a pioneer. 

fundum ground. 

ywn/t/ra founding, casting (metal). 

furare to steal. 

furhire to furbish. 

furcare to pitch com or hay with 

a fork ; to hang a cart on 

its wheels. 

furectare to ferret. 
furfuraculum a sieve. 
furigeldum a fine for theft. 

furlanguSj furlongus the eighth 
of a mile ; the eighth of an 

fumagium, Seefornagtum. 

fumarius a baker. 

fumiare to bake. 

furnire to heat up an oven or 

furnus a bakehouse. 

furratus furred. 

furrellus sword sheath ; bow case. 

furrura, fururia fur. 

furulus, See furrellus, 

fusor f usour, melter, an oflGlcer in 
the Exchequer. 

fusorta the office of fusour. 

fustartus a joiner. 

fustianum fustian. 


gahella rent ; service. 

gahlagium the same as gahella, 

gahlare to pay rent. 

gahlum a cross. See also gahella, 

gahulum a gable. 

gahulus. See gahella, 

gafra a wafer. 

gafrarius a waferer. 

gagnagiuMf gainagium gain, pro- 
gaineria a tilled field ; a crop. 

gatvelettum. See gaveletum, 

galea a galley. 

galeasia a galliasse. 

galeo a galleon. 

galida a galley. 

galiotus a galliot. 

galltcidtum Shrovetide. 

Glossary of Lalin Words. 907 ^H 

gdlivolatium a cock-shoot or 

garnestura Tictuals, arms, &c., ^^| 


necessary for a gurison ; ^^H 

guUo, gallona, galo, galona a gal- 

garrison. ^^H 


garra. See gara. ^^H 

galya a galley. 

garlerivm a garter. ^H 

gamberia armour for the legs. 

gastaldus governor of a town or ^^H 

gamheso, gamhemm ft qiiilted 


jacket -worn under the ar- 

gata a bowl. ^^^| 


gauda, gaudo woad. ^^^| 

ganagium. See gagnagium. 

gaugeare to gauge. ^^^| 

gamrium gainery, profit arisiiig 

gaugelum gauging, gauge. ^^M 

from tillagB. 

gaugiator a gauger. ^^| 

gavdeiam gavelet, a writ of ces- ^^^ 

ganla, ganUletus a gauntlet. 

savit, where gavolkiud ob- ^^| 

gaola a prison ; a gaol, 


gaolagium prison dues. 

gavelmamms a tenant liable to ^H 

tribute. ^^H 

gara lerrm a gare or goro, a strip 

gavelocus a javolin. ^^H 

of land. 

gayra. See gara. ^^| 

garandisare to warrant. 

geburxis a villager, peasant. ^^M 

garanlum warrant. 

geJdabiUs liable to pay tiix. ^H 

garha a sheaf. 

geldare to pay a geldmn. ^^H 

garbelagmm garb el age. 

gelduni, geldus tax; compensa- ^^^ 

garhdlare to garble, to pick out 

; fine. ^^H 

the refuse. 

gelima a shoaf. ^^^| 

garci/er. See garcio. 

gehffium a giUyflower. ^H 

garcio a groom. 

gelium. See geldwn. ^^M 

^ori/aawardof a town; wardship. 

gemala a hinge, ^^| 

garderoha a wardrobe. 

gemotum an assembly. ^^H 

garderobarius a wardrobe -keeper. 

generate the commons of a monk. ^^H 

gardia, §'c. See guardia, ^'c. 

generosa a gentlewoman. ^^H 

gardiator guardian, warden. 

generosus a gentleman. ^^H 

gardinaritts a gardener. 

genimen an offshoot. ^^| 

gardinwn a garden. 

^eo^a, ^c. See gaola, ^-c. ^^H 

gardum a garth. 

gernarium a granary. ^^H 

garenna a warren. See tcarenna. 

f«rsa starch. ^^^| 

gar gar are to brag. 

gersunta a fine ; a reward ; an ^^| 

gargala the throat. 


garilatrix a scold. 

gerusa a goad. ^^H 

garlanda a chaplet; a garland, 

gem a guisarme. ^^H 

Bometimos of gold or silver. 

gala, gestum yeast ; food. ^^M 

garmamentum a garment. 

gelli a hawk's jeBeee. ^^H 


Glossary of LuUn Words. 

getticium a jotty. 

gewineda an assembly. 

ghestum food. See gistum, 

gialda, gyalda a guildhall. 

gifta a stream. 

gihalda a guildhall. 

gilda a fraternity, guild. 

gildare. See geldare, 

gildatio payment of a tax. 

gtldaulUf gildhalla a guildhall. 

gildhalla Teutonicorum the Steel- 
yard, or company of Easter- 
ling merchants. 

gilhf gillus a mug. 

gillagium tax paid on wine sold 

by retail. 
gilofera clove or gillyflower. 
gimphua. See gumphus, 
gipo a doublet {pourpoint). 
gipaura pargeting. 

girgillua a reel with a handle for 
winding thread. 

giro an apron, a skirt. 

gisarma a guisarme, a weiapon re- 
sembling a halberd, having 
a spear point, with a small 
axe at the foot, and some- 
times a spike on the oppo- 
site side. 

gista a joist. 

gistum duty of entertaining the 
lord when on a journey; 

glaneare, gleniare to glean. 

glavea, glavia a glaive. 

gleha land belonging to a parish 

church, glebe. 
glebalis terra glebe land. 
glebaria turf. 
gleniagium gleaning. 
gleniare to glean. 
glis mud. 
glomellus a clew. 

glomerarius, glomerellus a com- 
missioner appointed to 
settle disputes between the 
scholars of a university and 
the townsmen. 

glorietta a gloriet, an upper room 
in a tower. 

glutum glue. 

gobonatus embossed. 

godetus a mug. 

golda a drain ; a mine (?). 

goliardus a bufEoon. 

gora. See gara. 

gorgona a gargoyle. 

gota a gut, drain. 

grahatum a couch. 

gradalcj graduate a gradual, or 
grail ; a book containing the 
musical portion of the mass. 

gradiens passant (heraldic). 

graduatus a graduate, one who 

has taken a degree in a 

graffio a count, earl, or perhaps 

graffiuTYiy grafium, graphium a 

register, or cartulary ; a pen. 
granata a garnet. 

granatoriuSy granetariusj keeper 

or steward of a granary. 
grancia, grangia a grange, esp. a 

farmhouse belonging to a 

grangiarius the keeper of a 

grantum security. See creantum, 

granum grain ; the coccus ilicis 
and coccus arborum, used in 
dyeing red. 

grata, gravia a grove. 

gremium the nave of a church. 
grenetarius keeper of a granary. 
gresius grey. 
gressibilis able to walk. 
grisengus, griseus grey. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 

griieum opus greywork, gris, fur 
of badger akin, or more 
likely the " mus PoEticus." 

grissiis, grisui grey ; gria- 

groceria grocery. 

grocerius a grocer. 

gromes, grometiis, g ramus a 

grnnna a place whence peat ia 

groptia a hook, perhapa a skid. 

groamre to eugrosa, to mate a 
fair copy, or to buy up. 

grosmrius an engrosser, a grocer. 


grossus (adj.) large, gross. 
groisus (subst.) a groat. ( 

groundagium payment for p 
mission to anchor ia a h 

groaa a grove. 

grovetta a little grove. 

grovuin a grove. 

grttariui a, chief forester ; a i 

con used for cranes. 
grueUuni gruel. 
grumics gruel. 

grunda a gutter. Soe alura. 
gruta grouse. 
gruium grout. 
guarda ward. 
giiardaroba wardrobe. 
guardiania ofEce of warden. 
guardianas a warden. 
guardiare to guard, protect. 

guaiium waste. 
guerra war. 

guerrare, gueri-earc to make t\ 
gviare to lead. 

guidagium aafe-conduct, or a pay- 
ment for safe- conduct. 
guidare to lead ; to take toll for 

gtiido a guidon. 

guihalla a guildhall. 

giiilda a guild. 

guildhalda a guildhall. 

gula a, tippet. 

gtda augusH the first of August, 

gulla a gully, watercourse. 
gumftis a hinge, a joint ; glue. 
guna a cupping glass. 
gunca reeds. 
guncllus a short gown. 
gunna some part of the machinery 

of a mill ; a cannon, gun ; 

gunnarius a gunner. 

gitrda & handmill (?). 
gurges, giirgtlum a weir. 
gurgiiUo a gargoyle. 

a gutter. 
guitvrna quinsy. 
gutiarda ward {guarda). 
gydagium payment to a guide. 
gglda a guild. 
gysarma a gisarme. 

hahentia riches. 
hahilis fit ; capable. 
habundancia. For ahiindanci'a. 
hachia a pickaxe ; hatchet. 
hada a small piece of land. 
hadocus a haddock. 
knerarius nesting. 
hieredilas, §'<:. Soe heredi'las, ^*c. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 

harcia a conspiracy ; society ; a 

bishop's army. 
haeria an aery, nest. 
hagaa. hedge; a house in a city or 

hagabuhnn n rate or tax paid at 

Itagardum a, rickyard. 
kagia, haia, kaiuia a hedge. 
hairtis a heron ; haircloth. 
haka a hake {merlucius vulgaris), 
kakedus a bal^e. 
hakeneius, hakcnetiua a hnclmey, 

hala a hall. 
halgarduni a shed. 
halimotum hallmote ; court baron. 
hamella a. hamlet. 
hamleta, haiuletlus a hamlot. 
hamrna a home-close ; a little 
meadow ; an edge or hem 
in the common Beld. 
hamsoca a fine for forcibly enter- 
ing a house. 
hanaperium, haneparhim a ham- 
per. The Hanaper is an 
office in the Court of Chan- 
hancia a haunch. See also hanm. 
handana, handnyna, handena 

a day's work. 
hangwitha a fine for wrongfully 
hanging a robber or letting 
him escape. 
hansa a house, or company of 
merchants ; a city with re- 
ference to its foreign mer- 
cantile dealings. 
Jiara a stye. 
harare to plough. 
haratium a stud of horses. 
hareiare. See kerciare. 
harella. 8ee harela, 
harenga a harangue ; a herring. 
huTengaria the herring fishery, 

harengus a herring. 

harepipa a snare fur hares, called 

a harepipe. 
harnesiare to put on armour ; to 

harness ; to decorate. 
harnesium armour ; harness ; 

harpare to play on the harp. 
harrecftig a harrier. 
harreum a herd, troop, esp. of 

haspa a hasp, door-faateniag. 
hasHbidium a tournament. 
halchellus a hatchet 
haubergeo, hauhorio a habergeon. 
haiiriiorium a pump. 
haustrum a pump. 
kavenator a harbour master. 
kaverocuni a haycock, a hayriclc j 

the quantity of hay which 

can be lifted on the handle 

of a scythe, or bound with 

haya, hagcia, kayea a hedge ; a 
net ; au enclosure. 

haydagium. Same ashedagium{'i). 

hay inn a meadow. 

hehdamadarius a canon of a ca- 
thedral church, appointed 
■weekly to take charge of tho 
choir ; a priest appointed 
for weekly duty in a 

heccagium rent for heckles, fish- 
ing engines used in the Quae. 

hechium a hatch ; a hedge. 

heda a wharf ; a hithe. 

hedagium toll paid at a wharf, 

keiria an eyry, nest. 

heiro a heron. 

heiwardus a hayward, 

heraldus a herald. 

kerhagium, herbage ; right of 
pasturing cattle. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 

herhergagium lodginga. 
JiBrhergare, herhigare to lodge ; 

to entertain. 
herbergiator a harbinger ; an inn- 

kercarius a harrower, 

herein a harrow ; a frame to hold 

herciare to harrow. 

herehannmn a fine for refusing 
to perform military service. 

herecius some kind of hound used 
for stag hunting. 

hcredipeta the next heir. 

kereditamenfiim hereditament, all 
property that may bo in- 

heredilare to caufle to inherit. 

heredifas an inheritaneo. 

hereUus a kind of small fish. 

herelum a courtyard for the use 
of soldiers. 

herezeldug military seryioe, scu- 

hericius a hedgehog; a revolving 
bar with epikea used in 
fortr eases. 

herietum. See heriotwn. 

herigaldum a eurcoat. 

herigela a heriot. 

herilla adjective formed from 
hsrea as well as from herus. 

heriotum a heriot. 

heriscindium division of house- 
hold goods. 
■minus ermine. 

hermilagium, hermilorium a her- 

kernasii irregular soldiers. 

herneslum. See harneaium. 

heroudes a herald. 

heaia an easoraont. 

hesia, hestha a small loaf. 

hettedraia a headland (?), 

heura a hure. See kura. 

hegmectus a rabbit-net. 

keyronagimn a heronry. 

kegromts a heron. 

hihernagium the winter season 
for sowing corn ; rye. 

hiila a hide of land. 

hidagium a tax levied on every 
hide of land ; a fine paid by 
persona of servile condition 
instead of receiving corporal 
punishment for offences 

hidare to divide into hides. 
Jilgraihs bore or eager of a river. 
hiltra an engine for catching 

hiltum a iiilt. 

hippocomus master of the horse. 
hirna a sausage. 
kirquirallua squinting. 
hirsepa a torch. 
hisparuohts a spaniel. 
hit ha a wharf. 

hivernagium. See hibemagium. 
hlammaiur a fisherman of some 

hobellarius a hobblor, a light 
horse soldier who rode a 

hohelus a hobby (hawk). 

hoccvs S'llia a salt pit. 

hocium housing of a horse, 

hoga a wood. 

hogiiciua a hogget. 

hogasler a pig; a sheep in its 
second year, hogget. 

hogetius, hogietua a hogget. 

Iwggva a hog. 

homagiwn homage. 

hominalio muater. 

kominium homage- 

homipltigium maiming. 

/lopit a hopper, a. basket. 

hordarivs the keeper of a granary. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 

hordera a treaeuror. 

horderium a treasury. 

horiaonium a eloct. 

hornagium, karnegeldum, tax on 

horoacopus a dial. 

horripilatio ahuddering. 
hosiB hoae. 

hoipUnlaria the lioatry or guest- 
liouBB of a, monasterj. 

hoipilalariua a kniglit oi the 
Order of St. John of Jeru- 
Balem ; the hospitaller or 
hoatUlar, a monk whose duty 
ia to attend to guesta, the 
steward of the guest-houae. 

hospilarius. See hospiialariut. 

hoapitalor an innkeeper. 

hospilium a. house for receiving 
guests ; procuration or visi- 
tation money. 

htatagium hostage. See also 
hospilium and hosfelagSum. 

hoatelagium a lord'e right of 
being lodged byhia tenants. 

hottelarium. Kee hospiialaria. 

hoatellariua an innkeeper. 

hoaleria a cihoriuin. 

hosterium, a hoe. 

hostia the consecrated wafer. 

hostiarius an usher. 

hosiicitts a porch, 

hoHillaria. See hospiialaria. 

hoslillarius. See hospitalarius. 

koatorcua, hosiricus a goshawk. 
See osturcus. 

htica a hewke, a frock or mantle. 

hucea housing of a horae ; a gown. 

huchea a hutch. 

kudagium. See kidagium. 

httgia a hoy, a hutch. 

huiaserium a ship for conveying 

hiilcua. See hulka. 

huldare to plank, to put camp- I 

sheathing on a bank. I 

hulka a large ship, a transport I 

htilhts a hill. 
hulmus a holm, a meadow on » 

river bank, or an island. 
htlmagiuin a marshy place ; 

I /in a beer. 

AKnrfrBrfnri«sahundredor,a}iiK>r I 
in a case concerning land I 
who lives in the hundred in 1 
which the land is ; a bailiS I 
of a, hundred. | 

hundiedunt a hundred, a division I 
of a shire ; a hundred court; 
payment due from a hun- 
dred ; fine from the hun- 
dredors for non-appearance \ 
at the court. 

hura a hure, a coarae cap, 

Awrnriusahurrer, maker of hurea. 

AurrficiWahurdle ; amilitary en- 
gine to protect the aaaailants 
of a fortress ; a hoarding. 

hwtardjis, hiirtas a ram. 

husa a horaecloth ; housing. 

husbandrea a farmhouse; a farm. 

huabandus a fanner ; a peasant. 

ktiscarla, kusoarlius a household ] 
servant ; n military retainer | 
attached to the lord's house-.l 

huaebondua a h 

husgablmn, husgabulum house- 
tax, or rent, husgable. 

husaua hoUy. 

huaiengitim, huslengam, kuatift' 
gum hustings ; the Supreme J 
Court of theCityof London. .^ 

hulagiuin hue. 

kulellum, kutesium hue [and cry]. 

kyda. See hida. 

hydfomellum n 

Glossary of Latin Words. 213 ^H 

implacilai-t to implead, to sue. ^^H 


impkmentvm complement ; uten- ^^| 
impUcaiio a landing- stage, moot- ^^H 

ibanum ebony. 

ibernagium. See hibernagium. 

ing-place. ^^H 

icona, iconia an image, figure. 

impoisonare to poison. ^^H 

idriola a holy water stoup. 

impomentunt dessert of fruit. ^^H 

ifwigia fine white bread, called 

imporlaneia importance. ^^| 

cocket bread. 

tmposterum hereafter. ^^H 

impolionare to poison. ^^H 

imaginariua an image mater. 

impressor a printer. ^^H 

imbasaialor an ambassador. 

impressus an adherent, a partisan. ^H 

imbesilare to embezzle. 

impretiabills invaluable. ^^| 

imbrevlare to abridge ; to put in 

imprimere to print. ^^M 


imprka, imprisia enterprisD. ^^M 

imbrocus a brook. 

imprUius, imprisws an adherent. ^^H 

imJu^Hs a pentieo, a penthouae. 

imprisonamcniare to imprison. ^^H 

imbwsare to put in one's own 

imprisonamentam imprisonment. ^^H 

immerciatus fined, amerced. 

impropriatio an ecclesiastical ^^| 

imminorare to diminish. 

benefice in the hands of a ^^| 

impalare to impound. 

layman. ^H 

impanellare to enter the names 

impruiamentum the improvement ^^H 

of a jury ; to empanel. 

land. ^H 

imparcamenium, imparcati'o the 

impi-uiare to improve land. ^H 

right of impounding cattle. 

inaciitare to register. ^^| 

tm^a wo re to impark J toempound. 

impechiametttum hindrance ; im- 

inaneia advantage, advance. ^^| 


inatmulatuii not ringed (of a pig). ^^H 

^m impechiare to accuse, impeach. 

inbladare to sow with corn. ^^| 

^H impediare to mutilate a dog's 

inbladatio growing crops. ^^| 

^1 feet, to law. See expe- 

inblaura the product of land (im- ^^| 

^1 ditare. 

bladatura). ^^M 

inbrovhiare to broach. ^^| 

^H imperator emperor. 

incariare, inckartare to grant by ^^| 

a written deed. ^^H 

^V impersonata, persona parson 

mcaatellare to fortify. ^^| 

H imparsonoe, lawful iacum- 

tncaiislum ink. ^^H 

^1 bent in actual possession. 

ineerehare to seek. ^^H 

^^k impcscalua impeached. 

inclaudare to fetter. ^^H 

^H impelere to accuse, impeach. 

inclausura au enclosure, home ^^| 

.,.,„_ . 

dose. ^H 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

includere to enclose. 

inclusa a nun. 

tnclusarius, inclusorius a pinder. 

hiclusorium a pound. 

inclusus a monk. 

incluvium some instrument of 

incomhrancia encumbrance. 

incomhrare to stop up a road ; to 

incompatibilitas incompatibility, 
of benefices which cannot be 
held together. 

incopare to accuse. 

incopolitus a proctor ; a vicar. 

incortinare to adorn with hang- 

incrocamentum incroachment. 

ificrocare, incrochiare to encroach. 

incumhrare. See incomhrare, 

incurramentum liability to a pen- 

tncussa. For inconcussa, 

incus todia carelessness. 

indebitatus indebted. 

indecimabilis not liable to tithes. 

indefensus one who refuses to 

answer to an accusation. 

indefesibilis indefeasible, that 
cannot be made void. 

indentura an indenture. 

indictamentum an indictment. 

indictare to indict. 

indictio indictment; indiction, a 
cycle of fifteen years by 
which writings were dated 
at Eome. 

indictor an accuser. 

indistringibilis not distrainable. 

indivisibilis murus a main wall, 
not a party wall. 

indivisuin held in common. 

indorsarCf indossare to endorse. 

indorsatioj i7idorsame}itum en- 

inductio induction, putting a 
clergyman into possession 
of his church. 

indula strong thread. 

indus indigo. 

ineivardus a watchman. 

infalistatio a capital punishment 
inflicted at Dover, drown- 
ing (?). 

infeodare to enfeojff. 

infeodatio decimarum granting 
tithes to laymen. 

infeofare to enfeoff. 

injirmaria the infirmary of a mon- 

infirmarius the guardian of the 
sick in a monastery. 

injirmitorium an infirmary. 

injiscare to confiscate. 

inforciare to fortify. 

infossare to surround with a ditch. 

infrontare to stop. 

infrontare sese to resist. 

infrunitas madness. 

infugare to put to flight. 

infula a cassock; a coif. 

ingaignia an engine ; machine ; 

ingeniator an engineer. 

twyemMm a machine ; engine ; gin. 

iyigenuitas freedom ; nobility. 

ingrangiare to deposit in a 


ingravare to engrave ; to demand. 

ingressus the relief paid by an 
heir on entering upon his 

ingrossare to engross, to copy out 
fairly, or to buy up. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 

inffrossalor a copier ; a wholGsale 

ingaardm a guard ; a watchman. 

inhokare, inhocfacerc to encloBa. 

inhokum " any comec or part of 
a common field, plouglied 
up and sowed witli oatB, 
si., and sometimea fenced 
in with, a dry hedge, in that 
year wherein the rest of the 
Bame field lies fallow and 
common" (Jacob). 

inlagare to restore to the benefit 
of the law. 

inlagatus one who ia not an out- 

inlantah demesne land. 

inhgiare to satisfy the law, or re- 
atore to thebenefit of the law. 
to distrain. 

innodare to knot ; to bind. 
innonia an enclosure. 
innoxiare to pnrge ; absolve. 
inopclare to provide with the 

services of the church. 
inordinaius intestate. 
inprisius an adherent. 
ingueifa, inqiiesluin, inquisilio an 

inquiiitor a sheriff, coroner, &c., 

who has power to hold in- 

queats ; a retriever. 
iarollare to enrol. 
inseclalor a prosecutor. 
insert-ire to bring into slavery. 
inaigne a coat of arms. 
iiisilium bad advice. 

installare to instal ; to quitclaim, 

installatio a composition. 

instauramentttm. SeBinstauralio. 

insiaurara to stock (a farm). 

instaurariui a etockkeeper. 

instauratio,instauruiniiifyie\ stock 
of a farm ; furniture of a 
church, hooks, vestments, &c. 

instirpare to plant, efitabiish. 

institutio institution, the granting 
by a bishop to a clork of the 
cute of souls in his benefice. 

insulariua a keeper or porter of a 
detached house {insula). 

inlasmre to heap up hay in cocks. 

intercepiio enterprise, aggression. 

iiiterclpere to attack; to seize 

interdaustrum a walk Or passage 
between cloisters (?). 

inlerclausura the setting of pre- 
ciousstonea ; chasingof metal. 

intercoinmunicare to intereom- 
moa, where the tenants of 
two manors use the oom- 
TDons of both. 

infer esse interest. 

interlinearls between the lines. 

inlerloingnium. See loingnium. 

inierludium play, mumming, as 
at GhriBtmaa. 

inlernameniiim burial. 

interpttgnare to fight together. 

ijiterranea the bowela. 

intersignum a token ; a counter- 

interttiiere to entertain. 

intertiare to sequester. 

intrare to enter, or inn, i.e. draia 
and cultivate, marshes, which 
are then colled innings. 

intrastagnum a seat in a row, a 
stall (?). 

intriitsecua a. dweller within, a 
citizen, opp. ia for insecii a. 

Glossari/ of Latin Words. 

inlroilus flu introit, aE antiplione 
sung while the piiest is 
going to the alttir. 

intntssare to pack up. 

invadiarg to mortgage ; to pawa. 

invadialio a mortgage. 

iniadimoitiare to pledge, put id 

invenlaritim an inventory. 
iiivenlio treasure trove. 
inrentorium an inventory, 
inveritare to prove. 
invettio, iiwesiimenlum investi- 

tnvestire to invest, give posses- 

investitura investiture. 

inwardus a vratchman. 

ipoporgiitm an andiron. 

irrepleaiabilis, irrepleniahilis irte- 
plevisahle; that which ought 
not to tie replevied or de- 
livered ou sureties. 

irrotulamentvm an enrohuent. 

tTToltilmre to enrol. 
•■otulatio enrolling. 

iter circuit, or eyre, of a judge. 

iterans justiciarius justice in 

iterare to make a journey ; to 
hold an eyre ; to rejuUge ; 
to repeat. 

iteraio again, repeatedly. 

iteraius repeated. 

jactaoula a hawk's jesses. 


Jactivua one who loaes by default. 

jahonea furze, gorse. 

Jampniim, jannum furze, gorso. 

Jardinus a garden. 

jarellum a harrier. 

j'otila, ^T. See gaola, §'o. 

jercia a lamb. 

ye«i jessea. 

jacale a jewel. 

jocarivsa. jester. 

yDci7/u(or a juggler. 

joppus a fool. 

jornancia a day's work. 

Jornata a day'swork or journey ; 

fluacreof land. {JPrJournau.) I 
Jovh dies Thursday. ' 

j'udaismus Jewry. 
jugular e to yoke. 
juguUettum the neck. 
jtigum a yoke of land ; half a [ 

juisa, juiaium judgment ; trial by ' 

ordeal or battle ; execution; 

jumenium a mare. 
juncare to strew rushes. 
juncata cream cheese. 
juncta a joint. 
juncium a measure of salt. 
junctura jointure. 
jupa a petticoat, a gown. 
jupellum a coat, a frock ; a kind 

of banner. 
jurata a jury. 
juraior a juror. 
juratus a jurate. 
Jurnale a diary. 
jurnedum a day's journey. 
Jusla, juslea a j oust, tournament ; 

a dagon. 
justicia jmisdiction ; fine ; right, 

due ; a justice ; a joust. 
jusliciahiUs under jurisdiction. 
justiciare to bring to trial ; to 

exercise or administer jus- 
tice ; to compel, to punish. 
justiciare se to appear or plead 

before a justice. 
juatidarius a justice. 
jmtijicare to bring to trial. 
juitificaior a compurgator. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 317 ^B 

Jusliliaria a writ to justioBS ; tte 

laceafus fringed ; laced. ^^H 

day when they ait. 

lacerta a fathom. ^^H 

jmtiiium cessation from the ex- 
ercise of justice. 

lacUta a cade of herring. ^^H 
lacta defect iu weight ; lack. ^^| 


lactam to lack. ^^^k 

kaia, /taii/m a quay ; wharf. 

lacum lack. ^^| 

kaiagium toll paid for unloading 

lada purgation; a watercourse, ^H 

lode; a load. ^H 

ladare to purge oneself of a crime. ^^H 

goods at a wharf ; quayage. 
hakndee, ^-c. See calenda. 

kaneva eanvaa. 

ladorium reproach. ^^^| 
Imslum a lathe. See leda. ^^^| 

haretta a cart. 

Jcarialia dearth. 

laga a lane ; law. ^^^| 

karrata a cartload. See carecla. 

layemannm a lawman, a judge. ^^| 

karvana a caravan. 

lageiia a gallon, an eighth of a ^^| 

karvannuni a baggage train. 

laghdagha a law-day, ^^H 

hatallum. See catallum. 

lagkelmolus a law hallmote, ^^^| 

kauma thatoh. 

laia a broad way in a wood, ^^H 

kayin, hoya a quay, a wharf. 

lakus a layman. ^1 

kemhelina a kemeling, or keeler, 

lairvita punishment for incon- ^^H 

a tub. 

tinence. ^^H 

krmmolus a oymwd or comot. 

lambella a kbel (heraldic), ^H 

the quarter of a cantref . See 

lambrissare, lamburchare to wain- ^^| 

kernellare to embattle. 

scot, to ceil, to ornament with ^^H 
fretwork. ^^^| 

kidellm a kiddle or kettle, a con- 
trivance for catching fiah 

lampreda a lamprey, sometimes a ^^| 
lamp em, ^^| 

lanarius a wouUen draper. ^^H 

lanceare to extend, to abut (of ^^| 
laud). ^H 

lancellagium a base or servile ^^H 

set in a weir. 

killiigiutn keelage, the right of 

demanding money for ships 

lying in a harbour. 

kintale a weight, about 100 Iba, 

See quintah. 

lancetus, lancHta tenant holding ^^H 

kivilla a pin. 

by such a tenure. (A. 8. ^^| 

knipnlus a knife. 

landsata or landaillend.) At ^^| 

knopa a, knob ; knop. 

Bury St, Edmunds the Ian- ^^H 

kokettus. See cokettua. 

ceilih.&A. to clean out certaia ^^| 

kydellus. See Udelhis. 

chambers in the abbey, ^^H 

laudator keeper of lancea in the ^^H 

Tower. ^H 

landa a lawn ; land, ^^| 


laiidea a ditch for draining a ^^| 

lahlUtas liability to slip. 

marsh, ^ ^M 

labina a, marsh ; a meadow. 

laiicrim a lanner. ^^| 

laborarius a hibourer. 

langabuliim tax or reut from ^^| 

laccHS a lock (of hair or wool). 


Ghssari/ of Latin Words. 

langellum Bwaddliug clothca. 
langemanmis lord of a manor. 
langeoJiim, Inngeoliis a woollen 

shirt, teachiiig to the knees, 

■worn by monks. 
lanlordun a landlord. 
lano niger a kind of base coin. 
lanterium the top of a etoeple, 
Ittpicidina a atone ijuarry. 
larclanariutn, lardaritim a larder. 
lardanarius, larderariua larderer, 

or clerk of the kitchen. 
lardearium a larder. 
lardum bacon. 
largitio large ase. 

lanaalinics an assaBsin. 

hsta, lasium a laat, a measure 

used for fish, hides, corn, 

■wool, &c. 
luslagiuni custom paid for wares 

Bold by the last ; ballast. 

See lestagium. 
last inn a lathe. 
lata a lath. 

lateranea a bedfellow ; a wife. 
lalerare to lie sideways (of land). 
latha a lath. 
latinarirts an interpreter, a lati- 

mer or latiner, 
liUomiix a stonecutter. 
lutro the right of punishing 

latus a sidesman. 
laubia a porch, gallerj-, 
laudum an award. 
laviilorium, lavandaria a laundry. 
laxa a leash. 
hcuior, Jeccator a person of bad 

character, lecher. 

lecia a leash. 

lecleria. See Ultra. 

leclica litter for cattle. 

leviia a lesson. 

lectis a brother's daughter. 

lectisternium bedding ; a mat- 

lectoriuin, lecturi'tm a reading- . 

leclurire to lecture. 
leda a lathe, a division of a i 

Udo, ledona tide. 
legm the standard of money. 
leganmnnm a lawful man, or man 

of law. 
legalariiis, legal nria legatary, 

legrewila a fine for adultery. 
lemm'acm a label (heraldic). 
leiiga a ling {tiscllus longus). 
leaiies false coin prohibited by ' 

Edw. I. 
Icpa two-thirds of a bushel. 
hporarius a greyhound. 
leporiiim a hare- warren. 
leprosaria a lazarhouae. 
haia a leash. 
lessa a. legacy ; a lease. 
leMia a leash. 

lesta a kat ; a lathe. See lasla. 
lestagium toll paid at a port on 

landing goods; or at a, 

market or fair for licence to 

remove goods. 
lexiira a leasowe, a pasture. 
Ida a couit-leet. 
leuca a league; 1,500 paces, or 

480 perches; Bometimes used 

for a mile, 

Ghsmry of Latin Words. 

laucata a league ; taulieue. 
levgator a scout or forager (?). 
hvabilis leviable. 

Icvare to collect, levy ; to remove ; 
to carry bay. 

levellus level. 

leverarius a harrier. 

lecerio, breve de writ of relief. 

levescere to become bgbt. 

levinariua a lymebouad. 

lex sometimes used for ordeal. 

lezura a leasowe, a pasture. 

libelljii a, iedaiation ; a libel. 

liber lapis freestone. 

libera delivery of a portion of 
grass or com to a tenant 
wbo has been engaged in 
cutting it. 

libera /a, libera lio, Uberatura 

liberate a writ ordering a pay- 
ment to be made, commenc- 
ing with this woi-d. 

libra a pound, in weight or 

librata terrw land worth 20s. 
yearly ; 4 oxgauga, or 62 

librillare to chatter ; babble, 
liaea, Udm lists j barriers. 
bcere to license. 
lichinitis wick of a candle. 
lickinus a candlestick. 
Uciarium, licilameiilutn a bid, in 

Uganda allegiance, homage. 
ligatus a liegeman. 
ligeancia allegiance ; breach of 

ligetis liege ; lawful. 
ligiiagium tho right of cuttiug 

fuel in woods. 
lignamen timber. 
ligmpoUinin a wooden log ; a 


ligula a fillet, a file. 

limat an apron. 

limiiiiscus a point or stop in a MS. 

limus an aproa. 

liiiarium a place where flax is 

tiiteare, liniare to line. 
lingua loin. 
linteoinen, Unlhiameii linen stuff; 

a sheet. 
liquiritia liq^uoriee. 
liripipium the tail of a hood, or 

the peak of a shoe. 
lisla edge ; strip ; catalogue ; lists 

for a tournament. 
lisitra list {of cloth). 
Ultra, literia litter, straw ; a 

litter; bedclothes. 
lobbum a large fish in the North 

Sea, ol the cod species. 
labia a porch, gallery. 
lohium a portico ; a lobby. 
locare to let. 

loccum a lock on a river. 
lochia a loach. 
locutorium a parlour. 
loda a load. 
lodium a louvre. 
loga a truss i^) of hay. 
loggiare to cut wood iuto logs (?). 
lugia a lodge ; an outhouse. 
logiare to lodge, dwell. 
loingiiim, loirtgnium a lewne, lune, 

a strap attached to a hawk's 

i eases. 
lokttium a locket. 
longeUvs a coverlet. 


loquela imparlance ; a plea ; a 

loqaenda a point reserved by a 

court for coiiaideratioa, 
lurariiia a Ij-mobound. 
lor cm a a bridle bit. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

lorimaria lorimery, Lite, buckles, 
and other metal work for 

lorimariu$ a lorimer or loriner. 

lotorium a wash-hand basin. 

lottum et scottum lot and scot. 

loverium a louvro. 

lucariuH a woodward. 

lucelluH a bier, a hearse. 

luccii pike (l>l.)' 

lucubrum a lantern. 

ludricuii a beast of burden. 

luigna a loin. 

lumbalcf lumbare a belt, a girdle. 

luminarius a dealer in lights; 

luminio lighting. 

luHiSf dies Monday. Luna is 
also used for Monday by 
itself, not declined, as — infra 
LumCf before Monday ; and 
the same is true of the 
names for the other days of 
the week. 

lunda a bind of eels, i,ef. 250 ; 
two timbers of skins, i,e, 80. 

lundinarium a quarter of a vir- 

lupUcetum a hop garden. 

hira a bung. 

lurale a lure. 

luHSHS a brothor-in-law. 

hdvr a basin, laver, font. 

luiricitts an ottor hound. 

Itnare a louvre. 

lymputta a lime pit, 


macea a mace. 

maceria outer wall of a convent. 
Machecaria a meat market. 
mavhtvanus a butcher. 
machecoihre to add machecoulis 

to a castle. 
macia a maco. 
macueUu9 a small maoe. 

macula mail : silver half-pence. 

madera madder. 
madius month of May. 

maeremium timber. 

magnagium a house. 

magthura same as mangura (?). 

mahemiare to maim. 

mahemium mayhem, maim. 

maignagium a brazier's shop. 

maioria mayoralty. 

maisneda household. 

major a mayor. 

majorare to increase, to improve. 

makerellus a mackerel. 

mala a budget for carrying 
letters ; a mail. 

malandritius a pirate. 

malecredere to suspect. 

maleficare to bewitch. 

maleficium witchcraft. 

maleficus a wizard. 

maletta a small mail or trunk. 

malignare to maim. 

malina spring tide. 

mallardus a mallard. 

mallium a mesh. 
malmaria a mosque. 

malveisina an engine to cast 

ma7ia an old woman. 

managium. See magnagium, 

manca a square gold coin, value 
6s, or sod, ; a mark ; a fish- 
ing boat ; a defect. 

manceps manciple, derk of the 

mancinus lefthanded. 

mancusa. See manca, 

mandatum maundy. 

mandra a shed, hovel. 

manens a tenant who was con- 
fined to the land. 

manerium a manor. 

Glossary of Latin Wonh. 221 ^^| 

mangeriam right of reeemag 

manutenenila maictenance ; the ^^^| 

food, &e., at the house of a 

unlawful upholding of a ^^^| 


person or cauip. ^^^| 

mangiatorium a manger. 

manulenere to maintain. ^^^| 

mangonale, mangoneliis a mango- 

manuleniionta pileum capof main- ^^^| 

nel, for casting stones. 

tenance. ^^H 

mangonare to traffic at a marfeet. 

mangura food. 

manulenlum a handle. ^^^| 

manipulmn a maniple, worn by 
a priest on the left arm. 

manulergium a towel ^^^| 

mapparius a keeper of li&en. ^^^| 

mannagium. 8eo magjiagiiim. 

mam a lake mere ■ moor ^^^| 

mannire to cite. 

marabolinus a marayeili. ^^^| 

mannui a horse. 

marca a mark, 8uz. troy weight ; ^^^| 

manopera a day's work. 

in money Ids. Ad. ^^H 

mama a hide of land. 

marcanda villa a market town. ^^^| 

mansa, mansio, mansum, man- 

marcarda villa a market town. ^^M 

sura, a dwelling-houae. 

marcare to maj-k ; to take by ^^^^| 

manser a hastaid. 

right of letters of marque. ^^^| 

manlellum a cloak. 

marca/a, marculus a rent of a ^^^| 

maniiare to fit a handle to. 

mark. ^H 

manliea a wallet, 

mantile a long rohe. 

marvhantesia merchandise. ^^^| 

mantvm a cloak, mantle. 

marcheium a market. ^^^| 

manuah a manual, a book con- 

miirehda. See merchctum. ^^^| 

taining what IB nccesBary 

marcheltim a market. ^^^| 

for the administration of 

marckia the march or border ^^^| 

Baoraments and eacra- 
manualls obedientla sworn obedi- 

land between two countries. ^^H 

marchiare to adjoin, border on. ^^^| 


marchio a marclier ; a marquia. ^^^| 

manucapere to mainprise, become 

marthionatus matquieate. ^^H 

mainpernor for. 

marchionissa a marchioness. ^^^| 

manueaplto mainprise, surety. 

fnarckiius marcher, dweller on a ^^^| 

manucaptor a mainpernor, bail. 

march. ^^^| 

manumula a handmill. 

manuopera stolen goods taken on 

tnaremium timber. ^^^H 

a thief ; cattle and farm im- 

marescalcia, marescalUa right of ^^^^| 
taking fodder for horses; ^^^| 


manuopnrarim ahandioraftaman. 

office of marshal ; the Mar- ^^H 

manupastiia a domestic servant; 

shalsea, London ; a stable. ^^H 

domestic service. 

mareicalcu*, marescaltus a farrier; ^^^H 

munupes a foot in length. 

a marshal. ^^^^H 


mnreiuiH a marsh. ^^^H 

ynanvs used for an oath. 

margia a border, margin. ^^^| 


Glossary of Lnfin Words. 

s a seaman ; manner. 
mar melius a mariner. 
niariola a small image of tlie 

Virgin Mary. 
mariiarchus. See marearchus. 
mariscvs a marsh. 
maritagium marriage ; marriage 

portion ; right of giviog in 

marleputlum a marlpit. 
marlera, marlerium, viarletum a 

marlia marl. 
marlura marling. 
mama some clay used in pottery. 
marqxta right of reprisals; 

marqiiezius a marquis 

maracallare to do a farrier's wort. 

martellua a hammer. 

marlilogiutn a register of martyrs 

martina a marten. 

marllneta a kingfishor, 

Martis dies Tuesday. 

martrina, martrix, marlro a mar- 

masngium a, messuage. 

masca a masque, 

mascea a mace. 

maaerus a maser, a towl, often 
of wood. 

mamagium dwelling-place. 

masta a club ; a masa. 

massare to chew ; to hammer. 

maatiniK, maslivus a maatifi. 

maslrura a cloak of Bkin, fur in- 

masli/s a mast. 

masncUa a amall club. 

mamira a decayed house. 

matare to mate at chess. 

iruifiiidhim breakfast. 

niafracta a mattress. 

malrtmtla a bat ; register. 

matrimonMm marriage ; inherit- 
ance descending by mar- 

matrina a godmother. 
mnfulina matins. 
matiittnellum breakfast. 
maupigymum a sort of pottage. 
maiiKCMS a thruah. 

medaria a place for mating or 

stowing mead. 
mtdni lus a mead maker, or seller. 
mfdet m a house where mead is 

medianetum arbitration. 

meditenlum the cap of a flail. 

medilulhum middle. 

medius moan ; mesne. 

mtilMa a fray ; medley, 

medo mead 

mcgarus mackerel. 

megucariits a white tawyer, a 
leather dresser. 

melteia a medley ; mel6e. 

jrte/iiSrorfifim bracket or bragwort, 
a drink flavoured with honey 
and spice. ' 

melotus a badger. 

menagium a family, 

mcncia obeisance (?). 

meneairallus an artisan ; a min- 

menialis menial. From tnocnia. 

meniare to wall. 

mensaculus a carving knife. 

bushel ; the dimen- 
sions, or perhaps image in 

Glossari/ of Latin Words. 

■wax, of a sict person sent to 

(,vn reeds, rushes (?). 
: a marsli ; mere. 

mercandisia merchan- 

inercandizare to trade. 
mercatum, mercatorium a market. 

ms a hireling, 

merchetum a fine payable by a 
■villein for licence to give hia 
daughter in marriage, and 
in Scotland at his o'wn mar- 

mercia traffic ; a fiae. 

mercimonialiis impost i 

merctim a mark, sign. 
Mer> ■■■■—' 

n timber. 

merendula aa afternoon refresh- 
ment, a bever. 

mergulus a sink, of a lamp or a 

mergua a bucket. 

merlare. See marlare. 

tnerlingus a ling {asellus longus). 

merscum a marsh. 

merutua a merlin. 

mes/acere to do wrong. 

menlea, mealeta, mesleta & fray ; 

ssanits a mower or reaper; a 

farm bailifi. 
3 harvest time. 
messuagium a messuage ; dwell- 

mestaria, meatera, mestenim art ; 

trade ; mistery. 
mesteUnitim the remains of a meal 

given as alms. 
mcilicare, mtslifioare to make sad. 

meslilo mealine, wheat and rye 

mela mete, bound. 

meya a stack of hay or com. 

micatorium a grater. 

miokia a loaf. 

miles a knight. 

miliare a mile, a milestone. 

miliatium millet. 

tnilicentum a mnistreaia. 

militare to be knighted. 

militia IcQigbthood; a knight's 

fee ; a body of knights or 

soldiers ; tenure by knight 

fnilium millet. 
milliare a mile. 
millua a hound's collar. 
milieelhts. See mulvellus. 
mina a measure of com, &c., 3 to 

7 skeps ; a measure of land 

minagiiim toll paid on com sold 

by the mina. 
minator a miner, 

miuo ; a quarry, 
tiiinefarius a miner. 
miniator an illuminator. 
minietum verrum miniver. 
minister a thane ; a bn.i1 iff. 
miniileriales traders. 
miniaterium a, trade. 
ministralcia minstrelsy. 
miimtraulua a minstrel. 

8. Clare. 
minstrelhis a minstrel. 

iniriia mint. 
minuere to let blood. 
miimlio bleeding. 

cost, expense. 


Glossm^y of Latin Words. 

miscuare to mix. 

misellus a leper. 

misericordia an arbitrary fine ; a 
gratuitous portion of food 
given in addition to com- 
mons ; hall in a monastery 
where additional commons 
were given ; a dagger. 

misevemre to fail. 

misprisio misprision, culpable 
concealment of crime. 

missa mass. See also misa, 

missale a massbook, missal. 

missaticus a messenger. 

missurium a dish, or mess. 

mistera, misterium trade ; mistery 

mitta a measure of salt. 

mixtilio. See mestilo, 

mixtorium a rudder, an imple- 
ment used in mixing malt. 

mixtum breakfast of bread and 
wine in a monastery. 

modiatio duty paid on wine or 
com, measured by the muid, 

mola a millstone. 

molatio multure. 

molda a mould. 

moldera, moldra multure. 

molendmafius a miller. 

molendinator a miller. 

molendinum a mill. 

molitura^ moltura grinding ; pay- 
ment for grinding, multure. 

molneda a millpool. 

molta toll paid by vassals for 
grinding corn at the lord's 

molumentum toll for grinding. 

monacha a nun. 

monachare to make a man a 
monk ; receive him into a 

monachus a monk. 

monasterium a monastery, min- 
moneta money ; a mint. 

monetacio coining, minting. 

monetagium mintage, right of 
coining ; tribute paid by 
tenants to the lord that he 
should not change the money 
he had coined. 

monetare to coin. 

monetarius moneyer ; coiner ; 

moneium a mint. 

mo7iiale a nunnery. 

monialis a nun. 

monstra a muster. 

mo7istrantia a reliquary, mon- 

monstrare to muster. 

monstratio a muster. 

monstrum a muster ; a reliquary. 

moota. See mota^ muta, 

mora a moor. 

moratum a drink, supposed to be 
wine flavoured with mulber- 

mordacuhim the tongue of a 

moretum brown cloth. 

morgahiilum rent of moorland. 

morgagium mortgage. 

morganegiha the husband's gift 
to the wife on the wedding- 
day, or the day after. 

morina murrain. 

morosus boggy ; delaying. 

morsella, morsellus a small piece 

[of land]. 
morsus a morse ; a clasp. 

mortarium mortar ; a lamp over 
a grave or shrine. See also 

mortgagium a mortgage. 

Glossarif of Latin Words. 


morlificare to alienate in mort- 

moriilivus dead of i 

morthare See amor ti'- are. 

martuari m bequ at to the testa- 
tor's pa sfi hu ]i a duty 
pajafil t th 1 d on the 
death fat nant 

tnoruca a dfi h 

mossa a m sa o hog 

mota a mote ; a moot ; a pack of 
houads ; a moat. 

motaculum a rudder, an imple- 
ment used in mixing malt. 

molibilis moveable ; a vagrant. 

moliim a moat. 

molura. See molilura. 

wiHeic awatchtower; mews. 

mufful<B fur gloves. 

mttgettitm musk. 

inuillo a haycock or hayriiik. 

mulecius a mullet. 

fnulier lawful issue. 

multo a coclc, or rick of hay. 

mullo a hayrick. 

mulneda a mill pool. 

mulla a fine. 

mn/(o a sheep, a wether; a French 
gold com bearing the agnus 
Set, worth 12s.6rf.Tijumoi9; 
an engine of war. 

multoliea many times. 

tmdtra, multrum a pail. 

muUura toll paid at a mill. 

mulvelhis melwell, mi! win, green- 

muncel/as a mound. 

municepe a magistrate of a town. 

niiinimen a grant, charter. 

immimenta records. 

nutragium toll exacted in a town 
for repairing the walls. 

■murale a wall. 

^nuralio a walled town. 

murdra murder. 

inurdrare, murdrire to murder. 

murdrator, murdritor amurderer. 

■murdredum, murdritm murder ; 
tax imposed for the escape 
of a murderer, 

mureiia a lamprey. 

miirikgtis a cat. 

muripellus, muripula a buttress, 

murtrarius a murderer. 
tmisea musk, 
viuscala nux nutmeg. 
miiscidus TnosBj ; mouldy. 
mussa a mosa or bog. 
niussetum a mossy place. 
viusta must, unformented wine, 
mustrum muster. See momirum. 
mula a pack of hounds ; a mew 

of hawks ; moulting. 
mil tare to mew hawks. 
mutarius mewed. 
muto. See mullo, 
mulus, mulatua mewed. 
myntermm mystery ; sometimes 

used for mistery, See mis- 



nahulum freight. 
naca a small ship ; smack. 
novella, nnvkdla a skiff ; boat. 
imivieias naifty, bondage. 
naivua. See naCivas. 
namare to distrain. 
namatio distraining ; impound- 

Glossary af Latin Words. 

iiamuni distress; pledge. 
namiire to distrain. 

naparia naperf. 

tiapta tow. 

narrator an advocafs. 

nascula a Imtton. 

nasellus a small ship. 

nassa & kiddle or Eshweel. 

ttalale conditioE of a man. 

natalu dins Christmas Day. 

nativa bom bondwoman ; niof. 

nativiis a boru serf ; born bond- 

natta a reed mat. 

navagium the duty o( carrying 
the lord's goods by ship. 

navala a ship load. 

navicella, iiavicula an incense cup 
in the shape of a boat. 

navieularitis a shipowner; a ship- 

navigalU seafaring. 

navigium a fleet. See also nava- 

navts the nave of a church ; the 

navilkalamus a state barge. 

nayvua. See nativus. 

nepos a nephew. 

nepla, ncptia a niece. 

nervicia strength. 

netua a bondman [iiativus). 

nigra moneta copper money. 

nisas a fish- hawk. 

noa a marshy pasture. 

nobile a noble, 6s. 8rf. 

noca, nocata a nook o£ land, the 

quantity uncertain, in some 

phkces 12J acres. 
noctanter by night. 
noclare to be dark ; to spend the 

noclualim nightly, 

tiociurntim religious semce per> 1 

formed at night. 
noetimentum nuisance ; damage. 
nodare to decree. 
nodalas a button. 
jioka. See noca. 
nolo a small bell. 
nona none, from about 2 p.m. to 1 

Tesper. 1 

none: ninth part, paid to the 1 

church by church tenanta. 
nonagium ninth part of moveable 1 

goods paid at death to the 1 


a nunnery, 
nonaecla a non-auit. 
nonteniira nontenure. 
nolariiis a notary ; scrivener, 
notegeldum a. tax on cattle (?). 
novale newly tilled land. 
novitiits a novice. 
numeralia beads. 
tiJimeralor a teller. 
uummuta price; mimmata terra I 

is the same as denariata, 
mimmus a penny. 
nundinm a fair. 
nvnna a nun. 
liutriciaria a nursery. 

olbatm a jug full. 
obediencia any of&es i 

obedieiUialis, obedienliariua a 

feriorofficer inaconvent; an ^ 
advocate of a convent. 

obiculuni a chace at tennis. 

obitus funeral service, or onni- ] 
versaiy of death ; obit. 

oblata an ofiering; a gift; a j 

Cdossanj of Latin Words. 927 ^^| 

oUigatoriuM obligation ; bond. 

operatus chased. ^^H 

oholata half an acre, or half a 

opertia not lawed (of a dog). ^^| 


opertura lining. ^^H 

ololus a halfpenny. 

opirus sour; mouldy (of bread). ^^H 

ohrizus pure, of metals. 

oplondina uplands. ^^| 

ohiaculum a tribute. 

ora ore ; a Saxon coin worth \M. ^^H 

ohslupare to atop up. 

to ^H 

oi(«r«cto filling up; stopping up. 

orariiim a hem ; border. ^^H 

obventio offering ; tithe ; profit. 

orator an ambassador. ^^H 

occasio a tribute on a special 

ordalium ordeal. ^^H 

occasion ; a hindrance. 

ordinah ordinal. ^^| 

occasionamenhim molestation. 

ordiitarius an ordinary, "he who ^^H 

occasionare to moleat. 

hath the proper and regular ^^H 

occasionari to be Uable to some 

jw-iadiction, as of course and ^^H 

of common right." ^H 

ordinatiis in holy orders. ^^H 

special tribute ; to be hin- 
dered, vexed. 

occntio assart. See assartum. 

orditiium posterity. ^^H 

octava the eighth day after a 

ordolaiuni oideal. ^^^| 

feast, utaa. 

organa a pair of organs. ^^M 

oBularium visot of a helmet. 

oriolum portico ; gallery ; oriel. ^^| 

odorhequm hunting by scent. 

orttU-ns, ortillm a daw. ^^H 

ortolagium a garden plot. ^^H 

petty; executor. 

osceptrun a hawk. ^^^^ 

ofasium caudle. 

osculalorium a pax. ^^^| 

offertorium offerings ; piece of 

osiaginmcntum security. ^^| 

cloth in which the offerings 
or the chalice ia wrapped. 

oslagiare to give security or a ^^H 

hostage. ^^H 

oatagiiis a hostage. ^^| 

oatensio toll paid by tradesmen ^^H 

for leave to espose their ^^H 

officiulk one who exercises the 

jurisdiction of a bishop or 

officium trade. 

goods for sale ; a muster. ^^| 

offrum an offer. 

oitenlalus a muster. ^^H 

ofuama an enclosure. 

os/inri'«*anushor. Soehostiariiis. ^^^ 

o/ojfr;V»Hi entirely of silk jbawde- 

osiignrr to release on security. ^^H 


oslilium a gate ; entrance. ^^H 

ojnelia homily. 

oslarciis, osluruna goshawk. ^^H 

oitsti£ri:i: a, midwiEe. ^^H 

operahilia dies worting-day. 

ovem,u,.. Se^o/nama. H 

operaritis a tenant who did bodily 

overher-nUm contumacy. ^M 

work for his lord ; a clerk of 

oversamessa fine for neglecting to ^H 

the works. 

pursue malefactors. ^^^| 

operalio a day's work. 

oviale a sheepfold ; sheepwallc ^^^^| 



Glossary of Latin Words. 

pujgator collector oi puagiwm. 
paagium. See paasaginm, pava- 

pacabilis payable, passable. 

pacare to pay, 

paeatio paymBBt, 

paccug a pack, bale. 

paceri to be at peace, be dis- 

pmlnagium. See pannagium. 

paga payment. 

paga, payus a coimtry j a dis- 

pagdla a panel. 

pagela a page (servant). 

paiare to pay, 

paisa a way. See wagn. 

piiisso pannage, 

pakelhim a pack. 

pala a pale of wood ; a pale 
(heraldic) ; a baker's peel. 

palaciaium office oipalalor, 

palacium a palace ; a palisade. 

palafrcdus, pale/ridus a palfrey. 

paladnus a courtier. 

palator a paler, a forest officer. 

paletius a palet, a headpiece of 
cuir bouilli. 

palidum a paling. 

palistrum a paling. 

palta a canopy ; funeral pall ; 
altar cloth. 

pallagium a duty paid to lords 
for loading of unloading 
ships at their ports. 

palliare to cover. 

pallium the pall, a pontifical ves- 
ture ; altar cloth. 

palmarius a pilgrim, palmer. 

palmala, a bargain ; a, handful 
or handbreadth. 

palmula a rudder, an impl 

used in mixing malt. 
paltenerium a pautener, a parse. 1 
palteneriiii, pal ton 

pana a counterpaoe. 
panarius a plaoe in 

vhero bread was distributee 

to the poor. 
panattts fortified with piles (?). 
pandoxare to brew, or sell bei 
pandaralor a brewer. 
ptiiidoxatorium a brewhouse, 
panduca a bagpipe. 
panelta, panellmn a panel ; a 

pandlare to empanel. 

panelhis a panel. 

panerius a panier, a lTead«| 

pane tar ia a pantry, 
panelariua, paiietrarius a pantler, I 

or panter. 
panelria a pantry. 
paniciua a baker. 
panna squared timber. 
punnagiare to pay pannage. 
pannagiiim pannage ; mast ; pay- J 

nient or licence for feeding; 1 

swine in a forest. 
pannarius a clothier. 
pannucia party-cloth, cloth oi,. 1 

divers ooloura. f 

pannua cloth ; a weaver's spites 1 

or spool. 
paonaclus purple. 
papa a pope, 

papalum pap, child's food. 
papalus popedom ; papacy. 
papilio a tent, pavilion. 
papilonariui a tentmaker. 
papirium a record room; register. I 
par pair; peer. 
par civilalis a, citizen ; freeman. . 

paTagiiim, paraticum equality of 
condition or property ; a, 
tenure betweeu parceners. 

paramentum equipmeut ; oraa- 

paraphernalia furaiture, clothes, 
&c., whicli a ■widow may 
daim in addition to her 
dower or jointure. 

parapkus a paragraph. 

parasceiie Good Priday ; any 

paraalica the step of a mast. 

parcamiriarius a seller of parch- 

parcarius a parker ; a piuder , a 

parcella a peircel (of land), 

pareellare to parael out. 

^nrcenoriKa a joint holder of land; 

puTcopoUex a ehoe-horn. 

parens a park; a pound. 

pardnnare to pardon. 

pardonatio pardon. 

pargtthim a parclose. 

pariagivm, parialio grant of por- 
tion of lands to lord or king 
in return for protection. 

pnrio a pirate ship. 

partus lapis freestone. 

parhmentum parliament. 

parlalorium a parlour ; audience 

^iij-Hi/'H/(T/-/ris a tailor; afripperer. 

parachia a diocese; tt parish. 

parochiamin a parishioner; a 
psrish priest, 

par terra a plot of ground. 

partica a perch. 

parlicirlarilfr by retail. 

parlionariui a partner. 

parura apparel; omhroidery oa 

an alb, amice, or altar 

frontal, &c. 
parvisa, parvisium, parvisus a 

church porch ; a chamber 

over it. (Paradisus.) 
parvisire aa exercise for law 

Btudente ; a moot. 
parvisium. See parvisa. 
pasaiariua a ferryman. 
pascere to feed, is used of men as 

well aa beasts. 
Pascha Easter. 

Pascha Fioridum Palm Sunday. 
pascua a meadow ; pasture. 
piiacuagiiim pasturage. 
pmiiniflum pannage. 
passagium passage over water, 

ferry; payment for passage ; 

pftj-ment by military tenants 

in lieu of serving abroad. 
passare to pass ; to cause to pass. 
passariiis a ferryman. 
passator the owner of a ferry, 

passiagiariuf a ferryman. 
passiator. See passaioi: 
pasius portion of a book or 

poem, "fytte"; amountain 

pasta dough ; pastry. 

paaiea pastry. 

paslellarius a pieman, 

pasfellum woad. 

pastictum a field for pasture. 

pastilliis a pie. 

pastuin paiite ; dough. 

pasturn pasture. 

paslurare to depasture, 

pastas provisions which a tenant 

is bound to supply to his 

palella a pan ; a tool used iu 


p^v/a^ 0-Kii , 5l- * h'^^«'^»<.--*<^Jf,^ ^U^JUu^) 


Glossary of Latin Words. 


patena a paten. 

patenarius an acolyte. 

pathnagium pannage. 

paticiiim an allowance. 

patriaster a stepfather. 

patrina a godmother. 

patrinus a godfather. 

paunagium pannage. 

pausa a barrel. 

paiisatio repose. 

pavagium pavage; payment for 

paving the roads. 
pavare to pave. 

pavesium pavice, a large shield. 

paviare to pave. 

paviator a paviour, 

pavilio a tent. 

pavire to pave. 

paxillum a stafP ; a landmark. 

pecia a piece or small quantity. 

pectorale a breastplate ; an orna- 
ment worn by a bishop ; a 
horse's poitrel. 

pecuarius a grazier. 

pedagium pedage ; toll paid by 
travellers, esp. through 

pedale a footcloth; a duty ex- 
acted at Bordeaux. 

pedalis pons a footbridge. 

pedatus having a foot. 

pedellum a pightell or picle (?). 
See pictellum, 

pedica a fetter ; a trap for catching 
wolves ; a calthrop. 

pedicator a trapper. ^ 

pedicru pedigree. 

pedis pulveris, or pulverisati, curia 
Piepowder Court. 

pedo a foot soldier. 

peisa a wey. See waga. 

ji>«/aapeel,acastle; abaker'speel. 

peletarius a pelterer. 

pelf are to pilfer. 

pelfra booty ; pelf. 

pella a booth ; a shop. 
pellagium duty on hides. 
pellefridus a palfrey. 

pelletria fur ; the wardrobe of 
furs in the royal house- 
hold ; the trade of peltry. 

pellica a baker's peel. 

pellicia a pilch ; a fur gown. 

pelliparius a pelterer. 

pelliris a palet, a headpiece of 

cuir bouilli, 
pellus a shovel ; peel. 

pelota^ pellota a ball ; the ball of 

the foot. 
pelum. See pela, 

pendicia appurtenances. 

pendicula a plumb-line. 

pendulus a pendant jewel. 

penerarius an ensign-bearer. 

penitentiaria penitentiary ship. 

penitimus inmost. 

penitior inner. 

pennarium a penner. 

pennum a pennon. 

pensa a wey. See waga, 

pentecostalia Whitsuntide offer- 
ings, or a payment in lieu 
of them. 

Pentecoste Whit Sunday. 

penticium a pentice or penthouse. 

penula a hood. 

per a a purse. 

peracula a little bag or purse. 

peramhulatio survey; a walk in 
a forest (?). 

perca a perch of land. 

percaminarius a seller of parch- 

percaptura stakes set in a river 
for catching fish. 

percata a perch. 

perdo7ia pardon ; discharge ; re- 

perdonare to pardon. 

Glossary of Laiin Words. 

taking partridges, 
peregrinalio a pilgrimage. 
peregrinus a pilgrim. 
perendiaare to delay ; to redouble. 
performare to perform. 
pergamena parchment. 
pergulum a lodge, 
peribolus a wait, pathway. 
periduta a peridot, a gem. 
periermenim interpretation (we^j 

perillum part of the machinery 
of a mill. 



pormcniarius. Sob parmenltirius. 

perpacare to pay in full. 

perperus a Byzantine coin, worth 
half or B quarter of a mark. 

perplacitare to decide. 

perpitnclum a doublet, 

perquirere to purchase ; to ac- 
quire otherwise thau by in- 

perquisUio purchase. 

perquisitor a purchaser. 

perquisitum purchase ; perqui- 
site; profit. 

perseeus, perseus peach-coloured. 

persona a person ; a parson or rec- 

persona impersona/n parson im- 
parsonee, a lawful incum- 
bent in actual possession. 

personabilis able to maintain a 

personagium parsonage ; bene- 

personalns ofEice of a parson ; 

pertlca a perch of land ; a cross- 

perlicalu a percher candle, placed 
on a ciossbeam. 

perticaia the quarter of an acre ; 

perticuliis a staff, a bat, 

pertinentia appurtenance. 

pertizona distribution of alms (?). 

perula a pearl. 

pervisum. See parvisiis. 

pesa. Seepensa. 

pesagium pesage, custom paid 
on weighing goods. 

pesarius a weigher. 

pcsor a weigher, an Exchequer 

pessagiiim pesage, toll taken for 
weighing goods. 

pesso, pessona mast. 

pessularia a stockade. 

peta peat. 

petagiwm. See pedagium. 

pe/alum a paring stone. 

^fi(tVori'a?n a claim, a writ of right. 

pelra a stone weight. 

pelmria a stone quarry ; an en- 
gine to cast stones. 

peytvplhim a poitrel. 

phalesia a eliS on the sea-shore. 

phanus a banner (?). 

phelipariua a fripperer. 

phelipparius, philipparmi a frip- 

phila a file. 

philaternum, pkilaterium a phy- 
lactery ; an amulet ; a reli- 
quary, worn suspended 
itma. the neck. 

pica an index, pyebook ; rules 
for saying divine service ; a 

picagium, piccagium payment to 
the owner of the soil for 
breaking ground to erect 
booths, &c. 

picemim a pickaxe. 

pichajsiiim, pieojsum, a pickaxe 

piciavlarius a, cobbler. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 

piclirlliim a pightell, or picle, a 
small piece of land, enoloBod 
with a hedge. 

picnla pickle. 

pietantia a pittance, an addition 
to the tisual food. 

pielantiarim pittancer, an officer 
in coUegiate churches or 
convents who distributes 
the pittance, 

ptgMellum. See picUUwni. 

pikcrellus a pickerel, small pike. 

pila 0, pile (heraldic) ; the reverso 
of a coin. 

pitare to drive piles, 

pilaliia a blunt arrow, bolt, or 

pilettus an arrow with a knob at 
the head. 

pillare to plunder. 

pillaria plunder ; devastation. 

pillorivm, piloria, pilarium a pil- 

pilum cloth. 

piim a stake. 

pinaculum a pinnacle. 

pinca a jug ; a bodkin. 

pincella a pencil. 

pinirerna a butler ; cupbearer. 

pincernaria buttery ; office of 

pincernarius an ofBcer of the 

pinnare to notch ; to cut niches. 

pitisis a mocking ^ 

pipa the great or pipe roll of the 

Exchequer ; a pipe i 

two hogsheads. 
piperariua a pepperor. 
pireiiim perry. 
pirilegium curfow. 
pisa a wey. See v;aga. 
pUearia fishery. 
pUcmarius a fishiuonger. 

piatare, pistrinare to bake. 

piianceria place where pittance a J 
distributed, or office whe 
pittancer does his work. 

pitancia,pitancium. Beepielanlta, I 

placea a place ; plot of ground. 

placitare to plead. 

placitatio pleading, 

placitator a pleader. 

phcitum plea ; obligation to at- 
tend courts. 

placium a piece of fiat ground. 

placiiis a plaice. 

planca, planchia a plank; a | 
measure of land. 

planchagium, plaiichicititn plank- 
ing; camp-aheatiiing. 

planctura planking. 

plane ta a chasuble. 

planicies a field (heraldic). 

plannla staunchegreyne, a pre-" 
paration like pounce, used ' 

plaalrare, plastriare to plaster. 

plastrum plaster. 

plata a flat piece of unwrought 

metal, ingot. 
plauslrala a wagon-load. 
plehan'ta a church having sub- ' 

ordinate chapels ; a parish. 
plehanus (adj.) parish. 
plehanus a rural dean. 
plecta a plait. 
plcgayium, plegiagiiim, phyialio 

suretyship; pledgery. j 

plegium, plegiua a pledge ; surety. 
plcvina replevin ; bail ; surety. I 
plumerua a plover. 
pluscula, plusttda a buckle. 
poderis an alb, a Hnen vestment 

worn under the chasuble. 
podium anything to lean on ; t 

staS ; part of the seat in a 

choir stall. 

potlorix. See poderis. 

pwnaciua purple. 

poketla a pocket. 

pola a perch or pole ; a bank ; a 

poletarhis a poulterer. 

poletria poultry. 

polimitariui a stainer. 

polilrudinare to boult flour. 

poUardus a pollard, bad money, 
used in the 13th century. 

poller ia poultry, 

polus an axle. 

pomaciam apple- moss, a diah 
made of stewed apples. 

pomelum a pommel. 

ponttatfium poundage. 

ponderare to weigh, 

ponder alio pesage. 

ponderalor a peaour, weigher, an 
o£Boer in the Exchequer. 

pondus a pound, pinfold. 

ponlayium tax for repairs of a 
bridge ; toll taken on a 

pontariua a bridgemakor or 
bridge keeper. 

pontifex a bishop ; pope. 

ponlificalia episcopal vestments, 

ponlificalibua, in under stole. 

poHliJicaius bishopric ; popedom. 

porcarius a swineherd. 

porcellalus born {of pigs). 

porchetlua a porker, little pig, 
^H porpecia, porpes a porpoise. 

^H portagium toll taken at a gate ; 

^H porterage ; wear and tear. 

^H porlamenlum behaviour. 

^B porlaria the office of porter. 

^1 porlarius, porlalor a. porter. 

^B portaltis carriage. 

^H porlgreviua a portreeve. 
^^1 porticulits a. truncheon. 
^^ft porliforium a breviary. 

porlimolus. See porlmola. 
porlionarius a joint holder of a 

porlmola a portmoto, a court held 

in towns. 
posilio an impost ; a tas, 
posla station ; post, 
pos Idisseisin a postdisseisin. 
posUrgare to leave behind, to 

posUrula, poslicum poatem gate. 
potagium pottage ; tax on drink. 
polellus a pottle, two quarts. 
poleria pottery. 
poleslas Hng, chief ruler, or 

policarius. For apolkecarivs. 
potianare to poison. 
poltariua a potter. 
polura pasture ; drink. 
poudraliis powdered ; salted. 
poulura. See polura. 
practizare to practise. 
prcebenda a prebend ; provender. 
proihendarius a prebendary. 
pracepior an officer of the Icnighta 

of the Temple. 
preeceplorja the benefice assigned 

to the office of prraceptor. 
prmcluis famous. 
priEconsa some vestment. 
prteconlestia a previous fellow- 

prwfeclus a. mayor, 
prepfermUia preference ; right of 

receiving firatfruits. 
jiraferremeiilum prerogative ; 

prahila an abbess. 
preelalla ecclesiastical dignity. 
pralotiin a magistrate j a bishop ; 

an abbot. 
pralibare to mention before. 

Glossart/ of Latin Words. 

prespotilitra & reevBBhip, con- 
Btableship ; district under 
the jurisdiction of such, nn 

prapoeituso, -pTQ-vo&t; a constable 
or reeve ; a warden (of a 

prarogativa prerogative. 

pneaentare to present. 

prteseatia a present. 

prcesentialiter immediately ; in 
ptesenee of ; as a gift. 

praalitum advance of money. 

^r(Bs«/ohief i abishop; an abbot; 
a judge. 

prmnulalas bishopric ; abbacy. 

precaria a request by a lord to 
his tenant for aid or tax ; a 
day's work which a tenant 
is bound to do, boonday, 

precentai-ia precentorship. 

precentor precentor, chanter. 

precipitaria a battering ram. 

precis. See precaria. 

precula a rosary. 

presbyter a priest. 

presbyleragiuin the incomo of a 
pariah priest. 

preshyterattis priesthood. 

preshyterium priesthood; pres- 
bytery ; the choir of a 

presentum a present, gift. 

princeps a prince. 

priitcipalium an heirloom ; a 

principalits principality. 

prindpissa a princess. 

prior a monastic officer, nest to 
the abbot, 

priiiraliis a priory. 

priorissa a prioress. 

prisa a prize ; booty ; a fine ; 

prisagium share of prizes ; pris- 
age, duty on wine and pro- 

prisalia reprisals. 

priso a prisoner of war ; a prison. 

priaona a prison. 

priaonarius a prisoner, 

privatus privy. 

prohntor an accuser ; approver. 

prohatum a sheep. 

probi homines good men, an 
elected body of cilizena 
forming a common council. 

proeeres ornamental heads of 
beams on house fronts. 

processionale a book containing 
directions for and music to 
be used in processions, the 
service for gangdays, lita- 
nies, or intercessions. 

proclamator a crier ; in Court of 
Common Pleas, prodamator. 

proconsul a justice in eyre. 

procu ratio procuration, a sum 
paid to bishop or arch* 
deacon at visitations ; proxy. 

procurator a proctor. 

procuratorium procuratory ; a 

proditio treason. 

proditionaliter treasonably. 

pro/eclua, proficuum profit. 

profrum profer ; time appointed 
for officers to make their 

pronttorium. abuttery; storehouse. " 

propalare to publish. 

propars, propartia pourparty. 

proportare to purpoi-t ; to show. 

proporttttio verdict ; declaration. 

proportionahiiiter proportionally. 

proportionare to divide. 

proportum purport. 

propriarc to claim ; to appro- 
priate; to make fit for use; 
to grind (of tools). 

Glossary of Latin Words. 

prorelka master of a ship. 
prosecutor o. proaeoTitor ; a pur- 

prostrare to throw down. 
protraettira drawing a picture 

before colouring. 
protoHotariue, protonolator a pro- 

provisor a purveyor, 
puctura. See putura. 
puellagium. See puUagmm, 
pugnala a handful, 
piilcinus a chicken. 
puletarium a poultry yard. 
puletarius,pulletariua a poulterer. 
pullagium tax or rent paid in 

puUanus a foal. 
pullarius officer of the royal 

household in charge of the 

pulletria poultry. 
pullus, puUioliis B. young horse. 
pulsar e to accuae. 
puUrella a filly. 
pulveris, puli:erisatx pedis, curia 

Oourt of Piepowder. 
pundfalda, pvnfauda a poundj a 

pundo a pinder. 
puniata a handful. 
punieare to paint red. 
purare to clear (ground). 
pitrcacAium illegitimacy . 
purporlare to extend. 
purportum purport. 
purprestura pourpreature, en- 

purprisa, purprisum an encloaure, 
pitrpuncltu a doublet. (Fr. pour- 

putagiiim fornication. 
putura food for cattle, &c. ; food 

for men, horses, andhoundB, 

exacted by officers of a 

forest from the inhabitants. 

quaccum cream. 

quachetus a sort of bread uaed in 

quadra a ec[uare loaf ; a quarter 
of a loaf. 


quadragesimalia Easter offerings ; 
or a rate paid in their stead. 

qtiadrans a farthing. 

giiadranlala the quarter of an 
acre, a farthingdeal. 

quadrellus a quarel, a square - 
headed arrow. 

quresta an. indulgence ; a tax. 

quiEstabilis taxable. 

quieslionarius collector of alma ; 
seller of indulgences. 

qurestus acquired by purchase, 

qvarellus. See quadrellus. 

quarenienm quarentine, a space 
of 40 days ; Lent ; a fur- 
long, i.e., 

quarrera, quarreria a stoiie 

quarreritia a stonecutter, 

quarta a quart, 

qiiarliile a quart. 

quartarium a quarter of com. 

quartarius terra eight acres, 

quartenaritts suffering from quar- 
tan ague. 

quarteragiiim quarterage, quar- 
terly payment. 

quarterisare to cut into four 

quarterizatlo quartering, part of 
the punishment of treason. 

qunrUronits a quarter of a 

quartas a quart. 

of 40 

Glossary of Latin Words. 

quassare to Bnnul, quash. 
quamillarius a pedler. 
quaternio, quaternvm a folded 

qualerno, in 

.p (Fr. cMer); 

in quarto, 
in quarto. 
■ to quadruple, 
a peddler. 

quentesia device. 

querela party ; faction ; fine. 

guerraria a quarry. 

querulare to complain. 

questa an inquest or inquisition. 

guiela clamalio a quitdaim. 

quietantia acquittance ; abandoa- 

ment ; immunity. 
quietare to quit, to acquit. 
quiet alio exemption, discharge, 

quisle, quietivm clamare to quit 

daim, renounce. 
quietus freed, acquitted, quit. 
guindena a quinzaine, fifteen 

guinla/e, quinlallits a weight used 



quinleiM the game called quin- 

quintema a cittern. 

guirea the hounds' reTfard at the 

death of a sfag. (Fr. curee.) 
quirinitrium a quintain. 
quilancia acquittance ; discharge. 
quittacio acquittance; quittance. 
quillare to acquit ; remit. 
quota a share ; a tax to he levied 

quota litis a bribe received by a 

quotitre to divide into chapters ; 

to repeat. 
quolator a chronicler. 


rachaplare, racketarc to r 
rachalum, racket um compensa- ' 

radiattta rayed, of ray, Btripad. 
ragana a ray or a skate. 
raglorium jurisdiction of a rag- 

raglorhis, raglotiis a steward, 

(Welsh, rhaglaw.) 
ralla a rail; a cloth. 
ramilla, ramilia twiga. 
rangeator a ranger. 
rapa, rapus a rape, a division of 

a county. 

corn ; land requiring a rase 
of seed. 
ramre to scrape, rase. 

rastillare to rate. 

raslillum a rake. 

raUrare to rake. 

rasvras a razor. 

rata agreement ; share ; rate. 

ralijicare to ratify, confirm. 

ratijicatio ratification. 

ratihabere to confirm. 

rationale a peculiar form of the 

pontifical pallium. 
ritto a rat. 
ratula a landrail. 
ralus a rat. 
raubaria robbery. 
ragus a ray fish. 
reafforestare to make land into a 

forest after it has been dis- 

reattachiamenliim a reattachment 

of one who has been dia^ 

missed the court. 
rehroccator a cobbler. 
recaptio taking a second diHtress. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 

reeatum relief. 

receptametiium receiving ; enter- 

receptare, recettare to harbour ; 

reehaciare to drive out ; to eepa- 
Tttte gold or silver from the 

recidiva retribution. 

Teeiditare to fall back. 

reeitare to revoke. 

reclusagium, reclusorium a cell. 

reclulare to reglue {reghitinare). 

recognitio acknowledgment ; re- 
cognizance ; recognition. 

recognitor one who entera into a 
recognizance ; a juror im- 
panelled on au assize ; re- 

recognnscere to acknowledge ; to 
take cognizance of. 

recompensare to repay, racom- 

recordalof a recorder. 

recordum a, record ; memorial. 

reereajitha recreancy. 

recta right ; jurisdiction. 

rectare to cite, accuse. 

rector the rector of a parish, or 

recloria a rectory ; a rector's 

recuperare (aubst.) recovery. 
recuperatio a recovery. 
recusum rescue, 

reddare to clean, scour (a river). 
reddilarium a rental. 
redditarius a renter. 
redditualis rent (adj.). 
redditus lent. 
redUavinina redisseisin. 
reditus, ^c. See redditm. 

refars to rob, ( 

rejectorarivs a caterer. 

refectorium a refectory ; dining- 

refeoffare to enfeoff again. 

re/erendarius an officer who ex- 
hibits petitions to the king. 

refletum an osier bed. 

re/ollum, refuUiiin the outlet of a 
pond ; au overflow. 

refutatio quittance, receipt. 

regale, regalia royalty ; the tem- 
poral rights of a bishop. 

regalitas royalty. 

regardare, regardere to csamine, 
inspect, regard. 

regardalor the regarder of a 

regardum the regard, or inspec- 
tion of a forest; the extent 
of the regarder'a charge j 
the impost levied by him ; a 

regestum a register. 

registrarius a registrar. 

regislrttm a register. 

regralarta Bale by retail. 

regratariux, regrator one who 
buys to resell iix the same 
market, a regrator. 

regiuirdum. See regardum. 

regulars to rulo ; to rule lines. 

regulare an instrument used in 
the mint. 

regiilaris belonging to a monastic 

regains a prince ; an earl. 

rehahilitaiio restoration to former 

reintrare to re-enter. 

reinfratio re-entry. 

rejunctio rejoinder. 

relaxare to release. 

rclaxatio a release. 


rehvamen, reln-alw, rchvivm re- 
lief, a payment to the lord 
by a feudal tenant on enter- 
ing his fief. 

remanentia remainder. 

remaniUa vaccarvm oovdimg (?). 

rememhrancia remembrance. 

rememorator a remembrancer. 

reiigum a rank ; row. 
rentale a rental; a rent-roll. 
Ten tarius a renter, a tenant paying 

repariiim a fortified place ; a 
harbour (for deer) ; repair, 
I. e. recourse, yisit. 

repassagiam return. 

yepassare to return. 

repastum repast, meal. 

repair iare to letum to one's 

fepausare to noimsh ; to be still, 
to repose ; to make still. 

repellare to repeal. 

repellum repeal. 

reperivm. See reparivm. 

replacitare to plead wiat -vaa 
pleaded before. 

replegiahilu repleyisable, bail- 

replegiamenlum replevin. 

replegiare to redeem by giving 
surety ; to replevy. 

reporlare to report. 

reporlus report. 

reprisa deduction. 

reprisale talcing one thing ia 
satisfaction for another, re- 

■tragm. feee arreragta. 

! to replace in possession. { 
1 recovery ■ rescue ; attack. | 

rescusms rescue, 

reseisire to retake lands into tha 

king's hand ; to replace in 

reuantia residence. 

reaorlire to be in the jurisdiction 

resortum the jurisdiDtioa. of a 

court ; return. 
respecla, re»pectus respite. 
respiciens reguardant (heraldic). 
responsalis one who ansvrers for 

another in court. 
reslauramenlum restocking. 
reslaurare to repair, restore, re- 

resiaurus reparation ; store. 

resummonire to summon again. 

resummonitio resummons. 

retallia, relallium retail. 

retare. See rectare. 

retenementutn withholding. 

retenito, retinentia retinue. 

reiirare to retire. 

retondariua a clipper of coin. 

retorna return of writs, &c. 

retomare to return. 

reiornus profit ; return. 

re(?'ocom(Va(«srier- county, a place 
appointed by the sheriff for 
receipt of the ting's money, 
after the close of the county 

retrovenda a sum paid on pur- 
chasing an estate in addi- 
tion to the price. 

relta. See recia. 

relurtia, Sfc. See retorna, ^'c. 

reugia a measure of land. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 

revella, revellt 


reveatiariwm vestry ; aacriaty. 

rewardum. See regardant. 

rewennio rennet. 

ribaldus b. light-armed soldier ; 

a rogue, vagrant, 
ribinare to bank up (?). 
ridare to clean. 
ridel/us a curtain. 
ridare to take away ty force ; 

rijlelum au osier bed. 
ri^Hj-a plunder. Seeal8orw_^(;ro. 
riff a a ridge. 

riiiga a soldier's belt. 

ringeldus, ringildus a bailiff. 

(Welsh rhingyll.) 
riagildria office of ringildus. 
riola a riot. 
rioiosus riotous. 
riolliint a riot. 
riparia water flowing between 

riparius one who conveys fish 

from the coast to inland 

( rhyme. 
vaguan toU taken on rivera for 

the passage of boats. 
'varia a river bank. 
veare, riviare to have the right 

of fiabing and fowhng on a 

rivola a stream, rivulet. 

roba a robe. 
roharia robbery. 
robator, roherator a robber. 
roheria robbery. 

rohlgalia rogation week. 
raborare to confirm. 
rocca a sp innin g rock, or distaff. 
rockftium a rochet, a frock of 
white lawn with tight sleeves. 
rochia, rochus a roach. 
rocus a rook at chess. 
roda a perch, IGJfeet; a rood, 

a quarter of an acre. 
rodata a quarter of an acre. 
rogalorium almonry. 
rogaioriiis a beggar; an almoner. 
rogus a pile of wood ; a rogue. 
rolla a roll. 
roUare to enrol. 

romipeta one who has appealed 

unto Eome. 
roncalU, roncaria. See rtincalia. 
ropa a rape, a division of a county, 
roaa, rosariushaA money so called. 
rose) a auca a apecies of wild 

raselum a rushy place ; thatch. 

rotabulum tt firefork. 
rolagiiim wheelage, toll On 

wheeled vehicles. 
rolariue a soldier ; a robber ; a 

roiula a roll. 

rotiilare to turn round ; to enrol. 
rotuliirius a notary ; a secretaiy. 
rolulus a roll. 
roiila, routum a rout; unlawful 

rubbosa rubbiah. 
rubea, rubethta a ruby. 
rubrica rubric. 
rubrlcella little rubric. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

rufflura a scratch.. 
minus ruinous. 
rumigerulus bearer of tidings. 
rumphea a dart. 

runcalisy runcaria land overgrown 
with, brambles, &c. 

runcilusy runcinus a draught- 
horse, or pack-horse. 

runsus. See runcilus. 

ruptarius a husbandman ; merce- 
nary soldier ; a robber. 

ruptura arable land. 

rusca a tub ; a hive. 

ruscatia a place where broom 

ruscum filth. 

russetus russet. 

ruta. See routa, rutta, 

rutta a troop. 


sahaia small beer. 

sahhatarius a Jew. 

sahhatis dies Saturday, 

scbbhatum sometimes means peace. 

sahelinus (adj.) of sable fur. 

sahelum a sable. 

sahlona sand. 

sahlonare to strew with sand. 

sahracia sabras, a mixture used 
in dressing parchment. 

sahulonarium a gravel pit ; liberty 

to dig gravel, and money 

paid for the same. 
saca sac, a lord's right of holding 

a court for pleas of trespass 

among his tenants. 
saccare to pack. 
saccha. See saca. 
saccinus wearing sackcloth ; a 

sacculus a satchel ; a hood. 
saccus a sack ; cloak. 

sacrista a sexton, sacristan. 

sacristaria a sextry. 

scecularis not belonging to a mo- 
nastic order. 
saennay sagena a seine ; fishery. 

sagemannus. See sagiharo, 

sagibaro an elder, a judge. 

sagimen fat, lard. 

sagittay sagittaria a small swift 

sagmen fat, lard. 

sagum say, woollen cloth. 

saio a tipstaff. 

saisio season. 

saisire, Sfc, See seisire, 

sala a hall. 

salariare to ebb. 

salarium a saltcellar. 

salcia a sausage. 

salina a salt pit ; tax on salt. 

salitus salted. 

salma a seam of corn, 8 bushels. 

salsarittj salseria a salt pit ; the 

saucery, an office in the royal 

salsarium a saltcellar, a saucer ; 

a measure of dry goods. 
salsariiis the officer in charge of 

the saucery. 
salsatioy salsatum salting. 
salsea sauce. 
salsutia a sausage. 

saltatoriunty saltorium a deer leap ; 
a stirrup. 

salutitty salutium a French gold 
coin of the 15 th century, with 
the Annunciation or Saluta- 
tion thereon, worth 25*. ; 
coined also by Henry Y . and 
Henry YI. 

salvagardia safeguard, safe keep- 
salvagium salvage. 

salvagius wild, savage. 

salvistrum saltpetre. 

Ghssanj of Latin Words. 941 ^H 

samba a cittern. 

scaccarium a chessboard ; the ^^^| 

exchequer. ^^H 

sanctuarium eanctuary j conse- 

icacci chessmen. ^^H 

crated ground. 

scaccificare to play cheSB. ^^^| 

taoffuinariug a tloodhound. 

smchia the body of a tally. ^^^H 

iirnno deriaion. 

acalariam a staircase. ^^^H 

laponarivs a. soap maker. 

scaldria a scalding house. ^^^| 

sappus sap ; moisture. 

icalinga a slate quarry. ^^^| 

scamhium, tcambum. See escam- ^^H 

monks, who belong to no 



aeamnarium a banker, a carpet or ^^H 

sarabara a kind of cap ; coarse 

cloth to corer a bench. ^^^| 

aarclaie, aarculare to weed, to hoe. 

scandalum prejudicial report ; ^^^| 
scandal. ^^^| 

larciila/ura a day's work at weed- 

scanffium. See escambitim, ^^^| 


scansillum a stile. ^^^^| 

sargens. See aerviens. 

scantiUo a piece ; a sample. ^^H 

mrgia aei^e ; a mat. 
aarkellus an engine for catching 

icaphalda a scaffold. ^^^| 
scara tmderwood. ^^H 

aarplare a sarpler of wool, half a 

acaria, gcara a body of troops. ^^^| 


scarioballutn cog of a mill. ^^^| 

sarjjlerium. See sarplare. 

scarlaleus, acarlalus, icarletus ^^^M 

iarraior a eawyer. 

scarlet. ^^^| 

Maritttecluni, thatch. 

scnri-a a. share. ^^^| 

lurloe a tailor. 

acarta a measure of com. ^^H 

jar/orium a tailor's shop ; a room 

acalera a creek. ^^^| 

in a monastery where the 

acavagmin scavage or schewage, ^^^| 

clothes were made. 

toU exacted from merchants ^^^| 

sartrinum. See »artortum. 

for goods exposed for sole, ^^H 

tar turn woodland brought into 

or paid when imported goods ^^^| 

cultivation. See assartum. 

are shown at the CuEtom- ^^^| 

taiiare to impound. 


tatifiari to ratify. 

acavaldai a collector of scavage. ^^^| 

acaicanga. See tcacaglum. ^^^| 

taileria a salthouae, saltery. 

icenerium a. courtyard {?). ^H 

talorium a seedlip, or basket used 

Mceppa a skep. See eseeppa. ^^^| 

in sowing. 
mirinum a bakehouse. 

sceurum a granary; a repository. ^^^| 

schaffa a sheaf. ^^^H 


scharaldiia. See scavaldm. ^^^H 

snHr,« a hawk of a year old. 

sehilla a small bell. ^^^H 

schillingitt a shilling. ^^^| 

icabiniu the wardens of the town 

iehirn a shire ; shire court ; pay- ^^H 

of Lynne are so called. (Fr. 

ment for esemption from ^^H 


attending thereat. ^H 


243 Glossary of Latin Words. ^^^^^^H 

ackopa a shop. 

aculifer, icutiger an esquire. ^^H 

scilicet to wit. 

scutum a shield ; the coin called ^^| 

tcindallum cendal. 

a crown; a coat-of-amiB. ^H 

sci/ria. See achira. ^^H 

aeindula shingle for roofing; 

seca a saw. ^^| 

lath; a blade. 

secernicuhim a portcullia. ^^| 

tcieimus a fur; gris. 

sechillo thorns (?). ^^| 

icissor a tailor. 

secretariua a. secretary, saoriBtan. ^^H 

scilus site. See silus. 

aecta suit, in all senses. ^^H 

sclopelarius a muaketeer. 

scctars to sue. ^^H 

aectator aa executioner ; a suitor. ^^H 

aeevndririus a secondary, eecood ^^H 

sconcka, scoma a sconce. 

clerk of the sheriff. ^H 

SQOjieta a. gun. 

securantia assurance. ^^| 

scorcium. bark. 

necurnre, aecurlare to warrant ; to ^^M 

xcoria drosa ; a score. 

acota Bcot ; tai. 

securatio surety ; security. ^^H 

icotalla, tcolallum an alehouse 

aedula a schedule. ^^H 

kept by a forest officer; a 

seillo a strip of land ; a furrow. ^^| 

contribution ; a. feast pro- 

vided by contribution. 
Koita. See scota. 
acollarc to pay Boot, 
scoltvm. Bee scota. 

seisina seisin, possession. ^^| 
aeisinare to put in possession. ^^H 
seisirt to take possession. ^^M 

scrineum a screen. 

aelda a shop, stall, shed ; a willow ^^M 

Bcrimalis a scrivener. 

wood ; a salt pit. ^^H 

scriniurn a shrine. 

selio a butt of land, an uncertain ^^H 

scriva bile papervm writi n g pap er . 

quantity ; a strip in the open ^^H 

scrofa B. sow ; a machiEe for dig- 
ging at the base of the wafla 


sellarius a saddler. ^^^| 

of a fortress. 

semitorius a seedlip (basket). ^^^| 

scrutator an examiner. 

semotitn separately. ^^^H 

scTutinium search ; examination. 
scrullanda land assigned for pro- 
viding clothes. 

aempeciie senior monks, of fifty ^^H 
years' standing, in the Bene- ^^^| 
dictine order. ^^^| 

acurare to scour. 
lEUrelbis a flqutrrel. 

aemus imperfect ; mutilated. ^^H 

acurgia a whip (?). 

eenagium money paid for syno- ^^| 

dais. ^H 

seneacalcia, senescahUa steward- ^^| 

ship. ^H 

temscalltta a steward. ^^| 

aeutagium a tax paid in lieu of 
military service by those who 

held laads by knight- service. 
*«t;e;/a a scuttle; basket. 

icatellariua, scvtillarius, scutu- 

senescaria stewardship. ^^H 

lariua a aoullion (P). 

seneucia widowhood. ^^M 


Glossary of L din Words. 243^H 

senevectorium wheelbarrow, mud 

aezkindeiii men whose wergyld ^^H 

cart {cemvectorium). 

was 600«. ^H 

aenglariiit a, wild boar. 

seylo. See adio. ^H 

sententiare to sentence, condemn. 

seijsire. See aeisire. ^^H 

seolda a sbop, a etall. 

ahava ahi a chive of garhe. ^^| 

seosinahilis seasonable. 

shelfa a bank where muaaola are ^^| 

sepo. See eepa. 

foimd. ^^H 

teparale, seperaria, A«^aria several. 

skippare to ship. ^^H 

seplassarius a mercliBiit ; a 

akira a shire. ^^H 


shopa a shop. ^^H 

»eptimana a weet. 

ahotea a workman of some kind. ^^| 

leptimanarius taking weekly 

skoula a schuyt or scout, a ^^H 
Dutch hshing boat. ^^H 

turns of duty {Aebdoma- 
sepullura burial fee. 

aica a ditch, farrow. ^^H 

sepum tallow. 

sequela result ; suit j retinue ; 
issue of a tiativvs, or bond- 

aichelwn alittle stream of water; ^^H 
a piece of meadow. ^^H 

siclus a coin worth a shilling ; a ^^H 
shekel. ^H 

aequcstrare to sequester; to re- 

aigalia, sigalum rye. ^^M 


sigillare to seal. ^^H 

gequestrum aequeatration. 

aigiilai-lua keeper of a seal ; chan- ^H 

seratura a bolt or lock ; lock- 

cellor. ^^H 

smith's trade. 

sigiUum a seal. ^H 

serchia search ; hue and cry. 

aigla a sail. ^^H 

serganleria serjeanly. 

aighre to sail. ^H 
aiglalitra a day's sail. ^^H 

sertere to settle. 

sei-ifaber a locksmith. 

aignetitm a signet. ^^H 

scrioUas in order. 

aignum the sign of the cross. ^^| 

aerjantia, aerjeantia serjeanty. 

aika sike (Yorks.). ^H 

serplera a sarpler of wool, half a 


aikeltua. See siehetwn. ^^H 

sila a sill ; a ditch. ^^| 

sm-ura a bolt, a lock. 

ssruin evening. 

silenliariua a privy councillor ; aa ^^H 

aervagium the obligation of pro- 

usher ; a papal secretary. ^^H 

ailvicedium coppice wood, under ^^H 

30 years' growth. ^^H 

vidingworkmen for the lord. 
aerfiena a servant ; a sergeant. 
aervitium service, the duty owed 

by the tenant to his lord. 

aimindlua simnoll bread, the ^H 

aervua a bondman ; servile tenant. 

best white broad. ^H 

sesso season, esp. for sowing. 

aimoii ia simony, trafBc in spiritual ^H 

seventndie eaves. 

things. ^H 

aewera a trench to preserve land 

aincelliis {viyKiXXt!) sharing the ^H 

from floods ; a sewer. 

same cell ; coadjutor. ^^H 



Glossary nf Latin Words. 

sineubare to out short [tyncopare). 
sindicus an advocate. 
tindula. See seindula. 

sirgia an instrument of torture. 

siroffrapfium. See chirographtim. 

sirotkeca. See chirotlieca. 

sirurfficus a surgeon [ckirurgtcus). 

situnre to be situate, 

situs site. 

skamierlengeria cliainberlainsliip. 

skarkalla an engine for catching 

akerda a scar, 

shermia awordplay, fencing, 

tkilla a email bell. See ichilla. 

siirmia fencing. 

aiuvinaffiiim, shyvinagiuTn reve- 
nue of a scabinus ; some due 
at Calais harbour. 

alippa a stiniip. 

smakka, atiacea a ama«k. 

smeltus, smyllus a smelt. 

soca tbe juriadiction of a lord ; 
the liberty of tenants ex- 
cused from customary im- 

loeagium socage; plough-service; 
a tenure inferior to tenure 
by knight- service. 

socca. See soca. 

ee socafftum. 

tacAemanria tenure by socage. 

soctnannus a socman or socager ; 
tenant by socage, or tenant 
in ancient demesne ; asoke- 

so/;a. See soca. 

aoherevus a sokereve, rent col~ 

lector for the lord of a eoke. 
sohmannvs. See soomartnua. 
solaghitn a due paid for use of 


aolanda a double hide ; a plough 
land. (A, S. aiilung.} 

solarium an upper room. 

soldariua a soldier. 

soldum pay. 

soldus, solidus a shilling ; a. sou. 

solanne the mass. 

soliciialor a solicitor, 

solidarius a soldier. 

sotidala a shilliag's worth. 

solidalum pi-operty. 

solidus a shilling ; a sou. 

solinum a meal for one person. 

solinus a measure of land about 
160 acres. 

solium an upper room. 

solla payment. 

somarins, siintmarlus a eumpter 

sometiirius the officer in the 
king's household who at- 
tended to carriage. 

sopa. See shopa. 

sorceria sorcery, ■witchcraft. 

SOTS sort, kind. 

sorus red. See saurus, sourtis. 

soscallus some kind of hound 

used for stag hunting, 
sotillares, solulares shoes 

sollus a sot. 
sourellua a sorel, buck of three 

years old. 
sourus a sore, a four-year-old 

spadtt a sword. 
sparrvs a hobby hawk. 

spatularia apparels round the 
neck and wrists of an alb. 

specialilas a bond or deed. 

species spices. 

spectantla spectacles. 

speleum a cell. 

spengabulum a duty on mill 

spervarius a aparrow-hawt. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 

spigurntllus the sealer oi the 
king's writs. 

spinaciwm a pinnace. 

spindula, spiiiula a gold pin used 
with the archiepiacopal pell. 

spiritualia the profits which a 
bishop or other spiritual 
person reoeivea as au eccle- 
siastic, not as a lord. 

apiritualilaa the clergy, 

tplrula a ferrule ; a chape. 

spolia a shuttle ; a spool. 

sponda a bier j a pier. 

sprini/aldus a springald, a Idnd 
of cannon. 

gprottua a sprat. 

apurarium aureiim a gold coin 
called a spur royal. 

spurgellum a box or trunk. 

squarrare to square. 

iquillaria a aaullery. 

3q»Ulari»s a scullion. 

squinalus a sequin. 

iquirellum a squirrel. 

slabilamenlum, slabiUa, stahUitio 
a buckstall, or deerhay ; a 
stand for shooting deer. 

slablia a stall. 

atabiila, stabuhtm a stable, 

ataca a measure of corn. 

itackia a stage for catching fish. 

atadmm a furlong; a floor, a 

slafa a stirrup. 

staginm a story of a house. 

>lagme7i tin. 

ttalaria a fixed engine for catch- 
ing fish. 

italinga same as stalaria{^). 

alalia stall. 

stallagiam etallace, light of 
erecting; a stall and payment 

ataUangiariits a seller of goods at 
a stall. 

stallariua master of the horse ; 

stall-keeper in a market. 
stallatio installation. 
slallum a stall. 
stalo a stallion. 
stamen, s/agmen tin. 
stamen, stamiiiea, slammeum 

under-shirt of wool. 
stamina stamen, a kind of cloth. 
stancilla stirrups (?). 
standardum a banner ; legal 

weight and measure. 
stangneus, slatmeus of tin. 
stannaria a tin mine. 
stannarius a. pewterer ; tinman. 
s (annum tin. 
stanso a stancheon (?). 
atapelbim a staple, a bolt. 
atapha a stirrup. 
stapula, slapulum a market or 

slarrum a Jew's deed or bond. 

stationariiis a canon in residence, 

staiatum a statute. 

stauramentum the stock of a farm, 

staurua stock ; store. 

stelta a kiddle, a weir for fishing, 

stellata camera the Star Chamlier. 

slerilensctim soli'di shiitings ster- 

aterlingua sterling ; an English 
penny ; money. 

sfica a brasa Sason coin, worth 
half a farthing • a stick of 
eels, I.e., 25. 

atiga a pricket for a candle. 

stika. See stica. 

slillatorimn a distillery. 

iiina the handle of a plough. 

stingws a shrimp, 

atipa a metal bar, as on a belt. 

stipes a tally. 

atipvla stubble. 

Gloasary of Latin Wbrtis. 

ittremannns a, steeremaa. 

ilinale, slive/la a elioe. 

ttochia. Bee stachia. 

xtockarius a Btockfishmonger. 

stoffura equipmeat ; proviaions. 

stola a stole. 

slolium a fleet or army. 

slontia ataddlee. 

slophare to store ; stuff. 

stoppa tow, 

stotarhts a. keeper of horses or 

slolius a. Ilotsq or aa ox. 

slracialiis striped. 

alractts a strake ; a tire. 

ttragulare to strangle ; to em- 
broider of divers colours, 

stragulali f rat res Carmelite 
Friars, whose clothing was 
parti- coloured whon in 

stragulator an embroiderer. 

slraffulus variegated. 

atraiatua strayed. 

stramere to strew. 

ilraminare to strew with straw. 

strandagium strandage, payment 
for leave to bea«h a boat. 

slranglinum, alranUngum squirrel 

slrala a street, high road. 

strepa a stirrup. 

strepilua desteuction ; estrepe- 

atricum, slrikum a strike, a stick 
used for levelling com in the 
measure ; the eighth of a 

slruilua a staS ; a goad, 

stubula stubble. 

shidium an university. 

stuff <B hot baths. 

st^ara. See atoffura. 

stitpula stubble. 

aturemanus. See ati'remannua. 

aturio a sturgeon. 

suanimoliim swainmote, a forest 

subaltemua Bubordinate. 

aularrare to espouse ; to give a 

pledge, or earnest. 
subboscus underwood. 
iubdiaconua a, subdeacon. 
iubductvra lining or trimming. 
subescaeior a sub-escheator. 
sub/alcum aftermath (?), or a field 

after mowing or reaping. 
a beast of burden, 
auhlegeriua guilty of incest. 
subinonere to summon. 
submonitio summons. 
submonilor a summoner. 
aubnervare to hamstring ; hough. 
siibplacitare to cite before a 

court of law. 
aubprior an officer of a monastery 

nest in authority to the 

avbregidiis a baron, lord. 
subsiilmm an aid, subsidy. 
subaiaternium a litter. 
subucula a bodkin. (In classical 

Latin aubucula ia a shirt, and 

subu/a an awl.) 
anburbanua a countryman, rustic. 
succentor assistant to the arma- 

rius in a monastery. 
auccurrtim candidum sugar candy. 
aiiccursarius a courser (horse). 
suchia a stump. 

suetta, suettuin suit. 
sttffalum. See auhfaleum. 
auffereittta grant ; sufEeranoe j 
suspension of arms, armi- 

suffraganevs a euffragau or sub- 
sidiary bishop, who assista 
the bishop of a diocese. 

suffrago pastern. 

suissimus very own. 

suUinga, suUingnta a moaeuro of 
land, perhaps a hide. 

aulliva, suliva a beam, sill. 

Glossary of Latin Woi'ds. 

a a load ; i 

aumma Tnensa high tablo. 

siimmagiare to carry loads. 

summaffialio can'ying loadB. 

eumtnagmm a horse-load, soam ; 
obligation to supply pack- 
horses ; toU for horses. 

siimmanus a pack-horae, 

sum mala a load. 

twnmetarius man in charge of 

sununonere to summon. 

summomlio summons. 

summonilor a siunraoner. 

iupamm a linen sleeve ; a shirt. 

superoidificium, an upper build- 

superallare an altar stone ; the 
covering of an altar. 

superannatui more than a, year 

siiperdemanda excess of claim. 

superfossorium a drawbridge. 

aupergahulum over gavel. 

luperhidaffium superhidage, the 
extra rate per acre imposed 
upon a hide of small extent. 

auperpelUciuiH & surplice. 

aupciplusagivm a. surplus. 

supersennuatas measlod (of pork). 

superaiaa sursise, penalty for 
neglect, esp. for not paying 
castle- ward at Dover, 

supertunica a. garment worn over 

supervidere to suryey, esamine. 
mipervisor a aurreyor ; overseer. 
tupervhui survey. 
supparttm. See suparum. 

sungicus a surgeon. 

aiirpluaagium. See superphn- 

surrogatus a surrogate, one ap- 
pointed in the room of 

iursa a spring, fountain, 

sursumreddere to surrender. 

sursumreddilio a, surrender. 

swagium aid. 

swainmotfis, swainemoliis swain- 
mote, a forest court. 

stvolinga. See suUinga. 

sga a load ; a seam. 

syna^ria assembly, congregation ; 
church service or office. 

aijndiciia an advocate ; a bnrgeaa. 

syngrnpkus a deed signed by all 
the parties. 

synodale payment by the clergy 
to the bishop or archdeacon 
at a visitation. 

aynodus a meeting of ecclesias- 
tical persona. 

sgra. See schira. 

sgrogra/um a chirograph. 

tahacum tobacco. 

(ahardum a, short tunic worn by 

heralds, priests, and others. 
tabellarium a board for the game 

of tables. 
tabeUio a notary. 
lahelUonatus the office of notary, 
tabula a board; cover of a boolc. 
tabuklta a tablet. 
(abvrcinum, iabiircmm a drum. 
tachia-mentum attachment. 
laelare to confirm. 
iailla brushwood, copse ; a tally. 
taillagiitm. See liiUaghim. 
taimta. See thatnua. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 

talentum sometimes a pound. 
talUtgium tallage, tas. 
talha, talUa a tally. 
talliare to cut, limits to tax. 
ialUator a teller; a cutter of 

talliea ; a tailor. 
talliaium feodum feetoil. 
lallialura talwood ; firewood. 
talUalua in tail. 
tallium entail ; retail. 
tameuefallum. See lenemenetal- 

tanaliler mortally. 

iannare to tan leather. 

iannarius, (anneriits a tanner. 

tanneria a. tannery. 

Imnnum oaklsark for tanning. 

tapetum a carpet, in the middle 
ages used for covering ta- 
bles, benches, or beds, not 
the floor. 

)rius a tapestry maker. 
'.apinaffium concealment, 
'.appa a tap. 

ium the foot of or a stand for 

i piece of plate. 
'.aratantarhare to boult flour. 

us a Sicilian gold coin, 20 gr. 
'■arga a small shield, target. 
'argia a ship of burden; a target. 
'argus. See iarga. 
tarida a ship of burden. 

■ifa a list of prices ; customs. 
(arkoaia a quiver. 
iarta a tart, pastry. 
iartenus pannus cloth of tars, 

perhaps China silk crape. 
1, taschia task ; tax. 
ire to put hay into cocks. 
'.assellus a fringe ; tassel ; hood. 
i», lasium a cock of hay ; j 

sheaf (?) of com. i 

'.astare to try ; to taste. 

I tax ; a task. 

a tax col- 

taxare to name ; to heap up ; to 

appraise ; to tax. 
larali'o valuation, i 
taxator 8 

laxitt a badger. 
techa a chest {theca). 
tedinga a tithiiig. 
feyniim apparently usedforTe^vM, 

art, fraud. 
fegvla a tile ; a slate ; a brick. 
tegulariua, legulalor a tiler, brick- 

tela, iclum a tQe. 

telarius a weaver. 

leldum a tent. 

telUgraphia written evidence. 

telonium. See thehnium. 

tcntanlale a tax of 2s. on every 

plough-land. See tenemene- 

templarius a knight of the 

lemporatia temporalities 

revenues, &c., held 

bishop as a baron. 
temptalio trial ; proof. 
l^ta a coif; a cap. 
tenalia pincers. 
tenandrta, fenendria a vill, a 

tenatura a tenancy, holding, 

tenda a trace. 

tendilor a man who attends to 

tenella tonga, pincers. 
tenelhts a banqueting-hall. 
Imemalallum. See tenemeneial- 

tenemenelallum tenmentale, a tith- 
ing ; f rithborch, frankpledge. 
Ifiiementum a tenement, 
tenens a tenant. 
tenentia tenancy, 
(eniludvs tennis. 
ienisia tennis. 
ienor purport ; copy. 
tenorculus a notch, nock. 


by i 

Glossary of Latin Word». 249 ^H 

lensamenlum a tax. 

(Aelonhm toll. ^H 

tensare to protect, defend; to 

thelonmannus toU-coUector. ^H 

exact, extort. 

themmagium a duty paid by in- ^^| 

lenseriat&x.; talLige ; exaction. 

f erior tenants to be free from ^^\ 

tensum toll. 

the lord's jurisdiction. 1 

tmta a tent for a wound. 

Wffm«»itheam,theright of having J 

tentvm a tent. 

the issue of one's bondmen. 

tenura tenure; a tenant's eeryice. 

tkeniciutn a hedgerow. 

terhichetum a tumbrel, cuciing- 

Btool. See trebuchetttim. 

Iheaaurarium, thesauria a trea- 

ierceleUum a young tiercel. 


tercillus a tiercel, a male hawt. 

ihesaurarius, ihesaurkarius a 

tercionarius a farmer with a third 

share (?). 
lereus earthen. 

thethinga a tithing. 

thimagmm. See thoiunaghim. 

tergoUnus on the back, endoraed. 

Ihingus a thane. 

termiiiariua a termor, one who 

tkollia thowlpine. 

holds lands for a term. 

tholonium toll. 

terminalus a boundary. 

ihrava, thravus. See trava. 

terminus a term. 

threngus. See drengus. 

termtsium. See tremagium. 

fhrimsa an Anglo-Saxon coin 

terragium land tax; groundwork. 

worth three pence. 

Urrarium a terrier, landroll. 

ihumelum a thumb. 

terraritts a landholder ; a terrier 

ihymallus a smelt ; a grayling. 


tia an aunt on the mother's side. 

Urraius banked up. 

ticendulum wick of a lamp. 

lerriciditim fallen branches. 

lilerium a trigger (?). 

lersorium a duster, a broom. 

tesso a badger. 

tlmoratus God-fearing. 

testa a head. 

Una, tyna & cask, tun, tub. 

teitamentalis devisable bj will. 

iimltvm brushwood for repairing 


Ustator the maker of a wilL 

tinneum tin. 

tethinga. See lithinga. 

tipularia domus an nlehouee. 

tetriiare to tether. 

i'lpm (rvpas) pride. 

iexera the sign of the chequers. 

lira a tier, usod of the lines of 

Uxius the gospels. 
leysa a fathom. 

skins in a fur cloak. 

Uriaca treacle (thermca). 

tkainm a thano. 

tiro a young man intending to 

thanagium land belong^g to the 

become a knight ; a young 

king of which the goTeraor 

knight, a champion. 

was a thane. 

tirociniiTe to be a tiro ; to serve 

tkaxa. See laxa. 

in war. 

ihedinga a tithing, 

tirocinium knighthood. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

tUsutum tissue. 

tithint/a a tithing. 

lilulus a title. 

toacttla, taale, loalU a towel. 

todda a. tod of wool, 28 lbs. 

loftmannus the holder of a toft. 

tn/ium a toft ; a iilace where a 
house formerly atood. 

tolcestnim tolsester, payment to 
the lord of the manor for 
liberty to brow, 

tollagium forcible exaction of 
illegal toll. 

lolletum toll. 

lollitm toll. 

tolnetuni toll. 

tolnetum itc pixide toll pixy, a 
oiiBtomary payment oy arti- 
sans and dealers in Gower 
to the lord. 

ioUa wrong, extortion. 

lanelliint, lonellita a tun, a vat ; a 
prison on Comhill. 

ionna a tun of wine, 

tonnayiuni tonnage. 

tonsor a shearman. 

topare to top trees. 

lopeitum a knob ; knop. 

torah bedding ; a mound. 

torallum a mound. 

lorcare to clean. 

torcha cob, straw and mud used 
for roofing. 

torckea, torehetus a torch. 

torchiaior a plasterer, dauber. 

tornare to turn. 

tornatilii fions a ewingbridge. 

lorneamentum a tournament. 

torneare to tilt at a tournament. 

lomus. See (urniis. 

lorta a cake. 

lorliea a torch ; a winch, wind- 

tortua a turtle. 

lorlurn wrong ; injustice. 
lolseclua. See cotsethus. 
lotCum reut ; toll ; day's work 

for rent. 
loaiagmm toll paid for towing. 
traba. See trava, 
trabaria a small boat, a '' dag<- i 

traeea search; pursuit; a ttaiL 

tractiUa pons a drawbridge. 
iraclula, iractulus a little tract or I 

Iracltis a horse's trace; a haul. 
Iracliii struck out. 
traga, traha a sledge. 
trainellum a shoehorn. 
tramaricia a boundary; a land- ; 

tramenio. See iremeslum. 
tfanafrelare to cross a strait. 
transgresslo trespass. 
transitus noon ; death ; a judge's 

Iransnavare to cross the sea. 
traitsvadare to wade across. 
irassa a dungeon ; a fetter. 
trava a thrave of corn, 24 or 

iraversia a traverse. 
traversiim a ferry. 
traxus a trace. 
treacha treacle. 
trebuchettun a catapult ; fe 

trebucidua a catapult. 
trega a truoe. 
tremagium the season for sowing | 

summer corn. 
tremellum a granary, 
Iremesium corn cut after three 

months' growth. 
tremiscum. See tremagium. 
tremtdum a granary. 
trencatum a ditch ; trench. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 

Irenchen, treneheia right of cut- 
ting wood; a trench.. 

trencheaior a carver. 

Irentale an office of 30 maBBea 
Baid for the dead. 

treseentia reat or tax from land. 

Iressoriiitn a tress of hair ; also 
Bome article of dress. 

treetellua a trestle. 

Ireslornare to turn aside. 

Irettga, Ireuia a truce ; tribute. 

triare to try ; to select. 

triatio trial. 

triator a trior ; a witnesB. 

tribucuhts a. catapult. 

tricare to hinder ; to complain. 

tricalura twiated work (used of 
■ chain armour). 

trieennale a trental. 

iricesima a trental, ' ' month's 


a harrow. 


1 trithing, or riding, 

the third part of a shire. 

trigeldum a triple fine. 

frigintale a trental, 

irinoda necessilns the threefold 
tas, for repairing bridges, 
maintaining castles, and re- 
pelling iuvaaioa, 

Iriparium a three-legged stool. 

Iripodium a length of three feet. 

iriroda three rods or perches. 

trisilis B. three-legged stool. 

tristega, Iris leg um a house of 
three stories ; an engine 
used in sieges, consisting 
of a tower in three stories. 

trislel/um a trestle. 

Iris t is exemption from attendance 
on the lord when huntiiig;. 

trislra a station for hunting. 

tritennale a trental. 

trithinga a riding, a third of a 

triumvir a constable of throe 

irivium the study of grammar, 

logic, and rhetoric. 
trochui a cluster, band, esp. of 

precious stones. 
trogulus a cowl. 
trona, tronwn the Tron, a beam 

for weighing. 
ironagium toll for weighing wool 

and other goods, 
Irnnare to weigh at the Tron. 
tronalor the officer who weighs 

Iropariiim, iropartus a book con- 
taining tropi, verses sung at 
certain festivals before the 

Irubuculus a catapult. 

trjibula a sieve. 

truga a measure of corn. 

truncagium a payment to Bam- 
borough Castle by the town- 
ships near, 

/MiJicus a money-box; the pillory. 

trussa, Irtissjim a truss. 

(rjissellum a bale. 

initannicug worthlesa, false. 

trutanniis, (rttlanua truant, va- 

trutta a trout. 

<ryini(*ui a net used in the Thames. 

luallitim a towel. 

tumberalia pena the punishment 
of the tumbrel. 

lumhrellum a cucking-stool ; a 

lumpilloralis pena tho pillory. 

lunellum a tun or ton. 

lunnagium tonnage. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

turba turf. 

tur barium the right of digging 

turhare to turf, 
furiam the right of digging tuif; 

a place where turf ie dug. 
lurharius kerne. 
turbo a turbot. 
iurcasia a rjuiver. 
lurttti tirietB. 
turgiolum a boBs. 
turuarius a turner. 
lumalux pons a swiugbridge. 
turneamentum a, tournament. 
titrneare to joust, to bold a 

turmim, lurnus a turn ; the king's 

leet through a county; a 

winch, SB on a crossbow. 
turrellus & turret, a tourel, a 

small tower. 
iurlarius baker of tourto, i. «., 

coarse brown bread. 
turtra trout. 
turtui tourte bread. 
tieigelihim a double fine. 
lyna a tub ; part of Glouceater 

lyro. See tiro. 


ulcus a hull. 

uUgo a marsh. 

ulmetum an ebn grove. 

ulna an ell. 

ulnagium alnage, duty on cloth, 

ulnator, ulniger alnager, exam- 
iner of cloth and collector 
of alnage. 

ulphus hassock, coarse grass. 

umbra an iimbrer or umber, part 
of a baciuett, which pro- 
tected the face ; a grayling. 

umbraculum. See umbra, 
iimpiralor an umpire. 

Eoeasure of lajid, perhaps 12 J 

unciata. See tineia. 
uplanda upland, 

urla a border ; an orle. 
ursariiis a bearwardj a beardog. 

usagium usage. 
ustilamentum a loom. 
utensilmm a loom. 
ulhesium. See hiitesium. 
utklega, ^-c. See utlaga, ^c. 
utlaga an outlaw. 
ullagars to outlaw. 
ullagaria, utlagatio outlawry. 
utierare to distribute, utter. 
uxorare to give in marriage. 
uxoralua married. 

ae for not marrying. 

eacanu J vacant ; Toid. 

vacare to he void, 

vaearia waste ground- 

vacaliira a church benefice not yet 

vacant ; provision thereto ; 

the next avoidance of a 

ia a cow-house or pasture, 
a cowherd. 
vadiare to pledge oneself ; to give 

security for ; to wage. 
vadimonizare to pawn. 
vadium surety ; wage. 
vagium security. 

vatecijis- See valelliu. , 

valentia value. I 

valeltua a groom ; a yeoman ; a 

valibilts valuable. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 

valiaona anijaillarum eelbueks(?). 

vallare to wall up, 

valvassor a vaasaL See vavassor. 

vana a weathercock. 

vanffu a shovel. 

tinnnHsavane; awinaowing-fan. 

vantarius a footman, who runs 

before hia master. 
vapulaiio beating, cleaning. 
varectare. See reareetare. 
variant vair, au espeosive fur, 


( the condition of a 

vassallus a Tassal, feudal tenant. 
vasseleria a yaBaai'B tenure. 
vastellum a shade ; an arbour. 

See wastallus. 
easlum waste. 
valila a scoop. 
vavassor a vassal, next la dignity 

to a baron ; a free tenant of 

a tenant in chief. 
iria laud held by a va- 

veallrarius, veaulrarius. See vel- 

VBhagium payment for carriage. 
vehia a load. 
velar e to sail. 
veltrarius a lyme-hound ; a man 

who leads hounds. 
veltrea a leash. 
Veluellum, velutum velvet. 
venaria beasts of chase. 
venatio venison; right of hunting. 
venda payment to lord for licence 

to sell. 
venella a lane. 
Veneris dies Friday. 
csB(arfl,ten(»fore to winnow; to air. 
ventoaa a cupping glass. 
vettlriceum, venlriliimm molendi- 

nmn a, windmill. 
veragiKm verage, the right of the 

Marshal of England to all 

pied cattle taken in war. 
verbals a dictionary. 

veredarius a, courier. 
veredarius, veredus a tMU horse. 
veredictum a verdict. 
veredis a ferret. 

vergenla ameasureusedforspices. 
•,lus vermilion, 
vernellum varnish. 
vera a minnow. 
versatiUs pons a. awingbriJge. 
versalor a turnspit. 
vertebra a hinge. 
vertevella a hook ; shears. 
vertinella a hinge. 

vespers vespers, about 4 p.m. 

vespiiio a nocturnal robber. 

vesta crop. 

vesliarium a room where vest- 
ments are kept. 

vestire to invest. 

vesliira crop ; possession. 

vetlrariua, veutrariits. See vel- 

vexillator a standardbearer. 
<,m a vojage. 
a traveller. 

vicecancellariui & vice-ohancellor, 

vicecomes a viscount ; a sherifE. 

■omitilia vicontiels, rents 

farmed by a sheriff. 

'cedominus a vidame, a bishop's 

deputy in temporal matters, 

'cinelum neighbourhood ; venue. 

'ictualariuB a victualler. 

a street. 
iduatus widowed. 
\dnlalor a fiddler. 
iella a viol. 


254 Ghssary of Latin Worda. ^^^^^^^B 

fi'gili'a the eve of or day before a 

vitulare to calve. ^^H 


vivarium a park ; a fishpond. ^^H 

villa a vill or -villflge. 

viverra a ferret. ^^H 

villaniiii a. villein, bondman. 

vola the hollow of the hand ; a ^^H 

villala a. township, village. 

handful. ^^H 

villaticua a, peasant. 

volalus falconry. ^^H 

villains pannus frieze. 

vohitra vaulting. ^^H 

villenagium the tenure of a villein. 

volta a vault. ^^H 

villicatius a steward. 

vilnetum. See vicinehtm. 

vomre to address in the pluraL ^^H 

Vina a fin. 

vota a drain. ^^H 

vinnyium rent paid in wine. 

vulgariter in English. ^^H 

vinttrla vintry. 


viiiilarius a vintner; the custo- 


dian of the wine in amonas- 

Kacearia. B&6 vaccaria. ^| 
KaccaHu^. Bee vaocarius. ^H 
wacla watch. ^^H 

tery, _ 
vintenaniis a vintner. 

viriivs twice married. 

icactnre to wat«h. ^^H 

virga a yard ; a wand ; the verge, 

wadda ^oad. ^^^| 

the compass of the king's 

Kiidium. See vadium. ^^^| 


virgala a yard-land ; the verge. 

tea/tor a pilot. . ^^H 

tirgaturim originally holder of a 

tcaga, waia a wey or weigh : of ^^H 

virgate or yard-land, but 

wool 256 lbs. or 2 sacks ; o|. ^^M 


cheese 168, 256, or 300 lbs. r ^H 


of barleyOT malt Gqra., temp. ^^H 

virgator a verger. 

Edw. I. ; of salt 25 CLrs. ; o£ ^H 

virgeus striped, hrindled. 

tallow 168 lbs. ; a waif ; ^H 

whey. ^^H 

wayesium ooze, sea-ground. ^^H 

waida woad. ^^H 

virgi/erens a vergor. 

viridarium a clearing in a forest ; 

a garden. 

tcainabilis passable by waggons i ^^H 

viridarim a verderer, a forest 

tilled. ^M 


viride vert, trees, &o. in a forest; 

team, £o. ; wainage ; cart- ^^H 

the right to cut green wood. 


viridere to bcout a river or ditch. 

wainare to till ; to get a profii ^^1 

viridii sometimes used for va- 


rium, vair. 

tcaivare to forsake ; to outlaw (^ ^^M 

visor an inspector. 

vispilio a nocturnal robber. 

waiviary ; refusal. ^^H 

visus view. 

waiviaium waived, abandoned. : ^^H 

vitellaritis, fttillarius a victnaller. 

teaieium a waif. ^^| 

vitelUiim caudle. 

n-alda, u-nUVia a forest ; weald j ^^| 

vitriart to glaze. 

^ ^H 



Glossary of Latin Words. 

walecheria Welahry. 

waliicui a servant. 

toalla, walUa a wall. 

wallare to wall ; to fortify. 

u-allara walling. 

wambamriug a maker of gambe- 

tcambasiunt. See gambeso, 

wapentncium, laapeniachium, lea- 
pentagium a wapentake, a 
division of a county simi- 
lar to a hundred, used in 
the north ; euit of court and 
other duties incumbent on 
the inhabitants. 

warn a measure of land, gore(?). 
See UJarnetiim. 

tearanlia, Sfc. See tcarranlia, Sfc. 

tnarda a ward of a city ; custody ; 
wardship; wardpenny. 

warda caairi caBfleguard. 

wardagiutn contribution for the 
custody of a castle, ward- 

iDUrdttiotiis wardmote, a court 
held in London. 

tearecla, ivareclutn fallow land. 

vmreclabilis fallow. 

tcareclore to plough land in- 
tended for wheat in the 
spring and let it lie fallow. 

tea rectus fallow. 

s a warrener. 
waretare. See warectare. 
fcarella, Sj-c. See u-artcla, ^c. 
xearfus a wharf. 
viargat a banished rogue. 
toarne(»m warnoth, arentdoubled 

if not paid. 
warnhtura garrison. See gnr- 

warpmna wardpenny. 

toarrantia warranty. 
warranthare to warrant. 
warranttsntio warranty. 
warrantwm a warrant. 
warrecla, Sfc. See wnreeta. 

waaahum a shallow arm of the 

sea [ the Wash. 
wastellus wnatelbread, tho second 

sort of white bread, next in 

quality to sinmel. 
waatum waste. 
icalergagium watergage ; a water- 

waterganga a watercourse ; an 

wutergajjgiiia a trench to carry 

ofE water ; an aqueduct. 
Kuterscopium. See icalfrgangius. 
waiUlutn a wattle. 
zoaviiia wandering. 
waynabilu. See watnahilis. 
waynagium. See wainagium. 
wayura a channel. 
wayvium, utatHum, ^'c. 

videteardui a woodward. 
icegga. See tvaga. 
tcelcomare to welcome. 
welkuB a whelk. 
teendus a circuit of ground. 
Kera wergild, the fine paid for 
killing a man. 

vierelada purgation of homioido 

by oath. 
tvergildua wergild, fine for homi- 

weada wo ad. 

wesrlnriua a dealer in woad. 

icexare to mend, repair. 



Glossary of Latin Words. 

weyfa maris waif of the sea. 

wharf a a wharf. 

wharfagium^ wharvagium wharf- 
whassum^ See wasshum. 

wica a country house, f £uin. 

wicariuSy wikarius the keeper of 

a wica. 
wikettum a wicket. 

wiscare to mend, repair. 

wisda woad. 

wista a measure of land, half a 

wita a fine ; amerciament. 

withernamium carrying off a dis- 
tress, so that the sheriff 
cannot deliver it when re- 

wittescalchi officers who collect 
fines imposed by judges. 

wixare to mend, repair. 

wodegeldum tax paid on woods. 

woodwardia office of woodward. 

woodwardus a woodward, a forest 

wreccatum wrecked. 

wreccum wreck. 

wrectum wreck. 

wrekum wreck. 

wudewardus a woodward. 

wyka. See wica, 

wykettum a wicket. 

wyta. See wita. 


xenium a present. See exennium, 

xenodochium an inn ; a hospital ; 
a convent. 

xylopola a dealer in wood. 

xysticus a champion ; a wrestler. 


yarda a yard. 

yconia an image. 

yconomus a guardian. 

yems used for hiems, winter. 

yepso " a little ipson,*' in 
Somerset, is a handfid. 

ympnare a hymnal. 

yvernagium. See hihernagium, 


zahulum gravel, sand. 

zahulus the devil {diaholus), 

zeta a dining-room ; a chamber. 

zigarus a gipsy. 

zinziber ginger. 

zourum a sore, a four-year old 

zuchara sugar. 

zucheus the dead trunk of a tree ; 
a stub. 

zygostata a clerk of a market. 

zythum a drink made of com. 


AhaUaha, Aballiaha^Ap^lahy, 


Abhandonia, Abhandunum — 

Abittgdon, Berkshire. 
Abbas (estuarium — -Eiver Hiuu- 

ber, Yortsbire. 
Abbendo nia — Abingdon . 
Abbotesbiria — Abbotabury, Dor- 

Ahbu s — Humber. 

Abedesberie — ^Abbotsbury, Dor- 

Aberconovitim — Aberoonway ; 
also the Eiver Conway. See 

Aberdona, A hertlon in — Ab ord e en , 

Aberdora, Aberditra — ^Aberdoro, 
and Aberdour, Bcotland. 

A bergennium — Abergavenny, 

Aberis lyvium—Ah ery at witb. 

Aberna / hum— Ahom&ihj, Scot- 

Abervanus, Aberruanus. See 

Abindon ia — Abingdon. 

Ablatum Bulgium — Cardunnoct, 
or Bownesa, Cumberlaad; 
or Middleby, Dtimfries, 

AbonaFlu. — KiverAvon, Hamp- 

Abone, Abonis-^Sea. Milla, on 
the Avon ; Alvington-on- 
the- Severn, Abstona, or 
Annabury, GloucGstershire. 

Aboya — Athboy, Meath, Ireland. 

Abravannus., Abravanus Flu, — 
The estuary at Eavenglasa, 
Cumberland ; or Qlenluoe 
Bay, Wigtownshire. 

Alreconium — Abercom, Linlith- 

Abredea — Eiver Dee, Aberdeen. 

Abredesegti Insula — Bardesey 
Island, Camarvonahire. 

j46reJie/AiEunj— Abemethy, Soot- 

Abretaum — Swansea, Glamor- 

A brevicam — Ber wick-upon- 

Alrinca — Aber n ethy . 
A bunden' — Ab ingdon . 
Abus asluarium — Humber. 
Acantiwn promonlorium — North 


■ To tlie names of Roman Stationa, upon the position of wMch tbere i 
difference of opinion, Beverol of the loaalitioa uaggnsted have been appended, 
the obJBot of wiis iiat ia not to identify Roman SttttioQB, but to give tnt ' ' 
ot the namca when used in later times. It has not been thoug-ht noc 
iilwaje to inaert Latin names where they ore merely the oommon Engliah 
with a Latin teimiuation. 

Lisi of the Latin Names of Places 

Acfmanni C/fiVos— Bath. 

Avkada — Achonry, Sligo. 

Ackadia — Aghadoe, Kerry, Ire- 

Achaihkonrensia, Achalhronemis 
— Of Achonry, Ireland, 

Achclandia — Bishop's Auckland, 

Achilla — Achill Islea, Con- 
naught, Ireland. 

Aclea — Oakley, Surrey ; Aycliffe 
or Auckland, Durham. 

Acmoda: Insula — Seven Islands, 
mentioned by Pomponius 
Mela and Pliny. 

Ad'Ansatn — Ithanceaster, "Wit- 
ham Barklow, Tolahunt 
Knights, or Halstead, Es- 
ses ; "Wrattine or Strat- 
ford St. Maiy, Suffolk. 

Ad- Candidam Casam — Catwade 
Bridge near Brantham, 

Adcovecin. See Comhretonium. 

Adellngia, Adelona — Athelney, 

Ad-Lapidem — StoneLam, Hamp- 

Ad-Latus Bovliim — Boverton, 
See Bo- 

Ad-Mvriim — Walhottle (?), 

Northumh erl and. 
Ad-Pontem — Paunton, Line. ; 

Southwell or Farndon, 

Notts, or Zouch Bridge, 

over the Trent. 
Ad-Partum Dithris — Dover. See 

Ad-Portum Lemanis — lympne, 

Ad-Portum Ruiupas. SeeJiulu- 

Adron Flu. — River Adder, Ber- 
wickshii'e, or Eiyer Wear, 
Durham. See Ottedra. 

Adroa — Bardsey Island, Caer- 
narvonshire ; or Lambay, 

Adianaios Insula — ^Isle of 

Adtropam — Thrup, Abingdon. 
Adumi /"oy/Hs— Porchester, 

Hants ; Aldrington, Sussex : 

or Old Shoreham. 
JEhida — Hebrides, West of 

^gehshyri, ^i/leshurgus — 

Aylesbury, Bucks. 
.^iglea—He:^ Mead, near Melkfl- 

^ilecuriana — Vale of Aylesbury. , 
Aelfete — Adlingfleet, Yorkshire. 
Aelfinensis—Oi Elpbin, Ireland. 
Aelfo7imms—0t Elphin, Ireland. 
^7m— Ely. Bee EUa. 
^lia Castra — Alchest^r, War- 

j^Uani Porla — ^A town near J 
Hadrian's Wall. 

Aera — Eiver Ayr, Scotland. 

Msycha, Msica — Netherhy, 

Cumberland ; Great Chea- 
ters, Northumberland. 

jEiojia, jEtonia — Eton, Bucks. 

A/ena — Littleborough, Notts. 

Afena Flu. — Eiver Avon. 

Agamcrium — Aghamore, co. 
Mayo,. Ireland. 

Agelocum — Littleborough, Nottsi 

Agmundhh amttm — Agmundia- 
ham or Amersham, Bucks. 

Ag iieda — Edinb urgh. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 

Aiscaranus — Of Aysgarth, 

jiA-eJeij^Ockley, Surrey. 
Akem ancesler — B ath . 
Ala Uampi — Wingfieid. 
Alachda — Killalla, bishopric in 

Almnus Flu. — Eiver Axe, Devon ; 

or Stour, Dorset, 
Alana — AUoway, Ayreliire. 
Alannius — Eiver Avon, Wilts. 
Alain Castra, Alatuin Castrvtn — 

Tain, Eoss ; Edinburgh ; or 

Burghead, Moray. 
Alauna Civi'tas — Alnwick, 

Northumberland ; Alcester, 

Warwick; AUcheater, Oion; 

Canielon, Stirling; a place 

near Poole, Dorset. 
Alauna Flu. — Eiver Stour, Dor- 
setshire ; Alne, Notthuinber- 

Alauna Silva — Borders of Hamp- 
shire and Dorset, or perhaps 
Stourhead, Dorset. 

Alaunijiuvii ostia — AInmouth. 

Alavmcaslrum—P^cester, War- 

Alaunicus Pons — Maidenhead, 

Alaunicus Partus — Milford 

Alaunivadum — Aylesford, Kent. 

A launodvnum — Maidenhe ad. 

Alawnovicu» — Alnwick, North- 
umherland. See Alauna. 

A la u mis — ^Maidenhead . 

Alautms Flu. — E. Tweed, North- 

A/ba iJo»i»s— Whiteland, Oaer- 
marthen shire. 

Albalfinda—WhitelsiBd, Caer- 
marthenshire ; alflo Blaiich- 
land, Northumberland. 

A Ibana — Scotland. 

Albania — Scotland, or Britain 
north of Humber. 

Albi Equi Mons — White Horse 
HUl, Berka. 

Albinunno Civiias — Caer Nonou 
or Whitewalla, Monmouth- 

Albion— 'Bnisda.. 

Album Caitrum — Whitchesier, 
Northumberland . 

Album Mmiasteriitm — Whit- 
church, Shropshire. 

Alclieseia — Alchester, Dorset. . 

..i/cfc;VA— Dunbritton, on the 

A Idud — D umbarton . 

Alecaiia — Illdey, Yorkshire. 

A lectuni—Ti\m.i&e . 

Alenus Flu. — See Alanus. 


Alicincu—l\}dBj (?). See Oli- 
cana and Alecana. 

A lien n ia— -Athelney . 

Alioite, Alionis — ^Whitley Oastle, 
Northumberland ; Amble- 
aide, Westmoreland ; Kirk- 
bride or Allonby, Cumber- 

Alilaveniin CiViVhs— Elgin, Scot- 


Alna — Alne, Torks; River Alne, 
Northumberl and , 

Alnelum — Llangerniw (?) on the 
Elwey, Denbighshire. 
■I'/fiini— Alnwick, Northum- 

IB — BownesB, Cumberland; 
Whitley Castle, North- 
umberland ; Ambleside, 


A List of the Lafin Names ofPhces 

Alpes Peneni Monies — Peadle 
Hill, LancasliirQ. 

^^e— Alter, near Bridgwater. 

jilta Prisa — Haltemprice or 
Howdenprice, Yorks. 

AUiim Pecmm-Ihe Peak, 

Alanna — Cftstlesliaw, Yorksliire. 

Alunus — Eiver Alan, Wales, 

Alterodanum Brujnntiim — North 
Allertott, Yorke. 

Alverlana — Nortk Allerton, 

Alvion—See Albion. 

Amhe^ianna. See Amhoglanna. 

Amheahiria, Amhreth iria — -Ame a - 
bury, Wilts. 

Amhoglanua — Ambleside, West- 
moreland ; Burdoawald, 

Ambrosia, Ambrosii Burgus, 
Ambrosii Mons — AmeBbury, 

Anachoreticus vicus — Anker- 
wyke, Backs. 

Anandia Vallia — Annandale, 

Ancalites — A tribe, cear Hun- 
ley, Oxfordshire. 

AndereUo — See Anderida. 

Anderida — Newenden, Kent ; 
Pevensey, Eastbourne, or 
Arundel, Sussex. 

Andevera, Andovera — Andover, 

Andreapolis — St. Andrew's, Scot- 
land. See Fainim Result. 

Andrnsetja — An old monastery oa 
the Bits of Burton Abbey, 

Andrium, Andros — Bardsey 

Island, Caernarronshire. 

See Adros. 
Anecaalruin — Ancaster, lino. 
Anegus — Angus, Scotland. 
Angehcum — Ancaster, Lincol 

Anglesega —Anglesey. 
^«yi-H— Ongar, Essex. 
Anguillaria Insula — Isle of Ely. I 
A}igmUa nanus— 0£ Ely. 
Angu lia — Flintshire 
Augusta — -Angus, Scotland. 
Aniceiis Civilas — In Dorsetahire. I 
Ansola — River Galway, Ireland..! 
Antiveataum promontarium — 

Land's End, Cornwall. 
Antona—'BAMet Avon, North- j 

ants ; Eiver Anton, Hants. 
Anlona Aua traits — Sol 


Antona Borealis — Northampto 
Antrum Flu. — ThGErme,DBVon"l 

Apaunaris Civilas — In Devoa^ 

.^jui'o rum —Hexham ; Papcastlei ] 
Aplflrea — Appledore, Kent, 
Appleheia, Applehera — Applehy|.i 

j/pi/^^j-ea— Appledore, Devon. 
Aqua litibra — Eedbum. 
AqucB Calida — Bath, Somera 

Agua Soils, Sulis— 
AgittBdonum — Eton, Bucks; Aik^i 

ton, Cumh. 
Aqumdunensis Salius — Water*! 

den, Norfolk. 

in Great Briiain and Ireland, 

^jwffirfiinwwi— "Waldron (f ), Sus- 
sex ; "Waterden, Norfolt, 

Agureradensis Pons — Eye 
Bridge, Dorset. 

A q uaponCmms — Eri d g water. 

Aquelmtim — Eweltne, Osford- 

— Eagle, Lincoln aliire. 
Aquilodiiimm — Hoxne, Suffolk, 
Aquia Civilas — See AqtKB Ca- 

'rnnvs Civitas — In 
jifiei'ii— Moresby or Ireby, Cum- 
berland ; Arniley or Castle- 
ford, Yorksbire. 

, Wick- 

A rch mach ia — Annagb . 

Arclovium — Ark low, e 
low, Ireland. 

Aremaeensu — Of Amiagb. 

Arcmorensis—Oi Ardmore, 

Ar cuius, Curia rfc— Court of 

.i^rrfoMn— Ardagb, eo. Long- 

Ardahachilensh — Of Ardagb, 

Ardaoneon CiVjVnj— Old Sarum ; 

Ardalum — Ardat or Ardathen, 
CO. Kerry. 

Ardefertensis — Of Ardfert. 

Ardijathelia — Argylo, Scotland. 

Ardmacka — Arma gh . 

A rdmnria — Ard more . 

Ardrcprim — Ardee, co. Louth ; 
Ardree, co. Kildare, Ire- 

Ardra'icum — Ardagh, oo. Long- 

Ardua — Lostwitbiel, Cornwall. 

^reafe— Eiver Orwell, Suffolk. 

Argadia, Argathelia — Argyle, 

Arg tstillum — In Gloucester shire, 
or perhaps Arwystli, Powys. 

Argifn — Lough Foil, London- 
derry. Camden applies this 
name to Lough SwiUey. 

Aricom'um — Kenchester, Boss, 
or Penyard Castle, Here- 

Annacka — Armagh, Ireland. 

jij-majioM/n—Ardmeanach, Scot- 

Armis — Bath. 


Arnnm ega — WiUoughby-oa- tb e- 
Wolds, Notts. See Vera- 
me turn. 

Arraniit—isXe, of Arran, Scot- 

Ar regit Idela — ^Argyle . 

Arlh/erdensh, Arlhfertensis—Qt 
Ardfert, Ireland. 

Arlhmorenih — Of Ardmore, Ire- 

Arundelia, Arundellum — Ama- 
del, Sussex. 

Arundinh I'ndum — Eedbridgo, 

Amntina Vallis — Arundel, Sus- 

Aruntis Flu . — River Aruo , Subhsx. 

Ants — River Aire, Yorkshire. 

Arvont— Caernarvon . 

A rvoiiia — CaemarvonBhire. 

Asaphnpolis—St. Asapb, Flint- 

Aicaranus. See Aiscaraaus. 

Alkanaton, Athanatos — Isle of 
Thanet. See Tanathoa. 


Jtheaia Flu. — River TeoB. See 

Atholia—AthoX Scotland. 

-4/Ara— Athenry, Ireland. 

Aiina Insula — Thanet. See Ad- 

Alrebati — People of Berkslure. 

jJ^/fffloii I— Conquered tribes N. 
of the Gomaa waU. 

Auch elan din — Bishops Auckland, 

Anfona — EiverATon.NorthantB. 

Augusta Trinobantum, Avgusta — 

Aug usla Idia — Hexham. 

Aula, vol Villa Antiqun — Ald- 
tjury, Ilerta. 

Aunn—Kwa, bishopric in Ire- 

^MHfii*— Ebtow, Beds. 

Aura — Awre, Glouceatershire. 

Auravanus. See Abravannus. 

Aurea Vallis—QiAAea. Vale, 

Avretim F'arfiiw— Guildford, Sur- 

Ansoha. See Anso&a. 

Anaona — Eiver Avon, North - 

Atileri, Auterli — People of Qal- 
■way and Eoscommon, dwell- 
ing near Athenry, Ireland. 
Aufona — Avon, Northanta, 
Avalana — WatchcrosB. BeeAbal- 

— G-IastonbuTj, Somer- 

'e — Eiver Avon, or Avin, 

■ena Flu.—Avon, Wiltshire. 
■ejiiiia, Areiiiia Flu.~Aia.n, or 

Avon, Glamorganshire. 
eitmorus — Blackwater river, 


■Eiver Avon, a tribu- 
tary of the Clyde, Scotland. 

Avcntio Fill. — Elver Ann, or 
Avon, Devon. i 

Avinm — Eiver Avon, or Avin^fl 
Sootland. I 

Avona — Eiver Avon ; Eiver Nen, i 

Avona — Bungay, Suffolk. 

Avona, Avondunum — Hampton 
Court, according to Leland. 

Avona Liltoralis, sit'e Australia — 

Avoiia Mediierranea, »ive Bormlis 
— Northampton . 

Avona Ta^/is— Oundle, North- 

Avondunum Limmorwn — South- 

Avonii palalium — Winchester 
House, Southwark. 

Axelodunum — Hexham ; Burgh- 
on- the- Sands ; or BowneaB, 1 

Axikolma — Axholme, Lino. 

Axitim Flu. — Eiver Axe, Devon- ; 

Sa, 5rt<s— Bath. 

Babaijlanda — -Burdoswald. f 

Bachelagana, Bavheleia Syha 

Bagley Wood, Berks. 
Baddmih/rig- — Badbury, Dorset. ■ 
Badecanwclla — Bake well, Derby- 

Badiza — Bath. 8bb AqttajCallda. ' 
Badoniciis Mons — Badon Hill, or 1 

Bannesdown, a hill near | 


in Great Britain and Irehnrl. 



Baimcs Pons — Bainbridge, Tork- 

Bala — Bala, MerionethsliirB. 

Balneodunnm, Balnea — Bath. 

Ba Uifordia — Waterf ord .Ireland. 

Bom/uin— Banff. 

Bana Insula — An island opposite 
the mouth of the BiverTafi, 

Banatia — Bean Castle, Murray; 
Comrie, Perthshire ; or near 

Banhuria — Banbury, Oxford- 

Bancarnemi$—Oi Bangor. 

Banesinga Villa — Benaington, 

Banna — Eiver Ban, Ulster. 

Banna — Cambeck, or Caatle- 
steeds, Cumb. 

Bannavenua, Bannaimntii m — Bo- 
rough HiU, near Daventry ; 
or Weedon, Northants ; or 
Banbury, Oxfordshire. 

Bannio — Abergavenny. See Go- 

Baimochoriis, Bangorium — Ban- 
gor, N. Wales. 

Bannovallum. See Bannavmta. 

Banna — Bannow, Ireland. 

Banu I Flu . — Ei ver B ain, Lincoln- 

5ora— Dunbar, Scotland. 

Baranga. See Brannogenhim. 

Bardunun — RiverEure, Norfolk. 

Barnnslapu la — Barnstaple, 

Baromaci. See Ctesarbmago, 

BarvicHs, Barwieus — Beirwiok- 

Basenga, Basingum — Basing, 

Basingstoke, Hampshire. 
Baler sega — Batter sea, Surrey. 
Balha, Balhonia—' 
Ba t il/o rdia — Water ford, Ireland . 
Balom'cus—Ot Bath. 

lo/a — Eamfleet, Essex. 
BMa, Bebbanbyrig — Bambo- 

rough, Northumberland. 
Bedefordu —Bedford. 
Beden'cid, Bedericiim — St. Ed- 

mundsbniy, Suffolk. 
Berf/bi'rfj'o— Bedford. 
Begesse — Town on the Wall of 

Eeggcwurda — Badgworth, 

Belaiscna — B alHnasIoe. 

BclgiP — Inhabitants of BomerHet, 
Wilts, and Hampshire, in 
Ciesar's time occupying the 
South Ooast. 

Belgte, Wellis — Wells, Someo-set. 

Beliitus 5/n»s— Billingagftte. 

Be/i«a»ia— Eiver nibble, or Mer- 
sey, Lancaahire. 

Bella Vallla — Beauvole, in Gree- 
ley Park, Notts. 

Belial rinda — Byland, Yorkshire. 

Belles ilu m , Bellas I'lu m — Osf ord . 

Bella clivum, BcUodesertuin — Bel- 
dosert, or Beaudesert, War- 

Bellomnrisnts — Beaumaris, Isle 
of Anglesey. 

Bellosilmn — City of Oxford. 

A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Bellum — Battle, Susses. 
Bellum Cap u t — B eaucliief , Derby- 

Bellui Campui — Bulcainp, Norf . 

BeUui Locus — Beaulieu, Haute ; 
Beauly, Inverness ; BeBU- 
doBort, Warwickshire. 

Bellus Locm Regis — Beaulieu 

Brlvenim — Bea u7oir. 

Benethleya — Bentley, Middlesex. 

Bennavetma. See Bannavenna. 

Benaonet. See Venona;. 

Beohrtfnrtla — Burford, Oxon. 

Berceia — Berkshire. 

BeroheUia — Berkeley, Olouc. 

Berch eria — Berkshire. 

Bercha — Berkeley, Glouc. 

Bcrdeniga — Bordney, Line. 

Berechingiim — Barking, Essex. 

Bereda. See Vornda. 

Berga — ^Bridgnorth, Shropshire. 

Beri/onium — A vitrified fort, op- 
posite Conntill Ferry, at the 
mouth of Loch Etive, Lome. 

Befkeria — B eik shire , 

Berkleia — Berkeley, Gloucester- 

Bermtt ndesaia,£ermundshcia,Ber- 
niundi Insula — Bermondsey, 

Bemardi Castellum — Barnard 
Castle, Durham. 

Bernta. See Hibfrma. 

Bernicia — Province reaching 
from the Biver Tees to 
the Frith of Forth. 

Beriia — Barrow, L«land. 

Berubium promontorium — Dun- 
cansby Head, or more pro- 
bably NosBHead,GaitbEesB, 

Btrvicivm, Btneieut — ^Berwick. 

Bibrofassi, Bibroci — A tribe near 

Bray, Berkshire. 
Bimo niu m — Bi nch ester, Durham. 

Blndogladia, See Pini 

Binonium, Binovia, Binotium — 
Binchester, Durham. See 

Birgux — Elver Barrow, Water- 

Birila Insula — Burril Island, co. 
Down, Ireland. 

5i'rntf(/n— Bumham Wood. 

5isAanii/m— BuBtlesham, or Bis- 
ham, Berkshire. 

Butaghnensis—^Qi Glandelagh, 

Blacamora — Blackmore, North 
Hiding of Yorkshire. 

Bladinm Monies — Sliath Bladh- 
ma, now called SUeve Bloom | 
Mountains, in the baiony 
oi Ossory, Queen's County, I 

Bladiiniim — Mahnesbury. See 
Mnidulpki Curia. 

Blanca/orda — Blandford, Dorset 1 

Blancalitnda — Blanch Land, 

Northumberland . 
Blanciim CVis/c hot— White Cas- | 

tie, or Blane Castle, Mon- 
Blanii—TnbB about Dublin. 
Blatum Bul^ium, Ablalum Bui- \ 

gium — Middleby, Dumfries; 

or Bownesa, or Cardunnock, 

Blesfium — Monmouth; Oldtown, 

Blia, BUda—Blyiha, Notts. 
BUdberia — Blewbury, Berks. 
Blithodumim — -Ely ton, Line. 
ifya— Elythe, Notts. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 

Boanda, 5oniirf«5— Eiver Boyne, 

Bohium. See Bomivm. 

Boccania, Boccinia, Boccinum — 
Buckingham ; Buckeuliaiii. 

Boderia. See Bodotria. 

Bodianum — Bodiam, Sussex. 

Bodolria—Ynih of Forth. 

Bodtini. See Dobuni. 

Boena — A town in. the west of 

Boffhania — Buchan, Aberdeen- 
Bhire, Scotland. 

Bolerium — Land's End. 

Boleshovera — Bolsover, Derby- 
Bo fce/aanio — Poole, Dorset. 

Bomine — Bodmin, Cornwall. 

Bomium — Cowbridge, Boverton, 
or Bridgend, Glamorgan- 
fihire ; or Axbridge, Somer- 

£onium,Bovium — Stretton, Ban- 
gor, or Queenhope, Flints 
shiia ; Buubury, Cheshire ; 
or Whitchurch, Shropshire. 

Bonno. See Bomium. 

Bar mum prom. — Matin Head, 

Barcovicum, Borcovitium — 

Housesteads, Northuiabet- 
land ; Berwick. 

Bosnianacha — Bodmin, Oorawall. 
sphorus i'l'ciicKs— Pentland 
Frith, Scotland. 

Bosuenna — Bodmin, Cornwall. 


Boihnenia — Bodmin, Cornwall. 

Botis — Bute Island, West Coast 
of Scotland. 

Bouenia — Boreney, Berks, 

Boeium. See Bomium, Bonium. 

Boxeleia — Bosley, Kent. 
Boxora — B oxford, Berks. 
Braboniantm. See Bremetona- 
cxim, Bremelenracum, Bro- 

Bracehium — Burgh, Yorkshire. 
.flfflcAifo^a— Brackley, North- 

ee Bramenium. 
Bramplonia — Brampton, near 

Erangania, Brannogenium — Ban- 
gor. See also Branoricttm. 

Brangor ia — Bangor. 

Branodumim — Brancaater, Nor- 

Branoncum, Brmovium, Bravi- 
nium, Bravonium — Worces- 
ter ; Ludlow, Leintwardine, 
or Onibury, Shropshire. 

Brechinia — B recknock. 

Brechinium — Brechin, Scotland, 

Brehinium. See Brechinnim. 

Breinensis—Qi Brechin, Scot- 

Bremenium — Newcastle, or High 
Rochester, Nor thumb erland j 
Brampton, Northants. 

Bremelenracum — Either the same 
as Bremetonacum ; Old Pen- 
rith or Bromfield, Cumb. ; 
or Eibohester, Lancashire. 

Bremeto naiti m — verborough , 
Lancaster, or Clitheroe, 

Brendanici Monies — Knock 
Brandon, Kerry. 

Brendanicum 3/are— The 

Brenna — Breubcge or Bryna- 
bege, Glamorgan. 

A Lisi of the Latin Names of Places 

BreniiB I'adus — Brentford, Mid- 

Brtmetenati Veleranorunt. See 
S rentelenracuni and Bi'ejiielo- 

Brexarum — Burgh, Lincolnshire. 

Bribra — Perhaps the same aa 

BriffanUs — Inhabitants of Yorb- 
shiro, Lancashire, Durham, 
Westmoreland, and Oum- 
berland ; also of "Waterford 
and Kilkenny, L-eland, and 
G-fllloway, Scotland. 


Briye — Bridgnorth, Shropshiro ; 
Broughton, or Titehfield 
Bay, Hampahire ; Eyde. 

Briges, See Bn'ffanles. 

Brigewatera — Bridgwater, 

Brlgoinono — Bargeny, Wigtown. 

Briffiis — Barrow River, Ireland. 

Brillendu n um — Bridlington, 

Briodunam — Bredon, Worcester- 

Brisio Idum — Bristol. 

Brislolia, Briatolium, Brislowa — 

Brilanni — People of Britain. 

Britannia Prima — Britain south 
of the Thames. 

Britannia Seeunda — Britain west 
of the Severn ; or from Bris- 
tol Channel to Mersey, and 
from Thames to Humber. 

Britannicus Oceanvs — English 

Brilhania. See Brilannia. 
Brilonei — People of Britain. 

Britonum Caf/nun — Dunbrittoiij- ^ 

or Dumbarton, Scotland. 
Brocara, Bracavo- — ^B rough 

Brougham-on-the-Eamontj ■ 

Westmorelan d . 
Broconiacum — Brougham, We 


Brovonach — Aldstono Moor, 
B rough, Brougham, or 
Kirkbythure, Westmore- 

Briiga — Bridgnorth. 

Bruhclh^BrOl, Bucks. 

Briitanihia. See Britannia. 

Bnjos Iowa — Bristol. 

Biibria. See Dubris. 

^McAoHin— Buchan, Scotland. 

Buck ingh amia — B uckingham , 

Bucostenum — Buston, Derby- 

Bu rfi/briia— Bedford . 
Buellium — Boyle, Ireland. 
Bulgium — Bowness, Cumberland. 
Btillaum — Builth, Brecknock; or \ 

TJsb, Monm. 
Bimgehia — Bungay, Norfolk. 
Burgensis fon*— BoroughbridgOj 


-Burton, Stafford- 

Burgtii — Brough, Weatmoro- 
land ; Peterborough ; 
Bridgnorth, Shropshire. 

Burhella. See Bruhella. 

Buroavcnts. See Dwovemwm. 

Buralevo. See D-^irolenum. 

Btirrio — Usk, Monmouthshirs 
Ledbury, Hereford. 

m Great Britain and Ireland. 


Buaeneia — Einsey, Oxon. 

Busielli Domus — Bustlesliam or 
Bishatn, Berk a. 

Buvlnda — Eivet Bojae, Ireland. 

Byligesleaga — Billingsley, Shrop- 

Cucaria — Tadcaster, Yorka. 

Caerdigtmia — Cardigan, 
Caer-Lincoit — Lincoln. See Lin- 

Caermardinia — Caermarthen, 

Caerperis — Porchester, Hamp- 

Caerseverua — Sali sbnry . 

Casaria — Jersey. 

Casaria Burgum—Seaxbyiig, Old 

Caaaromaffo — Chelmaford, Writ- 
tie, Widford, Eurntwood, 
Oanvey Island, or Billeri- 
cay, Eaaex. 

Calacum. See Galacum. 

Calaterktm — E. Calder, Yorks. 

Calaterium JVem as— Forest of 
Qaltresa, Yorkshire. 

Calatum, See Galacum. 

Calcaria — Tadcaster or Aberford, 

CakoenaU—Oi Kelso, Scotland, 

Calcua, Nalctta. See Calhva and 

Caldei Insula— Ynjs Pyr, or Cal- 
dey Island, Pembrokeshire. 

Caldenis Flu.—Jliyer Calder, 

Cn/frfoni'n^Callander, Perth- 
shire. It is alao need for the 
whole of Scotland. 

Caledonia Sjr^ixi— Argyle, Loch- 

aber and Moray. 
Cn^erfon it— Inhabitants of north- 

weat of Scotland. 
Caledonium Caatnim — Dnnkeld. 
Calidoni^ Sylva — ^Floma applies 

this name to the interior of 

Cnlkoensia—Ol Kelao. 
Calhva — Basingstoke, Hants. 
Calleva Attrebatum. See Galleva 

Calna — Calne, Wiltshito. 
Cn?o/iif(— Coldingham, 
Co/hjii'o— Same aa Galacum ; or 

Camalditnum, Camalodunum — ■ 

Maldon, Essex ; Culchester, 

or Lexden. 
Co nw/e (am— Camel, Someraet- 

Cambiwn Jtegale — 'Royal Ex- 
change, London. 

Camhodttiium — Almondbury, 
Greetland, or Elland, West 
Hiding of Yorkshire. 

Camhoricum, Canihorium — Ick- 
lingham, Suffolk; or Cam- 

Camhretonium. See Combre- 

Ca niii-ia — Wales . 

Cavibula — E. Camel, Cornwall. 

Camelo du nU7H — Doncast er. 

Catnolodunum. See Camaldununt. 

Campodunum. See Camliodunum. 

Campua Alius— RtLt&eld,oT Haut- 
field, Hertfordshire. 

Campua J-abriitn — Smithfleld. 

Campus NavQ-Forensia — New- 
market Heath, 

Ciimndolanum. See Cambodu- 

Cnmulodunum. See Camaldu- 

nwni Bad Cam&odunum. 
Cana Insula — Slieppy. See 

Canachina Silva — Cannock 

Chaee, Staffordshire. 
Canani Terra — Merionotli. 

Cancanum. See Canganorum. 
Candalia — Kendal, Westmore- 

Canditla Casa — Whithera, Wig- 

Caniiiila Meehsia — ^Wliitohurch, 

CanganoruTti promonlorium— 

Braieliy Pwll Point, Car- 

narvonBliire. See Gan- 

Cangi — Tribe in SomerBotBhire, 

or perhaps the eame as 

Canonium — Canewdon, or Fam- 

bridge, or neeir Kelvedon, 

Ca iitabrigia — Cambridge. 

Ca nte— Tribe in Sutherlaadshire . 

Cantia, Cantium — Eent. 

Ca n iuaria — Canterbury. 
Canluarita — Kentish Saxons. 
Canubio. See Conovium. 
CapTcB Caput, Caprocephalia — 
GateBhoad, See Gabrosen- 

Carbanliuni — Caerlaverock, Dum- 

Carbaniorigum — - Drummore, 


Carhonarius CoWs— Coleflhill, 

Carcaria. See Calcaria. 
Cardelum — Carlisle. 
Cardigania — Cardigan, Wales. 
Careni — Inhabitants of Oaith- 

Carleolu m — Carlisle. 
Carmarth inia — Caermar then , 
Caniarvonia — Caeraarvon, 


Curphillis — A castle, supposed 
to have been built by the 
Eomans, Glamorganshire. 

Carricfa — Carrick, Scotland. 

Carriun — Charmowth, Dorset j 
Carbarn, Northumberland. 

Carlusia- — Witham Charter- 
house, Somerset. 

Carugia — Kerry, Ireland. 

Casa Candida. See Candida 

Casella — -Oashel, Ireland. 

Cassi, Cassii — Tribe in Hertford- 

C«s*i7i'a— Oashel, Ireland. 
Cassilerides — SciUy Islands. 
Cassivelauni oppi'dum — St. Al- 

baa's. See Verolamium. 
CastraAlata. ^b& Alaia Cattra. 
Castra e:eploratorum — Burgh on 

the Sands, Netherby, Old 

Castle, or Eowneaa, Cum* 

Castrodunum — Chesterton, Cam- 

Castrum Britonum — Dunbritton, 

Castrum Cafcrfoni'itm— Dunkeld. 
Caairum Cubit — Holyhead 

Caatrum de Fies— Devizes, "Wilt- 

Cattrum Leonh — Holt Castle, 

Castnim Osca— TJsk, Monm. 

Castrum Puellarum — Edinburgh. 

Cataracta, CataraBlouiutn — 

Thornbrough, near Thirsk, 
Allerton, or Catterick Bridge, 

Cataracta Flu. — Eiver Swale, 

Catmessa — Oaithnesa. 

Cateracta — Catterick, Torks. 

Catettehlani. See Catuellani. 

Catguilia — KidweUy, Oarmar- 

Calhania — Caithness, Scotland. 

Calhinensis — Of Caithness. 

Calini — People oi Caithness. 

Catuellani, Catyeucklani — People 
of Buckingham, Bedford, 
and Hertfordshire. 

CoKCi— Tribe living in Wiaklow, 

Cauda — R. Oalder, Cumberland. 

Cauna. See Counos. 

Caimonio. See Canonium, 

Causennce, Cautennu — Boston, 
Ancaater, Brig Casterton, or 
Swinesbead, Linoohisbire. 

Cava — Cave, Torks. 

Cava: Dira — IIoldemesB, York- 

Caverna Viperina — Aspeden, 

Cavoda — Cawood, Yorkshire. 

Cawda. See Cavoda. 

Cea/cAiV/ie— Chalk, Kent; Chel- 

Cea llide—Gh elsea . 
Ceanffi. See Canyt. 
O^ff/on— Callander Castle, 

Cella Canici — Kilkenny. 

Cella S. 5ji>t«ar— Kilbride. 

Celnius Flu. — Eiver Findhom, or 
Eiver Spey, Elgin. 

Cdovion. See Cehrion. 

Celunno. See Cilumum. 

Celurca — Montrose, Forfar. 

Cenenersis — Of KeUa, Ireland. 

Cenimagnt — The same as the 
Iceni, a tribe in the east of 

Cenion Flu. — Eiver Falle, Corn- 

Cen turn f on tes — Hundreds-kelde, 
or Hinderwell, Yorka. 

Ceolesega — Selsey, Sussex. 

Ceoleseia — Choleey, Berks. 

Crrda Selffovarum—Dumtnes. 

Cerdici vadum — Chardford, 

Cerelica — Ceredigion, a province 

of S. Wales; Cardiganshire. 
Cerneia — Chamey, Berks. 
Cerne/iHWi^Cerne, Dorsetshire. 
Cernualia, Ctirnualia — ComwaU, 
Cei-ones, Ceronii — Inbabitanta of 

Loehaber and Eoss. 
Ccrota Insula — Chertsey, Surrey. 
Cerlesia — Cbertsey, Surrey. 
Cervi Insula — Cbertsey ; also 

Hartlepool, lHurham. 
Cetare Tumulus — Cam Ceasra, 

Cestre — Is used for Tort, Cheater, 

and Che ster-le- Street. 
Cestrla — Cheater; Cheshire; 

Castle Knock, Dublin. 
Cestrisiria — Cheshire , 
Chanrsa, C/mnoricmn—Chaa. 

onry, Eoss-shire, Scotland. 
Ckarditm — Chard, Somerset. 
Chalhania. See Calhania. 

A IMtof^ Zatm Names of Places 

Chatici. See Cauci. 

C'helm frill m— Ctelmsf ord . 
C'henlemea — Kentisli men. 

C/ieniBr/eWa—CheBtor field, Der- 

Chtitria, Chestrum. See Cestria. 
Cheva — Kow, Surrey. 
Chibii Caslrum — Holyhead, 

CdiVunt— St. Osith, Essex. 

Chirca— Chirk, Denliigli shire. 

Chirchbeia — Kirkby, Kirby. 

Chondercnsu — Of Conuor, Ire- 

Chorfa—QotU, Dorset. 

Chridianliine — Crediton, DeTon, 

Cibra — A town on 
Antonine Wall. 


Cilurn n m , Cilitrin um — Wal wick 
CheBtera, or Collerton, 
Northumb erland. 

CindoceHum—Towa in Scotland, 
north of Antonine's Wall. 

Cirecea/ria, Cirenceatria, Cirinium 
— Cirencester, Glouc. 

C'irnea — Chamey, Gloucester- 

Ciaaa ceas fre — Oiiohest er. 

CVpeWa— Che veley . 

Ch'itas Lfffioiium — Caerleon, 
Monmouthshire ; Chester. 

Clanovenla — Lanchester, Dur- 
httm ; Cockorniouth or 
Ellenborough, Cumberland. 

Clara — County of Clare, Ireland. 

Claretilia—CloTB, Suffolk. 

Claria — Clare County, Ireland. 

Claro-fonlanm, Clarus-fons^ 
Snerbome, Dorsetshire. 

Cimidia Cuatra, Claudia — Glou- 

C/rtwrfiona^roeincio— Gloucester^. J 

Cla iiiUocealria — GI ou ceater. 

Clauaenlum — Biehop'sWaltham, J 
Southampton ; or Bittern, 
Hants; or Chichester, Bus- 

Cleocea (rin — Gloucester . 

Clevirm — Gloucester, SeBClaudta, 

Clidum — Ardoch, Perthshire, Sea ^ 

CTipd— King's Cliff, Northanta. 
Clocheria, Clocherium — Cloghor, 

Clona — Clone, Ireland. 
CTon/erft«n— Cloufcrt, Ireland. 
Clola—RvtQv Clyde. 
Clovesho — Cliffe at Hoo, Kent. 
Cluanania, Cluainvanea, Cluanum 

— Oloyne, co. Cork, Ireland. ( 
Cluanftmensis — Of Cloyne, co. 

CAirfo— Eiver Clyde. 
Cluenerardensia — Of Clonard, 

Clitida, Cluta—R. Clwyd, Den- 
Cli<nererardensis — Of Clonttrd, 


in Great Briiain and Ireland. 

Clutina Fn/fe—DiU'ryncloyd, 

Cnaresburg us — Knareaboroueh, 

Cnohherihirgum — Burgh Castle, 

Count ia — E. Kent, Westmore- 

Coearus—R. Coke, Yorkshire ; 

Cocker, Lane. 
Coccium — Blftckrode, or Ejb- 

ch eater, Lancashire. 
Cocvneda Civitas — On the Eiver 

Coquet, Northumberland. 
Cognacta — Connaught, Ireland. 
Coguvmmron Flu. — E. Soar, 

Coila—Kj\e, W. of Scotland. 
Cokarus. See Cocarui. 
Co/nHi'o^ Car stairs, or Crawford, 

CoiQ«.ca— Coldingham, or Col- 

Co Mania — Coldingh am , 
Coleceaslra, Coleeslria — Colches- 
ter, Essex. 
C'ollis Magnus ■ — Drug Mawr, 

Collis Victoria — Knockmoy, a 

Cistercian Abbey, Ireland. 
Colmonora. See Cumonora. 
Colnia Flu. — Eiver Colne. 
Colonia — Colchester, Maldon, or 

Mersoa Strood, Essex. 
Colonia Viclricensia — Maldon, 

Cohtdi fri»— Coldingham. 
Colunum — Colnbrook, Bucks. 
Combefetoniufn- — Brettenbam ; 

Stratford St. Andrew ; or 

Hadleigh, Suffolk. 
Combrclovium. See Comhere- 

C'o Ho/Zea—Tirconnell, Ireland. 

Concangios — Watercrook, near 
Kendal ; or Chester-le- 
Street, Durham ; or Burgh, 
near Woodbridge. 

Concani — People of Munster, 

Condn/e — Congleton, North wicb, 
Kinderton, or Arley Hall, 
Great Eud worth, Cheshire. 

Condercum — Chester- le- Street, 
Durham; Benwell, North- 

Congavafa — Stanivix, or Di'um- 
burgb, Cumberland. 

Congrricuriti — Congersbury, 

Connaccia, Connachlia—Qon- 

Co wnnc/a— Connaught, Ireland. 
Contiarin, Conncria, ConnerUim — 

Connor, co. Antrini, Ireland. 
Couonium — Chelmsford, Essex. 
Conovium — Caer Ehyn, or Caer- 

ben, on the Conway, Caor- 

Conovium, Canovitts — Eiver Con- 

way,North Wales; also used 

for the Town of Conway. 
Conlaracta — Eiver Swale, Yorks. 
Convennan, Convennos Insula. 

See Counos. 
Conventria — Coventry, Warwick- 
Conveioni. See Comberelonium. 
Cogueda, Coqtiedua — Coquet 

Eivur, in Northumberland. 
Cogueda Ititula — Tho Isle of 

Coquet, on the coast of 

Corcugia — Cork, Ireland, 
CoTcenaia—Oi Cork. 

Conla — Ciinmouk, Ayrshire ; 
LjneHrk, Peebles, or some 
town near Loughcure, Scot- 

Coria, Curia Olladitiorum— Jed- 
burgh, Eoxburghshire ; or 
Currie, Edinburghshire. 

Coria Damniorum — CaratairB.La- 
nftrk [ or Kirkurd, Peebles. 

Corie— Patrington, Yorks. 

Corieiifii— Tribe in Wexford, 

Corinea — Cornwall . 

Corinium, Carinium Dobunorum 
— Cirencester, Gloucester- 

Coritma Flu. — The Eiver Chume 
that runs by Cirencester. 

Coritani, Coritavi —People of 
Northampton, Leicester, 
Eutland, Derby, and Not- 
tingham shires. 

Cornnbii — Tribe in StrathnaTem, 

Cornavii, Cornal ii — Inhabitants 
of "Warwick, Worcester, 
Stafford, Shropshire, and 

Corneliensis—Oi Cerne, Dorset. 

Cornua Ilia — Cornwall . 

Comubia — Cornwall . 

Coiftwlum Monasterium — Horn- 
church, Essex. 

Corragia — Cork . 

Corslopilum, Coraiopitum — Cor- 
bridge, Morpeth, Gorbet, or 
Corcheater, Northumberland 

Corsula Insula — Perhaps Holy- 

CorvEsgeala^^Gorie, Dorset. 

Calen'nus Mons — Cotferdale, 
Morth Eiding of Yorkshire. 

Cridea, Cridialunum, CridloA 
mtm — Crediton, or Kirto^'^ 

Croeocalana, Crocolaiia — Ancas- 
ter, Lincohishire ; Brough, 
near Collingham ; or Gar- 
Colston, Notts. 

Crou cingo — Crosby. 

Crowlandia, Croylandia, Crvilan- 
dia — Crowland, Line. 

Crvkeri Caslrwn — Pen-y-Orug, 

C'rulan dia — Crowland. 

Crux Chariniana — Charing OrosBi 

Crux Oswaldi — Oswestry. 

Cms: iJoe^iffi— Eoyston. 

Cttliii Caslrum — Holyhead. 

CuUnum — Cullen, Banff. 

Cumanora — Cunmor, Berks. 

Cumber la iidia — Cumberland . 

Cunilri — People of Cumberla 

Cumbria — Cumberland. 


Berks. ^^M 
erland. ^^^| 


in Great Britain and Ireland. 

Cunecacestre — Cbester-le-Street, 

Cunelio — Marlborough, Milden- 

hall, or Kamsbury, "Wilts. 
Cunetio Flu. — Kiver Keaaet. 
Cunga — ■Cong', Ireland. 
C^ni'o— River Conway. 
Cunio — Mull of Cantire. 
Cuprttm Fif(B — Cupar Fife. 
Curia. 8ae Coria. 
Curia Fdmnndi—BiiTy St. Ed- 

Curnualia — Corn w all . 
Cyneta — Eirer Kennet. 

Dacorum ballivus — Bailiff of 

Upper and Lower Deana, 

Dacorum clades — Danes-end, 

Dammucertsis, Daumutecnsis — 

Of Dunwich, Suffolt. 
Damnii — People of Clydesdale 

and Stirling. 
Damniiim, Damnonium promon- 

lorium — Lizard, or Dodmaa 

Damnonia, Devonia, Domnania — 

Samnomi — People of Deyonalure 

and Cornwall. 
i)anca«/Wa ^Doncaster, Toris. 

Danica Sylva — Andredswald 
Forest, Sussex ; also the 
Forest of Dean, Gloucester- 

Danmonii. See Damnonii. 

Danuhia Sylva — Forest of Dean. 

Dnnum — Doncaater, Yorks. 

Banus Flu. — The Dane, Lincoln- 
shire ; Dan, or Daven, Che- 
shire ; Don, or Dun, Torks. 

Darbia — Derby. 

Darensis — Of Kildare. 

Darentivadam — Dartford, Kent. 

Darenlus Flu. — Darenth, or Dart 
Eiver, in Kent. 

Darinum — Estanford, Strang- 
ford (?), Ulster. 

Darnii — A tribe in Ulster. 

Darolenses^Peo^lB of Dorset- 

DaruenuM — Canterbury. See 

Darventia — River Derwent, 

Z)a «'«»■«« iK^Canterbury ; Ro- 

Daurana. See Dabrona. 

De Fontibus — ^Wells, Somerset. 

Dea — River Dee, Cheshire. 

Dtbha. See Bebba. 

Decha — Town in Scotland, North 
of the Forth. 

Deouaria. See Peluariit. 

/)*<a— River Dee. 

Deidonum — D undee. 

Dmlocum — Qodstow, Oxford- 

Deira — The part of the kingdom 
of the Northumbrians on the 
south side of the Tyne, 

Deira Sylva — Deerhurst, Glou- 

Deirorum Sylva — Derewald, or 
Beverley, Yorkshire. 

Dela—Deal, Kent. 

A List of the Latin Mimes of Places 

Detgovitia—QooAmtinham, Fim- 
ber, Millington, or Martet 
Weighton, East Biding of 

pelvinla—Delvin, Westmeafli, 

Demerosesa — Dumf riea . 

Demela, Dimetas — People of 
South Wales. 

Demetia, Demctica — DjTcd, a 
province in Soutli Wales, 
FembrokeBhtre and a part 
of Caernarvonshire. 

Dena Vicirix — Cheater. See 

Denaa Sylva — Forest of Dean. 

Denhiffhia — Denbigh, Denbigh- 

Deomedum — South Wales. 

Deorheia — D erby . 

Dirw — Derry, Ulster. 

iJfrfien (('one ^Little Cheater, near 

Sereb isciria — Derby ehire . 
T^eren/itat/uin— Dartford, Kent. 
Dersiemuta — Dartmouth, Devon. 
Derlmula — Dartmouth, Devon. 
Dervenlione—'Kohhy, Kexby, or 

Stamford Bridge, on the 

Derwent, Yorkshire ; Pap 

Castle, Cumberland. 
Desmonia — Desmond, Ireland. 
iJeMirt— Deciea, co. Waterfordj 

Deucaleilomi— The Scots. 
l)encahdom«s ocranKs— The sea 

on the W. of Scotland. 
iJeuna— Chester. See Deva. 
Deunana — Doncaster. 
Deva — Dundee ; Chester. 
J)eva Flu. — EivetDee, Cheshire. 
Devana ■ — Aberdeen ; Chester ; 

Detania — Cheshire. 

Devi Mit.—RixoT Dovoy. 

Dev ion iaso — Devonport . 

Devonia — Devonshire. 

Devovicia. See Delgovitia. 

Devut Flu. — Eiver Dovey. 

Dewi — St. David's. 

Dextralh Cambria — Deheubat 
i.e. South Wales. 

Deya — Eiver Dee. 

Dicetum—'Di&a, Norfolk. 

Dictia — Ambleside, Westmore- 

i>;e/am— Diganwy, Caemarvon- 

i>in(e((E— People of South Wal 

iJmffour— South Wales. 

Diona — Eiver Deo, Scotland. 

ZJiV (oi;!f Km— Droit wich, Woi 

Dlvnna. See Devana. 

i>iVj7tnB— Dubh-lein (the Blat 
Pool), now called DubUn. 

Divisor, OiVusio— Devizes, Wilt- 
e Caslnim de Viet,.- 


See Dielis. 


£orfttiii— People of Qlote 



cestorshire and Oxfordshire. 
Dofr is — Dover. 
Dohcindo — A town : 

Domnania. See Domnonia 
Donewicvm — Dnuwich, Suffcd 
Bonus — Eiver Done, Durham. J 
Dorheia- — D erby. 
Bar cads — The Orkneys. 
Borcesiria, Borhcestria, Doriea 

tria, Bornset/a — Dorchester, 

ZJorcm/a— Dorchester, Oxford- 

Dorcinn i Civ itas — Dorch ester, 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 975 ^^H 

Z>or/m— Dover, Kent. 

Dubris— Dover, Kent. ^^M 

Doris Canliorum — Dover. 

Du/elda—DumelA, Derbyehire. ^^M 

Dorna ceaster — DoroheBter. 

Buyhssus Flu.— 'River Douglas, ^^H 

Dornocum—DovnoGk, Dumfriea- 

Clydesdale. ^H 

BtirB, Scotland. 

Dulcs Cor, Stiavicordium—Svfeet- ^^H 

Dorohellum. See Darvermm. 
Dorobernia — Oaiiterbmy; Dover. 
Dorobrevum. See Durohrivis. 

beart, or New Abbey, Kirk< ^^M 

cudbrigbtsbire. ^^H 

Dulma. See MagMvintiim. ^^H 

fliimJarwrn— Dunbar, Hadding- ^^H 

Doro cina — Dorchester. 

Diimbinmsis-Oi Dumblane. ^^| 

i>umWnn«»i— Dumblane, Pettb- ^^| 

Doronemum — Canterbury; 



Dumbrosa — Bundroose, or Bun- ^^H 

iJorpenrfMnuni— Orpington, Kent. 

doram, Leitrlm. ^^H 

Dor seta, Doraeiania, Dorsetia — 

Diimbum promojilorium — Ben- ^^H 


gore Head, or Fair Head, ^^M 

iJori/Sersio— CarLterbury; Dover. 

Dumera — Dummer, Hants. ^^H 

Dorut Flu.— -The Dor, Herts. 

iJiitnna— Pair Island, one of the ^^| 

Dorvanlium, Dortalii/m — Eiver 

Orkneys. ^^H 
Dumnonia — Devonsbire. See ^^H 

Dart, Darentb, or Dorwent. 

Darventa — Eiver Derwent or 

Damnonia. ^^H 


Dumnonii. See Damnonii. ^^^H 

iJort'en /an/— People of Derby- 

Duna — Down, Dovnpatrick. ^^H 


ZJunninuni-^Downbam, Cam- ^^H 

Dorvernym. See Damemum. 

bridgesbire. ^^^| 

Doum — Dover, 

DunBhel(liTiU7n—T)xn^e\A. See ^^| 

Dourus — Dingle Bay. 

Caledonium Caatrum. ^^H 

Dovaria, Dover/ia, Doveria—Bo- 

DuncAeranum — Dunkerria, ^^^| 


King's County, Ireland. ^^H 

Dorus Flu.— River Dove, Derby- 

Diindakum—'Dttnii.aXk, Loath, ^^H 


Ireland. ^^^M 

Dromoria — Dromore, oo. Down, 

Dunedinum — Edinbui'gb. ^^^| 


Dunelmia, Btmelmum, Dunelmut ^^^M 

DuabUsh, i?»n6swis— Dupplin, 

— Dm-ham. ^^M 


Diiiieataplia-Btmata.'ble, Beds. ^^H 

Duatum — Kilmacduagh, Gal- 

i>u»ej/a r—Dunster, Somerset. ^^^| 

way, Ireland. 

Duneveliim—'La.aiicestoii, Corn- ^^H 

DubHeensIs—Oi Dublin. 


Diiblinia, i)((i/in»ini— Dublin. 

D'lnfreia — Dumfries, Scotland. ^^^| 

See Dkilina. 

Dungallum — Donegal, THster. ^^^| 




A List of ike Latin Names of Places 

Dunholmum, Dunkolmua—Jyar- 

Dunittabuhim — Dunstable, Bed- 

Dunium—'DoTch.Bsi&r, Dorset. 
See Moriduiiium. 

Dtinmoiiii. See Damnonii. 

Dunovicam — Bunwich, SufloUr. 

Dunrodunum — Dornoch, Suther- 

Dvttutn — Down, Ulster ; Don- 
caster, Yorks ; Dimdalk, 
CO. Louth ; Salisbury ; 
Waterford, Ireland. 

Duiium 5hj««— Scarborough 

Bay, Yorkshire, or Tees- 

Diimis Flu. — Eiver Doon, Ajr- 

JDtmui Statu. Bee Dunum Sinut. 

Dunvicus, Z)h in Id I'cus— Dun wich, 

Sura — Derry, Ireland. 

Duracastrum — Dorchester, Ox- 

iJuriM— Eiver Dour, Kent. 

Durcinale. See DuroUpons. 

Ditri, Dims—Tha.i part of the 
Bay of Dingle where is the 
mouth of the Eiver Maing, 

iJurio— Dors etahir e . 

Durit — Dover. 

Du rnium — Dorchester. 

Bumonovaria — Dorchester, Dor- 

Duroavern i — Canterhury . 
Durohrahh, Durobreva. See Du- 

Durobriva» — Caistor, Lincoln- 
sbire ; or West Lynue ; or 
"Wiggeuhall St, Germain's, 

/)«roJriVi'«—Eoch eater, i 
or CustoQ, Keut. 

Durobrova. See Durobrii 

Durcbrus- See Durahrivis. 

Durocastrutn — Dorchester, Oxou, 

ZJiirocoinVi*— Dunstable, Beds ; 
Hertford, Gireat Berkhamp- 
stead, or Eedburn, Herts. 

Dtirocornnrium — Cirencester. 

Diirolani Flu. — Eiver Len, Kent. 

Durolenum, Durolecuin — New- 
ington, Lenham, or West- 
well, Kent. 

DuroUpons — Cambridge, God- 
mancbester, or Eamaey, 

DurorUum~0\A Ford, Lejton, 
Eomsey, or Purfleet, Essex. 

Diironovaria — Dorchester, Dor- 


See DurohrivU. 

See DuroUpons. 
Durolriges — Men of Dorsetshire. 
Durovernum, Dorovernum, Dar- 

vernu m — Canterbury. 
Durus, Durius 7'7m.— The Stour. 
Duvelescense C'astrum — Duleek, 

;/;na— DubUn. 


Eadmodum — Emmet, Yorks. 
Earipolensh — Jerpont, Ossory, i 
Eathellngiana Via — Watliag E 

in Great Brilain and Ireland. 

Eaxanceas tra — Eieter. 

Ebheeaalriim — Bamborougli 
Castle, Northumberland. 

Ehlana — Dttblin. See Dtvilina. 

Ebodia—'Yhe lale of AJderuey. 

£Aor«cam— York. 

Ebiida Insula — Two islands are 
thus named by Ptolemy, of 
which one is Skye or Islay, 
the other Lewis or Jura. 

Ehuilm — Is used for the Western 
lelea of Scotland generally. 

Eburacu m — York. 

Eburocastrum — Near Rochester, 
Northumb erland . 

Edenb urgus — Edinburgh. 

Ederosum Monasterinm — Ivy- 
church, Wilts. 

Edmundi Burffus— Bury St. Ed- 
munds, in Sufiotk. 

Edros, Hedros Insula — Bardaey 
Island, Caemorvonahire, or 
Ireland's Eye, 

Edwinihirgm — Edwinatow, 

£(-a— Eye, Suffolk. 

Eidiimania, or Idumanus, Flu. — 
Elackwater Eiver, or mouth 
of the 8tour and Orwell, 

Eilfcuriana Vallis, Eihcurium — 
Vale of Aylesbury, iuBuck- 

Eilvius, Elviui — St. Asaph's, 

EJuden ica — Jedburgh . 

Etadanvm — Eildon, Eoxburgh- 

Elaviana — Islay. 

Elconifini— Iowa in Cornwall. 

Elevemia. See Elvcmia. 

ElgU, Elginum—Mgin, Scotland. 

Elgotii, Elgovm — Inhabitants of 
Liddisdalo, Ensdale, Esk- 
dale, Niclisdale, and Annan- 
dale, in Scotland. 

Elia, Elys — Ely, Cambridge- 

Elieims 7iij«fa— The Isle of Ely. 
Ellandunum — Allington, near 

Amesbury, or Wilton, in 

Ellebri—Veo^Xs in Kerry, Ire- 

Ellesmara — EUeamere, Shrop- 

Ellaho. See Voluba. 

Elteshamum — Eltham, in Kent. 

Ehemia — Elvael, a cantref in 

Ehium, Elwa — 8t. Asaph's. 

Elys, Elia — Ely, Carabridge- 

Emelia — Emly, in Ireland. 
£mo«("a— May Isle, in the Frith 

of Forth. 
Enachdunensis — Annadown, co. 

Clare, Ireland. 
Enchegallia — Inisgall, i.e. lona, 

Tiree, Coll, Canua, andEum. 
Engltscby ria — England. 
Engle wria — England . 
Eoucrcon — Abercom, Scotland. 
£'ot-fl*Hm— Evesham, Worcester- 

Eoyrus — Eiver Nore, Ireland, 
Epeiacum, Epiacum — Hexham, 
or Papcastle. See jipia- 

Epidii — Tribe living in Cantire. 

Epidium Insula — lalay. 

Epidium promnnlorium^-Hu]! of 

EpocMia — Perhaps Upper Stan- 
ton, Herefordshire. 


A ImI of the Latin Names of Places 

Erdini — ^People of Fermanagh, 

Ireland . 
Eripolensis — Of Jerpont, Ossory. 
Emulphi Curia — Eynesbury, 

Erpeditani. See Erdini. 
Esca — River Esk, Dumfries. 
Esica, See uSsycha, 
Esse Insula — Stourmouth (?), 


Essexa — Essex. 

Estan tona — Stanton . 

Estratona — Stratton, Bedford- 

Estreia — Eastry, Kent. 

Jlstsexa — Essex. 

Ethandunum — Heddington, 

-Ethelingia — ^Athelney, Somerset- 

Etocetum — E[ingsbury, War- 
wickshire; or Wall, Staf- 

Eubonia — Isle of Man. See 

Euonium — DunstafPnage, Ar- 

Evania, See Mevania, 

Evenlodus Flu. — Eiver Evenlode, 
in Oxfordshire. 

Everwyk — ^York. 

Evonium — DunstafPnage. 

Exa Flu.—'RiveT Exe, Devon- 

Exancestria, Excestra — ^Exeter. 

Excambium Regium — The Royal 

Exexa — ^Essex. 

Exoche — Gunfleet, Essex ; or 
Wintertonness, Norfolk. 

Exonia — ^Exeter. 

Exosades — ^Islands off Norfolk 
- or Essex. 

Exploratorum Casira — Burgh 
upon Sands. 

Extensio. See Exoche, 

Eya — Eye, Norfolk. 


Fala Flu. — River Fal, ComwaU. 

Falensis Partus — ^Falmouth. 

Fanocodi — A town in Cumber- 

Fanum ad Taffum — Uandaff, 

Fanum Andrea — St. Andrew's^ 

Fanum Canici — Kilkenny. 

Fanum Christi — Christchurch, 

Fanum Germani — Uanarmon, 

Fanum Iltuti — Llantwit, Gla- 

Fanum Ivonis Persia — St. Ive's, 

Fanum Leonis — Leominster. 

Fanum Neoti — St. Neot's, 

Fanum Oswaldi — ^Nostal, York- 

Fanum Reguli — St. Andrew's, 
Scotland, also called Kirk- 
rule and Kilrule. 

Fanum S, Albani — St. Alban's, 

Fanum S. Asaphi — St. Asaph's, 

Fanum S, Botolphi — Boston, Lin- 

Fanum S, Edmundi — Bury St. 
Edmund's, Suffolk. 

I Great Britain and Ireland. 

Fanum S. Johannu— St. John's, 
IBoBcommon, Ir eland. 

Fanum S. Mauditi — St. Mawe's, 

Fanum Stephaiyi — Eirkby-Ste- 
phen, in Westmoreland. 

Fanum Tecla — IJandegla, Den- 
bigh ; S. Tecla's Chapel, an 
island at the mouth of the 

Famtiai Villa— M\ay St. Ed- 
munds, or Orford, in Suf- 
folk, See Villa Faualini. 

/"aton'o— Faure, Meath, Ireland. 

Faioenses — Inhabitants of 
Fowey, Cornwall. 

Felicia — Felixstow, Suffolk. 

Felicis Oppidum—Y]is^xm, Suf- 

Ferberga—'Ea.nihQroM gh . 

Fernm, Fernum — Ferns, Wex- 
ford, Ireland. 

Ferulega — H eref ord . 

Fibrilega, Fibrolega — Beverley, 
Tori shire. 

Fi/buryansis—Ot the Five Bo- 
roughs — Lincoln, Notting- 
ham, Derby, Leicester, and 

/■iHMaftrenJis-Of Kilfenora, alias 
Edumabrach, alias Fena- 
bore, CO. Clare, Ireland. 

Flagajlom, ^/a!y?or— Sparsholt, 

a CtBsariensis — Province of 
Eoman Britain between the 
Thames, Humberj and Mer- 
sey ; or between Humber, 
Mersey, and Great Wall. 

Flexkga Flaxley, Gloucester, 

/Tind'o— Flint. 

Fluentanua Career — Fleet Prison. 

Fans Amnensis — Amwell, in 

Fans Brigida — Bridewell, in 


Fona clams — Sherborne, in Dor- 

Fans Clen'coriim — Clerkenwell. 

Fans interfraxinus — Aehwell, in 

Fans Sacer — Holywell. 

Fontaneiiim, Fonianeiisis Ecclesia 
— Wells, in Somersetshire, 

Fontss — Wells ; Fountains 
Abbey, Yorka. 

Fontis, TiYfe— Holywell, Flint- 

Fordunum — Fordoun, co. Kin- 
cardine, Scotland. 

i^Dr(Aei"fl— Frith of Forth, 

Forum — Cheap, London. 

Forum Jovis — Marazion, Corn- 

Fovera, Fouria — Fore, West- 

Fraiula Flu. — In Derbyshire. 

Fretum Britannicttm, Frehim 
Gallicum, Fretum Morino- 
rum — Straits of Dover. 

Friscodunensecomobiu m — Fr eston 
Abbey, Lincolnshire. 

Frodrenela — Fotharta, Leinster, 

Froinus, Froma — Itiver Frome. 

Frumenlariiis Mons — Cumhill, 


Gahaglanda. See Amhoghnna. 

Oabranlomcariim, Gabrantovico- 
rum Sinus — Bridlington or 
Filey Bay, Yorkshire. 

Qabroeentitm, Gabrosenlis — 
(iateshoad, Durham ; Black 
Dyke or Drumburgh, Cum- 

A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Gadeni — Inhabitantfl of Fife, 
Twoeddole. March, and Lo- 
thian, in Scotland. 
Gadiva — Aher£Eraw, in the lale 

of Anglesey. 
Gaelwaflia — Galloway, Scotland. 

aiding tona — Geddington, 

Gaingtona — Geddington, 
North ants. 

Qaini — People of Lincolnshire. 

Gainiburgui — Gainsborough, 

Galacum — Applebv, Kendal, or 
Whollop CasUe, "Weatmore- 

Galava, Gallava — Old Town, 
Keswick, or Wythbum, 
Cumberland ; or Walwiek, 
Northnmberlan d. 

Gallera Aire&alum — GuHdioTd, 
Silch ester, Henley, Read- 
ing, Walliagford, Calve Pit 
Farm, near Reading, or 
Haalpinere, Surrey. 

ffa//iiia— Galway, Ireland. 

Gallonidia, Galiceia — Galloway, 

Gallunio — Aldborongh. See 

GaUutum. See Galacum. 

Galfeia — G alio way . 

Galttalmm—Feople of Gallo- 

Galwedia, Gahcegia — Galloway. 

Ganyani— People of Connaught, 

Ganganum promontoriiim — Brai- 
chy Pwll Point, Caernar- 
vonshire. See Canganorum. 

Garbantorigjim — Caerlaveroct, 

Gareolha—QBmj or Gowrie(?), 

GariannoHutn — Yarmontli, or 
Burgh Castle, in Norfolk. 

Garrienii, Garyentu, Flu. — Yaxa 
River, in Norfolk. 

Gariyeni J-7uvii allium — Yai 

Gauinga — Wenge, Bucks. 

Gaurovicum — Warwick. 

Gausenna, Gautennii, See GoM 

Gavel/orda — Camelford, ( 

Gedewurda — Jedburgh, 

Geldt/orda — Guildford, Surr^, j 
Genesborwia — Gainsborough, 

Til ncolnshire. 
Genunii — People living i 

border of Scotland. 
Gernemutha — Tamiouth, No* 

Gevini — A river in "Wales t 

runs into the Kiver Usk. 
Gevissi — West Sasons. 
Gippeviciim — Ipswich, Suffolk. ' 
Girovicum — Jarrow, Durham. 
Gi'mV— Inhabitants of the Fen 
Girvitm, Girwa — Jarrow, 

Givela- — Yeovil. 
Glamorgania, Glamorgantia —"J 

Glandelacum — Glendalough, 

Wicklow, Ireland. 
Glannibanla, Glanoventa, 

Glasbifia — Glasbury, Brecknoc 
Glasconia — Glastonbury, Som 

Glttscovium — Glasgo w- 
Glascua, Glasquum — Glasgow. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 

Olaicum — 

Glascwm, Sadaor^ 

Glaaion ia — Qla stonbury . 

Glaudioceelra — Gloucester. 

Glavorna, Glaworna — Gloucester. 
See also Claudia. 

Gleaslonia — Glastonbury. 

Glenus — Blver Glen, Northum- 

G lea Ion ire — Glastonbury, 

Gletu m— Gloucester . 

Glocesiria — Gloucester. 

eiota — Ide of Arran. 

Glola, Gloltiana—Tiiver Clyde, 

Ghveceaslria, Glavernia — Glou- 

Go&annium — Abergavenny, 
Monmouthshire. See ^ber- 

Goceium. See Coccium. 
Goderici Caslrum — Goodrich 

Castle, in Herefordshire. 
Godestova — Godsto w. 
Gouheria — Go wer. 
Gracolada — Cricklade, Wilts. 
Grampim Mom — The Gram- 

Grangia — Gransha, Down, Ire- 

Granla — EiverCam, Cambridge- 

Granta, Grantanus Pont — Cam- 

OraveBvnda — GraTSBend, Kent. 

Oreenwioum — Greenwich, Kent. 

Gren ovic»», Grenovicum — Gr e en- 
wich, Kent. 

Grenieb urga — Cambridge. 

Greva — Qraveaeud . 

Qrevanus — River Girvan, Ayr- 
shire . 

Guala — Wales. 

Guar a — Ware, Herts. 

Guerfh i^u.— TheEiverWharfe, 

Guildhalda Teutanicorum — The 

Steel Yard, London. 
GuUon i^u. — Eiver WiU, or 

Wiley, Wiltshire. 
Quineth ia — Wales. 
Gjcinia — Gwent, a province in 

South Wales, between Usk 

and Wye. 
Guldeforda — Guildford, Surrey. 
Gumicastrum — Godmancheaterj 

Gwa Ilia — Wale s . 
Oyrvum — Jarrow, Durham. 


Habiianciitn — Eieingham, in 

Northumb erland . 
Habits— Th^ Humber. 
Hadriani Murus — Picts' Wall, 

or WaU of Hadrian. 
Htebuda. See Ebuda. 
Hamodre. See Acmodte, 

Hagtdstada — Hexham, North- 
umberland ; Alston, Cum- 

Haia — Eye, Suffolk; Hay, 



A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Halaiitia — The Eiver Avon, in 

Hamjilonin, Hamlona—Souih- 

ampton, Northamptos, 

Ifancstesia — Hinkaey, Oxford- 

Haniua Flit.—Rivoi Hans, Staf- 

Sa nton la — Hampshire . 

Haraia — Haxris, one of the 

/Tnre/brrfiVi— Hereford. 

Harleeum — Harlech, Merioneth- 

Harvieum — Harwich, EsBex. 
Haitinga — Hastings, in Sussex. 
Haitgustaldium. See Hagustal- 

Hautevorta — Highworth, Wilts. 
Hauxaniensis — Of Hawkahead, 

Lanca shire. 
Iliirer/ordia — Haverfordwest, 

Pembrok eshir e. 
If ay a — Hay. 
Hebrides, Sbuda—A cluster of 

lalea on the West side of 

Hebiida. See Ebuda. 
Hederosum Monasteri, 

church, Wilts. 
Hedroi. See Edros. 
Ilegdunensis — Of Amiaghdown, 

CO. Clare, Ireland. 
Heisa — In Kent. 
Helahirmm—'E^6it0Ti{^), York- 

Helenum promonlorium—'L&aA'f 

End. See AntivesttBum. 
H^Ua, IJlia — Ely, Camhridge- 


Helmanentis — Of Elmham, Suf- 

Hengesteadunam — Hengston 
HiJl, Cornwall. 

HenUgn — Henley -upon-ThameB. 

lien ofortk um — Here ford, 

Heortforda — Hertford. 

H»oveshamnentia — Of Evesham. 

HeppaSh&p, Westmorelaiid. 

Herculis promottforium — Hart- 
load Point, Devonshire. 

Here/or dia — Hereford, formerly 

Herhflouu — Arklow, Connaught. 
Iterlfordia — Hertford . 
ZTeg^erirfe*— Bcilly Isles. 
Hestingn — Hastings, Sussex. , 

Ihstingi — East Angles. ■ 

^eya— Eye, Suffolk. | 

Hibernia — Ireland . 
Hichelendunum — IcHetoD, 0am- 

Hicliia ccBttohi'iitn — Newbiggin, 

or Hitchin, Herts. 
Hicthteslapa — Islip, Oxon. 
Hieron Promontari'um, — Greenore 

Point, or Camsore Point, 

Hildesleia — Haley, Berks. 
Himba — One of the Acmoda 

Hinchisega — Hinksey, near Ox- 
Hirtha — One of the Hebrides. 
His tes leapa — Islip . 
Hithimts porftis— Hythe, Kent 
Hltidense Monasterium — Lon&fa 

Park Abbey, Lincolnshii©, ' 
Hodneius Flu.- — HonddhuEiveiiJ 

Brecknockshire. a 

Hoilajidin, HoUnndia — Hollan^l 

a part of Lincolnshire, 
//o^m^s— Hulme.orSt.Bennefi^il 

in-the-Holme, Norfolk. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 

HomdeUia — Hundaley, Torks. 
Homelea Fht. — Eiver Hamblo, 
6 tlie Isle of Wigit, 

Jioresti — People living north of 
the Frith of Forth. 

Horka, Occds— Dftnnet Head, 

Horsptida — Horapath, Oxon. 

Houendena — Hoveden, Torka, 

Houlandia. See Hollandia. 

ffryjam— Eipon, Torts. 

Hro^fi, Hroai Civilm — Rochester, 

Hullus, Hulla — Kingaton-upon- 
Hull, Yorkshire. 

ffulionia — Ulster, Ireland. 

Humhra Flu.- — River Humher. 

Hundesdma — Hunsdon, Hert- 

Httngreforda — Hungerford, 

Hunnum — Sevenshale, orHalton 
Cheaters, Northumberland. 

Hu n adona — ^Hun adon . 

Huntendonia, Huntimdona — 

Hurstanum CtistfUiim — Hurst 
Castle, Hampshire. 

Hurslelega — Hurley, Berkshire. 

Hujja — Holy Island. 

Hwerwella — Wherwell, Hftuta. 

Hwiccii — People of Worcester- 
shire, and about the Severn. 

Ilydropolh — Dorchester, Oxoa. 

Hy mbrianenses, Ily ntbron enses — 
People of Northumberland. 

Hyrebothla — Harbottle, 

Ilyiiha — ^One of the Hobridus. 

Hytii—Jlyih.0, Kent. 


Iherni — People of Desmond, 

Ibern la — Ireland . 

Ibernlo — Bere Regia, Dorset. 

Ibernis — Dunkerrin, Thin g's co,, 

Iberron — A town in Scotland, 
north of the Forth. 

Icanmim — Boston, Lincolnshire. 

Rem, /c/<,/— People of Suffolk, 
Norfolk, Cambridge, and 
Huntingdon shires. 

Iciani, Iclnos — Chesterford, 
Esses; Thetford or Ig- 
borough, Norfolk ; or 
Southwold, Suffolk. 

Icds Insula ■ — ■ St. Michael'a 
Mount, Cornwall; or, per- 
haps, the Isle of Wight 

Idtimama. See Eidutnama. 

lena ffis/ao('7!(«j— Wigtown Bay, 

Terne, lernis — Ireland. 

lerniis — River Erne, or Ken- 
mare Bay, Ireland. 

lyenla — Part of Flintshire. 

Ikona. See lona. 

Ila Ru.— River Wick, Scotland. 

Ila Insula — Isla, west of Scot- 

Imelaca, Imlaca—'Emly. 

Imensa aatuitrium — Mouth of the 

Inciinemnyiim — Ounninglmm (?), 

Inderauuda — Bevorley, Torka. 

Inylrvum — Jarrow, Durham. 

Jnmekccensia — Of Emly, Tippe- 

A Lul of the Latin Names of Placet 

lunerlolhea — Inverlcx-liy, Inver- 

Imula — Eyneaham, or Koahiun, 
Oxfotdahire ; Axholtn, IJn- 
colnshire ; lale, near Stock- 
ton, Dnrham. 

Imula Sacra — Ireland; also 
Holy Island, Northiimbet^ 

IntuiaSancti Columba — Columb- 

kill, lona. 
Insula rec/iV— Isle of Wight. 
Interamna, Inlrramnium—Chi'ist 

Church, Hampshire. 
Inverneiaiit — InTemees, Scot- 

lona — lona, or Icolmkill lale, 

West Coaat of Scotland. 
Iphlelha — Evelith, SLropahire. 

Ircene/elda — Archenfield, or 
Irchingfield, Herefordshire. 

Iris — Ireland, 

Itaca — River Exe, Devonshire j 
also Eiver Eab, Scotland. 

hamnium — St. John's Foreland, 
or Point, co. Down, Ireland, 

Isannavantia, Isannavaria, Imn- 
navatia — Stony Stratford, 
Northamptonshire, or the 
same as Bennavenna ; All- 
cheater, Oson. 

Itannium. See Isamnium. 

/sco— River Ese ; Eiver TJsk. 

I sea — Liskeard. 

laen Diimnoniortim — Chisel- 
borough, Somerset ; or Exe- 

Isca Legio II. Anguata, Iscelegua 
Aui/usti, Isca Silurum, Isca~ 
mum — CaerleoD, Monmouth- 

IteaiU, Itekatit — IvelcheBter, 
now Bchester, Someraet- 

Iteam urn — Caerleon. 

Itiacum — Oxford. 

hihurna — Wohum, Bedfoi 

Itidit J wrfi.m— Oxford. 

I$U Flu. — Eiver Isia, Oxford; 

the Ouse, Buckinghamsliire ; 

and the Ouse, Yorkshire. 
Isubn'ffantum. See Isurium, 
Isu ria — Yorkshire. 
Isurium — Aldborough, or 

Boroughbridge, Torksbirekfl 
Isuroficu m — Torb. 
Itlingaforda — Hitchin, ! 
Ilucadon—Tovm between 1 

and Forth. 
Ilitma, Itiina — Biver Eden, 

Cumberland ; or Solw 

Ilys — Loch En, Torridon, 

Duich, Scotland. 
Ivecestra — Ilcbester, Somerset, 
Iven'anus Pons — Iford Bridgt 

Ivernia. See Hibernia. 

Ivernis — Dunkerrin, King's Co,J 

Ivor us — Ne wry . 

Jaciodulma. See Magiovintam. \ 
Jameia, Jamissa — Eiver Thamafl 
/ono— A town in Caithness. 
Jernmulhia — Yarmouth, Noi 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 285 ^^M 

Judaismus — Old Jewry, London. 

Kesievena — Kesteven, a dlTision 

Juganlca. See Brigantes. 

of Lincolnshire. 

Jugo Dei, rfe— Jude, a Cistercian 

Abbey, in Ireland, a oeU of 

kenny, Leinster, Ireland. 

Holme Coltram. 

Eildabewe,ms—Oi Killaloe, Ire- 

Jugtttn FraiineSiim — Aahridge, 



Kildareuemh—Oi Killaloe (?). 

Julh Slrala—A Eoman road in 

Kitdaria — Kildare, Ireland. 

Soutb Wales; from New- 

Killathensis—Q)l Killalla, Ire- 

port to Caerleon, Caetweat, 


and the Wye. 

Kilmalochum — Kilmallock, 

Juliamis /"ons— Julian Bridge, 


Wimbome Minster. 

Kilmm-ti — Kilmore, co. Cavan, 

JuUocetioH. Boo I'unnocelo. 


JfiHnrt/e/en'a— Kinardferry, Ax- 

Jwema. See Hibernia. 

Kinebantwn Casirum—Kiai' 

boltou Castle, Huntingdon- 



AVrcAi'd^/Km— Kirkwall, Orkney 

AnnM /■/!/.— Kiver Ken, or Kent, 



Kiri elon a — Kirton, Lincolnshire . 

Karintona— Catherington, 

Koila. See Comlia. 


KorceMia-Ot Cork. 

Karlegio n — Chester. 

Kubli Castrum — Holyhead, 

Karlenefordia — Carliagford, 
Louth, Ireland. 

KaUmssa, Kalhniesiia — Caith- 
ness, Scotland. 

JCgen/ernensis—Oi 01onfert(?). 
Kyma — Kyme, Yorks. 
£ynlathensis~Ot Killalla. 


trict in Leinster. 

JS>nB/cHni«ia— Tirconnel, IJleter. 

iaJtrw*— KiUare Castle, West- 

meath, Ireland. 


Laclodorum, Lactorodum — Tow- 

Kmeta Flu. — River Kennet, 

cester, Northants ; Stony 


Stratford, Bucks; Bicester, 

Ktreahurga — Carisbroot, lele of 

Oxfordshire; Bedford; or 


Loughborough or Lutter- 
worth, Leicester, 

Kerelica — Ceredigion, a prorince 

of South Wales ; Cardigan- 

Ladeni. See Gadeui. 


Lademis Epiacopalus — The 

Kerrienais C'umitatua— Comity of 

bishopric of Killalla, co. 

Kerry, Ireland. 

Mayo, Ireland. 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Lagecium — Casdeford, near 
Pontefract, Yorkshire. 

Lagenia. See Laginia. 

Lagentium, See Lagecium, 

Laghlinum — ^Leighlin, co. Car- 
low, Ireland. 

Laginia^ Lagenia — ^Leinster, Ire- 

Lagubalium. See Luguvallum, 

Lamitha, Lamithus, Lamea — 
Lambeth, Surrey. 

Lamyrii Monies — Lammermuir 
Hill, Scotland. 

Lancastrtty Lancastria — Lan- 

Landava — ^LlandafE, in Wales. 

Laniinium — ^London. 

Lanelveixsis — Of Llanelwy, i,e, 
St. Asaph, Wales. 

Langanum promontorium. See 

Langeleia — ^Langley. 

Lanhondenum — ^Lanthony, Mon- 

Lanhondenum Claudianum — 
Lanthony, Gloucestershire. 

Lania — ^Lancashire. 

Lanicola — Lancashire men. 

Lannotava — Llandaff. 

Lanstuphadonitty Lanstaventum — 
Launceston, Cornwall. 

Laodonia — ^Lothian. 

Laonia — ^Killaloe, co. Tipperary. 

Lapis Tituli — Stonor, in the Isle 
of Thanet, Kent. 

Lathelada — Lechlade, Glouces- 

Latisaquensis — ^Lewes. 

Latum Bulgium. See Blatum 

Laudenia, Laudonia — ^Lauden, or 
Lothian, Scotland. 

Lavatres, Lavairis, Lavaris — 
Bowes, North Biding of 
Yorkshire ; or Barnard 
Castle, Durham. 

Lawedra — ^Lauder, Berwick- 

Lea Flu, — ^River Lea, Herts. 

Lecefelda — Lichfield, Stafford- 

Lechenlada, Lechelada — Lecli- 
lade, Gloucestershire. 

Lechlinia — ^Leighlin, co. Oarlow, 

Lectoceto. See Etoceium, 

Ledanum Castrum — ^LeedsCastley 

Ledesia — ^Leeds, Yorkshire. 

Ledone — ^Dunbar. 

Legacestra — Chester. 

Legacestria^ Legecesiria — ^Leices- 

Legeolium — ^Pontefract, Castle- 
ford, Goole, or Ferrybridge, 
Yorks. See Lagecium, 

Leghglensis — Of Leighlin. 

Legio VI, Victrix — ^York. 

Legio XX. Victrix — Chester. 

Legionum Urhs — Chester ; Caer- 

Legoria — ^Leicester. 

Legra — ^River Soar, Leicester- 

Legrecastrum, Ligrecastrum — 

Leicestria — ^Leicester. 

Leis — ^Leix, Leixlip, co. Kildare, 

LelannoniuSy Lelamnonius Sinus — 
Loch Fyne. 

Lelienus, LimenuSj Flu. — ^River 
Bother, Kent. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 

the Loman, Devon, 

Lemanis partus, Lemavio — 
Lympne, Kent. 

Lent aiis — Lympoe . 

Lena — Monklond, Hereford. 

Lenes — Lessness, Kent. 

Leofeiise, Leonense Cwrwhium — 
LeominBter, Heteiordahire. 

Leo/rici Villa — Leverington, 

Leogereceas tria — Leioester. 

Leogoria — IieiceBter, 

Leogus — Lewis, one of the 

Leon is — Lothian , 

Leonis Caslrum — Lyons, alias 
Holt Castle, Denbighshire. 

Leonii Monasterium — Leomin- 
ster, Herefordshire. 

Leoveckenora — Lewknor, Oxford- 

Leovensf Crenoblum — Leominster. 

Lesua — Lewes, Sussex. 

Lelha — Leith, Scotland. 

Lei/iglensis—Oi Leighlin, Ire- 

Leuca — Eiver Low. 

Zeucarum — Glastonbury, Somer- 
set; Loughor, Glamorgan- 
shire ; or Llandyhi, Caer- 
marthen shire. 

Leucobibia. See Lucopibia. 

Leucomayo. See Verbicio. 

Leugnsena — Eiver Loughor, 
South Wales. 

Levarum. See Leucarum. 

Levinia — Lennox, Stirlingshire. 

Levinus — Eiver Leven, Scotland. 

Levlodamim — Livingstone, Lin- 
[' ioj^ana — Len nox. 

Levissa - — Lewis Island, He- 
Lev t sum — Lewes, Susses. 
ZeictB— Lewes. 
Liar Flu. — River Liver, Lanca- 

Zj'ifflKs— Sligo Bay. 

Libniua — ^Eiver LifFey, Ireland. 

L icesiria — Leiee ater. 

Licet/elda, ZieA/eWi«— Lichfield, 

Lichinua Campus — Lichfield. 

Liddenus Flu.—'RiYer Leadon, 

Lideforda — Lydlord, Devon. 

Lidomllina. See Lincolnia. 

Ligea — Eiver Lea. 

ii^eyj'a— Leicester. 

Limenus^-Ji. Eother, Kent. 

Limericum — Limeriel, Ireland. 

Limes /"(■(e/oni/i— Qravesend. 

Limnos, Limnus — Dal key Isle, 
or Lambay Isle, Dublin. 

Limodomus — IJmehouee, near 

Limonius Mons — Plinlimmon, 

Limpida Sglva — Sherwood 
Forest, Nottinghamshire. 

Lincolnia, Lindeeolina, LiiidecoU 
linam,Linco lin u m — Lincoln. 

Lindeseia, Lindiafart, Lindisseia 
— Lindaey, Lincolnshire. 

Lindis — Eiver Withani, Lincoln- 

Lindisfa rnea, L indisfarn iim — 
Holy Island, or Fnm Isle, 
on the coast of Northum- 

Lindisgia, Lindisi — Lindsey, 

L {ndocoUin u m — Lincoln . 

Lindonium — Lincoln ; London. 

A List of ike Latin Names of Places 

Lindum, Lindiim Colonia — Lin- 
coln. See Lincoltua. 

Lindum Damnioriim — Linlith- 
gow, or Ardoch, PertL, 

ir'ni'fl— Bardaey laland, Caornar- 

Liniennut — lUvcr Bother, Kent. 

Linam Begis — King's Lynn, 

Limta — Kiver Lin, Nottinghana- 

Literpalua — Liverpool, Lanca- 

Lisia. See Lisiia. 

Lisntora — Liamore, Ireland. 

Lismoria — Liamore, Scotland ; 
Liamore, Ireland. 

X/mw— The Wolf Eock, or the 
Seven Stonea, between the 
SciJly Islands and the Corn- 
ish coast. 

Litan a — Linlithgow . 

ti'/i'nomoy o— Linlith go w. 

Litiut AUuvi — Eoxburgh. 

Liitus SoaronicHm— Eastern and 
aouthern coasts of Biitain. 

LUtnlien U — Leominster. 

Locus Benedict U3 — Stanlawe, 

ZoifajjuHiCasirum— Leeds Castle, 

Lodeneium, Lodoneium, Lodotiis 
(dat.)— The Lothiana, Scot- 

Laegria — England, between 
Hiimber and Severn. 

Loenna is — Lothian. 

Logia Flu. — River Bann, which 
flows north from Loua;h 
Neagh. Camden applies the 
name to Lough Foyle. 

Loyus — River Llugwy, "Wi 

Loidis — Lothian . 

Lokerleia — Lockerley, Santa. : 

Lomandus. See Lomundus, 

Zom en— The Goodwill Sands. 

Lorn ilh is — Lnmb eth . 

Lomulla — Lemallyon, Cornwall, 

Lomundua — Loch Lomond. 

Lona is — Lothian. 

Lonctitlria — Lancaster. 

Londinifi, Londiniutn, Landinia 
Augusta, Lottdinum, Lon- 
don ia- — London. 

Londino -ZJen'o— Londonderry . 

Longa Leta — Longlent, Wilts. 

Longovicariortim, Longovico — 
Lancheater, or Cheater-le- 
Street, Durham ; or Lan. 

Longum tesluaniim — Loch 
Linnhe, Argyleshire, 

Longua Pons — Longbridge, 
Gloucester shire. 

Laonia — Lothian . 

Lounecastra — Lancaster. 

Loventlnum — Powysland, in 
Wales. See also ZucndViuni, 

£o«n— River Lossie, Elgin; or 
the Loth, Sutherland. 

Loxa Civitas — Inverlochy, Scot- 

ZKceni— The people of West 

Lucga — River Lugg, Hereford- 

Lucopibia — Whitherne, Gallo- 
way. See Candida Casa, 

Lucus Benediclua — Stanlawe 

Luda — Louth, Ireland ; IJouth, 
Line; Ludlow. 

Ludloa, Luddolocus — Ludlow, 


in Cheat Britain and Ireland. 

Luentinum — Llanddewybiefy, 

Lugas — River Lug, Hereford- 

Lugdwium — Louth, Ireland. 
Lvgensis — Of Louth, Irelaad, 
Lvghhelunensis — Of Louth, Ire- 

ii/^A— People in the north of 


<iguballia, Lugubaltium- 
lisle, or I'lumpton 




m — Lanchester 


LuguvaUum — Carliale, Cumber- 
land. See Lugaballta. 
Luia — Louth (?). 
Luia — Eiver Lea, Herts. 
Lumbrk us — Limerick. 
Ziumpniacensis — Of Limerick. 
Lundinium, Litndonia. See Lon- 

Lunia —Lancashire. 
Luludarum—Ta.-ptoTi, near Ches- 
terfield, Derbyshire, 
Lutum — Louth, Ireland. 
Luueth — Louth (?), Ireland. 
Luva — Louth County, Ireland. 
Lavius — Eiver Lee, Cork. 
Lifche/eldia—Uch&eld, Stafford- 

Macalonioji — The same as An 

.WacAui— Mayo, Ireland. 
MacolicHm—UeMovr, co. Cork, 

Mtidiis — Maidstone, Kent, or 

Strood. Sea Vagmaca. 

Magioviniuin, Magiovtntum — 
Dunstable or Ash well, Bed- 
fordshire ; or Fenny Strat- 
ford, or Aylesbury, Buck- 

MagloniB, J/a^/oyte— Machyn- 
lleth, Montgomeryshire ; 
Greta Bridge, Yorka ; or 

Magnis — Bowness, Cumberland; 
Cae rvor an or Chester- i n-the - 
Wall, aear Halt whistle, 
Northumberland ; Ken- 
ohester, or Old Eadnor, 

Magnitam. See Magiovinium. 

Magnus Porias— Portsmouth. 

Slaia — May Island, in the Prith 
of Forth. 

Maidalphi Curia, Maidulpki 
Urhs — Malmesbury, Wilt- 

Maigonensis — Of Mayo, Ireland. 

Maitenia — Maelienydd, a pro- 
vince ia Powys, North 

Mailoria Trai^icn— Maylor.Flint- 

Mairta Fbi. — The Miatem, 

jl/a/«c«^Iale of Mull. 
Malbaniis Vicua, Vicui Malbiii — 

Wya Mauban, Nantwich, 

Malcolicum — Mallo^r, CO. Cork, 
Maldunense cixnobiiim — Malmea- 

bury Abbey. 

A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Maleot — lele of Hull, vest of 

Ma !m rsbiria — Malmesb ury . 
Malum Oppitlum — Yeovil. 
Malm Passu) — ilalpas.Cbealurc. 

Malvcrma, Mnlvfrnum—Ua^- 

vem, Worceaterehire, 
Ma mecta sir a — Mftnohester. 

Manavi. See Menecia. 
Mane iinium — Manth eater. 
Mandvessetlum — Maneetter, or 
Kenil worth, "WarwiukEliire. 
I— The 

Mania, Manna, Mannit 

Isle of Man. 
Manlavit — St. David's, 

Maniio. See Manucivm. 
Mamt cium — Manch eeter . 

Marehen iiim — Eoxb ur gh . 
Marchia — March, or Mere, Scot- 

Marchia Walliee- — The Marches 
or Borders of "Wales. 

Marchidun um— Eoxburgh. 

Marcotaxan — A town north of 
the Wall of Antonine. 

Mare Briiannictcm — The English 

Mare Caletlonium — The Scotch 

Mare Sabriniiinum — The Serel 

Mare Virgtnium, Ver 

The sea on the south 

Mart/aherga ■ — Marlborough, 


Mitr0idunum, Margitudum — B 
Bridgeford, Notts ; or Mou] 
Sorrel, Leicestershire. 

Maridu n iim — Caermar then . 

Marisca/lia — Tho MarshalsM 

Ma rlehrig ia — Marlborough, 

Marnia — Mearns, Kincardi 

Marria — Marr, Aberdeen, ( 

Masona—A. town probably 19 

Mnssametisis Pons — Masham 

Bridge, Yorkshire. 
Matillis CaslcUiim — Fainscastlfl|| 

Matuviun — A town north of thj 

Wall of Antonine. 
Mniidrti Cas/riim — St. Mawav 

Castle, Cornwall. 
Mail/ion — A town north of tlri 

Wall of Antoaine. 
Ma via — Eiver Maw, Merionetli' 

Maxima CeBsariensis — ProviuM 
of Britain, north of thoj 
Humber and Eibble, aa^ 

south of Tyne ; 

Scotch Highlands, north o 
the Wall of Severn 

Mealdunum — Maldon, Essei, 

Mea Imesbiria — Malmesb my. 

Meandari. See Meanvari. 

; Gfeai Britain and Ireland. 

■anvari — ^A tribe living in 
Hampshire, whose name 
romains in Eatmeon and 
"VVestmeon Hundreds. 

Meatte — People of Lothian, 

Medeynaia — River Med way. 

Medena — Newport, Isle of 

Medeahamslimdensis—Ot Peter- 

Media — County of Meath, Ire- 

Mediamnu — Medmenham, 

Medmna — Chriatehurch, Hants. 

Mfdinlnnium — Middleham, 

Mediohitnm — LlanTjllin or 

Meifod, Montgomery ; or 
Naiitwich, Cheshire ; Dray- 
ton, Whitchurch, or Eear- 
Btone, Shropshire ; or Ches- 
terton, Warwickshire. 

Mediomanum — The same aa 
Mediolanum, or Maentwrog, 
Merionethshire . 

Medionemelon — On the Wall of 

Medihrmnd .^ny^i— People of 
the Midland Counties. 

Medina Vicus — Miildlewich, 

Medfiiga, Meda-eacun — Eiver 
Med way. 

jl/e/n— Isle of Mull. 

Melamon — In Devonshire. 

Mdanclam, Melanchlani — People 
of the Soilly Islnnde. 

Meldunn — Maldon, Essex. 

JA'/(/rH.H.H— Mttlmesbury, Wilt- 

Mtlezo—Zxi Dorsetshire, 

Mella monaitenum — Meaux 
Abbey, Yorkshire, 

Meha — Mcaux, Yorke. 

Memiinlurum — A town north of 
the Wall of Antonine. 

Menan — Men eg, Cornwall, 

Menapii — Tribe inhabiting Wex- 

Menavia — Isle of Man. 

J/snes— Meon, Hants, 

Menccia — 8t. David's, Pom- 

Menna — Menog, Cornwall, 

Men f IE — People on the Scotch 
Border. See Mcata. 

Meodcwega — Eiver Med way. 

Mercia — Middle partof England, 

Meri-a — Inhabitants of Mcrcia. 

Merton i(h ia — M er ioneth sliixe, 

Merleberga — M arlboro ugh . 

Merleberia, Merlebrigia — Marl- 

Merscum — Marske, Yorkshire, 

Menia — Eiver Mersey, Cheshire. 

Mertte — Tribe inhabiting Suther- 

Mervinia — Meriono th shire, 

Metaris ^j/Kon"«ra— The Wash, 

J/flunni'a— Isle of Man ; also 

Miba — Midhnrst, in Sussex. 

Mirflnia, Michennia, Michlama 
— Muchelney, Somersetshire, 

Miclii. Seo Ivds, 

Mida — Meath, Ireland, 

Midcela nin — ^SIu ch elney , 

Middlesex ia — Middlesex , 
Midia — Meatb. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 



Mortaui Laciis — Mortlate, Sur- 

3fula — Isle of Mull, weat coast 

of Scotland. 
3fiinem u (a^Monmnutli . 
Muniis — Eiver Monnow, that 

divides Herefordahire from 

Murevia — ^Moray, Scotland. 
Muridumim. See Moridunttm. 
Mu ridu n um — Caermarthen. 
Murimintum, Murivindum — Sil- 

chester, Hampshire. 
Mttrionio — In Dorsetahite. 
Murolriges. See Durotriges. 
Murrevia — Moray, Scotland. 
Murlhlacum — Muttley, Aber- 
Murus — Kiver Vere, Herts. 
Murus Piclictis—The Picts' Wall. 

See Hadriani Murus. 
Miiscomaria — Moasdale Moor, 

MuMalburgum — Musselburgh, 

Mulvantonis — Lewes, Susaes ; 

WhitGwaUs, Wilts. 
Mygcnsis — Of Mayo, Ireland. 


Nabaus. See Navmis. 
Naomagus. See Keomagus ; 

NiBsheia — Nftseby, North anta. 
Nagnala — Sligo, or Limerick. 
Nakua — The same aa Catleva. 
Jianaui. See Naram. 
Naniovieum — Nantwich, 

NaMHse CiTj/ram— Kaaa, Kil- 


iVoMT-am— The Nadder, Wilts; 

the Nayer, Sutherland. 
Nauticus Sinus — Eotherbithe. 
Navaus — Eiver Naver, Suther- 

Navesbia — Naseby, Northante. 

Neagora — Newmarket, 

Nem edus — Barrymore, near Cork . 

Nemetotacio — Town in Cornwall. 

Nemus Aquilintim — Elsttee, 

Nemus Boreale — North-hall, 

Neoma^us — Buckingham. See 
also Noviomagus. 

NeopoTtus — Newport, Isle ol 
Wight ; Newport, Essex. 

Neoporlus Paganelliciis — New- 
port PagTiell, Buckingham- 

A'eoi'us — Lagan Water, Ulster. 
Nerigon Insula — lale of Lewea. 
Neslandia — West of Scotland. 
Nickolia, Neuarca, Newerea — 

Newark, Notts. 
Nico le — Lincoln . 
Nidum — Portbury, Somerset ; 

Neath, Glamorgauahire. 
Nidus— SCwOT Nid, Torks. 
Nigera — Blakeney, Norfolk, 
Niomagits. See Noviomagus. 
Nilhia — ^Nidiadale, Scotland. 
NiviooUinl — Snowdon Mountain, 

Caem ar Tonshire . 
Niieeburia — Newbury, Berks. 
Nobius. See Not-ius. 
Nordhumhra, Nordhumbria — 

Northumberla n d . 
Nordoricum — Norton Hall, 



A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Nordovicum, Norvicum — Nor- 

Nordovolca , Norfolcia — ^Norfolk. 

Norflita — Northfleet, Kent. 

Northallerton in — Northallerton, 


Northamptoniaj Northamtuna — 
Northampton. See Banna^ 

Northanimhria — Northumber- 

Northantonia — Northampton. 

Northimhria — ^Northumberland. 

Northumbriay Northymhria — 

Nortohricum — Norton Hall, 

Nortovicum — Northwich, 

Norvicunif Norwicus — ^Norwich. 

Norwallia — North "Wales. 

Notium Promontorium — Mizen 
Head, Wicklow, Ireland. 

No ttingamia — ^Nottingham. 

Nova Aula — ^Newhall, Essex. 

Nova Porta — ^Newgate. 

Nova Villa — ^Newtown, co. Down. 

Novantiif Novant(B^ Novantes — 
The inhabitants of Gallo- 
way, Carrick, and Arran. 

Novantum Promontoriuniy No- 
varitum Chersonesus — ^Mull 
of Galloway ; Cockermouth. 

Novia — ^Eiver Rother, Sussex. 

Noviodunum — ^Newenden, Kent. 

NoviomaguSy Noviomagnus — 
Woodcote, Surrey ; Chi- 
chester ; Hoi wood Hill, 
Keston, or near Plumstead, 

Novius Flu, — ^Eiver Nid, Scot- 
land. See also Conovius. 

Novum Castellum, Novum Cas- 
trum — Newcastle-upoii- 
Tyne, Northumberland. 

Novum Forum, Novum Merca- 
turn — Newmarket, Cam- 

Novum Oppidum sub Lima — 

Novua Burgus — ^Newport, lale of 
Wight ; Newport, Mon- 
mouthshire; Newhaven or 
Rye ; Newbury, Berks ; 
Newburgh, Yorks. 

Novus Locus — Newark, or NTew 
Place, near Guildford ; New- 
stead, Notts. 

Novus Portus — ^Newport; New- 
haven ; and Rye. 

Nuba — Midhurst. See Miba. 

Nuhiria, Nuhuria — Newbury, 

Nulla ejusmodi, Nulli par^ Nulli 
secunda — Nonsuch, Surrey. 


Oboca Flu, — ^River Avoca, Ire- 

Occidua Wallia — Cornwall. See 

Oceanus Verginius — The Irish 

Ocellum Promontorium — Spum- 
head, Holdemess, Yorks. 

Ocetis — Shetland, Pentland Sker- 

Ochthe Hupsele — Ord of Caith- 

Ocite — Baz Island on the West 
of Ireland (Bear Isle, Ban- 
try Bay?). 

Ockhamptonia — Okehampton, 

[ Great- Britain and TrclimJ. 

Ockus — Eiver Okement, De?on- 

Ocrinum, Ocrium Promontorium 
— Lizard Point, Cor a wall. 

Octapitarum Pfomontorium — St. 
David's Head, Pembroke- 
Bhire, "Wales. 

Odrona — Krone, oo. Carlow, 

Oestrymnicui Sinus — Mount's 
Bay, Cornwall. 

Oesirymnidea Insula — Scilly 

0/a/ain— OfEaly, Ireland. 


Oisicreia — Ossory, Ireland. 

Oleidavis — Ogle Castle, 
Northumb orland , 

0/en«cum— Old Carlisle, or Ellen- 
borough, Cnmberland ; Ilk- 
ley, Yorks. 

Olen'ca — Ilkirk, Cnmborland. 

Oljinum — Elphin, co. Eoscom- 
mon, Ireland. 

O/icaiJO— Ilkley, or Halifax, 

Om ire — So uthamptou. 

Omnium Sanctorum atl Fanum — 
AUliallows the Great, Lon- 

Omnium Sanclonim de Barhiny 

Parochia — Allhallows, 

Barking, London. 
Omnium Sanctorum Garsckerch 

— AllLallows, Lombard 

Omnium Sanclonim in MelUs 

Viculo — Allhallows, Honey 

Lane, London. 
Omnium Sanctorum in Vtco 

Lunijobarilico — Allhallows, 

Lombard Street, London, 

Omnium Sanctorum in Vico Pis- 
torum — ■ Allhallows, Bread 
Street, London. 

OffiBt'wOT Sanctorum Piclorum 
Delibuentium ^— AllhaUowH 
Staining, London. 

Omnium Sanctorum super (or 
ad) Celarium — AUhallowe 
the Less. 

Omnium Sanctorum supra Murutn 
— Allhallows - The - Wall, 

Onna — Andover, or Alton, Hants. 

Omto. See Hunnum. 

Opkelania — Offaly, Leinster. 

Or a — Ore, Sussex. 

Orcades Insula — The Orkney 

Orcaneia — Orkney. 

Orcas Promontorium — Dutinet 
Head, Caithness, 

Orchadia. See Orcades. 

Ordevices, Ordolu ex— People of 
North "Wales. 

Ordovicts — Tribe near Berwick. 

Ordoricum— Norwich. See Nor- 

Orimeia — Orkney Islands. 

Ormondia — Ormond, Ireland. 

Orrkea — Orrock, Fif eahire. 

Ortts Flit.— River Ore, Suffolk. 

Oaca — Eiver Usk, "Wales. 

Oseneia — -Oseney, Oxfordshire. 

Osseria, Ossoriii — Osaory, Ire- 

Ossonia — sf ord . 

Ostium Sturm — Stourmouth, 

Ostuihua — ^Eiver Ystwith. 

Osioaldi Arbor — Oswestry. 

Oswaldi Crux — Oswestry, 

Olhona — Ithanthoster, or Brad- 
well-]' uxta-Mare, Essex. 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Ottadem, Ottadiniy OttaUni — 
Pooi)lo on tho coast from 
Tyno to Forth. 

Ottanforda — Otfonl, Kont. 

Ottodani. Soo Ottadeni, 

OusOf Usa — River Ouse, York- 
shire, and Buckingham- 

Outerini — People of Desmond, 

Ovinia Insula — Isle of Sheppey, 

Oxenforda^ Oxefordia — Oxford. 

Oxenhala — Oxenhall, Durham. 

Oxeria — Ossory, Ireland 

Oxinega — Oxney Isle, Kent. 

Oxonia, Oxonium — Oxford. 

Oza — ^River Ouse. 


Pagula^ Pagula Fleta — Paules 
riete, now Paghill or PauU, 

Palus Argita — Lough Derg, Ire- 

Palus Salsa — Pwllheli, Caernar- 

Palusiris Vicus — Fenchurch 
Street, London. 

Pampocalia — The same as CaU 

Pangorensis — Of Bangor. 

Panhovius — Penhow (?), Mon- 

Parathalassia — Walsingham, 

Parens Ludus — ^Louth Park. 

Parisi — People of Holdemess, 

Parvus Burgus — ^Littleborough, 
Notts, and Lanes. 

Pascia — ^Pacey, LeicesterBhire. 

Pastehtum — Paisley. 

Paierni Magni Ecclesta — lilan- 
badam Vawr, Cardigan- 

Patricii Purgaiortum — Sllanu 
Frugadory, on an island in 
Lough Derg, Donegal. 

Pecchum — The Peak, Derby- 

Pedreda — Penenden Heath, 

Pedridon Flu. — ^River Parret. 

Pegelandia — Peakirk, Northants. 

Pemhrochiaf Penhrochia — Pem- 
broke, Wales. 

Pendinas — Pendennis Castle, 

Penguemum — Shrewsbury. 

Penlinnia — ^A place in Merioneth- 
shire, the source of the 
River Dee. 

Penmona — ^Priestholme, Angle- 

Penna — Penselwood, Somerset ; 
or Stourhead, Wilts. 

Pennocrucium — Penkridge, or 
Lichfield, StafPordshire. 

Pennorinum — Penrhyn, Merio- 
nethshire ; Penryn, Corn- 

Pente Flu. — River Pant, Essex. 
Peonnum. See Penna, 

Perscora, Persora — Pershore, 
Worcestershire . 

Perthum — St. Johnstone, or 

PeterilluSy Peterus Flu. — The 
Peterill, Cumberland. 

Petriana— Castle Steeds, Plump- 
ton Wall, or Cambeck Fort, 
Cumberland ; Walton House; 

ill Great Britain and Ireland. 

Felriburgus, Peirolurgiim, Pelro- 
po lis — Peterb oro ugh, North- 

Fetuaria — Beverley, or Erough 
Ferry on tlie Humlier, 

Pevenesea — Pevensey, Sussex. 

Pexa — A tOTB near Dumbarton. 

Pictavia, Pidandia — The coun- 
try of the Picts, 

/■I'cd'— The Picta, a people living 
north of the Antonine Wall. 

I'ilais — A town in Cornwall or 

Pincanhale — Finohale Priory, 

Pinnatia Civitas. See Alata 

Piscaria — ^Fish Street, London. 

Piscaria Vetui, Piscenaria — Old 
Fiah Street, London. 

Placentia — A palace at Green- 
wich, built by Humphrey, 
Duke of Gloucester. 

Placelo, Castelhnn de — -Pleshy, 

Plimmida, Plymutha — Ply- 
mouth, Devonshire. 

Pohanlech — Poughley, Berks. 

Poletria — The Poultry, London. 

Pomona — Mainland, one of the 
Orkney Isles. 

Pons jJilli — Ponteland, or New- 
castle, Northumberland. 

Pons Belli — Stamford Bridge, 

Pons Burgensis, Pons Burgi — 
Boroughbridge, Yorks. 

Pons Fraelus — Pontefraot, or 
Pomfret, Yorkshire. 

Pona Slephani — Ijampeter, Car- 

Pons Vi'amis — Cowbridge, 

Ponlaquintini — Bridgwater, 

Ponle, de — A house of Dominican 
friars in Armagh dice., per- 
haps at Drogheda. 

Pontes — Colnbrook, Old Wind- 
Staines, Heading, or 

Pontiiohiei — Cowbridge, Glamor- 

Pontvs Flu. — The Point, 

Populorvm Lapis — Folkestone, 

Porcestra — Porchester, Hants. 

PoreoclassU — Orrock, Fife ; For- 
far ; or Barry. 

Porteseia — Portaea, Hants. 

Portesmuda — Portsmouth, 

Po rtesmutha,Partesmii la — Porta- 

Portesoka — The Portsoken, 

Porllau dia — Portland . 

Portlocon — Porlock Bay, Somer- 

Portttnia Insula— T^e of Port- 
land, Dorset. 

Portuosus Sinus — Sewerby, 

Portus Adurni — Porchester, 
Hants; Aldrington, or Old 
Shoreham, Sussex. 

Partus Ammonis — Sandwich, 

PoTlus Bfitanniarvm — Ports- 
mouth ; or Eichborough, 

Partus Letitan/a — Ljiapne, Kent. 

Partus Magnus, Partus Ostium — 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Partus Novui — ^Rye, Sassex (in 
the Boman period); New- 
haven, Sussex. 

Partus Salutis — Cromarty, Scot- 

Partus Sistuntiorum. See Setan- 
tiorum Partus, 

Povisittf Po wisayPowisia — Powys, 

Presidium — The same as Praio- 

PrcBsidium Civitas — Camelon, co. 

Pratortum — Patrington, 

Broughton, Flamborough, 

or Hedon, Yorkshire. 

PratiSy S, Maria de — S. Mary de 
Pro or de la Pre, or S. Mary 
of Prees. 

Prestona^ Prestomum — Preston, 

Pridania, Pritannia — For 

Privates Flu, — Elver Privet, 

Pracalitia — Prudhoe Castle, or 
Carrawburgh, Northumber- 

Prafundum Vadum — Deptford. 

Pterotan Stratapedan — Edin- 
burgh. See Alata Castra, 

Puellarum Castra — Edinburgh. 

Pulchra Vallis — Beauvale, Notts. 

Pulchrum Vadum — Fairford, 

Pulchrum Visu — Belvoir, Lin- 

Punctuobice — Cowbridge, 

Puracaronavis — A town in Corn- 
wall or Devon. 

Puttenega — Putney, Surrey. 


Quarreray Quarera — Quarre, 



Ractomessa — River Racon. 

Radecotanus Pans — Radcot 
Bridge, Oxon. 

Radenoura — ^Radnor. 

Radinge — ^Reading. 

Radnaria — Radnor. 

Radinga — Reading, Berks. 

Raga^ Ragce — Leicester ; Ret- 

Raganeia — Rayleigh, Essex. 

Ramense — Of Ramsey. 

Rameshuria — ^Ramesbury, Wilts. 

Ramesia, Ramesega — Ramsey, 

Ranatanium, See Rhetigontum, 

Randuaria — Renfrew. 

Rapa, Rapatum — ^Raphoe, Done- 
gal, Ireland. 

Rat(B — Leicester ; Ratby, or 

Brinklow, Warwickshire. 
Ratecarion. See RataB. 

RathpatensiSf Rathpathensis — Of 
Raphoe, Donegal, Ireland. 

Ratastahius, See Rhatostathy^ 

Ratupis, See RutupcB. 

Ravenatone — A town in Corn- 
wall or Devon. 

Ravendala — Ravensworth, Dur- 
ham (?). 

Ravimagum, See Noviomagus. 

Ravius — River Erne, Connaught. 

Ravonia — ^A town probably in 

ill Great Britam and Ireland. 

Rehodunum — ■ liibchester, Lan- 

Reding urn — Beading, Berks, 
Regaina Insula — Isle of Arran. 
Regeniitim, See Regnum. 
Regina Bur gits — -Queentorougli, 

Regioduntim HulUnum — King- 

eton-upon-Hull, Yorks. 
Regiodunum Thamesinum — 

Kingston-upon-Thames . 
Rugis Burgus — Queenborough, 

Regis Comi/a/tis — King's County, 

Regni — People of Surrey, Sussex, 

and the sea coast of Hamp- 
Regni Sglva — Eingwood, Hants. 
Regnum ^~ Eingwood, Hants ; 

Cti Chester, or StejTiiiig, 

Regulbium, Reeulsum — Eeoolver, 

ReguU Fanum — St. Andrews, 

also called Kirkrule and 

Reodburna—S.oAhw:\i.e, Wilts. 

Repandiinum — Eepton, Derby- 

Retha—liyAe, Isle of 'Wight. 

Reredala. See Ravendala. 

Rhceha — Ehoban or Ehoib, 
Queen's County, Ireland. 

Rhage, Rage — Leicester. 

Rhaiostathyhiiu Fill., Raloslibiut 
—River Taff, Glamorgan- 
shire, Wye, or Ogutoor. 

liharitts. See Rarius. 

Rhedus Flu. — The Bead, 
Northumb erland. 

Rhemnitti — Eiver Eemny, Gla- 

Rherigonius Sinus — ^Loch Kyan, 
or Luce Bay, 

Rheai CVuiVas— Eochester. 

iiAedyoHiMm— Barlan or Stran- 
raer, Galloway. 

RhibeUua Flu. — The Eibble, 

Rhicina—Jsle of Eum, or Eath- 
lin. See Ricina. 

R/iigia — - Lbneriek, Ireland ; 
Eailstown, Tipper ary. 

Rhigodunum — Eibcheater, War- 
rington, or Manchester. 

Rhiiubi Partus, Rkilupis Forlits 
— Iticbhorough or Sand- 
■wicb, Kent. See Ruiupie. 

R/iius — Eiver Eye, Yorkshire. 

Rhoioduniim — Bee RAigodiimim. 

Rhobogdii — People of Donegal, 

Rho bogdiii mPromontorium — Fair 
Foreland, now called Malin 
Head, co. Donegal. 

Rhulubi, Rhutupi<B. See Rulapa. 

Richem undia. Rich m ondia — Eich- 
mond, Yorkshire ; also Eieh- 
mond, Surrey. 

Richina, Ricina, Riciiu'a, Riciiea 
— Eathlin Isle, co. Antrim ; 
or Bum, one of the He- 

Ridumo. See Sloridumim, 

Ridima. See Richiiia. 

Rievallensia- — ^Of Eievauls, York- 

Rigia. See RMgia. 

Rigmundia — St. Andrews. See 
Fanum ReguU. 

Rigodunum — Eichmond, Yorks; 
Eipon; Kibehester, 

Ripa Alia— Oidihih, near Find- 

Ripa Regine — Queenhithe. 
Ripadiiim, Ripandiinum — Eep- 
ton, Derlsyehire. 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Itipensis — Of Kipon. 

Hipodunum^ liipodum — Bipon, 

Jiiiupis Partus, See Entupa. 

Rium — Rye, Sussex. 

Roherti Pons^ Poherlimis Pons — 
Robert's Bridge, Sussex. 

Rohoretuniy Campus Roborum — 
Derry, Ireland. 

Rocheshurga — Roxburgh. 

Rodecotanus Pons — Radcot 
Bridge, Oxfordshire. 

Rodolanum — Rhuddlan. 

Roffa — Rochester, Kent. 

Roibis, See Roffa, 

Roisice Oppidum^ Villa de Cruce 
Roesioi — Royston, Cam- 

Rokesburga — Roxburgh . 

Rosic Castelliim — Rose Castle, 

Roscomia — Roscommon. 

Rosenensis — Of Ross, Scotland. 

Rosensis — Of Ross, Ireland ; of 
Rhos, Pembrokeshire. 

Rossttf Roscrea — Ross, Wexford ' 
County, Ireland. 

Rossia — Rosse Land, Cornwall; 
Ross, Herefordshire ; Ross, 
Scotland ; Rhos, Pembroke- 

Rotelandia — ^Rutland. 

Rothelamim — Rhuddlan. 

Rothesia — Rothesay,Isle of Bute, 
west coast of Scotland. 

Rotibis — Rochester or Maid- 

Rovecestria, Rouecestria — 

Rovensis — Of Rochester. 

i?ot?/a— River Rother, Sussex. 

Ruber Clivus — ^RedclilEe, or Rat- 
clifEe, near London. 

Ruda — ^Routh, Yorks. 

Rugnitunia, Ruitonia, Rutunia — 

Rumabo Civitas — Drumburgh 
Castle, Cumberland. 

Rupa — ^Roch, Pembrokeshire. 

Rupe, de — Roche, an abbey in 

Rupes Fergusii — Carrickfergus, 

Rupis Aurea — Goldcliffe, Mon- 

Ruscomia — ^Roscommon . 

Ruthunia — Ruthin, Denbigh- 

Rutlandia — Rutlandshire. 

Rutunia, See Rugnitunia. 

Rutunium — ^Wem, Shropshire ; 

Chesterton, Staffordshire ; 

Rowton, Shropshire. 
RutuptB, Rutupij Rutupiee, Ritupis 

Portus — Richborough, 

Kent ; or Sandwich. 

Rutupinum Uttus — The coast be- 
tween the North and South 
Forelands, Kent 

Ruturugum Stagnum — Bay of 
Dimdrum, County Down. 


Sabaudia — The Savoy, London. 
Sabriana^Sabrina — River Severn. 
Sabulovicum — Sandwich, Kent. 

Sacana — River Shannon, Ire- 

Sacra Capilla — Halifax, Yorks. 

Sacra Insula — Holy Isle, 

Sacra Sylva — Halifax, York- 

in Great Britain and Ireland, 

Sacrttm Nemus — Halywood 
Monastery, Galloway, 

Sacrum Promontorium — Green- 
ore Point, or Camsore Point, 

Sadberga — Sadberge, Durham. 

Salebeia — Solby, Yorkshire. 

lyn/enw— Chesterton, near Sandy, 

Sahibvria — Salisbury, Wilt- 

Salimnos Insula — Sulmey Isle, 
near Miltord Haven. 

Salina. See Salente. 

iSalinis — Nantwich, Cheshire ; 
Slaughter, Gloucestershire. 
Bee also Salenw. 

Ja&'aiiVi'a^ Salisbury ; Shrewa- 

Salopusbiria, Salopia — ShrewB- 
bury, Shropebire. 

Saltria — Sawtry, Huntingdon- 

Saltus Andreda—The Weald of 

Salularis Partus — Sewerby, 

Samairua — ^Eiver Erne, Ireland. 

Samolkea — Britain. 

Sancla Anna intra Portutn 
Alaeani — St. Anne's, Alders- 
gate, London. 

S. Anna Nigrornm Monacho- 
rtim — St. Anne'Sj ISlack- 
friara, London. 

S. Crux — Holyrood, Edinburgh. 

S, ffenoite/a— Fomham St. Gene- 
vieve, Suffolk. 

S. Katarina de Colinaneherche — 
St. Catharine Colman, Lon- 

S. Kalar'ina Trinilatis — St. 
Catharine Cree Church. 

Sancla Margareta n CnUgarum 

Venditione — St. Margaret 

Pattens, London. 
3. Maryareta jiizia Ponlem- — St. 

Margaret, Bridge Street, or 

St. Margaret, New Pish 

Street, London. 
S. Margarela Moysi—%t. Mar- 
garet Moses, London. 
S. Maria a Lintria Slatione—Bt. 

Mary Bothaw, London. 
S. Slaria Abhatis Ecclesim, or de 

Ahbtcherck—Si. Mary, Ab- 

church, London. 
S. Maria ad Lan/s Trutinam — 

St. Mary, Woolchurch, 

S. Maria ad VUlam Insularem — 

St. Mary, Islington. 
S. Maria ad Villam NovamSt. 

Mary, Newington, London. 
S. Maria de Alba Capella—St. 

Mary's, Whitechapel, Lon- 
S. Maria de Arcubua—fit. Mary- 

le-Bow, London. 
S. Maria de Mon/e Alto-— St. 

Mary Mounthaw, London. 
'S. Maria de NewchercAe—St. 

Mary Woolchurch, London. 
S. Maria deSabaudia — St. Mary, 

Savoy, London. 
S. Maria de Wlc/wrshawe — St. 

Mary Woolchurch, London, 
S. Maria t» Aldermaiinorum 

Burgoparockia — St. Mary's, 

Aldermanbury, London, 
S. Maria in Coll&m — St. Marj- 

at-Hill, London. 
S. Maria Sakaloris in Aiiatrali 

opera — St. Mary's, South- 

S. Maria Sem'oria Maria— St. 

Mary, Aldermary, London. 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Sand a Maria Wolnothi — St. 
Mary, Woolnoth, London. 

S, Maria Magdalena de Bermendi 
Insula — St. Mary Magdalen, 
Bermondsey, London. 

S, Maria Magdalena in Veteri 
Piscario Foro — St. Mary 
Magdalen, Old Fish Street, 

S, 3 [aria Magdalena in Vico 
Lacteo — St. Mary Magdalen, 
Milk Street, London. 

S, Ositha — St. Osyth's, Essex. 

Sancti Botolphi Oppidum — Bos- 
ton, Lincolnshire. 

S, Clari Castellum—St, Clear's, 

S.Davidis Oppidum — St. David's, 

S. Edwardi Villa— Corf e OaBtle(?), 

S. Vinini Ecclesia — Kilwin- 
ning, Ayrshire. 

Sane to Johanne, J Ilia de — 
Perth, Scotland. 

Sanctus ^gidius ad Portam 
Memhris'Captorum — St. 
Giles, Cripplegate, London. 

S, Albatius — St. Alban's, Hert- 

aS^. Albanus in Vico Ligneo — St. 
Alban's, Wood Street, Lon- 

S, Aiidreas — St. Andrew's, Scot- 

S. Andreas ad Vestiarium — St. 
Andrew by the Wardrobe, 

S. Andreas sub Malo Cereali — 
St. Andrew Undershaft, 

S, Asa/—^t. Asaph, Flintshire. 

S, BartholomcBus pone Peristy" 
Hum — St. Bartholomew's, 
near the Exchange, London. 

S, Benedictus in Gr amino so Vico 
— St. Benet's, Gracechurch 
Street, London. 

Sanctus Benedictus Shorhog — St. 
Bennet, Sherehog. 

S, Boscus — Holywood, Belfast 

S, Botolphus ad Episcopi Portam 
— St. Botolph's, Bishops- 
gate, London. 

S, Botolphus ad Portam Belltnt — 
St. Botolph's, Billingsgate, 

S, Botolphus ad Veterem Portam 
— St. Botolph's without 
Aldgate, London. 

S. Botolphus Alnea Porta — St. 
Botolph's without Alders- 
gate, London. 

S, Clemens Dacorum —St. Clement 
Danes, Strand. 

S, Edmundus — Bury St. Ed- 
mund's, SufFolk. 

S. Edmundus in Vico Longo- 
bardico — St. Edmund's, 
Lombard Street, London. 

S, Gabriel in Vico Palustri — St. 
Gabriel's, Fenchurch Street, 

S, Jacobus ad Clericorum Fon- 

tem — St. James, Clerken- 

well, London. 
S, Jacobus ad Ducts Hospitium — 

St. James, Duke Place, 

S. Jacobus ad Montem Allii — 

St. James, Garlickhithe, or 

Hill, London. 
S, Joannes Zakarie — St. John 

Zachary, in Aldersgate 

S, Johannes Baptista super WaU 

brpc — St. John Baptist, 

Walbrook, London. 
S, Laurentius in Judaismo — St. 

Lawrence Jewry, London. 

m Great Britain and Trdand. 

Sanctus Laurentius Pimntneue — 
St. LawreBDe Pouiitney,Loii- 

S. Martinus ad Luddi Porlam — 
St. Martin's, Ludgate, Loa- 

S. Martinus de Pomerio — 8t. 

Martin Pomeroy, London. 
S. Martinus in Ferrariorum Vi- 

cuh — St. Martin's, Iron- 
monger Lane, London. 
8. Martinus in Vinariis, or de 
Vinetria — St. Martin Vintry, 

S. Marlinufjuxta Ckaringe Crosse 

— St.Martin's-in-tlie-T'ieldB, 

5. Marlinua Ogari—S,t. Martin's 

Ogara, London. 
S. Martinun Outwichi, or Olte- 

wish — St. Martin Ontwicli, 

S. Michael ad Blada — St. 

Micliael's at the Quern, 

S. Michael ad liipam Eeyinalem 

— 6t. Michael's, Queen- 

hithe, London. 
S. Michael de Tf'oudestreie— St. 

Michael's, Wood Street. 
S. Michael extra S. Trinilalis— 

St. Michael's without the 

Holy Trinity. 
S. Michael in Curvo Viculo — 

St. Michael's, Crooked Lane, 

London. _ 
S. Michael in Foro ad Bladiim — 

8. Michael- ntte- Corn, or le 

S. Michael in Hordeaceum Col- 
Ian— Hi. Michael's, Corn- 
hill, London. 

S. Michael Palernosler Cherch 
inRiola — St. Michael Eoyal. 

S. Nicholaus ad Macella — St. 
Nicholas Fleshamblea, Lon- 

Sanctus Nicholaus Aldrethegate 

ad Macella — St. Nicholas 

Fleshambles, London, 
S. Nicholaus Aurete Abbalia — 

St. Nicholas, Cole Atbey, 

S. Nicholaus ffaAun— St. Nicholas 

Aeon, London, 
S. Nicholaus Olo/—Bt. Nicholas 

Olave's, London. 
S. Olavus in ArgenCeo Vico — 

St. Olave's, Silver Street, 


S. Olavus in Certina Platea— 
St. Olaye'a, Hart Street, 

S. Olavus j'uxla Turrim^St. 
Olave's, Hart Street. 

S. Oswald — Nostal, Yorkshire, 

S. Patter atius in Vico Smeg- 
malico — St. Pancras, Soper'a 
Lane, London. 

S. Pfl^fijtjas^Llanbadarn, Car- 

S. Paulxs in Conventuali Horlo 
—St. Paul's, Covent Gar- 
den, London. 

S. Pelrocus — Petrockstow, Devon. 

S. Pelrus in Foro—&t. Peter's, 
Cheap, London. 

3. Petrus super Tamisiam — St. 
Peter's, Paul's "Wharf, Loa- 

S. Stepkanus in Vico Colntanni— 
St. Stephen' a, Coleman 
Street, London. 

Sandicum — Sandwich, Kent- 

Sandovieum, Samuicius — Sand- 

Saresburia, Sarisbiria — Salis- 
bury, "Wiltshire. 

Sarnia — Guernsey. 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Sarva — Rivor Severn. 

Sauranus Flu — River Avonmore, 

Saverennus — River Bandon, or 
River Leo, Cork. 

Saverna — Rivor Severn. 

Saxonicum Litttia — The eastern 
and southern coast of 


Scadum Namorum, See Isca 


Scandia — Sanday Island, one of 
the Orkneys. 

Scardehurgum — Scarborough, 

Scarthehurga — Scarborough, 

Sceafleshiria — Shaftesbury, 

Sceargeta — Sarratt, Herts. 

Scena — ^River Shannon. 

Sceptonia — Shaftesbury, Dorset- 
Scetis — ^Isle of Skye. 

Schellus Flu. — River Skell, York- 

Schelsega — Chelsea, near Lon- 

Scirehurna — Sherborne. 
Scona — Scone, Perthshire. 
Scorheriay Scorhesheria — Shrews- 
Scoti — ^The Scots. 
Scotia — ^Ireland ; Scotland. 
Scrohesheria — Shrewsbury. 
Seareshiria — Salisbury. 

Sehasta Altera Legio — ^Liskeard, 

Secandunum — Seckington, War- 

Seflonia — Shaftesbury. 

Segedunum — Sedghill ; Cousins- 
house, or TVallsend, North- 

Segelocum — Ollerton, op little- 
borough, Notts. 

Segeswalda — Seckington, War- 

Seggesfelda — Sedgefield, Dur- 

Segontiaci — ^A tribe living near 

Segontium^ Seguntium — Cair- 
seint, Caernarvon; Silches- 

Selburgi Tumulus — Silbury HiU, 

Selehia-^^QVojy Yorks. 

Selgovce — People of Nithsdale 
and Annandale. 

SelltTKB Insula — Scilly Islands. 

Selvestuna — Selston, Notts. 

Sena — ^River Shannon. 

Senna — River Senni, or River 

TJsk, Brecknockshire. 
Senus — ^River Shannon. 
Seolesia — Selsea, Sussex. 
Serheria, Serhyria — Salisbury. 
Serdtmo, See Segedunum, 
Seresheria — Salisbury. 

Setantiorum Partus — Winder- 
mere, or the mouth of the 
Ribble, Lancashire. 

Seteia JEstuarium — The mouth 

of the Dee, Cheshire. 

Severia — Salisbury, 

Shaftonia — Shaftesbury. 

Shaga — Shaw, Berks. 

Sharpenora — Sconce Point, Isle 
of Wight. 

Shenum — Shene, or Richmond 
Surrey. ' 

Siamhis — River Shannon. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 

Sibhelonum — Sibton, Suffolk. 
5)e»KS— Eiver Shannon. 
Sigdeles— The Scilly Isles. 
Silesia — Selaea, Sussex. 
Silionnus. See Limnoa. 
Sillinie Insults — Scilly lalan da. 
Silura Insula — Scilly Islands. 
iSiYmt-cs— People of South, Wales. 
iSi'mewi— Tribe in Norfolk and 

Sineiua Flu. — River Shannon, 

^iHBenus— Eiver Shannon. 
Sinnodunum — Sinodun Hill, near 

Wallingford, Berk shire. 

Sinus Felix — Bridlington or 
Filey Bay, Torks. 

Sireslurna- — Sherborne, Dorset. 

Sitomagua — Thetford, Norfolk ; 
Woolpit, Sfcowmarket, Dun- 
■wieh, or Eye, Suffolk. 

Slana — Eiver Slaine, Wexford. 

Slepa — St. Ivea, Huntingdon- 

Slicheius — Eiver Gitley, olim 

Slopesbtria — Shrewsbury, Shrop- 

Snaudonia — Snowdon Forest, 
Caernarvonshire . 

SoiriVa— Ardnamurcbon , Argy le- 

SociKUs — Eiver Shannon. 
Sodera — Sodor, islands on the 

west coast of Smtland. 
Solval/tianum ^aluarium, S^l- 

twum Flumen — Solway 

Sotnaridunu m — Somerton . 

Somersata, Somersela, Somerse- 
tunia, SomerseteJisiSf Somer- 
tunensis Comitatua — Somer- 

Sorhiodunum, Sorviodunufn—Oli 
Sarum ; Carisbrooke ; also 

Southamp (oni'a-— Southampton, 

So ulheria — S urrey . 

Southerlandia — Sutherland, Scot- 

Southriana—^ urrey. 

Soutksexena, Southsrxia — SusRei. 

Soulhwella — Southwell, Notting- 

5jusa— Eiver Spey, Elgin, Scot- 

5pm(B— Speen, near Newbury, 

Spinarum Insula — Thomey Isle, 
the site of WestminHter 

Spinelum — Spinney, Cambridge- 

fi'to/brrfin— Stafford. 

Stanfordia, Slan/orda — Stam- 
ford, Lincolnshire. 

Starus — Eiver Stour. 

Statiarius Lapis — Clough, CO. 

Static Deventia — In Devoashire, 
Totness (?). 

SUafordensis—Qi Stafford. 

Stellala, Camera — The Star 

Stenitm — Stean, Northampton- 

Sleofordensis—Ot Stafford. 
Slinsiariiis — Eiver Stinchar,Ayr- 

Slokeporta, Stoheportus — Stock- 
port, Cheshire, 

Stourus — Eiver Stour, 

Strata Florida— Ystrai Flur, or 
Stratfiower, now Myaach- 
logfur, Cardigan shire. 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Strata Marcella — Strat Margel, 
or Ystrad Marcliol, Mont- 
gomery ehire. 

Stratcluttenses — Britons of 

Streoneshalf — Ancient name of 
Whitby Abbey. 

Stretyledwali, See Stratclut- 

Strigulense Castrum — Strig^l 
Castle, Monmouthsbire. 

Strigulitty Stringulia — Chepstow, 

Strivellina, Striiilingum — Stir- 
ling, Scotland. 

Stuccia, Stucia Flu, — River 
Ystwith, or Dovey, Cardi- 

Sturodunum — Stourton, and 
Stonrminster, Dorsetshire. 

Sturus Flu. — Eiver Stour. 

Sualva — River Swale, Yorkshire. 

Suavicordium^Dulce Cor — Sweet- 
heart, or New Abbey, Kirk- 

Suhdohiadon — A town on the 
Wall of Antonine. 

Sudo verca — Southwark. 

Sudovolca, Suffolcia, Suffolicia — 

Sudria — Surrey. 

Sudsexa — Sussex. 

Sudwallia — South Wales. 

Suelloniaca — Brockley HiU, near 
Elstree, or Chipping Bamet, 

Suirus — Suir River, near Water- 
ford, Ireland. 

Sukius — ^River Suck, Connaught. 

Sulcalva Flu, — River Swale, 

Sulloniaca, Sullonica, See Suel- 

SumersetaneOf SumertunenitSj 
Summurtunensis Paga — 

Sunningum — Sonning, near 

Surra, Surriay Surreia — Surrey. 

Sussexia — Sussex. 

Susura — ^Isle of Jura (?). 

Suthamtonia — Southampton. 

Suthamtunensis Provincia — 

Suthburta — Sudbury, Suffolk. 

Suthimhria — England south of 
the Humber. 

Suthregia, Suthreia — Surrey. 

Suthriona — Surrey. 

Su thsaxon ia — Sussex. 

Suthsexia — ^Sussex. 

Suthumhria, See Suthimhria, 

Suthwalonia — South Wales. 

Suthuercha — Southwark. 

Suwella — Southwell, Notts. 

Swala — ^River Swale, Yorkshire. 

Sweynesia — Swansea. 

Swi/tus — ^River Swift, Leicester- 

Swina — Swinhey^ Yorkshire. 

Swthicella — Southwell, Notts. 

Syli — People of S. Wales. 

Syllintty Sylina — Scilly Isles. 

Syrehurna — Sherborne, Dorset. 


Taha — Teignmouth, Devon. 

Tadecastrum — Tadcaster. See 

Tadoriton — A town between the 
Walls of Hadrian and An- 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 

Taffus i^i«.— Eiver Taff, Gla- 

Tagea — Menteith, PerthaMre. 

2iitj^Zi— The people of Buchan, 

Taizalum Promonioriutn — 

Buchanness, or Kinnaird 
Head, east coast of Scotland. 

Tama — Thame, Oxfordshire. 

Tama i'7u.— EiTer Tame, Ox- 
fordshire, and the Teme, 

Tamara — Tamerton-roUott, 
Devon; or Saltash, Com- 

Tamara Flu. — Eiver Tamar, 

Tamare — TaTifitock, Devon. 

Tamark. See Tamara. 

Tamar is FluviiOsHa — ^Plymouth. 

Tamarvs — Elver Tamar. 

Tamatoordina — Tamworth, Staf- 

Tamhra — Biver Tamar. 

Tameia — Dunkeld, Portheliire, 

Tom en ! J »— Eiver Thames. 

Tamese — Kingston, Surrey, or 
Stre alley. 

Tamesia, Tamesis — Eivers 
Thames and Modwuy. 

Tamewrda — Tamworth, Stafford- 

7Wniio«— Rivet Tavy (?). 

Tamiaia — Eiver Thames. 

Tamteorthia — Tamworth, Staf- 

Tanarui — Eiver Tamar. 

Tanathoa Insula— Isle of Thanet, 

Tanaus— The Fritli of Forth. 

Tanetot. See TanaHtos. 

Taii/elda—Taa&Ad, Yorkshire. 
Taniatida. See Ta7iathos, 
Tanodunvm — Taunton, Somer- 


Tarensia — Of Deny, Ireland. 

Tarvedum, Tarciaium — Dun- 

causby Head, Caathaesa. 
raus— Eiver Taj-. 
Taoa — Teignmouth, Devon. 
Tata— ELver Tay, Scotland. 
Tavistohia — Tavistock, Devon- 

Tawus — Eiver Taw, Devonshire. 
Teavus — Eiver Tavy, Devon- 

2>(^«frfi'a— Thetford, Norfolk. 

TegiFus Lacus — Lake Tegid, or 
Bala, Merionetbaliire, 

Teisa, 2'ei's/s— Eiver Tees, Dur- 

Temdus — Eiver Teme. 

Temesforda — Temford, Bedford- 

Tenos — Islo of Thanet. 
Teorf/oz-i/a— Thetford, Norfolk. 
Terentua Flu. — Eiver Trent. 
Terna — Elver Tern, Shropshire. 
Tcsa — Eiver Tees, Durham. 
TMerfn?a— Teosdalo. 
Twoi/«s— Eiver Conway. 
Tetocaria — Tetbury, Glouoester- 

Texali — People of Bucbon, Aber- 
deenshire. See Taiznli. 

Th amesia — Thame 8. 

Tlianaio s— Thanet . 

jTAemi's— Eiver Tomo, Worces- 

308 A List o7S^o«^Wso7pSw^^^^^B 

Thenodan urn — TauntoQ . 

TiliB. See ThuU. ^H 

Theobaiden»is ^rf.s-Tlieobalds, 

rt7^£ur^um— Tilbury, Essex. ^^H 


Tiliapis. See Tolapia. ^^H 

Tkeoci Curia — TewkeBbury, 

Tina /7a.— Eiver Tyne, KortL:^^ 


umberland; or the Eden, 

Th,od/ord<i-Thei£<yTi, Norfolk. 




Wall, Northumberland. 

Theorodunum. See Theodorodu- 

Tinea /■/«.— Eiver Teign, Devon. 


Tii'nemu'/'a— Tynemouth, Nortb^^^ 

Tkeoslrola—ToecoUa, Yorkshire. 

umberland. ^H 

Thermce — Bath. 

Tinna. See Tina. ^^H 

TAela—Littlo Ouao Eiyer, Nor- 


riBiai^moi— TintageU, Comwal^^H 

mel/ordia-Thelioii, Norfolk. 

Tinm. See Tina. ^H 

Tkewda—RiYeT Tweed. 

TisoUs, Tinis Flu.—'BxvBr Gaiti^^^ 

Thinemulha — Tjnomouth, 

way, N. Wales. ^^| 

Nor th umb erlond. 

Tistonia—liattii, Hants. ^^| 

Thinua Flu. — River Tyne, 

ToUm Flu. — Eivet Towy, Oae»^^| 


martheniihire. ^^^H 

2Xonjrujn^Thong, Yorkshire. 

Tt^sobis. See Tisobis. ^^M 

77(00 orfunum— Taunton, Somer- 

Tolapia, ToUapis, Toliatis — ^^^H 


Sbeppey, or Thanet. ^^^H 

Thontis — Eiver Tone, Somerset. 

Tomeivordina—T&mwoiOi, Stat-^^M 

Thornega — Thorney Isle, the site 

fordehire. ^^M 

of "Westminster Abbey, 

romonrffo— Thomond, Ireland. ^^H 

Thorneia—Thnranj, Cambridgo- 

2l)«ir!>tum— Tonbridge, Kent.^^H 


Tonellwn—The Tun, a prison i^^H 

Tkuemia—Tu&m, Galway. 

Cornhill. ^^^| 

Tkuenemit—Qi Down, Ireland. 

Torcestria — Towcester, Northr^^f 

amptonshlre. ^^H 

2»w/e— Shetland Islea, or Ice- 

Tornai, Torneia — Thorney, Ganw^^H 


bridgeshire. ^^H 

Tkweda—Ri've-c Tweed. 

Torneiana— Thornton, Yorks. ^^| 

Tibius, Tybius /"/«. — Eiver 

Tortuna — Thomton-le- Street, ^H 

Teify, Cardiganshire. 

YorkB. ^H 

Tibraccia — Tibraghny, Kil- 

kenny; perhapa sometimes 

Hampshire, opposite to Tot^^^l 


land'B Bay (?). '^H 

TLchfelda — Titthfield, Hamii- 

Trajectus — Henbury, Hanhani^^l 


or Bitten, near Bristol. j^^| 

ill Great Britain and Ire 

Trajectua Augustte — Austdiff, 
or Henbury, Gloucester - 
Treanta — Hiver Trent. 
Trecaslelltt m — Beaum aris. 
7>eAen/(i— River Trent. 
Trellinum — Welshpool, Mont- 
Trenovantum — London . 
rre«ia— Eiver Trent. 
2re«Ao— Thirsk, Yorka. 
Trimontiutn, Trimunlium — Ab- 
nand, DumfrieBsIiire, or 
Trinoantes, Trinohantes, Trino- 
vantes — The people of Mid- 
dlesex and Eseex. 
Tripontium — Towoester, or Lil- 
boTirne, Northants; Eugby, 
Cave's Inn, or Kineton, 
Trisanton — ^Eiver Test, Hamp- 
sbire ; Eiver Ouse, Sussex. 
Trisanton, Trisanionis Partus — 
Southampton. See Clau- 
Tramense caslrum — Trim, Meath. 
Trulttlensis Partus — Probably an 
error for Ruiupensis, or the 
H umber. 
Taai ^stuarium — Mouth of the 

8pey, Scotland. 
Tuatna, Tuaima — Tuam, Gal«-ay, 

Tueda — Eiver Tweed. 
Tuemia — Tiiara, Gal way. 
TuBoxbea, Tueoxnea — Christ- 
church, Hants. 
Tuerobis Flu. — lUver Teify. 
Tussis — River Tees, Berwick. 
Tuesis- — Beaneastle, near Nairn, 
or Bellie, cos, Elgin and 

Tueisis — B erwick-on-Tweed. 

Tuhetmo ni<t— -Th omoad . 

Tuidus — Eiver Tweed. 

Tulina — Inchtuthill, on the River 
Tay, Scotland. 

Tunnocelum — Bowness, or Car- 
domock, Cumberland; Tyne- 
mouth, Northumberland. 

Turobius Flu. — Eiver Teify, 

Tutesbiria — Tutbury, Leicester- 

Tweda, Twedttm— River Tweed- 

Ticomondia — Thomond, Ireland. 

Tybius — River Teify, Cardig;an- 


Ubbanforda — ^Norham, North- 

UdicB — People about Cork. 

Vgruleniurn — A town north of 
the Wall of Antonine. 

Ulhrwuda—OMerion, Cheahire(?) 

Ulmetum — Elmley, or Eraley, 
Torksbire; North Klmham, 

Ullonia, Ulveslera — "Ulster, Ire- 

Umalia — Achad Fobhair, co. 
Mayo, Ireland. 

Umber — ^River Humbor. 

Undoln — Oundle, Nortbampton- 

Unicallis. See UrhallU. 
Vrgalia — Loath, Ireland, 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Uriconta — ^Wrottosloy, Stafford- 

Unconium. See Virocoyiium, 

Uripon itnn — Ripon, Yorkshire. 

UrithJesia — Wrexham, N. Wales. 

UrivalUs — Jervaulx, Yorkshire. 

Uroconium, See Viroconium, 

Urolanium, See Verolamium. 

Vrosullum — Wressell, York- 

Urovicum — York. 

Uru8 — ^Eiver Ure, or Yore, York- 

Usa — River Ouse. 

Usocontty Usoconna — Sheriff 
Hales, Oaken Gates, Shrop- 
shire ; or Bednall, Stafford- 

Uterni — A tribe living in South 

Ulrtconton, See Viroconium, 

Uxacona, See Usocona, 

Uxela — ^Exeter, Bridgewater, or 

Uxelis — Lostwithiel, or Laun- 
ceston, Cornwall. 

Uxelludamo — Hexham, North- 

Uxelum — Caerlaverock, or Ward- 
law, Dumfriesshire. 

Uxena — Crockheme Well, 

Uxinus Pons — ^TJxbridge, Mid- 

Uzela ^stuarium. See Vexala, 

Uzelium, See Uxelum, 

Uzella, See Uxela, 


VacomcLgi — People of Murray 
and Atliol, Scotland. 

Vadum Bourn — Oxford. 

Vadum Cervinum — Hertford. 

Vadum Pulchrum — Fairford, 

Vadum Ruhrum — ^Hertford. 

Vadum Salicis — ^Wilf ord ; Wal- 
ford, Herefordshire (?). 

Vadum Saxi — Stanford. 

Vaga Flu, — ^River Wye, Here- 

Vagniaca^y Vagniacum — Maid- 
stone, Wrotham, Northfleet, 
or Strood, Kent. 

Valentia — Province of Britain 
between the Walls of Ha- 
drian and Antonine, ».«., the 
Forth and the Tyne ; or be- 
tween the Walls of Hadrian 
and Severus. 

Vallidena — Saffron Walden, Es- 
sex ; Walden, Lincolnshire. 

Vallis Anangia — Annandale, 

Vallis Aurea — Golden Vale, 

Vallis Crucis — ^An abbey at Tila.Ti 
Egwestl, Denbighshire. 

Vallis Dei — ^Vaudey, or Walden, 

Vallis Doloris — ^Wedale, Scot- 

Vallis Lucis — Glenluce, Gallo- 
way, Scotland. 

Vallis Regalis — Vale Royal, 

Vallis Virtutis — Charterhouse at 

Vallum— The Picts' Wall. See 

Hadriani Murus, 

Valteris, See Verterce, 

Vanatinga — Wantage, Berk- 

Vandalis Flu, — ^River Wandle, 


in Great Britain and Ireland. 

Fanrfe^i I rib— Vandlebury, or 
"WandleBboroagh, a hill 
near Cambridge. 

Vanduaria — Paialey. 

Vara jF^u.— Murray Pirth. 

Vara Cos (rttm— Dunbar. 

Varia Flit. — ^Eivor Trome, Dor- 

Varis — Bodvnri, Flintshire ; 

Llanfair, Denbighahire. 
Vara icum — ^Wa r wick. 
Vecta, Veciis, Veclesis — Isle of 

Vectis Insula — Wliitehorn 

Island, Galloway ; Isle 

of Wight. 
Veclurioties — ^Picts. 
Vedra, Vedrus — Eiver Wear, 

Durham, or the Tyno. 
Fe^nin— People of Munster. 
Velox Flu. — Eiver ItqI, Somor- 

Velunia — A town in Scotland, 
Velufilium — Arleaa, Queen's Co., 

Venaniodunia — Huotingdon- 

'enanlodunum, VenaCortem Mons 

— nnntin gdon . 
'emdoiia — Gwynedd, North 


<iiconlsi — ^People in Fife. 
nmenii — People of TjTconnel, 

nonce, VKnnonus — Claybrooke, 

near Benaford Bridge, 

Leicestershire ; or Southam, 


Venta Belgarum — Winchester or 
Havant, Hampshire. 

Venta Icenorum, Simenorum, 
Cenomum- — Caistor or Nor- 
wich, Norfolk, 

Venta Silunim — Caer-went, 

Venlan um — Winch eater. 

Vcnlolacensis — Of Wensloydale. 

Ccn/as Morbidus — Winilaor. 

Venutio — ^The same as Banatia. 

J'eralimim — Cressage, Shrop- 
shire ; Warrington ; or the 
same as Veromelum. 

Verheia — Elver Wharfe, Tork- 

Vergivius, Verginius Oceanus — 
The sea to the south of 

Verlucio — Warminster, Leek- 
ham, Spy Park, or Sandy 
Lane, Wilts. 

Vernalis — A town in Cornwall or 

Vernemetvm. See Veromeium. 

Vemieones—Thfi Pieta. 

Verolumiiim — Verulam, now 8t. 
Albaa's, Hertford shire. 

Verometutn — Burrow Hill, or 
Cosby, LeiceBterahire ; or 
WiBoughhy, Notts. 

Veromum—k. town north of the 

Verovicu m — Warwick. 

Verier If, Verlerh — Brough-upon- 
Stainmore, Woetmoreland ; 
Watgarth, Durham; or 
Bowea, Torkahiro, 

Verlevia — A town in Cornwall or 

Verlis — Bourfon- on-the-Water, 
GloncesterHhire (?). 

A Jjift of the Latin Names of Places 

Vcrulamium — Yerulam, or St. 

Venu — River Wear, Durham. 
Veeuvium. See Berubium. 
Varvedrum Promorilorium — 

Strathy, or Duncansby 

Head, Scotland. 
r "eri'icam-^War wicit . 
Vetadunwm — Wntton, Yorka. 
Vtteleganui Pom — Whoatley 

Bridge, near Oxford. 
Vetilingiana Via — "Watling St. 
Velui Byrgus — Elvet, Durham ; 

Aid borough, Yorkelute. 
Veius P,sc«rin— Old Fish St., 

Vexala, Uzela jEslitarimn — The 

mouth of the Yeo or I?el, or 

of the Brent, Somerset. 
Vexfordia — Wexford, Ireland. 
Vicanum — Etchingham, Sussex. 
Viconia. See Vinnovium. 
Viclesis — -Isle of Wight. 
Victoria — Wigton ; Abernethy, 

Perthshiro ; Inchkeith ; or 

Dealgia Eos, Strathom, 
Vicliiarii, Veciuarii — Men of the 

Me of Wight. 
Vicumba — Wycombe, Bucks. 
Vicus Alhamis, Malbas, or Mai- 

banui — Nantwich, Cheshire. 
Vicua Orienialis — Eostwick, 

Vicm Saxetis — Rtaindrnp, or 

Stainthorp, Durham. 
Vidogara, Vidolara, ^sltiarium 

— Mouth of the Eiver Ayr 

or Eiver Irvine, Ayrshire. 
Vidua — Eiver Crodagh, Donegal . 
Viervedrtim. See Vervedrum. 
Vigorn iu— Worcester. 

Villa Alboni—H. Albans. 
Villa de Cruce Eoeiiie — EoyatO 
Villa de S. Jokanne—Ferib. 
Villa yi/iis/i'nt— Dunmow, Wool-' 

pit. Bury St. EdmundB, or 

Orford in Suffolk. 
Villa Nora- — Newnham, Hert^g 

fordahire ; Newtownarc 

Villa Novi Cailri super TYnam— •* 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne . 
Villa Regia — Kingston-upon- 

Hull; St. Edmundshuiy, 

Vilsedonum- — Willesden, whem 

there was a celebrated im 

of the Virgin Mary. 
Vilugiana Provincia — Wiltshi 
Fimii (f am— Weymouth, Dorset.] 
Vinchehega — Winchelsea, Sii{ 

Vin dag o ra — Windsor . 
Vindedivii — Drogheda, Ireland.4 
Vindelis — ^Winchelsea. 
Vindeliaora, Vindesorium—'WiiiSf 

sor, Berkshire. 
Vindelocomum — Winchcombe, 1 

Glo uce ster shire . 
Vinderius — Bayof Carrickfergi 

or Looh StrangforJ. 
Vindohala — Eutthester, or Eoo^ 

cheater. Nor thumb erlaad. 
Vindoi'ladia, Vindogladia — Cj 

bourne, Wimbome, 

Blandlord, Dorset ; or Alui 

Bay, Isle of Wight. 
Vijidolana, Vindolandn — 

Cheaters, or Chesterholm, i 

Nor thumherl and . 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 

Vindomora — Ebchester, Dur- 
ham ; Dod'a End, Northum- 
berland ; or Killhope CroBS, 

Vindomus, Vindonum, Vtnilonus 
— SilcheBter ; Famham ; 
near Whitchurch ; or Win- 

Vindovala. See Vindobala. 

Vindugladia. See Vindodadia. 

Vinduglestui — Eiver GauDleaH, 

Vinetria — The Vintiy, London. 

Vinnovium, J^i'nowia— Eincheater, 
or Eggleetone, Durham. 

Virdogladia. See Vindocladia. 

Virecinum, Virecium. See Virio- 

Viridu Sinus — Greeiiwich. 

Virioconium, Viroconium — 
Wroieter, Shropshire; or 
Stone, StafEordehire. 

Virolamium. See Verolamiitni. 

Virosidum — Ellenborough, Old 
Carlisle, or Workington, 

Virvedrum. See Vervedrnm. 

Via imonasleriu m — Westminster. 

Visi-Sajoneg—'WeBt Sasons. 

Vitrea Insula — Glastonbury. 

Viluli Insula — Selsea. 

Viurus — Eiver Wear. 

Vividin — liiverFowey, Cornwall. 

Torfiic— People about Cork. 

Volantium. Soe Olenacum, 

Voldia — Cotswold, Gloucester- 

Voliha. See Voluba. 

VoUtmiium — Probably oa the 
Wall of Antonine, 

J'olsat Sinus — Ijoch Broom, Eoss- 
shiro, or Loch Assynt. 

Voluba — Loetwithiol, Tregony, 
Falmouth, Bodmin, or 
Grampound, Cornwall. 

Volucnim Z)o»iui— Fulham, Mid- 

Voliinlium — Aidglaaa, Down, 

Volurtion. See Borcovicum. 

Volvicu m— Wo ol wich . 

Voran — Caervoran, Northumber- 
land, or Warran, Forfar. 

Torerfa— Old Penrith, Plumpton 
WaU, or Kirk Oswald, Cum- 
berland ; or Whelp Castle, 

r«»n— Eiver Quae. 

Waga, It'aia — Eiyer Wye. 
W'flAe/flMio — Wakefield, York- 

Walalega — Whalley, Laneaahire. 
IVala ni — Welshm en . 
TrnWflna— Saffron Walden, Es- 

Walkenested — Godatone, Surrey. 
Walla Londoniarum — London 

Wallani, Wallenses — Welshmen. 
»Ffl//ta— Wales. 
Wa lonicus — Welsh . 
JJ'anloiensix—Ol Wenlock. 

Wara — Ware, Hertfordshire. 

A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Warewtlla — Wherwoll, Hants. 
Wartelc ui — "Warwick. 
n'aj/brrf.a— Wexford, Ireland. 
WalafoFdia — Waterford, Ire- 

Tf'o Uhga — Wh e ntley . 
WaterforiUa — Waterford, Ire- 

Wauerleifa — Wftverley, Hants. 
Waya — River Wjo, 
H^'deslochia, Wdesloha — Wood- 
stock, Oxfordshire. 
Weableia — Woobloy, Ilereford- 

IfVrff/— River Tweed. 
IVehnihia — Welland Riyer, 

Wdla, Tlflffio^— WeUs, Somer- 

Wenta — Wincliester. See also 

Wenti — People of Jlonmouth. 
niera — ^Weare, Somerset. 
We}-kewiirda ■ — Wark worth, 

Northumb erland . 
Werregrava — WargrftvO, Berks. 
Werlemoriim — Stainmore, Weat- 

ir«»fl/br(/<'n— Wexford. 
Wealtus — Eak River, YorkaliirQ. 
Wessefordia — Wexford, Ireland. 
Wes Iberia — Westb ury . 
Westma ria — ^Westmorelan d . 
Wes Imonaslerium — Weatminster. 
Weitmoria, Westmorlandia ~~ 

We atmoreland . 
West- Walani — Cornish men. 
Wetha — Iflle of Wight. Soe 

Weverus — River Wever, 

K^Bf/ua— River \¥liarfe, York- 

m*;a— Isle of Wight. 

Wiableia — Weobley, Hereford- 

Wihigginum — Wigan, Lanca- 

Wiburti TiVia— Wiveton, Nor- 

Wieeia — Worcestershire . 

rFicd'i— People living in Wor- 

IT'i pA com ft I'a— Wycombe, Buck- 

Jf VcA ia — Droit wich. 

Wichum — Wick, Gloncester- 

Wietona — Witton, Durham. 

Wicimiba — Wycombe, Bucks. 

Wicus. See Vicus. 

Wtenortiis — WimbomB, Dorset. 

Wigorn ia — ^ Worcester , 

Wilda Sasscxiie— -The Weald of 

Willensii—Oi Wolls. 
Wihates — Inhabitants of Wilt- 

Tri7;ensBS— People of Wiltshire. 

TFiVionis— Wilton ; WiltaHre. 

Wiimm dham ia — Wyraondham, 

TTinSurna— Wimborne, Dorset- 

Win celcumha — Winchco tnbe , 

Winces iria — Winchester. 

Win chelcumba — Winchcombe. 

Winch eUegn — Winch elsea. 

Windesora, Windleshora, Winde- 
soria — Windsor, Berkshire. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Winta — Gwent, a province in S. 
Wales, between Usk and 

Winternia — ^Whithem, Wigton- 
sliire, Scotland. 

Wintonia — ^Winchester. 

Wira — ^E. Wear, Durham. 

Wiramutha, Wiremunda — ^Wear- 
mouth., Durham. 

Wirus — ^River Wear, Durham. 

JTiVcieo— Whitby, Yorks. 

Witerna, Witernia — Whithem, 

Witlesia — ^Whittlesey, Cam- 

Witternensis — Of Whithem, 

Wlvestera — ^Ulster. 

Wothor—l^lQ of Wight. 

Wrekus — ^River Wreke, Leices- 

Wtilfrunehantona — ^Wolver- 


Yarienis — ^River Yare, Norfolk. 

Yarmuthia — ^Yarmouth, Norfolk. 

Yarum — ^Yarm, Yorkshire. 

Yeogerieceastria — ^Worcester. 

Ylvernis — Inverness, Scotland. 

Ypocessa — ^Lower Stanton (?), 

Yxninga — Eiming, Suffolk. 


Zevioia — The Cheviots. 

^^^^^^V ^^^^H 

^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^1 



Aiaphtnsin. AssavensU — St. 

Herefordemu, mrfordimn* H^H 


Hereford. ^^M 

Landaveniit—U&uA&S. ^^H 


LkhfeldenxU — Coventry and ^^H 

Bathoninniii, or Balhoniensla H 

Lichfield. ^H 

IFe«*t.»«-Bath and Wells. 

£)nco/nie»n'«— Lincoln. ^^^H 


Londiniemis, Lundoniensis — ^^^| 

rf> Burgo Sancti /'cfri— Peter- 

London. ^^^H 


Menevensis—St. David's. ^^^| 

Canluariensix — Canterbury 

rvorvicenstSt stofiCiCens%9 — Inc^^^^^^^I 



Oxoniensis — Osiurd. ^^^H 

CM/rwwM— Chester. 

Petriburgensis — Peterborough. ^^^| 

Gceslrtnau — h ich ester , 

Jioffenais, Jlotieceslrenais — BiX^^^H 

Coventrenns — Coventry and 

Chester. ^^^H 


Saritburimtii, Saf — Salisbury. ^^^H 

Bimelmen m — Durham. 

Sodorenm—Bodor and Man. ^^H 

MoraoimU, Muracensii—YoTk 

( Archbishoprio) . 

_Bi.fln«-«— Ely. 


ff^Qces/reiisi's— Gloucester. 

Wintoiiiensis — Winohester. ^^^H 



Ergadiemis — Orkneys. ^^^| 

Arcadia— Qikney e . 

Gallovidiensis — GaUoway. ^^^| 



gow (Archbishoprio). ^^^H 


Hehidensii—Tlh& Isles, or Sodo^^H 

Candida Cfliit— Whithem, 

X,-mo>-c»«.>— Lismore. ^^1 


J/brou ien«i«— Moray. ^^^H 

Cathanensis — Oa ithn ess. 

JI/urM/aci— Mortlach. ^^H 

Dunblanensis, Dunblifettsis— 

O/radi'msw— Orkneys. ^^H 


Rosaensis—Uosa. ^^H 


S. Andrea, Sanclandreanut — St^^^^l 

Dunroduni — Domot'Ii, Suther- 

Andrews (Archbishoprio)7^^^H 


Sodorensis—'V)ie Isles, or Sodoi^^H 

Edtnh urgen sis — Edinburgh. 

jmilernemis — Whi theme. ^^^H 

. , A 

^^^^^V Bisho2mcs 

m Ireland. 317 ^^B 



A caden sia,Achadena is — Achonry . 

CasAe/eM!S — Cashel; CasBiol ^^k 

A ckadieiisia — ^Aghadoe , 

Irra, Connaught. ^H 

■ Ackatkkoneenah — Achonry. 

Casaelensia, Casailienais — Cashel ^^| 

■ -^//wensM— ElpLin. 

(Archbishopric). ^H 

H Airfhermuigkensis—Aimoy. 

Cellaiara — Cellaiar, in the pro- ^H 

H Akadenais — Achonry. 

Tince of Tuam. ^^H 

H Alaohdmsu,Alademis Ft11h]h. 

Cellamahrath — Kilfenoragh. ^^| 

H AnachdunensU — Anaaghdovn. 

Cenanvs, CeneneiisU — Xella. ^^| 

^ Aondruimemis — ^Nendrum. 

Charensis — Derry. ^^H 


Chonderenais — Connor. ^^| 

Cfnana— Error for Cluana. See ^^H 


Cluainemis. ^M 

Clockoremu, Clos/taremis— ^H 

Ardacensis, ArdachadcnsU, Arda- 

Clogher. ^^M 

h achdensis — Ard agh. 

Clonenais — Cloyne, co. Cork. ^^H 

Ardarlensia — Ar dlert . 

Clonfertensis—C\oTd.eTi. ^^| 

A /-rfire AetisM— Aidbracchan , 

Cluainensia, Clvanensia — Clon- ^^H 

A rdcarnia — Ardcame . 

macnoifl, or Seven Churches, ^H 

A rde/erlensia—AiMeTt. 

King's County. ^^1 

A rdmo rensia — ^Ardmore. 

Cluanttmenaia—C[oja.B. ^^H 

A rdtra then ais — Ardstra w . 

Armacamis — Armagh (Arch- 

Clumerardmaia—Q\aasx^. ^^| 


Arlh/erdataia— Albert. 

Conamy— Cinani, or Clonmac- ^^| 

m AlArumenais— Trim. 


1 ^«««,.WAwn. 

Conga — Cong. ^^^H 


Connerenaia—Comio-r. ^^H 

■ Baltifordia, Satll/ordia—Wa.tBT- 

Corcagiensis — Cork. ^^^| 

■ ford. 

C'orcumrothenais — Corcumroe, ^^^| 

H Banfforrnsis—^BajigoT. 

afterwards at Kiltenora. ^^H 

(7u(7ra^Aen«i»— Coleraine. ^^| 

1 more. 



■ (7anic— Kilkenny. 

Duleek. ^^1 

H Carkagenah — Cork. 

i>a»-<m«i«— Kildare. ^^| 


Bishoprics in Ireland. 

Dearrhiensiftj Derensis — Deny. 

Domnach mor — Donoghmoro. 

Donnachavheling — Dunshaugli- 

Doune — Down, or Dundalethglas. 

Drumorensis — Dromoro. 

Drunimorensis — Dromoro. 

Duacum^ Duatum — Kilmac- 
(luagh, Galway. 

DuhUnensis — Dublin (Arch- 

Dundalcensis — Dundalk. 

Dundalethglas f Dunensis — Down. 

Edumahragh — ^Kilfenoragh. 

Elnamirand — Errorfor Cluanard, 
or Clonard, 

Elph inensis — Elpbin. 

Emiliensis — ^Emly. 

Enachdunensis — Annaghdown, 
or Enaghdune. 

Ergallia — Clogber. 

Eripolensis — Jerpont. 

Favoria — ^Fore. 

Femensis — Ferns . 

Finnahrensis — ^Fenabore, or 

Furensis — ^Fore, Foure. 

Fynnaborensis — Fenabore, or 

Gathay^ Insula de — ^Inniscathay, 
or Inniscattery. 

Glandelacensis — Glendalough, or 

Hymlacensis — ^Imelaco-Ibliairy or 

Imelacensis — Emly. 
Inmeleccensis — Emly. 
Inisca thrensis — ^Inis-scattery . 

Kenanusensis, Kenlis — ^Kells. 

Kendaluam — ^Killaloe. 

Kildarensis — ^Kildare. 

Kildareuensis — ^Kiilaloe (?). 

Kilfenorensis — ^Kilfenoragb. 

Killaleth — Killala, co. Mayo. 

Killmunduach — Ealmacduagh. 

Killruaidhensxs — Elilroot. 

Kilmorensis — Kilmore, Silniore 

Kyenfemensis — ^Clonfert (?). 

Kynlathensis — ^Killala. 

Kyry — Kerry. 

Ladensis — ^Elillala, co. Mayo. 

Laginiensis — ^Leinster. 

Laonacensis — ^KiUaloe. 

Laoniensis — ^Killaloe. 

LeclinenstSy Leghlyn^ Leghglensis 
— Leighlin. 

Lessemore — ^Lismore. 

Lxmricensis — ^Limerick. 

Lismorensis — ^Lismore. 

Lugdunensis — Louth, united to 

Lugundunensis — ^Louth. 

Lumpniacensis, Lymeryk — 

de MageOj Maigonenais — ^Mayo. 
Maghhilensis — ^Moville. 
Medensis — Meath. 
Melicensis — Emly. 
Middensis, Midiensis — ^Meath. 

Osseriensis — Ossory. 

Rapotensisy Rathhocensis^ Rathho- 
tensis — Baphoe. 

Ra thasithensis — Rashee. 

Rathaspicensis — Batheaspuic- 


Bishoprics in Ireland. 


Rathlucensisj Rathlurensis — 

Bathmurbhulgensis — ^Ratlimur- 

Rathpothensis — ^Kaphoe. 

Rechrannensis — Rathlin . 

Rosalither — ^Eosscarbery, united 

to Cork. 
Roscomon — ^Roscommon. 


Rosensis — ^Hoss. 

Rossiensis — ^Roscrea. 

Ruscomia — ^Roscommon. 

Saigerensis — Saiger. 
Skrynensis — Skreene. 
Slanensis — Slane. 

Tharensis — ^Derry. 
Thuenensis — ^Down. 

Tighhonensis — Tighbohin. 
Trihurnensis — ^Brefiny, or Kil- 

Trimensis — Trim . 
Tuaimensis — Tuam (Arcbbisbop- 

Tullagensis — Tulacb. 
Tume — Tuam. 

Uladensis — ^Down. 

Umalia — ^Acbadfobbair, Mayo. 

Waterfordensis — Waterford. 
Wexfordensis — ^Wexford. 

Ymlagh — ^Emly. 



de ^ncoriiJ— Dancer. 

^i«— Abbott. 

A ny /j CUB— Inglia. 

de Jbbana—Ahhess. 

de AngulU — Angell. 


de Anguh—A.6\ Angle, atte 

de Abrincis — D'Avranchea. 


Aculua — Hawk wood. 

in Angulo—attei Noke. 

rffl Adurni porta — Ethermgton. 

de Ansa — Daunoe. 

de Agnellit—Agaew, Dagnall. 

Apparitor — S umner. 

de .^yni's— Aignes, Aina. 

de Aqua i/anco— Egeblaunch, 

de Aillio—ty'Mh, Alley. 


Ala rani^ii— Wingfield. 

de Agua/risca — Freshwater. 

de Alba mar/a— Albemarle. 

A J uapo ntanu s — Bridgwater. 

de ^/ieneio— D'Aubeney, Albi- 

de Aquil<,—E&gl6, D'Eaglea, 

Alhericui, Albrea, Albraus — Aw- 

Arbalistarius—ArhlaBter, Ala- 



de Albineio—D'Auheney, Albi- 

Archidiaconus — Arcbdeacon, Ar- 
ced eckne. 

deAlbo Monas/erio— Whitcliurcli. 

de Arckis — Arch. 

de AldilAeUia—A\i(a.Bj. 

de Arcla—AxglGS. 

-J/eo— Herring. 

de Arcubus — de Arches, Bowes. 


de Arenis — Darens, Darayns, 

de Alnefo—Dawaaj, Dannay, 



de Arida villa— VlijiOQ., Drydon. 

Ahelinua — Ansell, Ancell. 


de AUa ripa—D^-wtrey, Dattry, 

Ascelintta — AnseU, Ancell. 


Asculphus — Ayscough, Askew. 

de Aha villa— De HauteviUe. 

de Aatieriis-Da.m.eis, Denyer. 

de ^mi/io— De AmWe, Hamley. 

A u bericus — Awbr ey . 

de Atica, de Auco—Owe. 

* In compUiDfr this list, great asaistan 

oe liaa bocn derired from an aaony moas 

boot entitled " Tho Norman People nnJ 


Latin Forms of English Surnames. 

de Augo — D'Eu, Auge, Agg, 

A ugustinus — Auatin . 
de Aula — Hall. See de Haula. 
ad Aulam~&.iiQ Halle, Hall. 
de Aurea valle — Dorival, Dorvell, 

de Aureis tealiculis — Orescuilz. 
de Aureo vada — Goldford or 

AuriJ'aber — Orfeur, an ancient 

name in Cumberland. 
Avonias — Of Northampton. 
de Aynecuria — Daincourt. 


de Ba, Baa — Baugh. 

de Bada — Bath. 

de Baka. See de Ba. 

de Bajocis — de Bayeux, Bews. 

de Ballio—Ba.ilef. 

Bardu Iph us — Ba rdolph . 

da Batonia — Bath. 

de Baudrihosco — Boidrewood. 

dt Beeeilla — Beville, Beavill. 

de Belesmo — de Beleeme. 

de Bella aqua — de Eealeawe, 

de Bella camera — -Belchambers. 

de Bella /ago — de Bealfo, Beau- 

de Bella Jide — Beaufoy. 

de Bella ti«a— Belyille. 

de Bella o?nfl/o— Beltany. 

de Bella campo — Beauchamp. 

de Bella capite — Eeauehief. 

de Bello/oco — Beauleu. 

de Bella loco — Beaulieu, Bewley, 

de Bella manio — Beaumains (P) 

de Bella maritco — Beaumarah. 

de Bella monte — Beaumont. 

de Bella pralo — Beaupre. 
de Bella jiVu— BeUasise. 
de Bella vera — de Beuvar, 

de Bella r I's/o— Belvoir, 
Be nedtclus — B e nnett. 
de Benefactis — Benfield. 
de Benevolis — Benlows. 
Bercarius^-Jje Bercher, Barker. 
Berca lor — B art er. 
Berengariiis — B airi n ger. 
de Berevilla — do Borville, Bur- 

field, B ere well. 
de Beverlaco — Beverley. 
Biiuriceiisis — de Bourges. 
de Blanco pane — Whitbread. 
de Blitkaduna — Blyton. 
de Blosaevilla, Blasievilla — 

BlovUe, Blofield. 
de 5/oyi— Blew, Bligh. 
de Blunde cilia — Blundeville, 

Blundus—l-o Blond, Blount. 
de Biiceo — de Booy. 
de Baevillu—BoviU. 
de Bona villa — Bonville. 
de Bona fassalo — Ooodrick. 
Bonan ius — Boleyn. 
de B org eh — B urges. 
Borla St us — Borlace . 
de Bortano — Burton. 
de Boico — Boys, Bojce, Wood. 
de Bosco Roardi — Eorhard. 
de Bolellie—'BuileT. 
de Boularia — de Boilers, Buller, 
de Boris villa — Bovill. 
de Braiosa— de Braose, Brewis, 

Brew house. 
de Broilleia — de Bruilly, Briley. 
de Bruera — Bryer, BriewoT, 

Britnus — Le Brim, Brown, 


Latin Forms of EngUsh Surnames. 

de Ducca — Buck. 

de Bucca uncia-^e Bouohaine, 

de Bucia — de Bucos, Bouclie, 


BudelluB — de Buelles, Boyle. 

de BueaviUa — Bouville, Bous- 
yille, Bousfield. 

de Bulemara — ^Bulmer. 

de Buliaco — ^Buialj, Builly. 

Burgensis — Burges. 

de Burgo — de Burgh, Burke, 

de Burgo charo — Bourchier. 

Burgundiensie — de Bourgogne, 
Bourgoyne, Burgon. 

de Burnavilla — ^Bemwelly Bam- 

de Burtana — Burton. 


de Cahanisio — de Chalbeneys. 

de Cadomo — de Caen, Caine. 

de Cadurcis — Cha worth. 

Ccecilius — Cecil. 

de Caineto — ^Keynes. 

Calcearius — ^Le Chancier, 

Calixtus — Killick. 

de Calleio — de Cailly, Cayley. 

Calvinus — Caffyn, Chaffyn. 

de Calvo monte — Chaumond. 

Calvus — ^Baud, Bald, Cafe, Calf. 

de Camera — Chambers. 

Camerarius — Chamberlayne. 

de Campania — Champneys. 

Camparnulphus, de Campo Ar- 
nulphi — Champernoun. 

de Campis — Descamps, Kemp. 

de Campo hello — Campbell. 

de Campo florido — Champfleur. 

de CamviUa — Oamvil. 

de Canceio — Ohaunoey. 

de Caneto — Cheney. 

Canonieue — ^Le Chanoin, Gannon. 

de Can^i7ti/>o->— Cauntelow, Cant- 
low, or Cantello. 

Cantor — Le Channter, Sing^. 

de Capella — Capel. 

Capellanus — Caplin, Chaplin. 

de Capie — de Ohappes, Cope, 

Capito — Grostete, Qrosse Teste, 
Grosthead, Grouthead. 

de Capra—de la Chievre, 

Cheevers, Chivers. 

de Capreolocuria, de Capricuria — 

Caradocus — ^Caradock, Cradock. 
Caretarius — Carter. 
de Cariloco — Cherlewe. 
Carnoteneis — de Chartres. 
de Caro loco — Carelieu. 
de Casa Dei — Gt)dshall. 
de Casineto — ^Chesney, Cheney. 
Castellan us — Catlin. 
de Castello — de Chastell, Castle, 

de Castello magno — Castlemain. 
Castor — Bever. 
de Castro — Castell. 
de Catherege — Catherick, Cart- 
Cecus — Cheke. 
Cenomannicus — ^Maine. 

de Ceraso^ de Cericio — de Cerisy, 

de Cestria — Chester. , 

de Chaisneto — Chesney, Cheney. 

de . Chalvennio — de Clavigny, 

Latin Forms of Ekglish Surnmm. 323 ^^| 

de CAaan's— Chaworth. 

Crocus— OrokQ, ^H 

CKe%j-eu«s— KiUigre-w. 

de Crolis—GTOot, Grote. ^^H 

de CAesneto—Cheanej, Cheney. 

de C^ace— Cross. ^^1 

de Cheferiia — de Ohevrierea, 

de Cuillio—GoaBy. ^^H 


de Cuminis — Comyn. ^^^| 

Chirchebeius—Kii\ihy, Kirby. 

Cunelius — ^Kenuett. ^^^| 


de Curceo, Curei—dB Courcy. ^^| 

de Clara t-iV^o— Clare ville. 

de CiH-ia— Delacour, Cure. ^H 

Clara ?fa*— Clare . 

de Curva spina — Crowthom. ^^^| 

de Clarifago—Q\QTiB.y. 

de (7Ms««r,V(-Cus3ana. ^H 

de Claris paWVias—CIereviUe, 





de Claro m on ^e— Clermont, Cler- 

iJnciis— Daneis, Dennis. ^^H 


Daijtcuriensis, de Aynecuria — ^^H 

de CTnus^Close, CIbss. 

Uaiaconrt. ^^H 

de CTtntona— Clinton. 

Dalenrir/ius — ^Dalegrig. ^^H 

de CT.V(»/or(t— Clifford. 

Danisctts — Dennia. ^^H 

de Coarda—d6 Oowei-t, Coward. 

de Davidvilla—D'AiYiile, D'Ey- ^^H 

Cocws— Cook, Coke, Cocke. 

vjlle. ^H 

de ColaviUa—Colvme. 

Decanus — Dean. ^^^| 

de Coldrelo—Ae Coudray. 

Z»,a&o?as— Deeble, Dibble. ^H 

Co^ftna*— KnoUja. 

de Divclo—oi Disa. ^^H 

de Colutnbarlis — ^Columbera. 

Dispensarius, Dispensator, Din- ^^^| 

de CoKcAi«— Shelley. 

penserius — La Doapeneer, ^^^| 

de Condwclu — Cheuduit. 

Spencer. ^^H 

de Conneriis — de Coignierea, 

de Dira—Diyo, Dives, ^^M 

Cony era. 

Divi/ius—Riahe. ^^H 

de Doiln — Dwight, Brook. ^^H 

de Doi-era — ^de Douyres, Doyer. ^^^| 

de Coree7/a— Churchill. 

Draco- — Drake, Drage. ^^^| 

de CormeJiis — de Comiayles, 

de Drocis—de Drous, Drew. ^H 


Sroffo — Drew. ^^^| 

de Comubia-Gomwuyle. 

Duchlius—T>ongh.{y. ^H 

Corvesarius — Corveser, Corsar, 

de Dumovilla—DomYiilo, Dun- ^^M 

de Corvo spina — Crowthom. 


de Cramavilta — Cranwell. 

de Duna—Ttoa, Down. ^^| 

Crasnts. See Grasses. 

de Diineslanrilla—'DanBta.nyia.. ^^^ 

de Crepila corde — Crevecceur, 

Durandus—DnTrnjit ^^M 


Duridentis — Duredena, Durdans. ^^^| 

de OiW— Orewe. 

Dalentim—J}QMe\ty. ^^| 



Latm Ibrms 6/^fflish Surnames. 

Eaittrling u » — Strolling. 
dffiJroina.rfaA'iroii— D'Evrenx. 

JVyo/o— Elliott. 

d» Urietlo — Briewer. 

dt Ermtnolda villa — d'EnnenOii- 

Emaldui — Emaut, Arnold. 
de Erolielo — Erliclie. 
da Btekovilla — EbcotUIo, Scho- 

de Efitupa — Lo Scrope, Sorope. 
Espervfriu* — Le Sperrer, 8par- 

de Ettarlis — Eseart, Sort. 
de Esieleia — Ashley. 
de Ettlega, Eatleta—AaHey, OT 

ffurfo— Eade, Eadee. 
Extraneui, de Extraneo— 

L'Estrange, Strange. 

Faher — Lefevre. 

Eacelus- — Le Facet. 

de Fago — Boech, BeecliBr, 

de Fam—de Fai, Fay. 
Fallerellus—¥ uierel, Fowtroll. 
Fan laama — Fantosme . 
Ferdirt andus — Farrunt. 
de Ferrarih — Ferrara. 
Fiber — Bever. 

de Fiervilla — ^Fierville, Fairfield. 
de Filiceto — Fernham. 
Filiui -4(/eiint— Fitz-Adelin, 

Filiut Alani — Fitz-Alan. 
Filiui J/urerfi— Fitz-Alard, or 

FiUui ..ininndi— Fitz-Amand. 

Filiaa Andreas — Fitz- Andrew. 
Filiue iluWric— Bftldry. 
Filius Bfmar(/i— Fitz-Bamard. 
Filiue Bogonit — Bewes. 
Filim BnnBt— Fitz-Brian. 
Filiui ConiiVifr— Fitz-Coimt. 
Filiiu Sroifonis—Drewes, Drew, 
Filius Eaetachii — Fitz-Eustace. 
Filius /u/coBi>— Fitz-Fulk. 
Filiua GalJredi—Fitz-GeoSry. 
Filius Oerrardi — Fitz-Gerrard. 
Filiui fftffiw^"— Fitz-Qilbert. 
Filiut Gualteri — Fitz waiter, 

Filius ffwonni—Filz- Warren. 
Filius Guidonis — Fitz-Guy, 

Filiut Gu//e/mi— Fitz-William, 

Williamson, WiUituns. 
Filiut Ilamonis — Fitz-Hamon, 

Filius Hardingi — Fitz-Hardinge. 
Filius Henrici — Fitz-Henry, 

HarriBon, Harris. 
Filiua Herberti—VAz-He-th&vt. 
Filius Hugonis — Fitz-Hugli, 

Filius Humfredi—Yiiz-'R-am- 

phrey, Humphreys. 
Filius Jacobi — Fitz-James, Jame- 

Filius Johatinii — Fitz- John, 

Johnson, Jones, 
Filius LuccB — ^Fitz-Lucas. 
Filius Mauric it — Fitz-Mau rice, 

Filius Michaelis — Fitz-Michael. 
Filius A7co;«:^Fitz-Nichol, 

Nicholson, Nichols. 
Filius Odottis — Fitz-Otea. 
Filius Oliveri—Tiiz-OMver. 
Filius Osburni—Vitz-Oshura. 
Filius Osmondi — Fitz-Osmond. 



Latin Forms of English Surnames. 

Filiua Pagani — ^Fitz-Pain, 
Filiut Pa/riViV— Fitz-Patrick, 
Filiua Petri— 'Eii-i-Veim, Peter- 
son, Peters. 
Filius SnrfH/^/ii— Pitz-Ealph. 
Filius Reginaldi — Fitz-Eaynold, 

Filius liicardl — Fitz-Rieliard, 

Pichardean, Pichards. 
Filius Roberti — Pitz-Eobert, 

Eobertson, Eoberts. 
Filius Ruijeri — Fitz-Roger, 

Eogersoa, Eogers. 
Filiits Sitnonis — Fitz- Simon, 

Filius Slephani — Fitz- Stephen, 

Stepbenaon, Stepbens. 
Filius ThomcB — Fitz-Tbomas, 

Filius Walteri — Fitz-Walter, 

Filius If «rmi— Fitz-Warin. 
de Firmilale—ie la Ferto. 
Flan drensis — Flem yng. 
Flavui—EbxaA, Blount. 
Fleehnrius—'Le Flechier, Flet- 

de i^ucd'itH— Flood. 

de Folia — Foley, 

de Foliis — Foulis. 

de Fonie — Pont, Famit. 

de Fonts australi — Southwell. 

de Fonts Ebraldi — Foatevrard. 

de Fonts limpido — Sherbum. 

de J'ond'Su*— Wells. 

de Forda — Ford. 

de Fornellis~&ti Furnel. 

de Forti sculo — Fortescue, 

de Foflilius — Je Fort, de Forz, 

de Fossa nova — Newdike. 

de Fraisneto, Frailneto — c 

Fraine, du Fresne. 
de Fraxino — Frean, Asbe. 
Frescohu rn u* — Fr esbbume. 
i^reriV/a— Fretcbvile, Frevil. 

de Frisca villa — Fretcbville, Fre- 

de Frisco marisco — ^Preshmarsh. 

Fulcb erii — Ftdcber. 

de Fulgeriis — de Fougeres, de 

de Furnellis—', Fur- 


de Gaio — Oai, Gay. 

de Gandavo, Oandavensis — 

de Gardinis—Qasien. 
Garner us — Guarnier, Warner. 
de Gasconia — Gascojne. 
de Geneva — Genevile. 
de Genisteta — -Bromfield. 
de Gerardi villa — Greville, Qt&' 

Oervasiits — Gerveis, Jarvis. 

Giovanu s — Young. 

de Gisnelo — do Gisney, Gynney. 

de Gisortio — de Gisors. 

de Glanvilla — Glanvil. 

de Gorniaco — Gomey, Gurney. 

de Gotiheria — Gower. 

de Granavilla, Greenvilla — 

Greenvil, or Grenvile. 
de Grandavilla — Grauvile. 
de Grandi Sono — Grandison. 
Grandis, or Magnus venator — 

de Qrangia — Grain ge. 
Grangia riua — GFrainger . 


Latin Forms of English Surnames. 

de Grano ordei — Greindorge. 

Grassus — Le Gras, Grace. 

de Grata — de la Grave, Ghraves. 

de Grendona — Groendon. 

de Grento — Grente, Grinde. 

de Griperia — Gripper. 

de Grosso — de Gruce, Gross. 

de Grosso monte — Grosmond, 

de Grosso venatore — Grosvenor. 

de Grue — Crane. 

Guido — Guy, Gee. 

de Guidovilla — ^Wydville, "Wy- 

de Oundevilla — Gonville. 

de Guntheri sylva — Gunter. ' 


de Haia — ^Hay. 

de Hantona — Hanton. 

de Harcla — Harkley. 

Hastifragus — ^Brakespere. 

de Haula — de la Hale, Hall, 

Havardus — Howard. 

de Ilaya — de la Haye, Hay. 

Ileremita — ^Armit. 

Heres — ^Le Hare, Eyre. 

Hervceiis — Harvey. 

de Hirundine — ^Arundel. 

de Hoga — de la Hoge, Hogg. 

de Hosata, de Hosa — de la Hose, 
de la Huse. 

Hosatus — Hussey. 

Howardus — Howard. 


de Illeriis — de St. Hellier, Hil- 

/;^««^— L'Enfant, Child. 

de Insula — ^Lisle. 

de Insula bona — ^Lislebone. 

de Insula fontis — ^Ldlbume. 

de Ipra — de Ipres. 

de Ispania — Spain. 


de Joannxs villa — de Jehanville, 
Geneville, Gunville. 

Jodocus — Joice. 

Juvenis — ^Lejeune, Young. 


de KainetOf de Kaisneto — Ches- 
ney, Cheney. 

de Keyneto — ^Keynes. 


de Zacu-— de Lake, Lake. 

de Lteto loco — ^Lettley. 

de Laga — ^Lee, Lea, Leigh. 

Lamhardus — ^Lambard, or Lam- 

de Landa — de la Lande, Land. 

de Langdona, Landa — ^Langdon. 

Larderarius — ^Lardenier, liard- 

de Largo — ^Large. 


de Lato campo — ^Bradfield. 

de Lato vado — Bradford. . 

de Lato pede — ^Braidfoot. 

Lauremarius — ^Lorimer. 

Laurentii Jilius — ^Lawson. 

de Lega — ^Leigh, Lee. 

de Leicaf Lecha — Leke. 

de Letcestria — ^Lester. 

Latin Forms of English Sumatnes, 


Leuchenorius — Le wkin, Le wknor . 

de Lexintuna — ^Lexington. 

de Limesia — ^Limsie. 

de Linna — ^Linne. 

de Ltsorus — ^Liznrs, Lisors. 

de Loco frumenti — Wlietliam- 

de Logiis — ^Lodge. 

de Longa spatha — ^Longespee. 

de Longa villa — ^Longuevillo, 

de Longo campo — Longchamp. 

de Longo prato — ^Longmede. 

de Luceio — ^Lucy, Lewsey. 

de Luera — ^Lower. 

de Lunda — ^Lund. 

de I/upellis — ^LoveL 

Lupelius — JjOYeL 

Lupu9 — Jje Loup, Lovei Loo, 

de Luza — DeJjM. 


Jfaeer — J^ llejre, 

de Jfa^ma riUa — MMndeville. 

de 3fa^mo m&mU — (xnmaoont, tjr 

de J/«^ Mf^yU^'dlk. 

Maleductua — Maldu it, M luuluit . 

de Alalia manibua — MalmaitiM. 

de Mallo Leone — Mauloon. 

de Malo conduotu — Malduit. 

de Malo lacu — Mauloy. 

de Malo leone — Mauloon. 

de Malo vieu — MalvoiNin. 

de Malpaetu — Malpan. 

Maine ratulue — Malcaol, Mal- 
choin, Machol. 

Maine leporarine — Malworw, 

Malliouro, Mallyvory. 
Maine lupellue — Maulovo], Mal- 

Maine vicinne — MalveMin, MaU 

de Mandavilh — JAaxiAfrnWih 
de Maneriie — Manu^/rif. 
de la Mara — iJolamaro. 
de Mara — ^Maro. 
de Marchia—4\f9 la TAurtphfff 

de Marci valltbue — Kartiral^ 
de Marco — Mark. 
MareecaUu$- HnnAutlf m 1a 

de Marieeo — 4/;l Mamji, Munh* 
MarruijUriuik- -J>? MitfW. 


de M^mriUim^ ~ Ah MfnU^u^, 

de Media %nW/i^ M'M\*^m^ 

Me4i^M^ — \/^i^. 

d^ MedwifMir MitifMf, 

de MeL^ -fc y/l^^'^^x^ M^t^Xf 

Me^*/eO/f %^*,^, 

<5e >/*'>r*/>— JfotdliVbtx 

Latin Forma of BwjlUh Surnatnes. 

tie Mineriu — Miners. 
de Minoriit — Minours. 

Mohndinarluf—'iiiW^t, Milner. 

de Mtileadinis — Moliiies. 

de Molia — de Moelles, or Moela, 

Monachua — Le Moigne, MoDk. 
da MimaHerik — Musters, 

deMoncrllit — Monceaux, MoaBon. 
de Monemutha — Monmouth. 
de J/on iff— Mount, Mont. 
de Monte acuta — Montftcute. 
de Monle alio — Montaltj Muhaut, 

Moald, Maude. 
de Monle aquilis — Mounteagle. 
de Monte 5Byoni»— Montbegon. 
de Monte Brilonum — de Mon- 

de Monte Canesio, Canisio — 

Montchesney, Muncbenai. 
de Monte ^.ro— Montfitcbet, 

de Monte /or ti — Montfort, 
de Monte Gait, de Monte Gaudii — 

de Monte Gomerico — Mont- 

de Monte tlennerii — Monther- 

de Monte Jovis — Montjoy, 

de Monle Kanesio — Muncbenai. 

de Monte Marisco, Moraci, Mo- 

ren tio — Montmorency. 
de Monte Peamno, de Monte Pes- 

sulano, de Monte Pisaonis, de 

Monle Pissoris — Montpes- 

Bon, Mompesaon. 
de Munte Revelli — Monterville. 
de Montihus — Mount, Mont, 

d« Morisco — Moore. 

de Mofluo mari — Mortimer, 

de Moubraia — ^Mowbray. 

ad Murum — Walton. 

de Mutca — Mua, Moaae. 

de Musco campo — Muachamp. 


Nappator — Le Naper, Napie 

de Nam — da Nea, Neaa. 

Nepos—'La Neve. 

Neq uam — Neckham. 

de jVn^i7/a— NeviL 

A^igelius — Niele, Neal. 

de Nodariie, NodoriU — Nowrea.-^ 

Norensia — Noreis, Nordmaii, 

Norma n dus — Norman. 
Norriiiui — Norria. 
de Norwico — Norwiob. 
de Nova terra — Newland, 

de Novo hurgo — NewbuTgh, 
de Novo cos ;e//o— Newcastle. 
de Novoforo — Newmareh. 
de Novo loco — Newark. 
de Novo mercato — Newmareh. 
de Novo oppido — Newton. 
A'oi'Mj— Newman. 
^"11 Ir ictus — Nurse, 

de Oileio, Oili, Ollim—jyOyly. 
de Ommbus Sanctis — TouSBftint* ] 

de Ovyhtia — Dougbtv. 

Latin Forms of English Surnames. 39^^^B 

de Pola—da la Pole. ^H 


de Polelo— Foley. ^H 

Polus— Vole, Poole- ^H 

de Pomari'o— Appleyard. ^H 

/•aeeus— Pace. 

de PoKle— Bridge. ^H 

Paganellm — Pagnell, Painel. 

orfPoniem— AtteBrigge,Brigge, ^H 


Paunton. ^^H 

Palmarius — LePaumier, Palmer. 

de Pontibus — Bridgeman, ^^H 

Pa Imiger — Palmer. 

Bridges. ^^H 

de Paiurf*— Puddle, Marsh. 

de Pontitsera — Sawbridge. ^^^| 

de Porco— Park. 

/"orcorius— Le Porcher. ^H 

Parmentariui — Pormenter, 

de PorrelUs—Vm^Al. ^H 


/•oHarius— Potter. ^H 

de Parm tarri—Tonsl, Tyrrel. 

U Poure-Fower. ^M 

de Parva ttiV/o— Littleton. 

Pouteneius — Poultney. ^^| 

Parvus— "La Petit, Petty. 

de PraeUis. See de Praeriis. ^H 

de Pascuo lapidoao — Stanley. 

de PauUaco — Paveley. 

de Praeriis— 'Pia.dTB, Prahora. ^| 

de Pavilliaco—V&Y6\^j. 

de Pratellis—des Prea, Des- ^1 

de Peccato, Peccatus—PGche, 

preaux, Diprose, Meadowa. ^H 


de Pralis—Vraty, Prettio. ^H 

de Pede jj?a hco— Paunoefoot. 

de Pralo — Dupre, Mead, Pratt. ^| 

Pet ton us — Pe J ton. 

de Precariis. See de Praeriis. ^H 

Pellipariua — Skinner, 

Prf CO— Price. ^H 


de Puillela — Paulet. ^| 

de Penis— FieiB. 

de Pulchro cajiellilio—'Faiitax. ^H 

de Perrariis — PeirerB. 

de Purcellis-FarcBH. ^^^ 

de Petra—Petie. 

de Puleaco — Pudsey, Puaey. ^^H 

de Petraponle — Pierrepont, Per- 

de Pu/eo— Pitt. ^H 



de Pktavia, Piclaviensta—PeytO' 


vin, Peyto, Peto. 

Ancerna— Butler. 

de Querceto — Cheney. ^^H 

de Pi'nu— Pine, Pyne. 

de G««-cu— Quirk, Kirk, Oake. ^M 

Pip erellus — Pe v er ell . 

de Quinciaco — Quincey. ^^| 

de Pisce, de Piscilius—FiBh. 


de Planca—De la Planche. 


de Plantageniata — Plantagenot. 

de Pleiselis—de Pleseys, PlesBoiz, 

de Raalega — Ealegh. ^^| 

Plaiz, Place. 

de Radeaeia—d^ Eeyney, Eod- ^| 

de Podio—iee Pua, 


ney. ^M 


Latin Forms of English Surnames. 

de Radeona — Rodney. 

de Radio — Raye. 

Ragotus — ^Le Baggidei Baggett. 

de Ralega — Kaleigh. 

de Rea — de Eee, Ray. 

de Redverits — Rivers. 

Reginaldi — Renaud, Reynolds. 

Regxnaldus — Reynold. 

Regiosylvanus — Kingswood. 

Reinardus — ^Rayner, Reyner. 

Renoldus — ^Reynold. 

Rex — King, Reeks. 

de Ria — do Rie, Rye. 

de Rico monte — ^Richmond. 

Rigidius — Rivers. 

de Riperia, Ripariis, Riveria, Ri- 

veriis — de Ripers, Rivers, 

de Roca — ^Rock. 
de Rodeneia — Rodney. 
Rodericus — ^Rothery. 
de Rodolio — de Roel, RoUe. 
de Roillio—de Roilli or Renilly, 

de Roka — ^Rock. 
de Romeliolo — de Romilli, 

Romilly, Rumley. 
Ro tarius — ^Wheeler. 
de Rotis — ^Rote. Roots. 

de Rotundo — ^Ronnd. 

de Rua — ^Rue. 

de Rubeo monte — ^Rougemont. 

de Rubra manu — ^Redmayne. 

de Rubra epatha — Rospear, 
Rooper, Roper.* 

de Rubro clivo — ^RadclifEe. 

de Ruda — ^Routh. 

de Ruella — Ruel, Rule. 

Ru/us — ^Le RouXy Rous. 

de Rupe — ^Roche, Droope, Drope, 

de Rupe cauardi — de Roclie- 

de Rupe for ti — Rochfort. 

de Rupe sdssa — GutclifEe. 

de Rupella — ^Roupell. 

de Ruperia. See Rupetra, 

de Rupetra — de Rupierre, 
Rooper, Roper. 

de RupibuSf Rupinus — Roche, 


de Sabaudia — Savoy. 

de Sacca villa — Sackville. 

de Saceio — de Sace, de Sauce. 

de Sacra fago — HoUebech, Hol- 

* " There is a very ancient family of the Kopers in Cumberland, who have 
lived immemorially near to a quarry of red spate there, from whence they first 
took their surname of Rubra spathay This is the explanation of the name 
given in the 8th ed. of ** Wright's Court Hand Restored"; but ''Cowell's 
Interpreter " translates de Rubra spatha, Rouspee, Kospear, Rooper, Roper. The 
present editor has been unable to find any confirmation of the story about the 
quarry of red spate ; but in the parish of Castle Sowerby, Cumberland, thexe 
are certain estates called Redspears, the owners of which were called by the same 
name, and did service by riding through Penrith on Whit-Tuesday, brandishing 
their spears (JefiPerson, Hist, of Cumberland, i. 139). Though «paMa properly 
means a sword, de Rubra spat ha is doubtless the Latin equivalent for Redspear, 
just as the Norman name Sake espee appears in England as Shakespeare. 

Latin Forms of English Surnames. 331 ^^| 

de Sacra jwerca— Holjoak. 

de Sancto Gertnano — Germain. ^^M 

da Sacro Sosco— Holy wood. 

de Sanclo Johanne— St. Joha, ^H 

de Sacro fonte—B.olyhTodk, 

Singen. ^^M 

de Sancto Laudo—St. Laud, ^H 

Sag ilia j-i'iii— Archer. 

Sentlo, Senlo, ^H 

de Saio—H^j. 

de Sancto Leodegario — St. Leger, ^^| 

de ^aSenuii/o— SaotriUe. 

Salleager. ^^| 

de Salceto — Sauoey. 

de Sanclo Lizio—St. Lys, Senliz. ^H 

de 6'fl/cAa«i7fa— Sallceld. 

de Sanclo Lupo — Sentlow. ^^M 

de Salieosa mara—WilmoTe. 

de Sanclo Martina — Semartou, ^^| 

de Salieosa vena — -Sal vein. 

Martin. ^H 

de Salao marisco — Saumarez, 

de Sancto Maurieio — St. Morris. ^^| 


deSancto Mauro—St. Maur, ^| 

de SalCii cojje/^iE— Sflcheverel. 

Seymour. ^^M 

de SaUu /acieo— Molkeley. 

de Sancto Medardo — Semark. ^^M 

de Sancto Olavo—'iolj. ^M 

de Sancto Paulo — Sampol, ^H 

de Saneta Barbara, — Senbarb, 

Semple. H 


de Sancto /"eiro— Sampler. ^H 

de Saneta Clara— St. Clare, Sin- 

de Sanclo Quinlina — St. Quintin. ^^H 


de Sancla Cruce—St. Croix, Cross. 

Bemy. ^^M 

de Saneta Ermina — Aimine. 

de Sancto Serennio-^GhimieTy. ^^M 

de Saneta Fide—Bt. Faith, Faith, 

de Sanclo Vedaslo — Foster. ^^M 


de Saneto Wallerico—&t.WB.ileTe, ^H 

de Saneta Tfci-j-a— Holyland. 

Waller. ^H 

de Sancto Alba»o—&t. Alban. 

de Sandivico — Sandwich. ^^M 

de Sanclo Albino— Seyntahyn, 

Sapiens — Le Sage. ^^M 

et, Aubyn. 

Saracenus—^axaan, Sarsou. ^^M 

Savagius — Savage. ^^| 

de Sancto Amando—Bt. Amand, 

^nt'oncKs— Savory. ^H 


de Sancto AiidemaroSt. Oraer. 

Saveney. ^H 

de Saneto Awloeno—St. Owen. 

de Saxo /erra(o— Ironston, Iron- ^H 

de Sanclo Bricio — Brice. 


de Sancto Cinerino — Chinnery. 

de Scalariis— Scales. ^H 

de Sanclo Dionysio — Dennis. 

de Sella— ie Salle, Sole. ^^M 

de Sancto Edmundo — Edmiinda. 

de Sejitem vannis — Setvane. ^^H 

de Saneto iWo/p/io— Stydolph. 

Serlo—Searh. ^H 

de Saneto £'(/warrfo— Edwards. 

de Serectirda — Seacourt. ^^H 

rf« Sanclo Gelasio — Singlia. 



Latin Forms of English Surnames. 

de Sicca villa— de Sachevillei 
Satchwell, Saokville. 

de Sidevilla — Sidwell. 

Silvanus — Silvain, Salvin. 

Siwardus — Seward. 

de Smalavilla, See Malavilla, 

de Solariis — ^Solers. 

de Spada — Speed. 

de Spineto — Spine, Spinney. 

de Stagno — Stanhow, Poole, 

de Stampis — d'Estampes, Stamp. 

de Stella — Stel, Steele. 

Stigandus — Stiggins. 

de Stipite sicco — de la Zouche. 

de Stotevilla — d'Estoteville, Stut- 

de Stratavilla — d'EstrSeville, 

de Stratona — Stretton. 

Suh Nemore — ^Underwood. 

de Sudburia — Sudbury. 

de Suilleio — de Suilli, SuUy. 

Super Tysam — Surteys, Snrteee. 

de Surevilla — Surville, Sherville. 

de Suihleia, Sutleia — Suthley, 

de Sylva — ^Weld. 

Sylvanectensis — Seyton. 


de Taherna — ^Taverner. 
Talliator — Taylor. 
de Tanaia — Taney. 
de Taneo — de Tani, Tawney. 
de Tankardi villa — ^Tankerville. 
Tannator — Le Tanur, Tanner. 
Taxo — ^Tesson, Tyson. 
Telarius — Taylor, Tylor. 
dp '^— '•'« manu — Tremayne. 

Teutonicus — ^Tyes, Toys. 

Thamarius — ^Thame, Tame. 

de Thaneto — ^Thanet, Tanet, 

Theobaldue — Tipple. 

Theodoricus — ^Terry. 

de Thomamura — ^Tomemue. 

de Toleta—Tomtty Tullet. 

de Torto—Tmt. 

de Tribus minetis — Treminet. 

de Trublevilla — Troubleville, 

de Tulka—Tuke, Toke. 

de Turbida villa — ^TurberviUe. 

Turchetillus — ^Turcbill. 

de Turpi vado — ^Fulford. 

de Turri — ^Towers, Torry. 

de Turribus — de Tors, de Tours. 

de Tylia—TiRe, Tyley. 


de Umbrosa quercu — Dimoak, 

de Urtiaco — de Lorty, Lort, Hort. 

de Usseio — Ducie. 

Ususmare — ^Hussey. 


de Vaaceio — de Vaacey, Vaizey. 

Vaca—de la Wac, "Wake. 

Vacarius — ^Vacher. 

de Vado — ^Wade. 

de Vado bourn — Oxford. 

de Vado saxi — Stanford. 

Valchelinus — ^Wakelin. 

de Valeia — de Valle, Wall. 

de Valencia — ^Valence. 

Valesius — ^Walsh. 

■ Latin Foitns of English Surnames. 333 ^^H 

de FaWe— Wale, "WoU. 

de Vino salvo — Viasauf. ^^| 

rfe Valle (oria— Valetor, Vautort. 

de Viridi campo — Greeafield. ^^| 

de Vallibus—YuM^. 

de Viridi uiVia— Grenville. ^^| 

de roKo— Wftll. 

Vilulus. See Vetulus. ^^H 

de Valoniis — do Valognea, Va- 

Vttlpis — Henard, Bainer. ^^^H 


Tulsieus— Wolsey. ^^^^^H 

de FaJu in ^■J—Wau wain, Wal- 




de Vannario — Le Vanaer. 


rarrf^us— Ward. 

de Verineio — de Verigny, Ver- 

de JFoceWw— Wasel, VaesaU. ^H 


iraMe^mw*— Wakelin. ^H 

de Vernaco — de Vernai, Ferney. 

Walhnds—LQ WalleiB, WaUace. ^H 

de Fesei— Vesey. 

^e TFincetD— Waneey, ^H 

de Veiere ou^o— OldhaU, Old- 

frarenna—Warren. ^| 

ffarewnarius — Warrender. ^^H 

de Fefere j)on(e— Tieuxpont, 

Vipoat, Veepouat. 
de Vetula—Yiel, Vyel. 

de fTRrnei'iVZa— Warneville. ^H 
(fe Wartevilla. See i/e Watevilla. ^H 

de Vetulis—dB VieUes. 

(^« TFaso— Wace. ^| 


de Vicariis — Viccars. 

Vicinui — Lo Veysin, 

rfe iVaspria — de Guaspre, de ^^M 

Waspre, Voeper, ^^M 

de Waleleffa—We.teley, Wheat- ^H 

ley- ^M 

de Vko — de Vieques, Viek. 

de Walerilla—WateYme, Water- ^H 

Vidulaior—h^ Vielur. 


de Viffneio^de Vigny, de Wig- 

(/e IFe^eio— de WeUebof, Wei- ^H 



de Villa magna — Mandeville. 

iri'fcarr^iti— Wlahart. ^H 

de Villa mota, niouto— Wilmot. 

jf-oi;«uj_Wolley. ^H 

de Villa (or(a— Croketon. 

iro^JitiM— Wolaey. ^^H 

de FiWariVs— Villiera. 

IFo^iJM^uA— Woleey. ^^^| 

■ A 



A ccepius — ^Accepted. 

Acesltna — 

Actus — 

Adam (gen. Ades) — ^Adam. 

A demarus — ^Aymer. 

Adenettus — 

Adhelina — ^Adeline, 

Adomarus — ^Aymer. 

JEyidia — Giles. 

AEgidius — Giles. 

Agilda — 

Agnes (gen. Agnetis) — Agnes, 

Agneta — ^Agnes. 

Ailhertus — ^Albert. 

Ailmaricus — ^Emery. 

Ailmerus — Aylmer. 

Alanus — ^Aleyn, Alan. 

Alharia — ^Aubrey. 

Alberedus — Alfred. 

A Iberia — ^Aubrey. 

Alhericus, Alhricus — ^Aubrey. 


Alhrea — Aubrey. 

Alhreda — ^Aubrey. 

Alecia — ^Alice. 

Alesia — ^Alice. 

A licia — ^Alice. 

A Una — 

A Honor a — ^Eleanor. 

Almaria — 

Almaricus — ^Emeiy. 

Alnova — 

Aloysius — ^Lewis. 

Alphesia — 

Aluredus — ^Alfred. 

Amahxlla — Mabel. 

Amelavus — ^Anlaf. 

Amta — ^Amy. 

Arnica — ^Amy. 

Amicia — ^Amice . 

Ampholisa — 

A ndreas — ^Andrew. 

Angnes — Agnes. 

Aniana — 

Anicia — ^Annis. 

Anna — ^Anne. 

Apsolo — Absalom. 

Arcturus — ^Arthur. 

Artorius — ^Arthnr. 

Auhraya — ^Aubrey. 

Aubreia — ^Aubrey. 

Audoenus, Audoinus — OweHr 

Audomarus — Omer. 

Augerus — Ogier (?). 

A ugustinus — ^Austin. 

Aumjlesia — 

Avicia — ^Avis. 

* The compiler of this list has inserted some names of which he has found no 
English equivalent, in the hope that some one who uses the book may be more 
fortunate than he has been. 



Latin ChriaUan Names with English Equivalents. 335 


Bartkolommtt s — B arttolom b w. 

Droco, Drogo — Drieu, Drue, 

Drug an — Drue. 


Baailius — Basil. 


Beatrix — Beatrice, Bet«iie, Beto, 




Benedictui — BemiBt ; Beraehyah 

Eadmundua — Edmuad . 


(a Jewish name). 



^ey/ciKj— Bevis. 

Ebulo—'E\A&, Eubold, Eutall. 


^JosiKS— Blaise. 



Bogo — Boeges, Beges, Bevia, 

Edenevett us — Edneved, 


Bncius— Brioe. 
Brigida, Brig ilia — Bridget. 

Egidia-m^s. ^H 
Egldius—Q'A&s. ^^1 



AVeno— Elleu. ^^| 



ElJIedn—'E.m.e,i. ' ^H 
Elianora — Eleanor. ^Vl 


C«?ei7)a— Cecily. , 
Casilius—Ceal. <-^t i" r 'm 1 

.E/«a*— Ellis. ^* 
^^wafief^a— Elizabeth, Isabella. 


Cana nui — Kynan . 



Cnro/us— Charles. 



Christiana — Christiaii. 

Emericvs— 'Emery {?). 


CArwiwo— Christine. 


Chrisloph orws— Christopher, 
C/oricin— Clarice. 

Elheldreda — Awdrey. 
Eubulo. See Ebtilo. 


Coianrfa*— CoHn. 



Co/ecfa— Colette. 



Comiiissa — Ha-Naeiah (a Jewish 

Eustach J HS— E ustao e . 


Conatan tia — Constanc e, 


Denisia, a'om'si'a— Denjso. 
Desiderata — Desiioe. 

£V-a— Eva, Eve. ^^H 


Falcho—-£a\\. ^H 


Desiderius — Didior. 

Felicia— F>Ais6. ■^B 



Drago — Drieu, Drue, Drew. 

Fides (gen. J-iAs)— Faith. 


i-o/c/io— rullr. 


- -■ 



A few Latin Christian Names 

Francisco — ^Frances. 
Franciscus — ^Franois. 
Francus — ^Frank. 
Fridertcu9 — Frederick. 
Fulqueyu9 — Fulk. 


Oal/ridut — Qeofeey. 

Oalwanus — Oawain. 

Gaufridus — Geofeey. 

Qenofeva — Genevieve. 

Gerardui — Gerard. 

Oertnus — 

Oermanus — Germain, Gannon. 

QerolduB — Gerald. 

Gervasius — Gervase. 

Gtlebertus — Gilbert. 

Ginevra — Guenever, Wenhover. 

Qislehertus — Gilbert. 


Oode/ridus — Godfrey. 

Godelacius — Guthlac. 

Godeleua — 

Godreda — 

Gorreia — ^Another form of God- 

Ooscelinus — Jocelin. 

Grahamus — Graham. 

Gratia — Grace. 

(7rt^»u«— Griffin, Griffith. 

Gualterus — ^Walter. 

Guarinus — ^Warin. 

Guenliana — Gwenllian. 

Guido — Guy. 

Gulielmus — William. 

Gwendoloena — Gwenllian* 


Hamo — ^Hamon. 
Haraldus — Harold. 

Hasculfku — ^HasGoil. 
Hawisia — Hawis, Hays. 
Helena — ^Helen. 
Heletcisa — ^Helewis. 
Helyas — Ellis. 
Henricus — Henry. 
Hereweccus — Hervey. 
HerveiuSy Hervicius — Hervey. 
Hieremias — Jeremiah. 
Hieronymus — Jerome. 
Hilaria — ^Hillary. 
Hilarius — Hillary. 
Hoelus — Howell. 
Honoria — ^Honour. 
Hosto — 
Huelina — 
Huga — 
Hugo — Hugh. 
Humfredus — Humphrey. 
Hychecosus — 


Idonia — ^Edene. 

Ilaria, See Hilaria. 

Imania — 

IngeleramuSy Ingelramus, Ingera- 
mus — ^Ingram. 

Isabella — ^Isabel, Elizabeth. 

Isolda — ^Iseult, Isoude. 

Iterius — 

Ivo — ^Ives. 


Jacohus — James. 

Jereuerdus or Jeruerdus — 

Jestinus — Jestin. 

Joceus — Joice. 

Jodoca — Joice. 

Jodocus — Joice. 





Macku tus — Ma we . 

Joylanus — 

JWarfoctts— Madog . 

Judas — Jude. 

Maidocus — Madog. 


J/otVjo— Maelgwm . 



Juisa — 

Jursola — 

Marcus— U&xk. 



Marger ia — Margery . 

Mafia — Mary. 

Maria rta — Marion . 

Kanan us — Kyuau. 

Maria— Martha. 

, Kanaucus — Cjnog, 



Kemwricua — Cynvrig. 

Matilda, Malildis, MatiUis—tS.o^ 

tilda, Maud, Molkin. 

.t/iiiMffus— Matthew, Mawe in 



Afo«Ai8*— Matthias. 


i<s(i(ta— Lettice. 

Mauricius^HLoTn s . 

Lancilot tus — ^Lancelot. 

J/nyn— May. 

Landebertus — Lamb ert . 

Mazelina — 

Laurentlus — Lawrence, 

Meilerius — Meilyr. 

Mereduciua — Maredudd, Mere- 



Leodt/ardul, Leodegarius — 

Mervin us — Mer vyn . 

Meuricius — Meurug, Maurice, 

Leonellu a — Lionel. 



J/*7o— Milee. 

Leudocus — Llawdtlog, Llouddad. 

Miser icordia — Mercy. 

Levelin u s — Lly w elyn . 

MordacuB — Mordac . 

Lionhardtts — Leonard. 
Lorencia — 

Moreduciis — Maredudd, Mere- 

Zucair— Luke. 

Morganu s — Morgan. 

Lucia — Lucy. 

Malta (gen. Mollonis)— 


L udinua — Lly w elyn . 




A few Latin Christian Names 


Natalxs — ^Noel. 
Nesta — Nest, Anneis. 
Nicholaa — ^Nichola. 
Nicholaus — Nicholas. 
Nxcia — 

Nicolaa — ^Nicola. 
Nicolaui — ^Nicolas. 
Nigellus — ^Nigel, Niel. 
Normannus — ^Norman. 


Odo — ^Eudes. 
Oeneus, Oenus — Owen. 
Olaus — Olaf, Olave. 
Oliva — Olive. 
Otoinus — ^Owen. 


Paganus — Pain. 
Pancraiius — ^Pancras. 
Patemus — Padam. 
Patricius — ^Patrick. 
J* * Pavoltus — 
. > Pelerincb— 
vsr Pero — ^Hers. 

'p . Peironilla — ^Pamel. 

'■ /• / 

Petrua — Peter, Piers. 
Pigotua — 


Quaapatridus — GK)Spatric. 


Radulphus — ^Bandulf, Balph, 

Bandolphus — ^Bandolph, Eandal. 

Ranulphus — Banulf, Eandolf, 

Reginaldus — Eeginald, Eeynold. 
Regulus — Eule. 
Reiner wi — Eayner . 
Resus — Rhys, Bice. 
Ricardus — ^Kichard. 
Richolda — 
Roesia — ^Hose. 
Rohelendua — ^Boland. 
Rosa — ^Bose. 
Rosia — ^Eose. 
Rothericus — ^Eoderick. 


Sarra — Sarah. 

Sativola — Sidwell, a saint to 
whom a church at Exeter is 

Savarus — Saier. 

Scientia — 

Scissihota — 

Scolastica — 

Seisillus — Seisyll, Cecil. 

Semanus, Semannus — 

Serlo — Serle. 

Sewacus — 

Sewallus — Sewall, Sewell. 


Stephanus — Stephen. 

Sticlea — 

Suanus — Swein. 

Sgmon — Simon. 


Teleaucua — ^Teilo. 
Teodortcus — Thierri. 
Tevredaucus — ^Tyfrydog. 
TheobaldtM— Theobald, Tybalt 
Theodorus — ^Theodore, Tudor. 

with their English Equivalents. 

339 .. 

Timoth eus — Timothy. 
Tobias— Tohj. 
Turgiva — 
Turstanus — ^Thurstan. 

Umfridus — ^Humplirey. 


Villefredus — ^Wilfrid. 
Vincentius — Vincent. 
Vitalis — ^Hagin (a Jewish name). 
Vulstanus — ^Wulfstan. 

Waco — ^Wake. 
Wandregisilus — ^Wandril. 
Warnerus — ^Wamer. 
Wilhelmus — ^William. 
Willelmus — ^William. 
Wymerca — 


Ytho — ^Ives. 
Yvo — ^Ives. 
Yvonus — ^Ives. 

( 340 ) 


aplos apo8tolo8y apoatylos. 

o*fl crannocum. 

oti clausi. 

009 coronationem, 

ephif ie EpiphanicB. 

er erunt. 

ex*ur extrahura. 

me*f medietatis. 

opt optulit {obtulit). 

o oboliM. 

pine pince^ma. 

-^ perquiratur, 
f^ persolutio. 

re*' recepte. 

ten* tenura, 
x"" decimalis. 


b 6t>;». 

/» the Glo88ary. 

achevare to finish. 

arcare to be charged with ; to 
build an arch, to vaidt. 

fruaaare to break up land. 

furcare " to hang a cart on its 
wheels " is probably wrong. 
I think furcare carectam 
merely means ^^ to load a 
cart with a pitchfork " ; 
to f ouroh, to delay a suit 
brought ag;ainst two per- 
sons jointly by alternate 
appearance or essoin. 

recepta receipt. 

reaidemurus about to reside. 

thoraky thorallum. See tor ale ^ 

Names of Places. 

Lcetua Locus — Netley, Hants. 

Spinodunum — ^Thornton, Lin- 

Bishopries in Ireland. 

Dunkerremia — South Kerry, 
i,e,f Ardfert. 

( 341 ) 



to follow 


to follow 

































ap^, ap? 















to 00^*'^ 



Aug^, Aug^t^ 





a^, a^us 








9C^ni^, 9c^sio 





S3 (p. 164) 











(SxpUrit, (ExpUdat. 


A A 









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